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What is your favourite movie?

Tell us about your favourite movie.
The Green Mile with Tom Hanks. I love that movie! The 3 The Lord Of The Rings movies weren't bad either!
Car Audio
My favorite movie is Identity, I never get tired of watching it.
this movie is funny, "Corky Ramano"
Titanic is my favourit movie. ^_^. How about you? Do you like Titanic?
I like " the king's back"
NghiaSuper wrote:
Titanic is my favourit game ^_^. How about you? Do you like Titanic?

I like Titanic
Titanic too Cool

I like pokemon's movies too Laughing
I like "The hotel of canifoi"
I like Indiana Jones.
It is exciting movie.
My favourit is Titanic!
NghiaSuper wrote:
Titanic is my favourit game ^_^. How about you? Do you like Titanic?

ye i'd like the movies
One of my alltime favorite movies is Training Day with Denzel Washington and that one other guy. I also like the matrix's as well ^^.
there are a few favourites.
at this moment i can remember one: Forest Gump
mine's so close

other chick flicks comes after...

the hot chick
mean girls
freaky friday

the best movie of all time of corse!!!

the godfather:twisted:

absolutely nothing like it ever. I mean you get other films with similar storylines pherhaps but this one jusyt has something to it Surprised
I like Hostage. Smile
Harry Potter Laughing Laughing
with the movie about love , I feel moving . always , i may have tears in my eyes .such as the great film Titanic of America , and the warm Spring of China.
Star Wars is one of my favorite moves.the ep3 will put on after a few days.
NghiaSuper This site has too much movies. You can watch them online. Enjoy!
The Terminal by Tom Hanks is really wonderful
James Bond-007
I like all of the James Bond movies.

But my non-bond favorite movie is Executive Decision. Great movie, IMO.
I prefer some advanture sytle movie
plus some magical, mystery .... Confused Wink
swat is best movie
Titanic too!
it's very good.
I like 'Two Weeks Notice'. (Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock)

I also like movies concentrated on Lawyers or something... Like Legally Blond, I Am Sam, etc...

I also like meaningful movies, John Q.

And smart-ass comedies like Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2!
Uchiha Sasuke
I Like Initial D <= Count As Movies ?

I Like Advertures , Horror All Those Kind Many!!
I have so many favorite movies, i watch all new movies as much as i can... *ADDICT VIEWER*... Wink .. some of my faves are:

- Eurotrip (funny and sexy)
- American Pie (1,2 and the Wedding)
- 50 first dates (Adam Sander and Drew Barrymore)
- Matrix Series
- Starwars (since the first episode!)
- Hot Chick(fun!)
- Cast Away (Tom Hanks, viewed 9 times..)
- Spiderman 1 and 2
- A Beautiful Mind (Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly.. i just love the way Prof. Nash delivered his speech in acceptance of his Noble Piece Prize Award)

- the ever classic Gone with the Wind (viewed sooo many times) Exclamation
[quote="Bondings"]Tell us about your favourite movie.[/quote]
My favourite movie is "The Shawshank Redemption"...."get busy living or get busy dying..."

My favourite dialogue was the final scene in " A few good men" between Tom Cruise (Lt Caffey) and Jack Nicholson (Colonel Jessop)...not that I like Tom Cruise but Nicholson and whover wrote his lines impressed me.
I like "Fair Game" with Cindy Crawford, Salma Hayek, William Baldwin.
This film is romantic ^_^
Are so many... but I Love TITANIC and A Walk To Remeber

I like this movie Vampire-Hall....very nice movie. i watching 5 times this movie.........
My all-time favourite is without a doubt (well… yeah. With lots of doubt): It’s a wonderful life Very Happy I simply can’t resist that dreadful story (from a narrative perspective at least). It’s actually lethal with its sickening audacity and feel-good venom. It’s a sure hit with its marvellous “grief, despair & thank God a happy ending” script.
My favorite is Requiem for a Dream... the electroshock ending is worth the price of admision.. does anyone know if the director has another movie coming out soon?
There is some of them:
- Star Wars OLD trylogy,
- Matrix I,
- Boondock Saints,
- Short Circuit 2,
- 21 Grams,

and lots more because there is too much good movies to decide witch is the best...
James Bond 007~
NghiaSuper wrote:
Titanic is my favourit movie. ^_^. How about you? Do you like Titanic?

i think the best movie is titanic ! graet movie

i loved this movie .. but the end .. sad story Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

{ yes man .. i think like you Wink }
City of the angels also is very beautiful!
netscope wrote:
James Bond 007~

Just like of the "Another Day"

-star wars, the six movies...i found the history pretty amazing Razz ....
-an old movie ,but a classic for me: back to the future Shocked
-shaolin soccer.... Rolling Eyes

Pulp Fiction or Princess Monoke...mabye the Kill Bill movies
i liked the movie "saw" and almost every1 i know say they hate it and its stupid!
The Girl Next Door
- Braveheart
- Back to the Future (I,II & III)
- Lord of the Rings (I, II & III)
- Harry Potter (all of them)
there is only one movie i can see over and over again...

Blade Trylog

it is a perfect 3 movies, without no doubt...

i saw the last one (trinity) not so long ago, and dude, Dracula rocks!!!!!!
Gadjo Dilo!

Favourite of the recently seen.
Otherwise would make a big list of favourites, because they share the 1st place.
mathiaus wrote:
the best movie of all time of corse!!!

the godfather:twisted:

absolutely nothing like it ever. I mean you get other films with similar storylines pherhaps but this one jusyt has something to it Surprised

the godfather, a great movie maybe my favorite
Here are my favorites:

The Butterfly Effect
Kung Fu Hustle
Back to the Future Triology *CLASSIC*
A Walk to Remember
Happy Gilmore
Billy Madison
Stay Tuned *Ritter: RiP*
Some of my favourites are:
Forrest Gump (my all time favourite one)
Black (that's an Indian film - I saw it subtitled - like it)
La vie est belle
Back to the future series (classic one but a wonderful souvenir of my childhood)
last samurai fight for honor,armageddon nice film because of the love that they show in that movie,star wars trilogy...nice one too,bruce lee films....very entertaining..., Laughing terminator asta la vista videos cool moves..from downtown hehehhe....anime film dragon ball z...
wwe stone cold steve austin hell yeah.....and many more.... Wink
James Bond-007
I made this sticky, seeing that it's the most obvious question in the forum, that is bound to get dupe threads...
I like Grumpy Old Men 1&2...repeat watchings... Laughing
Hide and Seek....I like thriller and suspense movies...
Tom Hanks in the Money funny....
Wedding Crashers has to be the funniest movie to me this year so far! I'm gonna get it whe it comes out on video!! A real gut-buster!!!
I think at this moment, my favorite movie is Spider Man 2....and the second favorite is Harry Potter series!!!!! I can't wait for the fourth one ^_^
Humm... Matrix... The Lord Of The Rings... Spider Man!!!

My favourite movies are Lord of the Rings Part 3 - The Return of the King
and Star Wars Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi Knights!
Oceans 11 is one of my faves, a bunch of foreign movies as well and the fantastic four.Oceans 11 is one of my faves, a bunch of foreign movies as well and the fantastic four.
Esp. i like turkish films but, the best one of all time is catch me if you can.
I'm a big movie buff, so choosing a couple of all-time favorites is hard.
I guess I'd hafta go with Amadeus as my supreme favorite flick, although Pink Floyd:The Wall would be running in close second.
My favourite movie of all time is by far Cool Runnings.which was made in 1993 about 3 jamaican sprinters felling in the trials for the olympics and switching sports and seasons to do the sport of Bobsledding...

The sprinters find it hard to adjust to the cold weather but they have an expert coach who was a professional bobsledder and won 2 gold medals.

The sprinters make it to the winter olympics after the first run they come nearly last... then they started to put up the tempo and flew through the course getting into 4th position. but in the last run there sled brakes and they lose and have a horrific accident but remain to survive and be seen as heroes when they finish the race because they were seen as bobsledders with no chance. but ended up winning it 4 years later
I have so many favorite movies, i watch all new movies as much as i can... *ADDICT VIEWER*... .. some of my faves are:

- Eurotrip (funny and sexy)
- American Pie (1,2 and the Wedding)
- 50 first dates (Adam Sander and Drew Barrymore)
- Matrix Series
- Starwars (since the first episode!)
- Hot Chick(fun!)
- Cast Away (Tom Hanks, viewed 9 times..)
- Spiderman 1 and 2
- A Beautiful Mind (Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly.. i just love the way Prof. Nash delivered his speech in acceptance of his Noble Piece Prize Award)

- the ever classic Gone with the Wind (viewed sooo many times)
I like a lot of movies but here are some:
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp)
War of the Worlds
And lots, lots more!! (Sorry for not writing them all but theres sooo many!)
my favourite movie is Titanic...
of courser,,, Green Way
G.O.R.A. is the best film in TURKEY...
it is made in Turkey...
I suggest to everybody to watch this film...
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

I love that movie. I can watch it again and again. Smile
My absolute all time favorite movies has to be Pulp Fiction and Gladiator... I can't really choose which movie i think is the best. So 2 movies are sharing the first place
U have got Mail

Maggy looks so cute Smile
1- sam & narjas

2- artfa3 bast

3- Mr & Mrs Smith
matrix 1,2,3
I like 'Two Weeks Notice'. (Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock)

I also like movies concentrated on Lawyers or something... Like Legally Blond, I Am Sam, etc...

I also like meaningful movies, John Q.

And smart-*** comedies like Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2!
I like 'Two Weeks Notice'. (Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock)

I also like movies concentrated on Lawyers or something... Like Legally Blond, I Am Sam, etc...

I also like meaningful movies, John Q.

And smart-*** comedies like Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2!
Arrow Arrow Idea
Some of my favorite movies consists of:

The Goonies(a childhood favorite)
Boondock Saints
Indiana Jones
Resevoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
Fight Club
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
The Usual Suspects
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas(Johnny Depp did an excellent job in this movie)
Donnie Darko
Big Fish
Edward Scissorhands

I'm sure I have many others, be these are the only ones that I can list off of the top of my head. Razz
Saving Private Ryan,ghost,Star Wars series are my favourites..
Its hard to decide what is your favourite movie, when there are so many really good ones out there. But if I have to pick one...... I will go for 10 things I hate about you, or maybe Man on Fire. Their both VERY good Very Happy
The Ring 2, for sure Smile
My fav nowadays is Brian's Life
That's tremendous funny!

I like a lot o movies,

another good fun movie - Oh brother, where are thou?
Blackout Angel
my favourite film so far is dukes of hazzard, it wkd, a must see film Very Happy
Favorite movies change often for me.

Right now I'm divided between "House of Yes" and "Bringing up Baby."

Quite the divide.

I think that 'American Pie 3' is the best. 'Braveheart' is wonderful too.

this is by far the greatest film of all time

head on over to if you don't believe me
The original Star Wars trilogy, nothing can compare...I still haven't found anything better and hopefully I never will. Razz

The three Indiana Jones movies are in a close second. Very Happy
Well we just had our holidays and I saw these 3 movies that I thought were cool.

1: Sky High

2: Dukes of Hazzard

3: Deuce Bigalow: Europein Gigalo
I loved "MR. and Mrs. Smith" anyone watched it yet with angelina jolie and also I like the wallace and gomit movie it was heaps funny Laughing I can't wait for Harry Potter 4 comes out althoough no matter what JK Rowlings says they do not stick to the books they twist it so much, which i find insulting because iv'e read the books so many times it's not funny, i only watch them once just to see how much theyv'e mutilated the books.
my favourite movie is american history x , i think it was really interesting and mr. mrs. smith was good too, angelina is really hot
i think commando and along with all arnies old films are amazing
Lady Elensar
Til now, it's The Gladiator (with Russel Crowe). Smile (Haven't seen all movies yet Razz Laughing lol). but what I mean, I haven't seen some popular movies (wich are popular these months/weeks), so I don't know how I think about them.. Smile ) But there are many movies, wich I'd like to see.. only don't have enough time. Sad
It's a draw between Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Willies. Neither is very famous but I love them both.
My favorite movie is Spawn. though it was showed way back in 1998, I still like the way the movie was made. Smile
my favourite movie is: the boondock saints! (

that movie rocks ass Wink

also cool movies are: memento, pulp fiction, the rock, face off, fight club, snatch & hooligans Smile
shawshank redemption, untoucables for drama
american president, an affair to remember for love story
event horizon for horror
ace ventura 1, liar liar, bruce almighty, shaolin soccer for comedy
matrix trilogy, con air for action
mmm.. Hostage
My Favourite movie is Mission impossible .......Tom Cruise
My favorit movie is: Vet Hard (now)

It is a dutch comedy / action movie

A lot of special effects

A very good movie for all the people that speak dutch....
Lady Elensar
There are many movies, wich I like. But The Gladiator (with Russel Crowe), I think that's a good one. He's great.
I can't just peg one favorite movie.

The first movie that was my favorite is Edward Scissorhands. Who can't love this movie? Tim Burton is wonderful in his writing and direction. This movie was a great story that didn't just tell the whole "love story" thing. I liked Depp's acting in the movie as well. He was classic...and it was a turning-point role for him.

The second movie that was my favorite is Legend with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry. This is a movie that is just...weird, but at the same time very good. It will always remain to be at the top of my list as one of those wonderful classics. Tim Curry's rendition of the "Lord of Darkness" was absolutely stunning and I love it to this day.

My third favorite movie is Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Awnold was classic...I think this is the best role he has every played in any movie. It is a great tale of the "Humans vs. Machines". It brought a lot of interesting ideas and viewpoints to the screen. Everyone KNOWS they love the way the liquid terminator runs...

My fourth favorite movie is The Matrix Trilogy. I absolutely love this movie and will always. I'm not too much of a fan of Keanu Reeve's acting, but he wasn't too shabby in this movie. The role fit him well - stiff, confused, stiff...heh. I liked The Oracle, Merovingian, Architect, of course Morpheus, and who can forget the kid saying, "There is no spoon..." This movie remains at the top of my list as the number one philosophical, and in-depth movie.

I have other movies that come close to being my favorite like: Secret Window, Manchurian Candidate (2004), Man on Fire, Fallen, Phonebooth, LOTR, Star Wars, on and so on it goes :p...
Well I dont have any fave. but
Ive really really enjoyed

The Secret Window
The Forgottens

I Love Pshicologys Thrillers, any references?
The godfather!!!!! Very Happy
I love the LotR series.
I like Lord of the Rings, matrix, Rain Man, and the last few scenes of Malcolm X. These are the only ones that come to mind right now, but I like some Robin Williams movies.
Lord of the rings of course! and Pirates of the Caribbean...
and lost is amazing (although it's not a film, but series)
I also enjoy the harry potter films, the books are better tho. But they portrayed Severus Snape so well <3
i liked the movie unleashed with jet lee .. its a super cooool movie ..
The best movie has to be Eurotrip. The more I watch it the funnier it gets. I mean where else have people gotten such popular phrases like "This isn't where i parked my car" and "Scotty dosen't know". The movie is just so funny and really rips off all European cities and people.
My favourite movie is Ethernal Sunshine Of the spotless mind! I dont know exactly why is that but there is something about the film that makes you watch it over and over again. It could be becouse every time you watch it you find something else that you dident before. With every time you understand more even thought you thought that you understand every thing. And just a little andvice for everybody who didnt watch it yet: Dont think its a crap movie if you dont understan what is happening for teh first hour of the movie. WAIT AND SEE. you will be very suprised.
A great movie is - American Beauty
and Magnolia too
I think my favorite movie would have to be The Matrix.
TITANIC is the greatest movie ever. ther's no question about that.
well there so many movies i like, but i guess i got a few of them that i liek the most:

unleashed(Jet LI):
was a really good movie. liked all the action and how he kills like without mercy. (hated when the chick made him stop, he was like a war machine)

Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King:
that was like the best and longets movie i saw, i mean it was pure action. not like the other two before it. i especially liked the ending battle, that was crazy gooooooood!!!

Harry Potter 3:
Liked the last Harry Potter movie, it had nice effects. better than the other two.

well thats all the movies i like so far, if i remeber anymore ill be sure to add them or re-post a new thread.
See Ya!!!

Very Happy
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels ,snatch,trainspotting,fight club
my fav movie is gone in 60 sec (the first one)
ekingisrael wrote:
TITANIC is the greatest movie ever. ther's no question about that.

i think that was the worst movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shocked
My favourite film is Amelie, because it appeals to my romantic notion that there is a perfect someone for everyone and that the strangest coincidences and characters can conspire to bring you together. I also love the fact that Amelie's eventual coming together with her wacky photographer soul mate springs from her own plan to make other's dreams come true.
Speed 2. it is very stretched

Groetjes Timothy de Graaf from holland:P
thestyles wrote:
The best movie has to be Eurotrip. The more I watch it the funnier it gets. I mean where else have people gotten such popular phrases like "This isn't where i parked my car" and "Scotty dosen't know". The movie is just so funny and really rips off all European cities and people.

This movie has some great laughs, but has to be the most americanised version of europe i've ever seen.

Any scene with Vinny Jones in it though, is ****** fantastic, and Mike has great cans...
I have a few favourite movies, Spirited Away, Battle Royale and Shaun of the dead..
My favorite movie is Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What an interesting look at life and love!

