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problems with my comp....something strange, please help me

One day i was in the internet, and then i saw a windows update window, and then it had a big crazy error....

blah blah blah

And i restarted my computer. tehn it said it found a new software, and when i checked it down, it was an "unknown device", made by microsoft, wich makes my modem icon be red, and it means my modem doesn't respond. i tried everything, disable, delete, terminate, whatever, but every time i restarted my computer it installed this again. help please !

i got rid of this only when my brother did something... i think he turned of the computer for a while or something... he tried to disable the auto-launch of this "device's" installing, and it worked, i'm not sure about it.

Please help me , and tell me if u have this too.

thanks. Wink
i never had that problem, but i think i can help you.

if always that you restart your computer it ask you to install the device, clic no. but if you can't, you should scan for viruses and spyware. there are a lot of antiviruses online and freeware.

if the problem isn't a virus, it can be a spyware. there are to many antispyware too, try one of them. but the better antyspyware cost money, i use spywarenuker 2004. i tink is the best, but you have to buy it.

well, i hope you to help you. if it doesn't work post again, and i will try to give you another solution.

sorry my english. next time i'll try to write better.
it DIDN'T work of course! Shame on you i don't know what is this strange "unknown device"! i think it wasn't made by microsoft.. but that's really strange.

when i turn my comp on, before it loads windows, it shows the "windows found a new device" or somethign message, and it doesn't ask me anything. it just installs it. if i try to scan for viruses, it doesn't find it.

strange, huh? Think
my notebook has an unknown device listed in the device mgr (it is a used computer so i'm not sure where it came from). it does not interfere with any other hardware on my computer.

I think the big question is why your modem is not working. Does the device mgr give you any reasons why the modem cannot work properly - perhaps it is an IRQ or I/O conflict with the unknown device. Can you see what the error msg is in device mgr?

It does not sound like spyware or a virus to me.
I'm wondering if your updates installed SP2 and you now have the firewall you didn't have before. That could shut your modem and network down if not configured properly.

The 'Unknown Device' could be something as harmless as a USB flash drive, camera, scanner, etc. that is recognized when you boot.

Right click on 'My Computer', then click on properties. Look at the dialog that comes up and see if it says that this System is Windows Service Pack 2.

Then Click on the 'Hardware' tab along the top of the dialog box, then on 'Device manager'. See if any Exclamation Points are next to any of the devices in the list.

Let me know.

Also, as always, reboot into Safe Mode before uninstalling the device. When you boot into safe mode, minimal drivers are loaded, and no applications are started, which may include the virus. If the Windows Update window popped up while you were surfing, I doubt that it was real. Especially if it displayed error messages in big red letters. Windows is usually a little more subtle. I would recommend scanning for viruses/spyware, and see if that takes care of the problem. Also, uninstall that silly device, but look it up first. It may be important. Let me know how it goes, I may have other ideas.
Yup, i think it's Some virusses or spyware, since Microsoft never do something "funny" like the big and red letter as you have, Microsoft always do something that we can call.. err... formal? Smile

You maybe can;t find it because your Antivirus isn't up to date. try update it and rescan it Smile

Wish your luck

Warm Regards
Thanks for wishing luck Wink

now it's in my comp, but it's disabled, so it doesn't make my modem stop responding.
I have system mechanic 4.0 and AdAware 6, do u think it can find these unknown devices?
may be you can try driver development tool from [WINDRIVER]
it can scan all your device in seconds. i used to use this software only to scan comp for 'unknown device' but never use its driver development tool because i can search those drivers whether at its device vendor or elsewhere providing device drivers like [even it takes too much time though]
and you also can download driverguide toolkit to find out what device is unknown and search for the driver at once.
well the choises are yours.

Try to reinstall windows, from beggining, format disk and setup windows again. Then install some kind residetnial antispyware software and dont ever install enything from Internet....
the best thing to do in any case like that is to do a system restore. Windows xp has a wonderfull tool called system restore, this can be found under start---all programs---accessories---system tools----system restore.

it will take you through a step by step process and set you computer back to a day that it was working properly.

Now a good thing is, any time that you see that windows update pop up while on the internet, do not click on it. It is nothing but addware and spyware. As I have learned in a post that was replied to me, a good spyware blocker is spybot or ad-aware.

Do the restore and then download one of the two programs and you should be fine.
hrtorrent wrote:
Try to reinstall windows, from beggining, format disk and setup windows again. Then install some kind residetnial antispyware software and dont ever install enything from Internet....

i use win 98, guys.

I don't want to reinstall windows, i already reinstalled it a few months ago. i think removing this device will be better.
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