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my site,,,,

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this site is temperary,,, ive been working on a complete php package with my own search engine, rental properties and jobs scripts.... but this one is temperary for,,,,, I guess search engine reasons,,, any suggestions? its mostly a yahoo type deal for a local community,,, It has alot of work i know,, but didnt know if it might be a good idea or not,,, most people purchase the domain names for our town for their own greety intentions... like a local church purchased for their youth group which was given to them by an ex member of the local council... was purchase buy a computer company to sell internet service, and I purchase for the community. Some place in hopes that the locals can come chat, view classifieds, jobs, local business information, rental properties, news from local and neighboring towns... and so on.... I was thinking even a page for the locals and visitors to read up on the history of our town and how it came to be... an indian village used to be here, i cant remember what kind of indians, but something was told to me that a white woman was owned by the chief, and she ran away because one of his other wives was trying to kill her because the chief liked her more... I think they called her newcomer, but not sure... hence the name,,,,
but Id have to fully study up on that to be one hundred percent sure... Im sure i can get some old history buffs here to help me on it. but was wondering if this is a good idea, or if i should just make it a site to make money I just dont want to be like those other website for the same cause,,,, their own... not the community... thanks,,,
Well first of all, when you enter a site, you should know right away what its about. Me, I had absolutally no idea... and the ads are definatlly the wrong size.
i like it

a bit of touching up your graphic design skills and it would rock
you need to get the color scheme right and make it consistent and yes the content is not clear, have pics and graphix on your site

check out the content on my site for example[/url]
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