My favorite comedy is a tie between The Wedding Singer and Zoolander. I like silly comedies...probably because I can be quite silly myself.
Man I Like A Lot...
SiFis' Like Matrix, n All
Funny Ones Like Mr. Beans...
Theres' A Long List... Exclamation
I love that movie.
Its very funny, one sexy woman and a lot of other cool peoples!
star war
Donnie Darko
Pirates Of The Carabian
The Core
Most of the time I watch TV while online and funny movies like "Everybody Love Raymond" and "Jerry Seinfeild"
For television it would be Friends, and Everybody Loves Raymond. For movies, my favourite is Sin City. Sin City is one of the best movies ever! It's like Kill bill on acid.
I cant select just one. Ill give u my top 5 in random order:
The Lord of the Rings, The two towers
The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King
Forrest Gumb
The Pianist
Lady Elensar
wanroij wrote:
My favorit movie is: Vet Hard (now)

It is a dutch comedy / action movie

A lot of special effects

A very good movie for all the people who speak dutch....

Fixed. Razz (My English isn't very well too Neutral)

I haven't seen this movie yet. xD
I like pokemon's movies
personally i love comedies. On television my favourites would be Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond And Fresh Prince. Movies i really enjoy are mel brooks movies. Anyone who's seen "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" and "Dracula Dead and loving it" would know what im talking about. Then theres the great movies like Whole 9 and whole 10 yards. Gr8 stuff!!!!
My current favorite movie is the "Kung Fu Hustle". It's very hilarious and I like the Chinese language especially, even though I dont understand it. And I have seen the movie around 5 times now.. Laughing
i really love 'titanic'
but i also like tarantino's work.. reservoir dogs, pulp fiction, jacky brown, kill bill 1 & 2.. i have them all on dvd
dasketch wrote:
My favourite film is Amelie, because it appeals to my romantic notion that there is a perfect someone for everyone and that the strangest coincidences and characters can conspire to bring you together. I also love the fact that Amelie's eventual coming together with her wacky photographer soul mate springs from her own plan to make other's dreams come true.

i really love amelie to.. the story is really original and it always cheers you up when your down Very Happy
The Harry Potter series.. Great movie.. My favourite among the series is HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban.. Waiting eagerly for the next release, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.. Any HP fans sharing the same view?
My favorite movie has to be Blues Borthers.

I've seen it possibly 100 times and I still crack up when they get out of the
car and it falls apart.

We used to play it on the big screen at a night club where I used to work
and I would put it in slow motion at that time. People loved it.
Anger Management - It ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
Undoubtedly Shawshank Redemption

Movies like these happen only once in a life time. Some of my other favorites are

Usual Suspects
The Others
12 Angry Men
Serendipity and Face Off...both are very good movies. John travolta in Faceoff was brilliant.
rambo is my favourit movie
I really like The Lord of the Rings trillogy.Second favorite film is Matrix.
My favourit is:
My all-time, favorite movie in the world is SCHOOL OF ROCK. Anyone who doesn't like it is just plain stupid (no offense to those who hate it) ROCK ON!!!

Give up, just quit, because in this life, you can't win. Yeah, you can try, but in the end you're just gonna lose, big time, because the world is run by the Man. The Man, oh, you don't know the Man. He's everywhere. In the White House... down the hall... Ms. Mullins, she's the Man. And the Man ruined the ozone, he's burning down the Amazon, and he kidnapped Shamu and put her in a chlorine tank! And there used to be a way to stick it to the Man. It was called rock 'n roll, but guess what, oh no, the Man ruined that, too, with a little thing called MTV! So don't waste your time trying to make anything cool or pure or awesome 'cause the Man is just gonna call you a fat washed up loser and crush your soul. So do yourselves a favor and just GIVE UP!
sy08 wrote:
My favourit is Titanic!

Titanic is my favourit movie. ^_^. How about you? Do you like Titanic?
inman wrote:
Undoubtedly Shawshank Redemption

Movies like these happen only once in a life time. Some of my other favorites are

Usual Suspects
The Others
12 Angry Men

Shawshank sucked. Now Usual Suspects was brilliant. Are you talking about the original 12 Angry Men with Henry Fonda and Jack lemmon?

What was The Others, Nicole Kidman?? Didn't see it...
Los Amantes del Círculo Polar (The Lovers of the Arctic Circle)
fear and loathing in las vegas
romeo and juliet
idle hands
all kevin smith movies (clercks, mallrats, chasing amy, jay and silent bob strike back,...)
and bring it on. (sorry, i'm a guy)

ps: for those who like jay and silent bob: they have a cameo in scream 3
Oh wow, so many movies to choose from...

I'd have to say that it would be among (although not necessarily in this order):

  • Braveheart
  • Gladiator
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • The Green Mile
  • The Last Samurai (I still don't believe that this movie didn't get nominated
  • for Oscars - Scandalous Evil or Very Mad )
  • Platoon
  • Zoolander
  • The Great Escape
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Enemy at the Gate
  • Snatch
  • Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
  • War of the Worlds
  • The Life of Brian
  • Troy

and there are so many more that I own and have here that I could mention.....
It's so hard to pick just one favorite. My #1 will always be Forrest Gump.. and then in some other order: My Cousin Vinny, Groundhog Day, A Clockwork Orange, and The Big Lebowski.
Apocalypse Now


Solomon and Gaenor (brilliant pic, see Ioan Gruffodd - of Hornblower and Fantastic Four fame - before he became famous)

Best Doco: Touching The Void
1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

2. The Matrix (1999)

3. Léon (1994)

4. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

5. Braveheart (1995)

6. Forrest Gump (1994)

7. The Green Mile (1999)

8. Platoon (1986)

9. Gladiator (2000)

10. Lost in Translation (2003)
My all time favorite movie is:


That movie is really good.
I like all Matrix but most i like War of World & Doom The movie Wink
Among people who know about such things, Citizen Kane is widely considered the greatest film ever made. The story's great, the acting and writign are superb, and the cinematography is innovative in such a way that today's filmmakers can still learn from it, many decades after its release. Orson Welles broke so many conventions in making the movie -- in the process upsetting so many people -- that he was (tragically) never again given free rein to make a movie his own way.
Rather than choosing a timeless classic, or a box-office buster, I'll add my vote for a not so well-known movie that really, I felt, had great writing, well defined characters, and was based upon a truly amazing idea.

Acting was decent, there's the occasional dive into adult themes, but the no-holes-barred approach to showing just how bad things can really be makes this film a real eye opener for the fantasy movie fan.

The movie? The Butterfly Effect (

.... how many Ashton Kuthcer haters just rolled their eyes? Very Happy
My "Top 5" movies would have to be:

    1. The Matrix
    2. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
    3. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
    4. Spiderman 2
    5. TIED - War of the Worlds - Spiderman 2
There you are - my favorite movies thus far.

Can you hate me for being an action junkie?
Godfather 1 & 2
zoro1 was the best movie i ever see
and now i see zoro2 and i think its a good movie, with a good players. and a good scenes and with a real action, i also love antonio banderas he play zoro so good, and catherin zeta jones his wife in the movie
you should watch it!
Bad Boys 2!!! Laughing
I have a couple of favorite movies.
Apocalypse Now: Redux
Star Wars I-VI
My Favourite Movie is "Forrest Gump". I think Tom Hanks is amazing in the movie. Interestingly Tom Hanks won his first Oscar for the same movie and then followed it with "Apollo 7", for which he won another Oscar.
1. Remember The Titans.
- - I love movies like this. I like how it shows when "the public" is gone, and you're free to think for yourself, you can actually open your eyes, and see everything.
2. Baby Boy.
- - I've always been a sucker for movies that show the hood for what it is. And you can not deny the amount of "fine" displayed. Enough said, lol.
3. Coach Carter.
- - Well first of all, I love Robert Ri'chard. He's so.... irresistable. And talented. The story line was just amazing and undeniably touching. You see so much of the situations in everyday life but it seems so very different when portrayed from an outside opinion.
4. Pitch Black.
- - I love those kind of story lines, they are so interesting and I cant help but fall in love with the characters, They're all played out so well.
5. The Chronicles of Riddick.
- - Basically the same comment that is under Pitch Black. I love action and adventure.
6. The Diary of a Mad Black Woman.
- - This is the kind of movie that makes you feel like you're either pmsing or pregnant. It makes you laugh, stare, be confused, be disgusted, and it can even make you cry on some parts if you're sensitive.
Gladiator for me ... the Best movie ever!
My favorite movie is "The Shawshank Redemption". "pretty woman", "hidden dragon crouching tiger".
Lord of the rings 1,2,3
The last samurai
brave heart
the patriot
So far:

Edward Scissorhands
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Grave of the Fireflies
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Kill Bill (I and II)
The Talented Mr. Ripley
The Gladiator or Master and Commander because I like Russell Crowe and think both those movies are awesome
My top movies are...

Apollo 13
A Beautiful Mind
March of the Penguins
Monsters, Inc.
Toy Story

and the classic

The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
My Best Movie is :
A Beautiful Mind - Russel Crowe was awesome.
Liked the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy also.
My favorites are,

The Matrix.
The Marrix Reloaded.
The Matrix Revolutions.

"The Sand Pebbles" since 1967
The best movie ever is Matrix no 1. You CAN't argue with that.
Close second is Fight club...
Masochistic Tendencies
Heat (1995) & Swat

"A guy told me one time, "Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner." Now, if you're on me and you gotta move when I move..." Twisted Evil
For today it's "Fantastic 4", "Titanic" & "Spy Kids" Rolling Eyes Laughing
Right now, my favorites are Serenity, What's Up, Doc?, and High Road to China. In that order.

Although...with Christmas coming, I think I'll add that my favorite movie for this holiday is Elf as of now. Smile Very Happy
The best movie I've ever seen is Butterfly effect.

Story: A young man (Kutcher) blacks out harmfull memories of significant events of his life. As he grows up he finds a way to remember these lost memories and a supernatural way to alter his life.

I like that movie, also I like another movie like it:

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

it's awesome

its about these war heroes, who weren't really war heroes, they were brainwashed and one of them was becoming president
here are some good movies : forest gump, fight club, sin city, X-Men, instinc, Lord of the rings, apocalyps now, X generation, full metal jacket, orange clook work, shinning, kill bill, pulp fiction, shawshank, must save speedy monkey the list could go on there is so many good movies out there. have fun.
Now I come to see an old movie and is a great one - The GodFather.
Really good. I am going to see the 2nd part of it.
Guy Ritchue Film

Snatch and Lock, Stock and two smoking barrells.

Both such cool films, they look good, they sound good, damn, they even smell good!

just, Uber Cool!
I have got to put a plug in here for the Station Agent!

It is definitely the best movie ever in the now cliche dwarfs and trains category but unfortunately didn't get all that much publicity!!

Go check it out!
The Band of Brothers series...OMG so great.
Far too many, sometime I don't think I can remember them

1. Stargate
2. Star Wars all of them
3. 5th Elements
4. Die Hard
6. True Lie
7. Speed
8. Harry Potter
9. Lord of the Ring : Return of the King Mostly
10. Beorn Identity
11. Italian Job (British & Hollywood versions)
12. Jackie Chans HK movies (best, Young Master, Project A, Twin Dragon)
13. Jet Li (except for the One)
14. Kung Fu Hustle (love the laught, all my favourite martial art styles & stance)
15. heaven knows, can't count anymore
Car Audio wrote:
My favorite movie is Identity, I never get tired of watching it.

cruel intentions is my favorite movie
hangnhu wrote:
Far too many, sometime I don't think I can remember them

1. Stargate
2. Star Wars all of them
3. 5th Elements
4. Die Hard
6. True Lie
7. Speed
8. Harry Potter
9. Lord of the Ring : Return of the King Mostly
10. Beorn Identity
11. Italian Job (British & Hollywood versions)
12. Jackie Chans HK movies (best, Young Master, Project A, Twin Dragon)
13. Jet Li (except for the One)
14. Kung Fu Hustle (love the laught, all my favourite martial art styles & stance)
15. heaven knows, can't count anymore

i like alot of the ones that you have listed. speacially the 5th element, harry potter, stargate, and star wars. those are my most favorite movies/tv show
5th Elements
Die Hard
True Lie
heaven knows
Just watched my Princess Mononoke DVD, and it's some amazing stuff. Definitely the best animated film I've ever seen. Truly Miyazaki is a legend!
Die Hard was awesome and Road Trip was Hilarious!
some of my favorite movies:

-Fight Club(brad pitt, edward norton)
-Wag the Dog(dustin hoffman, robert de niro)
-scent of a woman(al pacino)
-the goodfather(al pacino, marlon brandon)
-american history X(edward norton)
-the shinning(jack nicholson)
I have to agree with someone earlier and say Guy Ritchie movies are some of the best. Then I have to throw in Gladiator! Love that movie sooo much.
- Das Boot
and mainly other 1ste and 2nd world war movies...
Recently I fell in love with LOST.
Going to buy the DVD.
Star Wars all of them
5th Elements
Die Hard
True Lie
Harry Potter
Lord of the Ring : Return of the King Mostly
Beorn Identity
Italian Job (British & Hollywood versions)
Jackie Chans HK movies (best, Young Master, Project A, Twin Dragon)
Jet Li (except for the One)
picsite movie i would have to say The Green Mile. It was kind of sad but filled with a good storyline.
Total Recall
maltese falcon
12 angry men
close encounters
the waterboy
the champ
training day

the list goes on.
Well my favourite movie at the moment is The March of the Penguins. I saw it in Canada a few months ago and it is just coming to the UK now. It's one of those movies that you can bring absolutely everyone that you know and there will be some aspect that they will enjoy.
Donie Darko! Ftw. Thats the best movie in the World
This was a gr8 topic I saw many movies mentioned by u ppl and I must say that most of you had a really admirable choice.

My fav. movie is 'A beautiful mind' and 'Life is beautiful'.

I also have some fav. Hindi movies like 'Masoom' but I dont think any of u have seen any hindi movie.
StarGate, Independence Day, Stealth, F4, Star Wars... I like SciFi movies
Favourite movie of all time?! I dunno, usually I say the Rob Reiner film "Princess Bride", but recently I've watched some excellent movies!

I would say the most recent of the excellent movies would be the movie "Ninth Gate" starring Johnny Depp. Not one of his more popular films (not nearly as popular as Pirates of the Caribbean, which I also love), but it's really wicked and totally one of those films you just want to watch again and again because you may see something that you didn't see the previous times.

Really groovy film, everyone should watch it.
Disney's The Three Musketeers with Charlie Sheen, (yes, yes, laugh. They all do) and La Vita E Bella are my absolute Favorite's.
After that in no particular order, are Seven, The Sixth Sense, The Patriot, Maverick, Tombstone, Band of Brothers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Meet Joe Black
I'm sure i'll think of others later and think I should have included them, but oh well =p
kenetix favorite movie, I would say The Lord of The Rings, I like all 3 parts of it, was a really great movie, great story and I hope to see it again
My maf movie would have to high. dont know if you have seen it but method man and redman are the greatest comedic actors on '04-'05
my favorite movie was the first lord of the rings movie

i like it because that stayed very close to the book and the special effects were great, even though the movie was long
My favotite movies are the 2 spiderman movies. The stories are great and everything lookes so real. Very Happy Very Happy
Some of my favourites movies:

Forrest Gump
The Last Of The Mohicans
abhinav_shah wrote:
My Favourite Movie is "Forrest Gump". I think Tom Hanks is amazing in the movie. Interestingly Tom Hanks won his first Oscar for the same movie and then followed it with "Apollo 7", for which he won another Oscar.

Actually, his oscars are for Philadelphia and Gump. He wasn't even
nominated for Apollo 13.

(* means winner)

Tom Hanks
1988 (61st) ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE -- Big {"Josh"}
1993 (66th) * ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE -- Philadelphia {"Andrew Beckett"}
1994 (67th) * ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE -- Forrest Gump {"Forrest Gump"}
1998 (71st) ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE -- Saving Private Ryan {"Captain Miller"}
2000 (73rd) ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE -- Cast Away {"Chuck Noland"}
Finally I just watched Harry Potter 4, love it, I love them all, can't wait for the rest, go Harry, go Jo.K.Rowling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billwaa wrote:
StarGate, Independence Day, Stealth, F4, Star Wars... I like SciFi movies

F4???? what movie is that? the only thing/film/motion picture I know of F4 is
A. Flower 4 aka Meteor Garden <but this is a Taiwanese TV series
B. Hana Yori Dango <and this is a Japanese anime series
All through my younger days I was in love with D2: The Mighty Ducks. Things have changed now. I don't feel the same when I watch it again. Crying or Very sad

Think never will like another movie with same intensity but I've been waiting for you comes close. Smile
The top 5 movies are ( in there respective order) :

Tombstone, Braveheart, Shawshank Redemption, Snatch, and The Devils Advocate...
A.I from Steven Spielberg
Close Encounters from Steven Spielberg.
All from Spielberg except War of Worlds whitch was crap.
Alien/Aliens etc were great.
The Matrix & Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris
My all-time favourite movie is the french film "La vie est belle" by Roberto Benigni (hope I write it correct). The situation occurs during the Second World War. In my opinion, the movie offers a different view of the tragedy, in the eyes of a loving couple and their child.
My favourite movie are:

-Pirates of The Carribean
-Saw (I and II)
-Mind Hunter
-Sleppy Hollow
there are a few favourites.
at this moment i can remember one: Forest Gump
I haven't got only one fauvorite movie. I like very much hoorors Very Happy for example: urban legends;resident evil 1 and 2; land of the dead [all movies with zombies Laughing ] Very Happy
I also haven't got 1 favourite movie. But the ones i really love are: THE NOTEBOOK (so beautifull story), A walk to remember(Its kind a sad story, i had to cry with this movie Razz) , i also like Hot chick and White chicks.

