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im back with a game screenies

Do these screenshots interest you?
 33%  [ 4 ]
 66%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 12

2 screenies of a project that will actually get finished lmfao... but ill post more screenies in a little bit so yeah i could use some feedback on how it looks
Not Bad, Its getting better.
doug hines
I voted no, but only due to the fact that I'm a tad tired of zombie FPS games. I've turned my attention to action platforming, puzzles, and education (myths n stuff) type games.

-Very Doom-esk.
-The health/armor bar needs to be a glowing type color. maybe a outerglow-type effect to make the #s pop out from the reds/yellows/oranges of the level lighting
-Continuity of level design. If you have emergency-type lighting going on in your level, a lorry-light isn't going to turned on in the corner (image 1)
-Coloring. It seems like your lighting is a tad too strong. It seems like your textures are all red/yellow (btw, why is that corner yellow?)

I recommend "Game Design: Theory & Practice" by Richard Rouse III. From his book I give you the following:
Why do player's play?
Players want a challenge (your zombie [img1] is walking through a bottleneck. easy kill)
Players want to socialize
Players want a dyniac solitary experience
Players want bragging rights
Players want an Emotional experience
Players want to explore
Players want to fantasize
Players want to interact

What do players expect?
Players expect...
a consistent world
to understand the game-world bounds
resonable solutions to work
to accomplish a task incrementally
be immersed
some setbacks
a fair chance
to not need to repeat themselves
to not get hopelessly stuck
to do, not watch
Players do not know what they want, but they know when it is missing

I hope my criticisms help you in your game
its not a zombie game is the thing. in the actual game you see the zombies in a room you cant get into its like a test area for scientists ya know? im only using zombies for show.
doug hines
ok sorry. the screen shots still made me believe zombie shooter
looks good.
It looks pretty good actually. I think the whole zombie thing is being overdone now though. Good job anyways. Very Happy
Hi, where's E.T ?

Looks a little gory for my preferences, but I voted yes because I think it looks cool for an original game.
I voted yes because it looks similar to Doom 3, but the images dont look smooth, they look kind of rough. 99 Lives? HaHa hope the players dont get that many when they start out or it wont be much of a challenge.
I like old games like DOOM you want all the playability, you don't want to worry about the high graphics (you want to target all audiances including the ones with fairly old compuers), P.S you also want to get it multiplayer across the internet (then release the source for Linux Wink ), you make the graphics less complex and work out levels lots of monsters make the bars stand out from the background, make sure it is fun to play. (P.S it might be nice (if you could to make say a level maker so that your end-user can make their own levels).
looks alot like hl but still pretty good betetr then what i could do also that book mentioned makes some good points
Yeah, it really looks like a zombie fps.
yeah the 99lifes...its a test the actual game youll get 1 life and like 100 hp.
Yeah, it really looks like a zombie fps.
maybe i should post some more pics of that lvl to prove its not a zombie game...cause i agree zombie shooters are overrated...but in my game your gonna see some zombies in it just so i can put some stuffs on the walls like blood and stuff..cause it makes more sense that way...anyways im gonna upload some more pics of the game so i can prove its not a zombie fps.
lol and a lvl maker for the users....yeah who wants to code that lmfao?
2 scenery shots of second level
name is not decided so dont ask what the names gonna be lol
doug hines
thegamecreator wrote:

how about some shadows?

Jack_Hammer wrote: want all the playability...
...make sure it is fun to play.

let us not forget re-playability
Looks exciting...

go on, go on!
I love this game xD and I didn't play it!

Very nice =)
for a little private project, that is.
Very nice =)
for a little private project, that is.

comments like that make me mad...cause its like walking up to a women and saying you look nice CONSIDERING that youve had 3 say that your gonna get slapped or somthing along the lines of that...its like saying yeah your game sucks but im not gonna tell you that.. if you dont like it just say you dont like it dont try not to hurt my feelings Razz
Adding more content to the second lvl and about to add a third lvl
Oh and noobie about ET i told you you gotta provide the model in .x format Razz
thegamecreator half eaten crawling yeah i guess now you can call it a zombie shooter lol
shadows will be better than that in actual game...this is just a test.exe
doug hines
a way to save you from the zombie shooter.. take your zombie character assets and turn them more into non-hostiles. kinda like side-show freak things or perhaps a "house of horrors" type of thing. where they don't really interact, they just go about their own business

does the engine you're using support dynamic lighting or multiple light sources?
The gaming world has gotten stale, no developers (or should I say publishers) are willing to release anything which isn't an FPS or FIFA2029 or NBA2012 or an RPG etc etc... bring back the spectrum 48k!

Theses shots look like another FPS with crap zombies (ok I know they are not NPC's you shoot but!)

I wish publihsers would have the balls to release something a little querky!
doug hines
I am currently in negotiations with a company to do an action platformer that deals with range and close combat.
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