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help with school assignment

im trying to find an article (not a specific one) but i cant find anything interesting, and ive been looking through a couple of newspages. can someone help me? the assignment is this:

For this assignment, find a fairly substantial article, written in English, which covers a current intercultural conflict or encounter. Such conflicts or encounters can be from anywhere around the globe, but the report must be in English. Begin looking at once!

The essay should first summarize your chosen article, and then go on to see how the idea of “ethnicity,” “race,” “identity,” “nation,” or “culture” is mobilized in the article, and, if you like, how these notions interact with ideas of class and gender.

and well, its due on monday kind of ;P. so, if i just could get any help in finding a newsarticle that fits into this, i would be grateful ^_^
Does it have to be from a newspaper or magazine article? can it be from say an online source?
yea it can be from eh interweb =)
and i would prefer it that way also ;P
i am interested in the topics. can u tell me more abt it. i will help you
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