I hate thrillers.. nightmares:P
My top 5 favourite movies:


tom cruise, julianne moore, william h macy, jason robards, john c reilly, philip seymour hoffman, melora walters, philip baker hall, luis guzman, alfred molina, thomas jane, melinda dillon

2001: A Space Odyssey

keir dullea, gary lockwood, william sylvester, douglas rain, leonard rossiter, daniel richter

LOTR: The Return of The King (Extended)

elijah wood, sean astin, ian mckellen, viggo mortensen, orlando bloom, david wenham, dominic monaghan, billy boyd, bernard hill, christopher lee, karl urban, liv tyler, miranda otto, john rhys davies, hugo weaving, cate blanchett

Apocalypse Now (Redux)

martin sheen, marlon brando, dennis hopper, robert duvall, frederic forrest, sam bottoms, laurence fishburne, gd spradlin, harrison ford

Pulp Fiction

bruce willis, john travolta, uma thurman, samuel l jackson, tim roth, harvey keitel, amanda plummer, ving rhames, eric stoltz, frank whaley, rosanna arquette, steve buscemi, christopher walken, maria de medeiros, quentin tarantino
My favorite movies are

Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol.2
The Lord of The Rings Trilogy
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
The Patriot
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
The Godfather
Forrest Gump
The Searchers
Alvin York
The Matrix Trilogy
i really liked the movie million dollar baby!! laggy but powerfull
man i got this movie for christmas and love it
For me it has to be The General with Buster Keaton. The "General" is a steam locomotive which is stolen by the other side in the American Civil War. There then follows the best ever railway train chase. If you have not seen it get a copy.
hmmm so many good movie, but my top 5 would have to be:

Star Wars (all)
Dark Blue World
Kill Bill I/II

Well those were the first that came to mind Wink
my all-time favorites:

The Sound of Music
-- i've watched it several times, and i still review it every few months

Dead Poets Society
-- i always cry everytime i watch this movie. it makes me feel alive and makes me want to live a real life, and arouses strong feelings in me that makes me want to fight for my right to live a real life, and not the kind that hypocrites want us to be. this story also reminds me so much of my own struggles in my elementary and highschool years, the repression and my bonding with my classmates

The Goonies!!!
-- now this one's got to be the favorite of the 80's kids. everyone i know in my generations just loves this movie and we all say "GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!"
I loved Edward Scizzorhands. It was the best Tim Burton film by far.
Also The Crow. That was such a classic. The sequels are a waste of time unfortunately.
Mmmm, and for the young uns... The Emporers New Groove. Disney has never done anything so right. It's simply hilarious!
I think the coolest movie (and also my favourite) is a Flash Movie!
My Favs. is Scary Movie 1-3 and Paper Soilders And All Comedy Movies
I think my favorite movie is She-Devil. It's a very old movie, but who cares? And I also like Made In Manhattan. I don't know how to write it. And the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is also very funny.
all of the chuckie movies (childs play, childs play 2, bride of chuckie, seed of chuckie), white chicks, the ring, the ring 2, darkness falls, star wars episode 3, umm big mama's house, aeon flux, and harry potter
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Leone)
Once Upon A Time In The West (Leone)
The Firemen's Ball (Forman)
The Cremator (Herz)
The godfather for sure
<B>NEVER</B>forget the greatest comedy of them all, <U>Monty Python and the Holy Grail</U>!!!
If you have never seen it, you must!
Seriously, if anyone has not, they must at all costs, unless you are a complete idiot that does not understand British humour, especially in such vast amounts as are in this movie.
crap, this thing doesn't understand real HTML code
sorry about the <B> stuff, but that is real HTML.
Pulp Fiction is the greatest movie of all time, it gave rise to some great stars of today (Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Quentin Tarantino). And, of course, it was directde by Quentin Tarantino. Then next up would have to be Sin City. Marv is the best.
I like all horrors in general, I simply deify them.
Looked recently "a ship is the ghost of"...
I don't have the one favorite movie, but King Kong could be at that place if I had one...
Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, and A Beautiful Mind are some of my favorites, but I usually don't watch a lot of movies... no time. Sad
Favorite Movie of all time:

Hmmm, this is of no particular order of course.

A walk to Remember- i know pathetic ain't it, but I used to have a tremendous crush on Mandy Moore, and this is her movie that she didn't literaly flopped. I tend to not remember the rest of her movies, although to be honest I did watch them.

Goblet of Fire - The Best Harry Potter film so far. I know that the editing is a bit disjointed and leaves much to be desired, but among the four this one truly stood out in my opinion.

The Return of the King - well i loved all three of hte LOTR movies, much better than the books I would tell you that. but this is the best of the three so I'm putting it here.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Audrey Hepburn...nuff said.
Here is my favorite movie list (not in order)

Last Samourai with Tom Cruise : I just like too much movies with Samouraïs

Matrix Trilogy : Too realistic. Sometimes, I just think about the fact that we could be in some kind of Matrix ourselves without knowing it.

Identity : Real cool movie in which you know the real truth behind the scene in the last few minutes.

Existenz : A litle old movie (maybe 10 years) in which a video games almost become reality.

Underworld : I really like this movie. How can we know that vampires don't exist for real?

I think that it resume well my list of favorite movies.
It would have to be The Shining

o how can i answer your question?
i love movies and there are so much~
i don't really know which is/are my favourite~
Just list some:
Interview With the Vampire
Meet Joe Black
Pirates of the Caribbean
A Very Long Engagement
The Interpretor
The Last Quarter
Queen Of The Damned
Edward Scissorhands
From Hell
Sleepy Hollow
Big Fish
Secondhand Lion
Vanilla Sky
No i don't think i can finish counting
I like "Blade" Smile
the best of the best: "The 13th floor"

the number one in history

oh.. and that chinese movie "HERO" for those awesome landscapes
transformers the movie! brings back memories of good old times.
Menace II Society
Plot: (By : Daniel Bredy)
This urban nightmare chronicles several days in the life of Caine Lawson, following his high-school graduation, as he attempts to escape his violent existence in the projects of Watts, CA.
Plot: (By : Anonymous)
Redemption tells the story of Stan "Tookie" Williams, founder of the Crips L.A. street gang. Story follows his fall into gang-banging, his prison term, and his work writing children's novels encouraging peace and anti-violence resolutions which earned him multiple Nobel Peace Prize nominations. After exhausting all forms of appeal, Tookie was executed by lethal injection at San Quentin State Prison, California; he was declared dead on December 13, 2005 at 12:35 a.m. PST (08:35 UTC). Williams is the 12th person to be executed by California since it reinstated the death penalty in 1977.
Spirited Away
Plot: (By : Jean-Marc Rocher)
Chihiro and her family are on their way to their new house in the suburbs when her father decides to take a shortcut along a lonely- looking dirt road. After getting out of the car and walking along a path for a while, they discover an open-air restaurant filled with food but with no workers or customers present. Mom and Dad don't hesitate to sit down and dig in, but Chihiro senses danger and refuses. As night falls, she is terrified to see the area fill with faceless spirits, but when she runs to find her parents, she discovers that they have been turned into pigs. She is found by a mysterious boy named Haku, who promises to help her. He gets her a job working in a nearby building, which turns out to be a spa hotel for the thousands of Japan's gods and spirits. Though the work is hard and the people strange, she does as well as she can. Her parents, however, are still waiting in the hotel's stockyard, and Chihiro must find a way to break the spell on them before they end up as the main course of some guest's dinner.
Plot: (By : Jason Krischke)
Spirited Away is the story of a young girl named Chihiro who is leaving everything that she knows to move with her family to a new town. On the way to their new home her Father decides to take a shortcut on a dirt road that ends and there is a tunnel, and her parents decide to go through. Scared, Chihiro follows and they find themselves in a small town with many restaurants. With nobody around, Chihiro's parents begin eating and decide to pay later. Chihiro wanders off and approaches a large building where she is told to run away before night by a mysterious young boy. She goes to find her parents who have turned into pigs. As she runs back toward the tunnel she came through she finds water blocking her path. The young boy from the bridge named Haku finds her and helps her into the large building from before, which is a Bathhouse for the Gods of Japan. Chihiro learns she can only stay to help her parents if she finds work at the bathouse, and she must work and find a way to reverse the effects on her parents. This is a story of growing up, and finding ourselves.[/code]
Team America World Police
nice topic
i'll tell you the best of the best to me
it was lord of the rings (the 3 parts sure )
this movie i still keep it and watch it reguraly

and also

catch me if you can ( l like it soooooooooooooooooo much)
Always have great difficulty in answering this question as it tends to change week on week, but the ones that are always in the top few are Casablanca and when Harry Met Sally.

Now i know these may both seem like soppy choices but i like the fake and real cynicism in casablana and the dark humour in when harry met sally and for me that sets up the films to be as good as they are.

Cheers Guys

I don't watch much movies... lord of the rings is my favorite... that I have seen so far...
My favourite Movies are GODFATHER and SCARFACE both by Al Pacino.
These are the movies which I want to see again and again.
The lord of the rings,God father,Kill Bill and Kurtlar Vadisi Irak.
My favourite movies: God Father, 12 Monkies, Phenomenon, Brave Heart, Lord of the Rings, Hamble all the movies like Silence of the Lambs etc. Not really into the newer movies I think there completly overrated and just made for a quick buck, not to mention overloaded with special effects, like War of the Worlds worst movie I have ever seen in my life. Most people will disagree but when you have a got millions of dollars for a movie budget it better be damn good with the following: Strong Plot, Good Script, Great Actors ones that fit the part, No Special Effects (Unless absolutly needed) and more. That's why I like Lord of the Rings so much. They used hardly no special effects for a movie which could have been easily overrun by special effects but they took their time and the movie was great, all real costumzes, hell they built a castle (Helms Deep). So those are my favourite movies.
Star Wars is my favorite movie.Its special effects and digital sounds are terrific.
Uh there are many,

favourite series: Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine, Battlestar Galactica New Series

the hours, tiger and dragon, hero, hannibal, the interview with the vampire, Legends of the fall, etc.
Most likely if it has adam sandler in it I like it. I am working on my whole collection.

But my personal favorite is "Happy Gilmore" and my second is "Billy Madison"

Oh and "Joe Dirt"
Bowling for Columbine and Farenheit 911 is my favorite movies.
I also like the documenteries of crime cases.

Pink Floyd:s The Wall is another movie that I could see over and over again.
Have You seen the animatied movie Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal 2000 ?
A fish called Wanda . was realy fun to.
and of cause American Pie 2
Lord of the rings, the final return of the king.
my favorite movie is sister act 2. an older movie, but always gets me going. i like the part where the kid all of a sudden bursts and starts singing the high pitch. that was awsome

its about some sisters come back to Delores's show to get her back as Sister Mary Clarence to teach music to a group of students in their parochial school which is doomed for closure. One of the girls, who is the most talented of the bunch, is forbidden to sing by her mother, although the choir has made it to the state championship. A group of stereotypical incompetent monks tries to stop them.

Very Happy
this is a bit opposite but anywayz .....

I have to nominate a film called......ZOMBIEZ -

OMG this had to be one of the worst films in the history of films.The zombies had no make-up on,they talked to eachother,laughed,gave speeches,used rubber knifes and stuff.....The story itself,well that didnt make any sense at all anyway.She runs away from zombiez and goes to find a phone in the middle of a forest.In one scene she throws a molotiv cocktail which hit a group of zombies and a puff of smoke came out and they fell to the floor,NO FLAMES.

The acting-looks like a couple of highschool students to me,at numerous times in the film you can see the zombies laughing.In the end she has to go fight a zombie leader who she has a real fake fistfight at the end for no reason there is a zombie who shoots a guy in a chicken suit....

oh and all this tripe ,to the ongoing tune of an urban hip-hop track-AWFUL

^heres a pic of the zombies in full swing......hmm the pics not loading for some reason...

^WOW-some zombies get hit with a molotiv coktail-THEY FORGOT THE FLAMES...still not loading maybe the server is down or something?

90% of the film is basically this-her running with her ass in the way of the camera to a background hip-hop track
I like StarWar , 007 .
I cant rally narrow it down to one, but ill list my top 3

1. Matrix
2. Underworld
3. Back to the Future(the FIRST one only)
Mine are:

-Hot Chick
-White Chicks
-American Wedding
-American Pie
-American Pie 2
-Scary Movie
-Euro Trip
-Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
lockbox wrote:
my favorite movie is sister act 2. an older movie, but always gets me going. i like the part where the kid all of a sudden bursts and starts singing the high pitch. that was awsome

its about some sisters come back to Delores's show to get her back as Sister Mary Clarence to teach music to a group of students in their parochial school which is doomed for closure. One of the girls, who is the most talented of the bunch, is forbidden to sing by her mother, although the choir has made it to the state championship. A group of stereotypical incompetent monks tries to stop them.

Very Happy

hahaha I LOVE SISTER ACT 2! It's such an uplifting movie. Laughing

As for my other favorite movies, Love & Basketball, American History X and Crash are definitely up there, most likely because I just watch both of those movies this week.

I guess it really depends on which movie mood I am in at that moment.
My favorites movie,

-Valley of the Wolves IRAQ
-Matrix series
-American Pie series
-Scary movie Series Razz
Well, I like Harry Potter best ! Then I like Garfield ! They are very interesting ! Oh my movies ! Let me see, and the 'The day after tomorrow' is the next ! What do you think about them ? Is that good ? Huh ? Very Happy Very Happy
shut up
I am going to have to say that is a hard question, I like a lot of movies. Here is a list of some movies I like though:
Castaway, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, the Monster Bucks Series, Dukes of Hazzard the movie, Jackass the movie, the Lethal Weapon series, Con Air, and many more.
my fav movie:

10 things i hate about you --->this is not typical teen movie, has a good plot, funny and the actors are not only good looking but has a really good acting

beautiful mind ---> you will get goosebump in the end, bcoz u wont realise what its gonna be like in the end

the others --->you'll get suprised too i the end of this film

mean girls --->fun and entertaining

the sisterhood and travelling pants --> very touchy, has so much meaning to what is friendship
My Favourite Movie is Athadu
i have multiple favorite movies!

here is a small list:

1. solo: robot who kills and destroys for america but then get feelings and start to figth against america. it was the first action movie i ever saw.

2. Narnia: the stories about asland and the white witch. may bee a little boring but generally it is fun. good animations too.

3. an american werewolf in paris. an american is on wacation in paris and gets bitten by a werewolf. it is really scary and i had nigthmares afterwards.
I'd have to say The Matrix Trilogy is my favorite. Of course the first one is the best. After that comes The Lord of the Ring Trilogy. Of course any of Quentin Tarantino's work is awesome as well. Very Happy

I also enjoy independent films as well, seeing as how I would like ot become a filmmaker myself. =) So I'd definetely go with Garden State when it comes to that category.
I love all the star wars movies, especially Star Wars Revenge of The Sith: Episode 3
Agentes 000
A lenda do Tesouro perdido
Arrancada Final
Blade 1
Cara cadê meu caro?
Casa da Cera
Códigos de Guerra
Dois Filhos de Francisco
Efeito Borboleta
Eu, Robô
Escola de Super Herois
Fúrias em duas rodas
Gangues de Nova Iorque
Jogos Mortais 2
Hell Boy
Hitch o Conselheiro Amoroso
Madagascar (legendado)
Memórias Póstumas (VCD – 2cd)
O Senhor dos Anéis: A sociedade do Anel
O Senhor dos Anéis: As duas Torres
O Senhor dos Anéis: O retorno do rei
O ultimo Samurai
Penetras Bom de Bico
Policarpo Quaresma
Roll Bounce
Senhor das Armas
Sr e Sra Smith (VCD – 2cd)
Velozes e Mortais
Velozes e Furiosos
Virgem aos 40 anos
X-men 2

and others
COMEDY 100% Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Razz Razz Razz Razz
I really like movies!

My faves are:

Million Dollar Baby (really good!!!)
The Hours (very touching)
The Other (scare one!)
Roman Holiday (classical one)
Finding Neverland (very touching too)
Moulin Rouge
My Fair Lady
High Society

and many others, but i don't really remember all them right now...

I'm a big fan of european movies too, specially french and spanish ones... but i don't really have a favorite european movie because all them are SO FREAKING GOOD!
My favorite movies would be:

Brother in Arms
Master and Commander
Lord of the Rings 1
Lord of the Rings 2
Lord of the Rings 3
Star Wars 3
Star Wars 4
Star Wars 5
Star Wars 6 (first two sucked)
Harry Potter 1
Harry Potter 2
Harry Potter 3
Harry Potter 4
Harry Potter 5
The Star Wars films, followed by the Lord Of the Rings films.
Munich is the best this season. Steven Spielberg has done it again!
Great action scenes and seriousness and technical details are complete! I hope it wins an oscar... The humor is well-needed... the film was R-13, i think it should be R-18 due to the sex scenes and violence which are numerous..

Dont watch brokeback mountain! would you pay to watch 2 guys make out and make love? yuck! NO WAY!
ok this is going to be a long list but I will explain why.
that movies has alot of action and I love action.
Bad boys
two words Will Smith
I Robot
See Above Movie
Nightmare on Elms Street
I just love scary movies they are great.
To keep it simple I like action movies, scary movies and action movies.
I like a few movies.

1. The Jerk- It's very funny and I like Steve Martin

2. Die Hard- has a lot of action, very good

3. The Pink Panther- I love this new movie, it is very funny.
Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill.
Requiem For A Dream.
Garden State
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Moulin Rouge
Monsters Inc Razz

are just a couple
It is very entertaining.
The visual effects are very good.
You can see the world in a different speed, in a different way.
Pyro Man
It's hard to say what my favorite movie EVER is but I have a few favorites that i've decided over the years.

Donnie Darko
Blair Witch Project
Event Horizon (very, very good!)
I fav of all time would have to be Cradle of Fear... but hostage was awesome! I havent seen an action movie like that in a long time...
My favorite movies are:

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Two crazy freaks head to Vegas with a myriad of hallucanegenic drugs, a rented Cadillac, and a fly swatter.

The Big Lebowsky
A pot head called The Dude, gets his rug stolen and bowls against Jesus. Great soundtrack.

KungFu Hustle
If you haven't seen this, you should. Completely awsome!
The Italian Job - Original but new is good too.
Godfather Part I and II. Godfather III was so bad I actually cried. Sophia Copella butchered her role, the movie, and her father's name!.

Casino is great cause DeNiro and Peci are great together and Sharon Stone plays a great crack ******.

Goodfellas is probably the best mafia movie ever.

Old School, Wedding Crashers, Zoolander and Dumb and Dumber are the top comedies of all time. They're the type of movie that aren't super hilarious the first time but the more you watch the more you appreciate.

Gladiator and Shawshank Redemption are the best dramas ever.

Ocean's Eleven is one of the best thinking movies in my opinion.

Add these up and you get my personality... a wise cracking mafia wannabe who dreams of stealing $160 million from a casino. I'm kidding...I hope.
I think that it would have to be Serendipity (2001) Very Happy
Here's my list (in no order)
1. No Man's Land (Bosnian)
2. Life is beautiful ( Italian)
3. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso ( Italian)
4. Schindler's List
5. Terminal
6. Swades (Hindi)
7. Run Lola Run (German)
8. Mr. & Mrs. Iyer (Hindi)
9. The Pianist
10. Godfather

The List goes on. Its very hard to point out a single favourite movie.
i am a movie freak from malaysia..everytime when there is any new movies on show in the theater i'll definately have my tickets in hand..i really have no idea to choose the one i most like..

My favourite movies..
-Final Destination
-The Terminator
-LOTR (Lord Of the Ring)
-Star wars
-Mission Impossible
and etc...

for me the best movie of all times is without any doubt, Bram Stoker's Dracula!!!

has superb characters,
a wonderful script,
perfectly recreated enviroments,
and the music, created by Diamanda Galaz is just awesome.

another good movies:

The Lord of The Rings
Fight Club
Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill
The day after tomorrow
Bondings wrote:
Tell us about your favourite movie.

mabe not a movie .....but Stargate SG 1 EXELLENT
My fav is 'Life is beautiful' and 'Over the Top'
The best movie I've ever seen is FINAL DESTINATION 1 & 2.
the best movie i have seen would definatly have to be sin city. the books are awesome and the movie did a real good job of not hurting its credability. i cant wait till the next one comes out in 07, its gonna be kick ass. another real good movie thats coming out this month, well, actuall a couple days is "the davinci code" it looks really good. the book was really god too.
I like war movies, my favorite is Saving private ryan. I like lord of the rings trilogy and matrix trilogy.
The last of the Mohicans - can't be beat
One of my favourite movies is Liar Liar. Its got Jim Carrey in it. He's so funny! In the film, he's a lawyer and he always lies and breaks promises. He even breaks promises to his little son. So when its his birthday and his dad doesn't show up he wishes that for one day his dad can't tell lies. And interesting things happen!!!!!

I also like the Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter Series. even though the Harry Potter Movies aren't as good as the books
My current favourite movie is 'Enter the Matrix'.
I have watched the other two in the series, but this was my favourite one.
My vote goes to "The Blair Witch Project." The production style did "put off" many people, but I really liked the hand-held, one camera, shaky, spliced, video style. Try it, but absolutely forget the less than sequel, "Blair Witch II". There should be a law against stupid sequels.
I cant really say that i have one favourite movie.
But lately the ones i love are:
"The hours" but cant watch that too often
"Closer" great one about relationships
"we dont live here anymore" same subject
"The downfall" a german movie about the downfall of Hitler...shocking one
"Corpse Bride"
Mine is Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon, Way of The Dragon and the Original Game of Death which can only be seen in Bruce Lee a Warrior's Journey.
Well as a fan of anime, I like the Pokemon movies too, and though people may think that they are childish, I'd like to hear just one reason for that! Exclamation Cool
Favorite movies depend on genres...

Drama: Crash, Maltese Flacon, Breakfast Club

Comeday: Airplane!

Action: Matrix, Braveheart

Children's: Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (original with Gene Wilder)
i cant say i have 1 favorite but heres a list of the ones i like Very Happy


woops sorry for caps didnt realize till i posted it lol
Brokeback mountain -- it is the sexual orientation that makes it unusual, what makes it good is the silent, the telepathy kind of love combined with human weakness that grabs the heart. Anyone who likes it should read the "Norwegian Wood", a coming-of-age novel that is of similar strength.
Oow... it's so romantic!!!
good action, good player..
i love it.. Embarassed
Adam Sandler , Drew barrymore...
mm,. i have watch 5 times!!!

or the sad ones is City of aAngel..
mm.. so sad!!
I think its Matrix, 1 2 or 3 or could be The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, i love that movies.
Underworld. No... I haven't seen the second one yet. *sigh* Hopefully VERY soon.

As far as animation, I'm a 3D animation freak, and Shrek is AWESOME!

For Anime, I must say Howl's Moving Castle was pretty awesome.
ý think matrix
My favourite movies are The Matrix series and The lord of the rings
Thats a hard one. I would have to say right noy my favorite movie is probably Bandits. Its a great movie and i would suggest watching it if you havent already seen it.
A classic Swedish movie!! too funny! US I would say Scrubs TV serie Smile
bruce willis films like last boy scout or die hard!
and of corse lord of the ring
notting hill

*two thumbs up* ^^
One of my favorite movies is Double Indemnity. Other than the terrible wig that the female lead wears, it's a great noir movie and a real bunch of fun.
The three Lord of the Rings Films
Carry On Follow that Camel
The Mummy Returns
Any 007 film
The goblet of Fire
King Arthur

There are probably many more, but I cant think of them off the top of my head Wink
1. Star Wars........all
2. Serenity
3. Matrix....all
5. Indiana Jones
my favourit movies is a belgian one
it's called 'any way the wind blows'
and it's directed by tom barman

tombarman is a belgian singer, director and writer
clerks. it's possibly one of the funniest movies ever, i loved it even before i started working as a clerk...

second would be office space
Bondings wrote:
Tell us about your favourite movie.

I like Titanic,matrix and 007 films Cool .
My favourite movies?? Boy, that's going to be quite a list! Very Happy

Here's the ones I can think of right now, in no particular order...

    1. The Matrix Trilogy
    2. Memoirs of a Geisha
    3. Final Fantasy
    4. SAW I & II

I'll keep adding to the list as I remember more Smile.
I like a lot of movies but the ones that make me laugh and have action at the same time are the Jackie Chan movies.

So, I like all the -Jackie Chan movies.
I also like all the -Indiana Jones movies

hmm.. theres probably a couple of more but I dont remember right now.
I really can't decide because there are so many good movies. Pretty high on the list would be Lord of the Rings, Bourne Series, Family Guy the Movie, The Fast and the Furious, The Negotiator, and Meet the Parents.
I prefere movies that have strong plot, great acting and HAVE A MESSAGE not just about stupidity.
Saying that my favourite movies are:

1. Hannibal Lecter Series
2. V for Vendetta
3. God Father
4. Braveheart
5. Lord Of War
I like movies with a lot of martial arts, therefor I like:
Matrix and most of the Jackie Chan movies
Gladiator is my fav movie, i watched it today , i kno u cant believe but its true
My favorite movie has got to be 2001: A Space Odyssey.
It's just very good, better than Die another day
I like the 'malice' the most. It was really a riveting movie i have ever seen. But you should not know the twisted plot beforehand if you really enjoy the movie.
i like the godfather series..
my top 3 favorite movies are

1. 12 Monkeys
2. Thirteen Days
3. Apollo 13

Tragical conclusion of '12 Monkeys' is artistic.the last scene impressed me.
Bravehaert, Goodfellas and The Patriot
hmm...favourite movie....hmm...i really like the godfather series...maybe 007...and lotr ( whatever Very Happy )
Gladiator it's the best
my favourite movies are

* The Godfather
* Swades
* Hotel Rwanda
* Man on Fire
* Rocky 2
* Patriot
* Nayagan
* The Usual Suspects
* Crash
* Socha Na Tha
* Terminator 2
* Anniyan
* The Silence of the Lambs
* Se7en
* Rang De Basanti
* Love Actually
* Andaz Apna Apna
* 12 Angry Men
Red Dawn
Pulp Fiction
Oh, I can't just name one. Confused Off the top of my head, these are probally my favorites:

  • The Lord of the Rings:
    • Fellowship of the Ring
    • The Two Towers
    • Return of the King

  • American Pie:
    • erm, 1
    • 2
    • 3 (the wedding)
    • Band Ca.. wait, no, this one sucked Mad

  • Star Wars:
    • Episode I: The Phantom Menace
    • Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
    • Episode IV: A New Hope
    • Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    • Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

  • The Matrix:
    • The Matrix
    • Reloaded
    • Revolutions

  • Harry Potter:
    • Goblet of Fire
    • Chamber of Secrets

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • A Beautiful Mind
  • Forest Gump
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
  • Shrek:
    • Shrek 1
    • Shrek 2

Meh, I need to stop now. I have way to many favorite movies. Surprised
Off the top of my head...

Ocean's Eleven
Naked Gun (all of them)
Indiana Jones (1 and 3)
Black Hawk Down
Shrek 1 and 2
Kung Pow
The Patriot
The Mummy

That's all I can remember so far
The Lord of The Rings.
American Pie.
Kung Pow (very nice Smile)
has to be "Sixth Sense" by M.Night Shyamalan.

An Excellent Watch!!
Currently my favorite movie is V for Vendetta.

In the past they have been the Matrix Triolgy, Star Wars Saga, Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, Walking Tall, The Rundown, Field of Dreams, and Bull Durham.
Fight Club (My fav movie of all time)
LOTR trilogy
Shawhank Redemption
Forrest Gump
Gone With The Wind
Green Mile
Die Hard trilogy
Children of heaven
Mr. McCoy
dog soldiers

pitch black

saw one and two


love those movies!!
mine are:
1: Narnia (anyone should know that...)
2: wait til youre older (chinese...ya i'm chinese...)
3: star wars (all of em...lucasarts pwn at movies but sucks at games...)

lol i watch so lil movies....
mine favorite is

"Little Odessa" with Tim Roth great performance.
Definetely From Russia With Love, easily the best 007 film, and my favourite of all time. Great plot, very thrilling, and great performances all around.

Very Happy
I would have to say that Kung Fu Hustle is my favorite movie at the moment.
I can't stop laughing at how bad some of the jokes are.
But the best thing that I noted about that movie is that the musical score is phenominal. I mean world class and then some.
Scarface!!!! is the best movie ever!!
My favourite movies are:

- American Pie 1,2,3 and 4
- Banlieue 13
- Captain Tsubasa
- Eurotrip
- Exorcism Emile Rose
- Final Destination 2
- Flight 93
- Green Street Hooligans
- Harold and Kumar
- Hostel
- How High
- Jarhead
- Munich
- Taxi 3
- Transporter 1,2
- Van Wilder
- V for Vendetta
- Yamakasi
- The Lord of the Rings:
*Fellowship of the Ring
*The Two Towers
*Return of the King
- Star Wars = Trilogy
- Matrix Series
- The Godfather Series
- Saw One and Two
- Underworld and Underworld: Evolution
I got like three movies (or six if you count them one by one) which are my favourites:

    The Lord of the Rings (I-III), I recall being up in the middle of night, to watch the premiere of the last movie in my home town... Smile

    Princess Mononoke: Even I got my period of anime-loving in my life Wink I really love that movie, it's so beautiful....

    The Crow: the original movie, and Brandon Lee's last. The whole manus is a good quote. I'm not really this action movie lover, but this movie is something special.
Lord of the rings Trilogy
When it comes to choose a favourite movie, I think I am 100% for Pride and Prejudice, the older version with Colin Firth. The new version with Keira Knightly it's really boring. ANyway, whoever likes victorian dramas/comedy I truly recommend this movie.
I've got way too many to mention! lolz
my favorite series are
-American pie
-Austin Powers
My best friends wedding - i've watched it about 12 times
Shrek - absolutely funny... got a tummy ache first time i saw this
House of the Flying Daggers - good cinematics and of course I love the fight and love Zhang Zi yi.
Pretty woman - just one of the first movies i really liked...
*scarface (n°1!! )
*green street hooligans
*saving private ryan
i love cartoon like inuyasha, dragonball, the simson, familyguys, futuredrama...
and action movies, scifi movies...
Speed. All time favourite

Also, Titanic, Gladiator, Jurassic Park
The Best is Forest Gump
then the Godfather Series
Titanic and Pretty Woman
I really enjoy watching a movie called "Love Jones" It's about a young poet who falls in love with a two timing guy. She tries her best to change him but realizes you cant change someone that doesnt want to be changed.I have many other movies I like but this is the one I can watch all the time.
I must say I like Pride and prejudice! No, I love Pride and prejudice! <3

It is so humorous and romantic and the book (by Jane Austen) is simply wonderful!

(Pardon my terrible English... Embarassed )
My favorite movie would have to be, Mission Impossible 3.
It's a really cool movie. The action, the storyline, the cast, it's all really good. In fact, I wanted to see it on Opening day. But, unfortunately, they were sold out (as they always are with new movies). So I waited a week or so to go watch it.
It's a very very good movie.
My all time favorite movie is Pirates of the Carribean "The Curse of the Black Pearl". It is so intense I love it. My favorite actor is there, Orlando Bloom. He is so HOOTTT, I wish I could meet him. He's acting is pretty good, but the one that makes the movie unbearibly (sorry not sure is speeled right) funny, and adventurous is Johnny Depp. He makes it amazing. I also love that it is a movie that can be seen by everyone. The awesome effects of teh skeleton ghosts is really cool too. The plot is so good that you can see it over and over again without getting bored. And the best part is that the movie is also part Romantic, meaning that Orlando Bloom has to do really stupid things to get the girl, Elizabeth. I love that movie too much, and I can;t wait to see the new one!!!! Applause
My favorite movie is definately Forrest Gump. It is definately an original piece of work about a boy with down syndrome taking part in the most historical events of the 20th century while winning the girl of her dreams; perfect. Normally I don't watch lengthy movies but this one is an exception - possibly the only one. I'm also fond of City of God as that is a documentary-like fime about teenagers living in the wrong side of the neighborhood with many sub-plots happening weaving the true plot of the movie as it unfolds.

Wow, thank the poster a few above me; I almost forgot about Titanic! The reasons are obvious but the movie is a one-timer; but either way it striikes you in a way no oher love movie can strike you - I love it.
The Game
Meet Joe Black
The Usual Suspects
Donnie Darko
All three Lord of the Rings
The Green Mile
The Shawshank Redemption
...........I could go on
Groundhog Day.
There are alot of movies I like so it's hard to say which is my favorite, but as of right now I'm going through a Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock period. It seems like any movie I see with them in I love.

My Best Friend's Wedding (Roberts)
Two Weeks Notice (Bullock)
I Love Trouble (Roberts)
Miss Congeneality (Bullock)

Some other movies I love are Pirates of the Carribean, Underworld, and Casanova.
Goodfellas - No need for any further comment - just the best film ever Cool
i like...

- Lord of the Ring
*Fellowship of the Ring
*The Two Towers
*Return of the King

- Ocean 11 & 12
- Ice Age (including the meltdown)
- Cast Away & The Terminal (featuring Tom Hanks)
- Madagasgar
- Shark Tale
- Kingdom of Heaven
The problem is i dont get time to ctach new movies...

But my future favorites: Which ofcourse i wont be able to watch! Rolling Eyes are:

The Triangle MiniSeries
Xmen 3
Mission Impossible 4

Im expecting these to be hits... and thus my favorites! Very Happy
All of The X-men Movies but I really really Love X-Men III: The Last Stand! That Movie Was AWESOME!!! I really hope that the director makes another one.

My favourite movie ... i don't know ... i think that this will be ...

Requiem for a dream

Gr8 movie Smile I like such of movies...

Next it'll be Butterfly Effect Smile

SAW is nice too
I can't possibly choose just one movie....

Interview with the Vampire
Kill Bill I & II
Love Actually
Fried Green Tomatoes
Monty Python's Life of Brian

.....there are too many to mention Smile
i realy like the movie :amelie
I don't really like watching movies multiple times, once is enough.

My favorite movie would be The Last Samurai though. First time I liked Tom Cruise as well. The setting was awesome because I love old Japan, samurai, ninja and the like. Everything was covered here Cool
A few, but the one I find myself watching every time when it is on TV, is The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
Difficult to pick one. I'd have to choose between American Beauty, Amélie, The Hours and almost all movies made by François Ozon. For the moment I'd say 'le temps qui reste' (no time to leave) by Ozon.
Hmm, only some of my favorites..... Smile

The Frighteners
Blues Brothers
Air America (I'm a pilot. great flying scenes)
Rat Race
12 monkeys
The Fifth Element
Mr. McCoy
m_furquan36 wrote:
Mission Impossible 4
Number 4 huh?!

The very best is Collateral starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx
I would have to say Wayne's World or Monty Python and the holy grail. They are the funniest movies ever.
I would have to say that my favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

It is just so perfect. The story is kind of told in reverse, showing details about what made them so hateful towards each other. It's a very depressing movie. I love it.
saw 2 Smile
Show me Love
Lost and Delirious
Kissing Jessica Stein
Favorite movie...what a tough subject. Man...I guess High Fidelity. It's such an incredible film from a guy standpoint, especially one who is highly into music like myself. I think that movie made me want to open a record store of my own and be a music elitist.
I like Medium a TV Serie and other Series that exists like Smallville.

I like Naruto and other Anime like that
I am a big fan of Harry Potter. The Da Vinci Code is also one of my favourites
1. Starwars (NOT Ep 1/2)
2. Final Fantasy.

FF is so well done with it being completely CG and such.
I really liked X Men 3, and The Da Vinci Code. Probably my favorites.
mongoose41 wrote:

FF is so well done with it being completely CG and such.

Yeah, I was pretty impressed with most of the animation in FF.
indiana jones
die hard
lethal weapon
the green mile
face off
My tastes go all over the place so...

Gone with the Wind
Forrest Gump
The Fugitive
Million Dollar Baby
Blade Runner will always my be favourite movie. It's so underrated and unheard of. yet anyone whose into cyber punk or identity of humanity would love this movie. Made in 1984, it is still so visually captivating. I can't wait for the final special edition DVD of it to come out later this year.

I have watched it so many times I can quote lines off it. Yet I never get bored of it. Everyone is so perfect in the film, though I heard that Deckard was originally written for Dustin Hofmann, which would have been interesting.

Yet by far the best character was Roy Batty... his final lines... are just perfection... So many classic lines...

Batty: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

Batty: Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?
Hannibal Chew: Don't know, I don't know such stuff.
Hannibal Chew: I just do eyes, j'j'... just eyes... just genetic design, just eyes. You Nexus, huh? I design your eyes.
Batty: Chew, if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes
dude my favorite movie is the princess bride because it freaking rocks
Definitely, Monsters Inc.!

We scare because we care!
1. Lord of the rings (triology)
2. Meet the Fockers & Meet the parents
3. The italian job
4. Torque
5. American pie
So many choices..

The Empire Strikes Back
Waking Life
The Shining
I'd have to say the Boondock Saints is my favorite movie.
I have a few Favorite Movies...

Fight Club
American History X
Batman Begins
here is my top 5 !

1.Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift
2.SNATCH (freaking nice movie, u should see it)
3.Pirates of the carribean (im so excited to see the second movie)
5.Happy Gilmore (too laugh)

so that's was top 5...
Talk2Tom11 wrote:
I have a few Favorite Movies...

Fight Club
American History X
Batman Begins

I Like Fight Club too !! OMG

nice choice dude ... i forgot it on my top 5... i think it better then Happy gilmore... Smile
my favourite movie :
more more tea
hmm i cant think of other
for me it's

Pirates of the Caribbean
If is to serious movies not comedies then a beatyful mind would do the trick. I have never watched such an intersting movie for years. Also i found its intrigue as one of the best I could ever find, and even though its a 2 hours long - it's two hours of pleasure!
my fovourites movies;
- "Conspiracy Theory"(J.Roberts&M.Gibson)
- "G.O.R.A." is Turkish comedy movie.
- "Piyanist"
- "the Dreamers" little erotic French movie.
I like many movies...

Kill Bill vol.1 and vol.2
Shaolin Soccer
Matrix Trilogy
LoTR Trilogy
1 Moulin Rouge: Has a little bit of everything, from music to tragidy. If you like the time period and a disent musical this is worth a glance.
2 Medicine Man: What a great story line, with some great acting all around. not many movies come along that will talkle what these folks did and where it took place.
3 KPax: All I can say is if you havent seen this one or The Dish, head for the rentals, have all these in my libray and recommend then highly.
I would have to say Rudy is my favorite movie
As for me, my favorite movie for all-time is Lord of the Rings. Especially the third.
I like Nemo (Finding Nemo, that is)
Matrix, by all means one of the greatest movies of all. But they jast should have left it as standalone film, with lots of open questions. the Matrix reloaded and revolution are just too stuffed with stants and special effects and get to political.
This is a hard one....

The one that springs to mind is Chocolat of course... then there are so many others. Im weak for all old fashioned war movies so braveheart and gladiator rock right up that list.. but thats a personal fetish more than that the movies are actually great.
Memento is wonderful, so is Finding Neverland...

This is starting a total urmoil in my head because I actually have no clue what my favorite movie is, I just have a lot of them...
Hmmm, My most watched movie is The Matrix although my favourite has to be Jackie Brown. Tarantino's 3rd film, many people don't like it or find it too slow but I think that it is a masterpiee of modern cinema and surpasses all of Tarantino's other films in script, style and interplay of characters. Useing De Niro to play a very understated and downtrodden character is frankly a stroke of genius, and the sutle relationship ploys he uses to tease audiences with ethnographic stereotyping ripped up so that whoever you are you feel that these characters could be any group of people anywhere from any background. With a fantastic cast, what more could you want from a movie.

A superb film and if you haven't seen it go and buy a copy and then watch it a few times before you attempt to condem it.
Couple of the top films are

-Arlington Road


-Pay it forward

-One Hour photo Wink
My favourite is surely the movie that anyone doesn't know, its called Vertov, its the first special effect film made in 1929 maded by the great Dziga Vertov, a Russian men that have the freaky Idea to make a movie on how the people live at this time, he also haved the consiousness to insert some realy nice special effects in its film, a must see film experience
M_M forever
My Favorite Movie Is Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?! Bette Davis in that movie, oh my god, she was great!
the shawshank redemption (tim robins and morgan freeman)
I think this is the best movie I have ever seen.
I love all Jet Li films.. hes gotta be the most amazing person in Matrial Arts films..

But his recent one 'Fearless' did it for me even though it was in Chinese and subtitled in English, the movie was full of amazing fight scenes and it really delivered a point and an image!
Trent DeWhite
It's difficult to limit myself to one, single film. As an avid fan of "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien, I'd have to say that the LOTR Trilogy is my all-time favorite movie trilogy. If I had to choose one single film, I'd select King Kong as my favorite movie. I must like Peter Jackson's work or something. Rolling Eyes
I love all the brat pack movies of the early 80's. My favorite is a toss between Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. I like Molly Ringwald.
My favorites are Zoolander, The Princess Bride, and Blood In Blood Out.
the best movie of all times is undoubtedly gangs of new york! Scorcese is at his best, and Daniel day Lewis is simply the best actor ever born. the movie is an interesting epic, a real quality film. well, could you expect less from the director of Apokalypse now?
It's difficult to limit myself to one, single film. i like a lotfs of films

films with tom cruise : collateral,top gun,war of world..3

films with keanu reeves: matrix,constantine

fims with tom hanks: forest gumps,ladykillers,alone......
*The Four Feathers - It shows the true meaning of friendship
*Coach Carter - Shows the exercise of authority for a better cause
*Mouling Rouge - Just a love story. I like it though because it's a musical
*The Phantom of the Opera - Another musical, so I love it. hehe
*Man on Fire - A very good movie!
*The Lord of the Rings - Great fantasy/adventure film
*Harry Potter - Good special effects. I like every minute of it
*The Road to Perdition - A father's love for his son
*Miliion Dollar Baby - I really don't know my reason. I just love this movie
*A Knight's Tale - Funny casts.
My current favourite movies are Wayne's World 1 & 2. I don't watch many movies Sad.
My favourite is Pirates of The Caribbean, Johnny Depp is such a good actor.
'Rang De Basanti' - Indian (Hindi) movie is one of those great collectibles. Its about the raw passion & the raw approach that all young, energetic people have and about the will to effect a change to the politics driven society in India.

The youth in India has experienced a revolution in themselves lately and this movie is one great contributor to it.

Aamir Khan, Kunal Kapur, Sharman Joshi, Siddharth - every one at his best.
my favorite movies are;


harry potter series

Miliion Dollar Baby

Fight Club Very Happy
I liked all of the Back To The Future movies - especially the third one.


The Shawshank Redemption

White Squall

The Shipping News
i like pretty much anything that is sci-fi or alien based.

ET, War of the Worlds, mission to mars, and the stargate movie.
well my favorate movie are termanator 1,2,3 horry potter all series and stargate and all jet li movie
Well can`t choose just only one, but for the scenario I like very much "6th sense", "Dark City", old one "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang.
primer maybe? Billy Elliot? David Attenborough documentaries are amazing too!
My favorite movie is Blade Trinity, I never get tired of watching it.
i like Titanic because the story is so touching.Also the main character -Jack is very handsome
My genre-wise favourite movies:

fantasy-adventure: LOTR trilogy
action: Terminator 2
thriller: sixth sense/ the others
drama: forrest gump/ a beautiful mind/million dollar baby
horror: exorcist/ringu
animation: incredibles
My favorite movies are three Beverly Hills Cop.
LOTR triology, Scary Movies, Oldboy...
Napoleon Dynamite, of course! I love the dry humor in the movie. None of the jokes really make sense...and that's the whole point! In the end, you end up looking up to the biggest loser in the world.

Kudos, Napoleon. Kill Uncle Rico. And barbeque Tina.

A letter from Napoleon to Uncle Rico follows.

Roses are Red,
Your moustache looks gay,
Get out of my life
Or I'll throw nunchucks your way.
snakes on a mother-****** plane
I really do enjoy Fight Club... because not only is it sensless violence but the story is soo cool. It's one of those movies I would watch all the time... but its like 3 hours long (worth it in my opinion.)
full cg movie ==> final fantasy advent children (cool tribute to the FF series)
love-drama thingy ==> the notebook (yeah)
others ==> Enemy at the Gates (great sniper thing that makes me wanna play sniper arcades), LOTR (great, juz great), Pirates of the Caribbean (Captain Jack Sparrow rules!!!)
MY favourite movie is ... accually i have to ...
1.Pirates of the Carribean 1 & 2
2.Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children

Now about "Pirates of the Carribean" I love Pirates of the Carribean because it has captian jack sparrow who can be quite hilarious. I just love his personality. I like how the movie is constructed and how the movie flows. It has alot of drama elements which make the movie so perfect.

Now about FFVII I love it because it has such excellent graphics it just looks so real. I just wonder how they do it. I also like the dark and spooky theme it just fantastic. I recomand both of these movies they are just fantastic.
Mr. McCoy
It´s an old movie....But i LOVE it..."The Boondock Saints"

could also mention

Saw 1-2
The Island <3 Ewan McGregor is HOT in that one
and ofcourse Collateral...Tom Cruise is HOT also
I really like korean dramas and movies. They are all inspiring. The storyline and the cast. Very Happy
My altime favorite film has to be Lock Stock and two smoking barrels. No other film combines action and humor in such a stylish way.

My seccond favorite film is Once upon a time in Mexico. Its seriously funny and has lots of shooting and explosions in it.
Today: "Estamira", from Marcos Prado.
one of my favouirte movies is nobody know its?
My favorite movie is a Japanese one. I don't know its exact name in English, but in Chinese we call it "AT THE PRESENT TIME, I WANT TO SEE YOU." It's love story between a man who has problem expressing and a woman who is pretty and smart. Neither of them knows that they are both in love with each other. The story is fictional, because the actress comes from the past. It's hard to describe the movie in my case with poor English. I recommend everyone see more than one time. Hope you like it !
My favourite movie is The Matrix Revolutions, the whole trilogy was good, but the third one was just the best.
The lord of the ring triology is the best =)
ehm I think x-men, HeHE
As of the moment, there are too many to mention!

But one of my top of mind fave movies would be Howl's Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki. Very Happy
I have a few:

- The count of Mounte' Cristo
- Lord of the Rings
- Broke Back Mountain (there's just something to it. It has made such an impression on me...)
- An Indian movie called Bagheban or Baghban
- Titanic
- The Constant Gardener
- All of Arnold Schevartzeneger's older movies (I used to have a huge teenge crush on him! Embarassed Laughing)

(I'm sure there are more but can't think of them right now)

My favourite comedies are:

- Pest
- Kung Paw

There are also many Persian movies, but you guys wouldn't know them, so I won't mention them Laughing
Bondings wrote:
Tell us about your favourite movie.

what are u guys thinking. The all time best movie of course would be The Shawshank Redemption Very Happy
Ludo Lambrechts
The movie I love the most, and can see over and over again is Rocky IV with Sylvester Stallone.

Ludo Cool
The 40 Years Old Virgin Laughing Laughing Laughing
Man On The Moon Very Happy
It's a hard call between Donnie Darko and Pulp Fiction. If forced to choose I'll have to say Pulp.

Why? Because the movie is great, it casts some of my fav actors, has a great soundtrack and a solid storyline.

The entire Pocket Watch scene is sheer brilliance, and the movie constantly delivers one linders that stick in your head. SamueL, Keitel, Travolta, Uma and Willis are all great Smile
I like every program sport's
The Matrix (the first one)
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
Clerks II
Pulp Fiction
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Fight Club
Lucky Number Slevin

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<James007: removed crappy online translator translation>

one of best films q I have seen and tb of but the strange Laughing ones
I love Pirates of the Caribbean! (both films) And practically all films with Johny Depp! His characters are always very realistic!
my favorite movie is harry potter 4.
yeah...i know that this is a little old (half year) but i still love him becuase all the adveanture that harry is going to them.
i wait for "harry potter 5" the movie becuase its interesting.
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I have many favorite movies, but V for Vendetta is the best movie I've seen!
As of now, one of my fave movies is Shinobi. It's a Japanese movie about star-crossed lovers destined to fight for the survival of their tribes.
Nuvuo Cinema Paradiso anytime.
The Shawshank Redemption is my favourite moive of all time. It's such a moving movie that I recommend to everyone.
Scary Movie 4 Razz
either dukes of hazzard or pirates of the carabien(sp?)
Braveheart! Razz
Ocean's Eleven... i love that!!!
Fight Club! also Shawshank Redeption is well...
How could one pick a single film, if you've seen thousands? Smile

Out of the about 5-600 films I've rated on IMDb over the past 10 years, these are the ones that got a 10. I sometimes revise some of my votes, mind. Sometimes, right after seeing a film, it'll feel like a 10, but not on further inspection (though it will rarely fall lower than to a 9). These have stuck upthere since they were added:

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
Yes, it's boring, it's pretty much devoid of emotion, and it's not Kubrick's best. And yet it's a masterpiece. Smile

Akira (1988)
Anime when it's best. My nick is from that film Smile

American Beauty (1999)
Perfect film... Perfect script, perfect direction, perfect acting, perfect cinematography, perfect sets.

Apocalypse Now (1979)
Not Redux, which would get a 7, if it was listed as a separate film. Ruined the pacing and non-political-war-movie emphasis of the original.

Back to the Future (1985)
Nostalgia, but I also do believe it's one of the few perfect Hollywood "blockbuster" scripts outthere. Delightful.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Best modern Disney movie.

Citizen Kane (1941)
Could have been made yesterday.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
Charlie Kaufman's most humane, tender and coherent script.

Der Himmel über Berlin (1987)
Breathtaking imagery and scope. Wim Wenders' most touching film.

The Incredibles (2004)
Pixar's best by far.

MirrorMask (2005)
Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman on a film. What could be better? It's not without flaws, but they're very forgivable.

Quatre cents coups, Les (1959)
Truffaut's first (feature length) and best. Incredibly touching.

Requiem for a Dream (2000)
Jumps up and down from 8 to 10, but it's still a painful and wonderfully shot tragedy.

Trois couleurs: Rouge (1994)
Kieslowski left cinema on his highest point. A lot of my view of life is reflected in this.

Twelve Monkeys (1995)
A Gilliam film that doesn't drown in quirkiness. Masterfully written "adaptation" of La Jetée which gets imbued with even more meaning if you've seen the "original".

Vertigo (1958)
The epitome of Hitchcockian moviemaking.

A few honorary mentions to 9-rated films (out of about 60, including Fight Club, Trainspotting, Magnolia, Groundhog Day, Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain etc.) that more people ought to see:

Janghwa, Hongryeon (2003)
Lola Rennt (1998)
Smultronstället (1957)
Sunset Blvd. (1950)
Touch of Evil (1958)
Sunrise (1927)
Reconstruction (2003)
My favorite movie is Lady in the water.
I have several favorites

The Godfather 1 & 2 are absolutely amazing, and the book is one of my favorites also.

Others include, The Last Samurai (before Tom Cruise started going crazy), Mr. Holland's Opus (sad, but it really touched on the emotional significance of music, which I believe in), The Rock (funny, great character dynamics, and an interesting social question), Finding Nemo, and the Indiana Jones movies, especially Last Crusade.
Border, DCH, Sarfarosh and RDB.
The Shawshank Redpemtion <-- U Must see this one
Matrix Trilogy
LOTR Series
Harry Potter Series
Die Hard Trilogy
MI Series
The Bourne Series.......
Yes, FARGO won lots of awards, and sure, RAISING ARIZONA isuproariously funny, but make no mistake: MILLER'S CROSSING is thequintessential Coen brothers film. In point of fact, it's flawless, a jewel you can turn over and around in your hands again and again, seeing a new facet every time, each one striking and smooth and perfect.
The script is awash with Prohibition-era jargon both historically grounded and whimsically invented, a symphony of phrases and exchanges that linger and echo long after being heard. (It isn't unusual after a viewing to walk around asking friends, "What's the rumpus?", or to complain about being given "the high hat" upon being snubbed.)

The performances, as well, are individually and collectively irresistable. I defy you, in fact, to find a single film in which _any_ of the major players has ever been better. There's not a false or miscast note in the whole of the dramatis personae. There's Gabriel Byrne as the inscrutable, Machiavellian Tom Reagan, a trusted advisor to the city's Irish mob lord who falls out of favor and "defects" to the Italian camp to save his own skin...or does he? Albert Finney plays Leo, the aforementioned Irish power broker whose fists of iron, vicious survival instinct, and all-too-vulnerable heart congeal into a simply remarkable, unforgettable character. John Turturro is equal parts pathetic outcast and conniving opportunist as Bernie Birnbaum, the unscrupulous, vampirically pale bookmaker whose shady maneuvers set the whole plot into motion. Marcia Gay Harden exudes fierce intelligence and buckets of carefully-aimed sex appeal as Bernie's sister Verna, whose unflagging drive to protect her brother -- even from himself -- almost excuse her twisted machinations. J.E. Freeman drips evil and impending violence all over the screen as smarter-than-you-want-him-to-be enforcer Eddie Dane. Jon Polito, as hot-tempered Italian ringleader Johnny Caspar, may be the only character at hand to actually feel sorry for, as his oddly consistent ethical code makes it a sure bet he doesn't stand a chance in his environment.

There's more to say about the acting, of course, but I'll stop there rather than pour accolades onto the entire cast. And when I say "entire," I'm not exaggerating: every person who comes into frame, from the leads to the smaller parts to the people with one line or none at all, fit together and play off of each other as though they'd been born to do nothing else in their entire lives. The whole of it actually makes it difficult not to notice acting and casting problems in other films.

I'm running out of room here, so I can only nod to some of the other perfect elements of production. Barry Sonnenfeld's dead-on photography is measured and seamless where appropriate, frenetic where necessary. Set design and costuming make for such an astonishing illusion that were this not a color film, you might actually forget that it was released 9, not 69 years ago. And even the sound -- from the music (diegetic and otherwise) to the crystal-clear sound effects that pierce the visual and draw you in by the ears, like they're supposed to -- is a _presence_ in its own right throughout the film. I mean, when was the last time ice cubes dropping into an old-fashioned glass or the wringing out of an alcohol-soaked rag into a tinny dish felt truly woven into the designed effect of a scene in a movie?

What continues to amaze me about MILLER'S CROSSING is that no matter how many times I see it, regardless of how hard I look, I _can't find anything wrong with it_. That's an extremely rare situation in my experience. It's what we all want out of a movie, and almost never get. MILLER'S CROSSING delivers exactly that feeling, and when Tom Reagan leans against that tree and adjusts that hat in the haunting final shot, he knows it just as surely as we do. He doesn't seem to feel especially happy about it, but that's okay. _You_ will.
matrix trilogy every time.

i love the concept - This isn't real.

absolutly amazin, and keano reaves (i cant spell hhis name, but he's the guy who plays neo) fits the part.
I really enjoyed American Beauty. I read somewhere that the overwelmingly red look of American Beauty is a symbol for blood and roses. Represented in the film by the flower petals in Lester Burnham's fantasies, and the blood spilt when the sadness that hovers beneath bears its face. The title of American Beauty does not refer to the pretty surfaces that hide the anguish of these people, but the beauty of their souls when dealing with that anguish. Many reviewers have considered the title to be ironic, it isn't. I've heard Kevin Spacey say that this film is about context, because taken out of context the behaviour of these characters seem bizzare and even phsycotic, but out with in the context of their messy lives or indeed anybody's life, it seems natural. If I tell you that Kevin Spacey plays a character who is obsessed with the idea of sleeping with his daughter's best friend, a daughter who constantly anounces her hatred of her parents, a woman so obsessed with appearances that happiness is but a memory to her, a loner who makes his living as a drug dealer with a firm rigid father living in denial about his son and himself, you would guess that there would be no one to like in this film. You would be wrong. This film is magical in the way it lets identify with these characters, care for them and worry about their outcome. Infact the ideas of American Beauty are nothing new. The persuit of happiness through the abanodoning of materialistic possesions and the satisfaction of primal, animal and natural desires was the exact same premise for Fight Club. This could be a middle aged version of that film. The family turmoil closely resembles Ang Lee's The Ice Storm 1998, and like that film, American Beauty ends in tragedy. But as with all masterpieces its not the "point" that counts, but how you get there. Just like the fact that anything new you learn in life is the history you don't know, most originality in movies is the movies you haven't seen and the novel's you haven't read. The fact that the film remains a masterpiece is a credit to the execution of those ideas, not their originality. Our hero is Lester Burnham a man who goes quits his job, black mails his boss, and goes wild for a year. His journey of self-discovery is not what your average citizen would call moral, yet we still sympathise. My favourite scene in the film is where Lester meets Ricky(Wes Bently) outside a part. Ricky sells marijuana for a living and makes a lot of money. Lester tells him that when he was his age he "flipped burgers all summer long" for very little money. "That sucks" says Ricky, "No actually it was wonderful." The heart of the film is this scene, Lester's yearning for those years where his whole life was ahead of him, when he believed he coul do anything, when he wasn't such a "loser". This purity is the Beauty to which the title refers. Ricky Fitts is the boy next door, a loner who likes to film people. His father is a rigid military man. Both Wes Bently and Chris Cooper who play father and son respectively give monumental performance equal to Kevin Spacey's oscar winner. Their family is a contrast to Lester's, and in its tragedy, emotional complexity and heart break exceeds it. Ricky's catatonic mother is perhaps what Lester would have become had he not taken charge of his life. I have tried to define this film, but its not a film that can be defined. It is one to be experienced. If I tell that the sight of a paper bag blowing in the wind will amaze you, you find it very silly indeed. Acredit then to this film that when Ricky show us a video of a paper bag blowing in the wind, it is indeed a breathtakingly beautiful sight.
My favorite movie...wait, movies, are

1. Titanic - I love this movie so much. It never gets boring!
2. The Goonies - I have no idea why I love this movie so just rocks. I use to be addicted. Watched it every night before i slept.
3. Just Like Heaven - Im a girl, so i love mushy gusy chic flicks, and this is one of the best ones in my opinion.

I can't think of anymore I absolutly love at the moment.
Ainsley3389 wrote:
My favorite movie...wait, movies, are

1. Titanic - I love this movie so much. It never gets boring!
2. The Goonies - I have no idea why I love this movie so just rocks. I use to be addicted. Watched it every night before i slept.
3. Just Like Heaven - Im a girl, so i love mushy gusy chic flicks, and this is one of the best ones in my opinion.

I can't think of anymore I absolutly love at the moment.

just like heaven aint just 4 girls.

i didn't find it mushy.

thought it had good plot.

And for the record, I AIN'T GAY Very Happy
I am not gonna talk about my best movie..they are so many!!!
But one of the new best ones for me is "Revolver".
It might look a bizzare movie..but the Idea behind... is just great!
It's an awakening movie!
So..Let's Awake people!!
Saving Private Ryan
The Devil's Advocate

This three movies have everything I'm looking for in a classic....I just wish there could be more, lately Hollywood has been releasing crap...The last good movie I watched was Running Scared which surprisingly I enjoyed.

And of course most of Al Pacino's & Robert De Niro's movies are great too..
After having seen the midnight showing in my town, and having mulled over in my mind what I thought about the film, I have this to say one simple statement. I liked it.

Yes, many purist fans will shirk at the lack of depth in some of the new characters introduced; however, all in all the film did what so many films fail to do these days, entertain throughout.

Just to give a little initial background plot, as you probably know by now a lot of the focus is on Jean and the Phoenix. Well, actually a ton of the movie focuses on this, and not giving anything away, but basically all the climactic events deal with Jean/The Phoenix. Intriguingly enough though, she's given a very small role at least as far as speaking goes.

Instead, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Storm (Halle Berry) take the lead roles, as they advance their characters slightly in depth, but heavily in status. Don't worry though if if you want and expected fresh faces, because the filmmakers also leave plenty of time for looking at, but not learning about, the newcomers. Also to mention, the youngest X-Men Rogue, Bobby (Iceman), and Kitty have somewhat of a sub-plot love triangle.

Back to the plot though, because all those characters center on the story that a supposed-cure has been released for mutant hood. This is obviously a very divisive issue, as it widens Magneto and Xavier separation even more, while threatening the already fragile make-up of the X-men themselves.

As I mentioned, the movie did have some flaws, as it seemed to want to provide too much in too short a time, while having to glaze over any kind of legitimate character development, (except for some for the Phoenix). Still, if you were a fan of the old ones, or just like good, entertaining superhero-type films, then you're sure to like X3.
Citize kane - Orson welles (1941) - one of the greatest movies of all time, for sure.
Clockwork Orange - by Stanley Kubrick (1971)
Sunset Blv. - By billy wilder (1950)
My favorit Movie is Flubber I think. These funny slime who make everyone jump =). It's make me laugh! And when he jump from that window and the flubber escapes from his pocket so he fall into the ground and it hurts! But it's sad when the flying robot dies in the end.

Everyone have to see it!
Still my favourite after so many years is Shawshank Redemption.

Great acting and awesome storyline.
not in any particular order
lord of the rings trilogy
harry potter trillogy
the titans-luv the part when they sang aint no mountain...
kate n leopold
i love titanic! its my all time fav.
besides that, i enjoy watching the Lord of the Rings series (loved the storyline) and several comical ones, like Mr and Mrs Smith.
My faforite movie is the Inside man. That movie is soooo god. I haw seen that 2 times and bothe of them was great.
pegasus sword
My favourite film is Matrix of course and especially the fisrt one but i like also Spiderman and Harry Potter the fourth one
Well, it is difficult to say only one.
One of my favourite is "Much ado about nothing" from a Shakespeare really funny comedy.
My favorite movies
Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill vol 1/2, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Densha Otoko, My Sassy Girl, Pirates of the Carriban 2, Casino, Goodfellas, Battle Royale, Ju-on, Suicide Circle, Tom Yum Goong (The Protector), Ong Bak, all of Stephen Chow films, Enter the Dragon, any Jackie Chan film, and Fearless.

As you can tell I only like Quentin Tarantino movies, martial arts, horror and gore, love and mob flicks. This is all the movies I can think of, I probably have more though.

*bold ones are all-time fav*
harry potter 4 yeah... its totally me favourite
50 first day... Ok ok i am a man but i love it ! And no i am not gay, don't ask me pls ! I don't care your sexual orientation.

Well if you don't have seen this movie yet, i recommend it.
I like Band of Brother, Serendipity, also My Sassy Girl
Well, I have so much favorite movies, but one that always comes to my mind is The Shawshank Redemption with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.
I definately love any movie with Alexz Johnson in it. Such as Final Destination 3, Selling Innocence, Reefer Madness...

Final Destination 3-
Death is after teens who have escaped death once. It returns to kill each and every one of them. Alexz plays a very sarcastic Erin Ulmer.

Selling Innocence-
This is a Lifetime Original Movie. Some sleezebag is stalking models and killing them. Mia, an outcast becomes a model and this guy begins to stalk her.

Reefer Madness The Musical-
Showed on Showtime alot, Alexz sings in it a few times. Marijuana is a threat to teens. Jimmy meets Mary they fall in love, but Marijuana splits them apart.

As you may have read, I like Thriller Movies, Dramas, and Comedies. I hate lovey dovey movies though!

the best movie that i saw is harry potter 4

this is the best movie with action.

this is the best!!!

the best movie that i saw is harry potter 4

this is the best movie with action.

this is the best!!!
I liked all the Harry Potter movies, The Sixth Sense, Deep Blue Sea, and Titanic too, of course. But I didn't watch that movie in full.
its wierd, but ive not actually seen the harry potter and the goblet of fire.... even though its been out for months, and I own all the books Very Happy and have a few gimmicky HP stuff.

anyway, The great escape is good too.
chronicles of riddick and pitch black(prequel if u noobs didnt know)
I really liked:
You Me and Everyone We Know
All the Real Girls
Half Nelson
Door in the Floor
The Departed
Motorcycle Diaries
Fight Club, I love that movie, for those who haven't seen it, or have no brain, its not just about fighting, its about Man, and the world we live it, its amazing, and I know what it stands for and I'm typing this on a fairly expensive laptop while watching Friends on a HDTV.... sadly not in HD though... but still I love that movie
Where is the Kill Bill.. Who didn't enjoyed while watching that great film??
The kill bill movies are the worst crap I have ever seen I just can't stand them
Pyro Man
My cousin vinny!!!!!!!! Fantastic movie, so brilliantly made, really genious.

Home alone, the first one, come on, if your 15, 16 its a movie of our childhood, its fantastic!
I like animation movie such as CARS, Monster Inc and a lot more japan anime. Wink
My favourite moo vieh... let's see... I guess it's South Park. Da moo vieh. Besides that, I love South Park in general. Actually, the series is better than the moo vieh. Very Happy
My favourite movie is Back To The Future(1,2,3)
Then comes The terminator(1,2,3)
Then comes The Jurassic Park(1,2,3)
Then comes the Planet of the apes.

All these are my favourites films and i like it very much.
I like brutal and very violent movies like

god father 1, 2 & 3
saving private ryan
the patriot
and any things that involves blood splatering death
Amelie, 21 grams, Mystic River, TLOTR, King Kong... I almost forgot to say that Kill Bill series are a real crap.
Hello Everyone
GOOD day

Well here are the list of my favorite movie:
1. Gladiator
2. Black Hawk Down
3. Tears of the Sun
4. Terminator 3. Rise of the machines
5. Behind enemy lines
6. Enemy at the gates
7. Saving private ryan
8. Mr. and Mrs Smith
9. Killing fields.
10. Home alone 1, 2 and 3
11. The day after tomorrow.
12. The core
13. Armageddon
14. Fast and the Furious 1 and 2
15. Goal
16. xXx Enemy of the State
17. Lord of the rings 1 2 and 3
18. X-men
19. Spiderman 1 and 2
20. The incredibles

Thank you
I have such a long list that it will go on and on.......

It never ends.

It would take much bandwidth of Bondings's Server.
So far, the best ghost movie i ever scared is :

1. Death Note ( not anime)
2. The Eye

Really scare me though Sad
Pride an Prejudice! This is what I really like! Especially Matthew Macfadyen! And Sleepy Hollow! Johnny Depp is brilliant ang gorgeous I think. Don't you think so too? And also I like polish movie "Vinci". Has anyone seen it?
every time i enjoyd the movie lord of the rings
all 3 parts speccialy part 3

great movie!!!
Its got to be The Girl Next Door, that was very well thought out movie and casting was great, Elisha Cuthbert - nice.
Theres a lot of movies i like it depends on what category it is included. But the my most favorite movie of all since im a child is the Mighty Ducks series, I watched it since im 4 or 5 years old and till now Im still watching it and even I know whats the ending of each part I still like it.
The Shawshank Redemption is my all time favourite.
My top 10:
1. Gladiator
2. Serenity
3. Braveheart
4. Matrix, The
5. X-Men
6. Spider-Man 2
7. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
8. Dumb & Dumber
9. Mask of Zorro, The
10. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
I would have to say two movies are my favorite.
The One, and Donnie Darko. I love both movies alot.
butterfly effect!!! Razz
I Have alot of favorite movies. I love Silent Hill, Resident Evil Apocalypse, Feast, Saw 1, Saw 2, Saw 3, Underworld, andCry Wolf. I tons more just cant think of any more. i basically only like Horror and sci-fi movies.
I love Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway. David Lynch is MY God.
This is my list.
matrix's (3rd one wasn't so good Crying or Very sad )
the longest yard
james bond
new world disorder 1-7 (mountain bike movies.)
Lord of the rings (alright...) Confused
My favorite movie by far is The Godfather and The Godfather II. There are many good movies I could list, but most are already listed here. I should note that more recent movies are not among favorites. I think there are a lot of good movies but there is a significant lack of "very" good movies.
Hmm I just cannot make up my mind about which to take, so let's summarise:

Da Vinci Code
Batman (love them all:wink:)
Shrek 1+2
Over The Hedge
La Vita E Bella
Blackadder series
The Naked gun (all)
Silence of the lambs
Red Dragon
Harry Potter
Lord Of The Rings
Mine would be

As Good as it Gets

Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt.Its a romantic comedy in which Nicholson is an eccentric novelist and Helen Hunt is a waitress.

Just puts the message across of how wonderful it is to fall in love, How love can transform you into a new human being
for me! Titanic and Armagedon!

Titanic is a best seller on its time! whoa! awesome! i think ive watch it in different theater!!!

theater place where ive watch titanic
1. SM megamall- manila (two rides from my place)
2. SM cinema complex - Guadalupe manila (two rides from my place)
3. cinema complex - Olongapo City (3 long rides from my place)

and many-many times in VCD player and PC...


for armagedon once in theater and a couple of times in tv and VCD.

But till now ive watch titanic still specially when i have a friends came from province who dont watch a film like that, we watch it us a entertainer.

the thing that links two those film that ive love most is the part when they need to sacrifice for the sake of others! whoah!!!

its sad but its just a movie! nyahahaha!
My favourite film changes regularly but it dont get any better than Pulp Fiction does it. I reckon it's the only film I never tire of watching. Oh, perhaps Fight Club aswell, hmmm, and Star Wars.
I tend to like less mainstream films. The film has to be 'different' somehow because my attention-span is that short I get bored watching films.

My favourites (in no particular order)

1 ) Withnail and I
2 ) Brazil
3 ) Dr. Strangelove
4 ) Darkstar
5 ) 2010
6 ) BladeRunner
7 ) Blazing Saddles
8 ) Kes
9 ) Zulu
10) The Italian Job
11) What's Up Tiger Lilly?
top 10 favorite movies:

01. Blade
02. Nirvana
03. Johny Mnemonic
04. Greenwich Mean Time
05. Constantine
06. Troy
07. Fights Club
08. Vampires
09. Only the Strong
10. Sin City
i like every animated pictures or movies. because it make me laugh out loud
1. Stargate Atlantis
2. Stargate SG-1
3. Harry potter
4. Matrix
5. Amazing Race

and lot more...
My favorites movies

1. My Sassy Girl
2. Band of Brother
3. Home Alone 1 & 2
4. Shrek
My favourite film changes every few months or so... At the moment it is Casino Royale! Watch it change in a few weeks or so... Very Happy Very Happy
I have so many I can't name them all but I'll just name the ones I could think of right now.

Rush Hour 2
White Chicks
Scary Movie 2
Ace Ventura When Nature Calls
Dumb and Dumber
Bad Boys II
Terminator 2
Halloween - many types
Happy Gilmore
Batman vs Dracula

Well those are the ones I can think of right now.
the one with my name on it, actually.

Very Happy Brilliant visual effects and dramatisation - and KC was brilliant as Garrison - also note the cameo of the real Jim Garrison as Earl Warren (ironic).

Has to be said that facts tend to get set aside to make way for a good story - there is a web page somewhere entitled 100 inaccuracies in JFK - and these days teh balance of evidence seems to be in favor of LHO acting alone.

Whatever the truth if we ever know - still a good film.

There are far to many films out there for me to stab at "my favourite".

My favourites include: Terminator 1/2, Signs, Freddy Vs. Jason, Casino, Die Hard, The Matrix *1*, and a thousand more.

Note: I chose them few because they are on the top shelf of my DVD cabinent, but there is currently something blocking the lower shelves and CBA getting up to peep Wink
Favorite movie? Star Wars - a classic that still looks as good as special-effect movies that come out today.
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b4r4t wrote:
My favourite movie ... i don't know ... i think that this will be ...

Requiem for a dream

Ellen Burstyn is unbelievable in this movie. This is a truly horrific film, and I mean that in a positive way.

Some of my favourite movies are:

The Hours
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
The Big Chill
A Streetcar Named Desire
Kiss of the Spiderwoman
Leaving Las Vegas ......................... too, too many to name really.
It's hard to narrow it down to just one movie. Uusually if it's directed by John Woo (though his style is getting a bit old) or Quentin Tarantino I will enjoy it.

Kill Bill (1 and 2)
Hard Boiled
The Corruptor
Replacement Killers
Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Those are a few of the ones I enjoy. I suppose they would fit under dark humor/action movies. I like comedy movies a lot but mostly older ones like the older National Lampoon flicks for instance.
The Godfather
Terminator 2
Fight Club
Pulp Fiction
The Silence Of The Lambs
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Die Hard

That's some really nice movies, no way that I would be able to only choose one Wink
Today: Kill Bill series.
Extremaly difficult choice....
I think it would be "Blade runner".
there are so many movies that could be my favorite, but if i have to go with one...since i watch it all the time...shrek or the ice age movies. those would have be the best!
- complete saga Star Wars
- complete saga The Lord of The Ring
- Blade I , II, trinity.
- Underwold I, II.

this Very Happy
The Departed was amazin'!!
Anything with Monty Python in the Title, makes me crack up.

Holy Grail, Life of Brian...
I actually haven't seen Meaning of Life yet, although iIm going to soon.

The TV show was hilarious, the albums are funny, the Musical cracked me up too.

The Matrix, then Last Samurai, then V for Vendetta.
my favourite film was always and it will be- The fifth element!
I just love that movie.

Also good films are matrix, fight club, star wars, resident evil.
Shawshank Redemption - It's well crafted, good plot line that requires a bit of thinking and understanding.

However one critisism.
At the part where we see the hole being shown, after the poster has been pulled down is infact an error. This is because we see the hole to be scraped into a wall, not the external wall. And next to him, is another cell.

Or is it just me?
Star Wars!!! I am a Star Wars geek. Cool

1. A New Hope
2. Empire Strikes Back
3. Return of the Jedi
4. Phantom Menance
5. Attack of the Clones
6. Revenge of the Sith

I also like Gladiator, Braveheart...and others like them.
In order, they are (and have changed since last time that I posted)
1) The Prestige (2006)
2) V for Vendetta (2006)
3) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
4) A Beautiful Mind (2001)
5) The Aviator (2004)
6) The Triplets of Belleville (2003)
7) Philadelphia (1993)
Cool Amadeus (1984)
9) Red Eye (2005)
10) March of the Penguins (2005)
11) Batman Begins (2005)
12) Superman Returns (2006)

The ones that I am really looking forward to seeing are:
The Dark Knight (2008)
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)
Spiderman 3 (2007)
The Fountain (2006)

What can I say, I am a movie buff...
01. Deep Red
02. Phenomena
03. The Jackal
04. Legend of Narayama
05. Pari e Dispari
06. The Fly
07. Le Professionel
08. Soseiji
09. Dark City
10. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
My new collection of favorite movies is:

The Big Scene
A Bittersweet Life
Peppermint Candy
A Public Enemy
Traces of Love
Running Wild
Mr. Socrates
My favourite films are:

Dude, Where's My Car?
Wedding Crashers

All three are hilarious, awesome films.
Russel crowe is my all time favourite...i love his appearance in GLADIATOR

other favourites are
The Last sammurai
A beautiful Mind
Message in a bottle
Green Street hooligons
and Cindrella Man..WOW..what a movie...enever loved russel as much as i do now after watching this movie
Save the Last Dance
5th Element
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Tears of the Sun
my all time fav is....

The Notebook
Italian Job
Wicker Park
In Her Shoes
What Women Want
Brother Bear (1)
Finding Nemo
Phone Booth
Dick and Jane
The Recruit
Legends of the Fall
Fight Club
Atlantis:The Lost Empire
Mulan 2
The Count Of Monte Cristo
House of Sand and Fog
Brown Sugar

and my fav cartoon

this is a short list.... Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
The Lord of The Ring and Matrix
Lady Elensar
The Gladiator, Lord of The Ring trilogy, Leathal Weapon series, Pirates of the Caribbean.. I like many films.
shutter (2004)

"Shutter" opens in breezy fashion, and by the fifth minute young lovers Tun and Jane are in their car heading back from dinner with some friends, only to run into something on the dark road. The lovers spot the body of a woman laying in the road behind them, but before Jane, the driver, can get out of the car to check, Tun has convinced her to drive off. Days later, it's revealed that the only accident on that particular road on that particular night was that someone had run their car into a billboar, Jane and Tun's car. But what of the dead, or hurt, young woman?

ahahah, just like ordinary asian horror. it's story about angry ghost who lost it's legs caused' by an accident
I liked the 1980 movie Airplane.. Rated as the best English comedy movie ever made!
My favorite movie of all time is this Italian movie named Cinema Paradiso. It's about this little town in Italy where an old projectionist befriends a young child, and their shared love for cinema brings them together.

It also has quite possibly the saddest ending of any film I've ever watched. I'm not usually a sap when it comes to movies, but I swear, I've seen Cinema Paradiso about 5 or 6 times and cry every time.

Hell, I've cried just watching that scene on youtube or flixster. It's a MUST watch for anyone that is a movie buff, and the amazingly beautiful cinematography helps quite a bit. If you do watch it tho, I'd recommend against viewing the director's cut, it adds about an hour of unnecessary fluff.
I personally love Zoolander. It's really weird but also funny at the same time. I quote it often but its such a good movie that everyone knows what i'm tallkin about. I also emjoy dodgeball, anchorman, and american garfitti
-Post Deleted-
This is a hard one, there are just too many to list but i'll try.

Kill Bill, LOTR, Fight Club, Matrix, 50 First Dates, As Good As It Gets, Goonies, Fast And The Furious, Scarface, The Ammityville Horror, King Kong, The Ring, Coming To America, Armageddon, Click, City Of Angels, Sin City, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Face Off, The Rock, Silent Hill and many many more!
The Fast & The Furious movies
Very recently I got some movie in my favorite list.

Saw 1,2,3
Final Destination 1,2,3
Blade 1,2,3
Mr and Mrs Smith
Aeon Flux
The Grudge1,2
AmericanPie -2
AmericanPie 3 - American wedding
AmericanPie 4 - Band Camp
AmericanPie 5 - The Naked Mile
DOA : Dead or Alive
Silent Hill
The Covenant
i realy like avalon it's some kind of precursor for matrix, but realy more interessant
i like anime to, as the miyasaki anime (le voyage de chihiro, le chateeau dans le ciel,....)
Gladiator is awsome movie that i never get sick off.
Lord of the rings are also cool movies.
How High is a funny movie.
o how can i answer your question?
i love movies and there are so much~
i don't really know which is/are my favourite~
Just list some:
Interview With the Vampire
Meet Joe Black
Pirates of the Caribbean
A Very Long Engagement
The Interpretor
The Last Quarter
Queen Of The Damned
Edward Scissorhands
From Hell
Sleepy Hollow
Big Fish
Secondhand Lion
Vanilla Sky
let's see....well considering what i've seen lately
i'd say Crash-tales from La maybe....kinda makes u wonder.....really
let's say mind-bogling movie:)
X-men trilogy is next......considering i'm a marvel otaku^^
Mmm....what else can i say.....old Jackie Chan movies....those were godly.
I wouldn't miss one when they were aired on tv^^
Terms of favourite Tv show....atm i'm watching^^
American Beauty by far, Annette Bening was awesome.
I like Harry Potter movies the most.. But I also like the Thrill Action Movies..
I Like:

American Beauty,
Romper Stomper,
Fight Club,
Tenacious D The Pick of Destiny
Alpha Dog
One Eight Seven
My favorite movie of all time is Snatch. Guy Ritchie keeps the plot going so there is never a boring moment unlike most movies (even others that I enjoy a lot). I also like his previous effort Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Another one of my favorites is True Romance. If you've never heard of it, check it out. It was written by Quentin Tarantino (pre-Reservoir Dogs) and directed by Tony Scott. All-Star cast featuring Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, James Gandolfini, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman, Michael Rapaport, Bronson Pinchot (yes- Balki Bartokomous), Samuel L. Jackson (one scene- he swears alot and gets shot), and Val Kilmer.

My favorite actors are Christopher Walken and Benicio Del Toro.
Im an advid movie goer...

My favorites include The ring, The grudge and of course their original japanese counterparts.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,
Girl Interrupted,
Prozac Nation
The Craft.

I greatly enjoy Japanese Horror Movies and foreign films such as
Lady Vengance
The Maid

I love movies with a good, meaningful statement or idea. Especially those involving love or something unattainable.
Alex Is Mental
Mainly horror:

Saw series
Nightmare On Elm series
Shaun Of The Dead
Freddy Vs. Jason
Cherry Falls
I like Hostage
Lets see, favorite movies well the new Star Wars movies were great and the movie 300! was incredible. I saw like last week, it was action packed bloody war. Very good. Then other movies would be, Hostage was pretty good. But a movie i want to see is Dead Silence, it looks like a suspense horror movie, looks really good Very Happy
I love the movie Sleepy Hallow. Anything be Jonhhy Depp is hot movie
Heart Ticket
Bondings wrote:
Tell us about your favourite movie.

I love Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children because of the cool animation/graphic. I played the game i loved the story and well its been my favourite since i got it.

Here, preferred movie:

1.Pirates of the caribbean (1,2,3)
2.Harry Potter (1,2,3,4,5)
3.Star wars (1,2,3)
4.Spiderman (1,2,3)
5.Batman Begins

This is my top 5 of my favorite movies.
interview with a vampire
24 the series..all of them
roger doger
Anything from studio Ghibli (spirited away, nausicaa, howl's moving castle, porco rosso, kiki's delivery service, castle in the sky, whispers of the heart, the cat returns, princess mononoke, pom poko)

Also loved The Last Samurai, braveheart, and ALL star trek films.

comedy: the rat race was very clever, IMO. I also liked School of Rock
I have a lot of favorite movies... It's very hard to choose the best movie I've ever seen... I love Tom Hanks movies, like Cast Away, The Terminal, Forrest Gump... I've also enjoyed Meet Joe Black. I like movies that have a story to tell, that teach you something about life or about yourself. I love to watch a movie witch I find myself in, especially when this happens through an idea that not many people know about me...

I also recommend you The Prestige, great movie!
Wow, I don't know if I could pick just one as a favorite because I love to watch movies although I would have to say that some of my favorites are all the movies based on Stephan King's writings. I also really like the Blade and Matrix movies as well. Smile
starwars is cool i have watcht evrithing of it its cool
I love THE GOD FAther . nver saw a movie like that .. all three parts/ if anyone dint see it ... then damn u didnt see anything Wink

THE BRIGDE on River Kuwai is also a great movie . OLdies Very Happy
The movies I Most like are:

All Star Wars movies, The Lord of the Ring 1-3, Gladiator, Armageddon, Die Hard, Sin City, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cast Away, Forrest Gump, Robin Hood, Braveheart and a lot more Very Happy
I really liked:

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Analyze that
The Country Bears
Bruce Almighty
Children of Men
Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of The Ring
Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
The Cars
Are we there yet?

and many more but I don't remember...
Oh i love the green mile, the file is just totally cool, i like some of the harry potters watch them with my younger brothers and sisters lol, but i don't think there is a file that beats the green mile i love it although i enjoy nearly every movie out at the cinemas
Lord of the rings except its too long
Brave hearts and Gladiator, the two are very meaningful
Maybe it is "the Titanic" ,the best foreign movie in my mind.
Inspired by Homer’s ancient and epic tale The Iliad, The Troy directed by Wolfgang Petersen is one of my fav movies. Brad Pitt casts as Achilles and the action he displays is truly awesome.
TV series:
Prison Break

Deja Vu
Master Yoda
Harry Potter movies.. Very Happy
Anyone here likes them?? Confused

Lord of the Rings movies weren't bad either.. the matrix trilogy was pretty good..
I really like watching horror, thriller and even animated movies. Here's a couple of my favorites:

Panic Room
Exorcism of Emily Rose
Shrek trilogy
Lord of the Rings trilogy

There's more, I just can't remember.. Confused
I have a new fav movie, it is Koerean movie. Called Brotherhood of War

Everyone should watch it, I watched it with subtitles, but still it was a beaut movie.
my best ones are...

- 300
- eragon
- southpark
- spiderman 1 2 3
- swordfish
- fast an the furious

there my best ones but i like alot more
Titanic is my favourit movie I like it very much^^
Master Yoda wrote:
Harry Potter movies.. Very Happy
Anyone here likes them?? Confused

Lord of the Rings movies weren't bad either.. the matrix trilogy was pretty good..

100% agreed.
Matrix trilogy are classic. I think that everyone watched them.
Of course, Harry Potter series!!! I can hardly wait for the 5th movie, this summer! Near my birthday Smile
My alltime favorite movie would have to be "Color Purple". Its one of Spieldberg's best films.
- the Indiana Jones Films are at the top of my list
- of course I like "American Graffiti", but Mr. Lucas also directed my other fave's the StarWar Saga
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has to be my all time favorite. I'm not British, but that movie is hillarious. I watch it all t he time.
i love the horror movies like

saw III

the hills have eyes

the hills have eyes II
my favorite movies are Donnie Darko, and Nightmare Before Christmas
American Beauty, Closer, Requiem for a Dream, Fear and Loathing in LA, Sin City, Matrix, Cube, Usual Suspects, Apocalypse Now, Pulp Fiction, Dark City, and the list goes on and on...
my favorites are: The Game, Sixth sense, American beauty, Identity, Unbreakable, Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club ....
~ Spiderman I, II, and III
~ Pirates of the Carribean I, II, and III
~ Cast Away - By Tom Hanks
~ Toy Story I and II
~ Shrek I, II, and III
~ Pokemon Movies
~ Mr. Bean's Holiday | Mr. Bean the Movie

I really like these movies. Comedy would be my favorite theme.
Clint Eastwood movies.

Specially "The good, the bad and the ugly".

"See in this world there's two kinds of people my friend. Those with loaded guns. Those who dig. You dig!.
Hm, my favorite movies... The list of movies that i love is very long but on the top are...

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (unfortunately, this is just one movie, sepatare in three parts. Aswell the books were firstly ment as one book.)
2. The Pan's Labyrint (OMG Neutral Truly, the power of our imaginations... I watched this movie twice and i'll definitly watch it more... del Toro ruls Razz )
3. Titanik (Hm... Not 'cause Kate Winslet (she is very nice indeed Razz ), but because great photography, and perfect story.)
4. Eurotrip, Roadtrip and Boat trip (Hm... i have just one comment: LOL Very Happy )
5. Tristan + Isolde (simply love this epic, historical story... True love, true courage...)
6. Baby for million dollars (Deep movie... Great story, superb storytelling... At the end, i just stared into TV...)

Unfortunately, this is all what i can remember now... I'll update this list later...
I have a new movie to add to my favorites list which is "Voice of a Murderer" which is based on a true story. Very deep and powerful movie.
HARRY POTTER ROX MY SOX!!! LOL Incase you didn't already know, my favorite movie(s) are Harry Potter! I'm so going to IMAX on July 11!!!
My favourite movie is Battle Royale.

Almost everything in that film is perfect, from the off-kilter enthusiasm with which the girl presents the instruction video, the emotions that the respective children raise and every single scene which features Kitano.

Seriously brilliant, and the book that it's based on is even better, and just different enough to hold your interest.

The films so good that it makes the sequel look awful. And judged as a stand alone film there's technically nothing wrong with the second film. It just isn't the first by any stretch of the imagination.
The Godfather,The Godfather 2,The Godfather 3,Scary Movie,Requiem For A Dream
I like... Shrek 1, 2, and 3; Spiderman 1, 2, and 3; POC 1, 2, and 3; Pokemon Movies; Titanic; Chicken Little (And most of the Disney Movies); and much more...

My most favorite would be Mr. Bean the Movie... Smile
5th Element
Requiem For A Dream
Godfather series
Harry Potter series
Shrek series
Lord of the Rings series
Mr.Bean Movies Very Happy
Cindrella Man
hi all

my favourite movies are

1. Black Hawk Down
2. "Wir waren Brüder"
3. Titanic
4. My own videos on youtube Cool

I saw Black hawk down more than 10 times, and if i would i can see the movie other 10 times. it's very very good movie.
because it's so realistic... Cool
I'm sure you know that movie if not, then see it!!!!!!

greez lupi
i love mostly all the caper films such as oceans 11, 12, and 13, snatch, and a few others.

othes movies i like include die hard, nightmare on elm street, and hellraiser
I love horror gory movies... comedy and a lot of "romance".

So horror... hmmm, I love Saw 1, 2, and 3

Comedy, I don't really have any favorites, although I did enjoy Big Mommas House 2

and finally... romance. I love The Notebook, just like any other girl

Latest fav is Kaal. Awesome movie Razz
WOW this is so hard!!!!! Cure you for only making 1 and not a top 10. LOL

I guess Star Wars?

close contenders are:

Matrix Series
Metropolis (The rock remake of the old black and white silent movie.)
The Princess Bride
Lady Hawk
Vampire Movies
Gaaaaaaa! Too many really good ones!
My Favorite Movie is Independence Day. It is a very serious and emotional film as well. i liked the thought behind the movie and of course the title of the movie which gives it a nice thought to fight against human absolution.
I liked the president who himself goes to the sky to defeat the aliens and fight against human existence deletion.
that was the most tragic and emotional moment when the father of the children dies and earth saved.

thank you
My favorite movie is a toss up between Young Frankenstien and Blazing Saddles. Then there's stuff like the Shrek movies, The Princess Bride, Rocky Horrow Picture Show, Dogma, all the other Mel Brooks movies, a lot of stuff by Tim Burton (mainly Beetlejuice) and the Pirates of the Carribean movies.
I just watched a movie the other day, and really, it takes the cake of my list of favorite movies.
The Last Mimsy, is the movie and unless you saw the preview you don't know what you are missing!!
Gah, classic LOTR and Titanic Razz
I have ALOT of favorite movies but I think I could narrow it down to Selena, Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2, Harry Potter and Norbit
I like science fiction, cartoon, action and love movies. Those below are my favourite:

-- Back to the future
-- Sherk
-- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
-- Titannic
My favourite is Matrix. It owns! I watched it hundreds of times. I like also V for Vendetta made by Wachowski brothers too, it's very good.
Pirates of the Caribbean is very good, especially the music. Very Happy
Shawshank REdemption
Spiderman 1 2 and 3
Well Transformers has become my new favorite movie.
The Shawshank Redemption - beautiful film about hope and friendship, and how it triumphs over adversity. The only film I have ever cried tears of joy over. Nothing short of majestic.
Perhaps the best screenplay of all time, with fabulous one liners and dialogue. I may not be quoting perfectly, but as examples, based on my recollection: Prince John moans — “Poor Prince John. If I were on fire, not a man in the kingdom would piss on me to put out the flames” and his brother chimes in quickly “I would.” Katherine Hepburn as the Queen plotting a coup says to her estranged husband — “Did you ever love me?” and when he says “No. Never”, her response is “Good, that will make this easier.” Katherine Hepburn describing the woman who stole her king — “She had perfectly even teeth. She smiled to excess, but she chewed with rare distinction.”
I second The Shawshank Redemption. I had to watch it for a class and it was unbelievably good.
I Like Titanic
judgehawk wrote:
The Shawshank Redemption - beautiful film about hope and friendship, and how it triumphs over adversity. The only film I have ever cried tears of joy over. Nothing short of majestic.

I like Shawshank Redemption too.... A classical movie with some great acting !!! Hats off to Shawshank Redemption movie crew
Mine would problably be the 6 Star Wars movies, and I also liked Top Gun, Armageddon and Gladiator. But there are many more great games.
Forest Gump is another classical movie featuring TOM HANKS........

His great acting with good direction and a calculated screen play has made this film to be an All time good film to watch.

This film speaks about - LOVE - LIFE - FRIENDSHIP - SACRIFICE and Finally Innocence
Mine would have to be Talledega Nights. I dont even know why. It just popped into my head, the sweet melody of "Shake and Bake" still rings in my ears Cool
Hmm, I'm not really sure!! way too many!

I really really love the movie Fear Dot Com.. no idea why, I've seen it a million times and I still love it! It's a scary movie about a weird guy that meets girls and asks them to model for him, they go to the place, and he basically tortures them. But the twist is like this website where people can actually WATCH him torture them and its, I've tried going on the site... not really real lol obviously! Anyway what do you think about that sort of website... crazy to think if there was actually one... I wonder if people would really be into it? It's just curiosity that kills the cat!!

Anyway, I love any Halloween movie (with Micheal Myers) that I see or any other scary movies!
hi all
1.Saving Private Rryan
2.The Thin Red Line
3.Good morning vietnam!
Out of the new movies, these are my favorites:
Die Hard 4.0 (Live free or Die Hard)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I haven't seen some new movies for quite some time ut here's my list:

- American beauty -great acting
- Munich - Great art direction and photography
- everything of Stanley Kubrick
- Lost in Translation - the speed, the script

Ow and usually i am not a big Quentin Tarintino fan, but Death proof was pretty cool!
Blast From The Past, probably. I only watched it once, but it was awesome.
I think The lord of the rings Trilogy was awsome, along with The Original Star Wars trilogy. The Back to the Future trilogy is my favorite tho.
All about Lily Chou Chou (aka. Riri Shushu no subete)
My favourite movies are:
    Rolling Eyes Beverly Hills Cops
    Rolling Eyes Star Wars
    Rolling Eyes Superman
    Rolling Eyes Serenity
    Rolling Eyes Sissy
    Rolling Eyes The Sound of Music
    Rolling Eyes Lethal Weapon
    Rolling Eyes GodFather
    Rolling Eyes For Richer or Poorer
    Rolling Eyes Family Man

And many others. These I recommend.
My favorite is STOMP YARD. Then of course Save the Last Dance.
Thats difficult. Probably a musical.
Films are harder that music...
American graffitti.
The hidden.
Smokey n the bandit ? - Jerry reed as a trucker is good enough :=)
Morgan spurlock - supersize me.
Michael moore - bowling for columbine.
All of the American Pies
Bourne Triology
Urban Justice
The Shawshank Redemption.

The absolute greatest movie ever made.
My Girlfriend is a Gangster.
ITs really awesome. funny and action.
Matrix Trilogy is best
Harry Potter Series!
Titanic, although I really enjoy Zoolander Smile
My Favourite Movie is "Lion of the Desert" (1981)
1. Pulp Fiction
2. The Shawshank Redemption
3. The Pianist
4. The Green Mile
5. Die Hard (A dark horse, hehe)

Its a bit muddy after that because theres so many awesome films Wink
For those who like Shawshank Redemption, you should definitely check out The Green Mile. You have already though of course. Very Happy
I like

Star Wars movies
The Lord of the Rings
some Korean movies (love, comedy type)
Death Note and its sequel the Last Name
Shawshank Redemption
Donnie Darko

and many many more
I just saw The Mist recently, def a great movie to see and was actually pretty well done.

I really love the movie call [color=brown]LOVE ACTUALLY[/color]
It;s really nice movie here is the instruction:

The characters are falling in love, falling out of love, some are with right people, some are with the wrong people, some are looking to have an affair, some are in the period of mourning; a capsule summary of reality. Love begins and love ends. They flirt a lot. They are all flirting with love. At all ages and social levels, love is the theme. Romantic love and brotherly love is the hotchpotch through out the movie. Most of the movie is filmed in London, during Christmas and the characters all ended up at Heathrow airport a very uplifting note.
Best movie ever = The Godfather

Favourite movie ever = Top Gun !!! Very Happy
...and Anchorman may be the funniest film ever made!
The day after tomorrow, A great movie with great actors Smile, im very intressed in science and nature so it is not so odd Smile

My favorite scen in this movie is when they say The whole damn shelf is breaking .... hehe
Die Hard with a Vengeance
after i've watched it last nite, this is my fav movie : enchanted
One of my favourite movies is Star Wars, but i like many other movies.
Also another good movie is Scary Movie!
Can I pick more than one? seriously, is a very difficult question

my faves (not in order):

The Hours
Moulin Rouge
Million Dollar Baby
The Pursuit of Hapynness
The Left Behind serie
all grace kelly movies (specially High Society)
all Audrey Hepburn Movies (specially Roman Holiday and breakfast at tiffany's)
gone with the wind
being julia

and many others i just can remember all

i'm quite addicted on movies
Saving Private Ryan
HRardcore and Transformers
MsRedImp wrote:
The Shawshank Redemption.

The absolute greatest movie ever made.

I have to agree with you on that. The best movie ever made. (so far)
I like
101 dalmatians
102 dalmatians
Die hard series
Bourne Identity
Bourne supremacy
Bourne ultimatum
oceans thirteen
friday freak
usual suspects- incredible movie i've ever seen
Lord Of The Rings- my film:)
the best movie ever made from my perspective is the Matrix series with loads of multi layered meanings...
How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?
so in my opinion the best film is...
"fight club" Smile

The green mile, wonderful movie
Well ...the Matrix series is till now my most fav movie as i am great fan of sci-fi movies
this is my favorites movies:

** The Matrix
** Butterfly effect
** 9 Reinas
** Green Mile
** La vie est belle
** The Prestige
** EuroTrip
** American Pie (all)
** The Terminal
Gremlins is mine. I watched it 14 times when it came out. It was Yummy Yummy. Near contenders would have to be films like Lord Of The Rings, Terminator, and Philidelphia Experiment.
My favorite movie is The Usual Suspects. I really enjoy movies with complicated plots. The plot in The Usual Suspects is wonderfully twisted, but you can enjoy the movie even if you can't figure out what is going on. In which case, you simply must watch it again.
My favourite movie is Ginger Snaps Very Happy The theme is so strong and it's really well done. Not like the blood blood blood horror movies of today.
for today, "speed".
Empire Strikes Back

Oh how the prequels make me cry, a lot!!
Well, "The Dead Poets Society" for sure!
I also love "Donnie Darko", "The Green Mile" and "Pulp Fiction".
Action Movie: Equilibrium
I just loved the way the fight was play out. Sword playing.. My favorite was using "Gun Martial-arts" Killing 8 ppl in an instant.

Disgusting/Horror Movie : Hostel 1 & 2
If u are looking for disgusting movie, hostel might be a good one..
I like avp series very much.generally I watch fantasy movies regularly.Recent movie I liked was the transformers.Its way too kewl.I am waiting for the sequel of the transformers movie. Shocked
Gladiator: Because i like the wars and fights in it. But it's too a cool story. But i can't choose between Galdiator and the lord of the rings 3 movie. They are both very good. But i choose gladiator above the lotr movie. Here you got my vote: The Galdiator!
My all time favorite is Shawshank Redemption.

Other honorable mentions are:

- Forrest Gump
- Jerry Maguire
- Pulp Fiction
- Hero (Jet Li)
- The Matrix (first one only, i didn't like the 2nd and the 3rd)
- Alien and Aliens (Alien 2)
- Lord of the Rings Trilogy
- Kung Fu Hustle (Stephen Chow)
- Braveheart
- Gladiator
- American Beauty
V009 wrote:
The green mile, wonderful movie

Very very nice movie, not my favourite but definetly in my top10 because everything was good in this movie !
Saving Private Ryan... Best War Movie Ever!
The best sports movie ever is Benchwarmers... lol.
The best Star Wars movie (category in itself) is Episode V (I am your father!)
The best thing that makes fun of a movie has got to be Robot Chicken's Star Wars Special!
And the greatest movie period is.....

Star Wars Episode III!
Why seperate from best Star Wars movie?

Well it wouldn't be fair to the other nominees if SWEIII won both, now would it?
Just kidding. LOL
My top movie is "Independence Day" Will Smith is great Cool
I love Edward Scissorhands. Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Danny Elfman are an awesome combination. It's classic.
The condor of heroes '95. This series film is the best, both of the actor and actress are really good.
Koo Tin Lok - Louis Koo and Carman Lee forever.
I'm adding to my favorite movies list the latest movie I've seen: The Water Horse. Smile
Aliens 2, and stargate are pretty awesome.
My favourite movies till today are "La vie est belle" with Roberto Benigni, Gladiator, Forrest Gump, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Transamerica, Harry Potter series, Shrek 1 and 2, and many others, which I can't remember just now. I'll add later.. Smile
City of God
The Seven Samurai

All these are foreign films and they each take unique looks on life. City of God takes a somewhat ponderous and ominous approach on the idea that the next generation does indeed surpass the previous generation, whether in god or bad. The Seven Samurai takes a look at how people and what they have to do to break out of what the currently have to get something better; you have to give something to get something. Ikiru takes a look back at one's life and look at the successes, failures, and trivialities.
Indiana Jones all the three.
Pirates of Caribbean.
Matrix Trilogy.
Gladiator was great.. The sets the acting everything was done very well
I have a few. I love Bruce Willis in all of his Die Hard movies, except perhpas Die Hard 4.0, but that was also OK. Crazy about "Day of the Jackal". John Travolta seems to be in only good movies, I specifically liked the "General's Daughter", the music in it was to die for. Loved Tom Sellecks "Jesse Stone" movies (based on Robert Parker novels which I enjoyed very much as well) - one called "Stone Cold", cannot remember the name of the other movie, but hope they will continue. Also crazy about Denzel Washington specifically in the Pelican Brief, Crimson Tide with Gene Hackman, the Bone Collector with Angelina Jolie, Malcolm X. I like Harrison Ford in his older movies such as "Patriot Games", also the earlier Indiana Jones movies. Victor Victoria, a classic movie with Robert Preston, James Garner and Julie Andrews is still a favourite as well. Also "Scarlet and the Black" with Gregory Peck and Christopher Plummer. The music in the latter also wowed me. Quite recently I enjoyed Clive Owen in "Shoot'em up" Totally different kind of movie with two actors I very much admire - Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci.
Well, Gladiator was the first film which I've seen on my DVD player, so... may it be Gladiator. But it was really great, really.
If you want a good belly laugh, try "Love Honour and obey", greatest comedy of all time. A close 2nd comes "Death at a Funeral" released last year, another great brit comedy.
My favorite movie is Bad Boys I/II. Best Will Smith's film till today! Cool
The Prestige ... Have anyone of you here seen the movie.. Its a really good movie.. The story is amazing and the direction and acting just compliments the great script...
My favourite movies are

- American Pie (1,2)
- Home alone
- Mr. Bean Razz
- Gone with the wind
- Tom Cat
- The independent day
- Titanic

and a lot more... Very Happy
have so many favorite movies, i watch all new movies as much as i can... *ADDICT VIEWER*... Wink .. some of my faves are:

- Eurotrip (funny and sexy)
- American Pie (1,2 and the Wedding)
- 50 first dates (Adam Sander and Drew Barrymore)
- Matrix Series
- Starwars (since the first episode!)
- Hot Chick(fun!)
- Cast Away (Tom Hanks, viewed 9 times..)
- Spiderman 1 and 2
- A Beautiful Mind (Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly.. i just love the way Prof. Nash delivered his speech in acceptance of his Noble Piece Prize Award)

- the ever classic Gone with the Wind (viewed sooo many times) Exclamation
This is rough. There are way too many to be sure I haven't missed any Razz

But here's an attempt:
Pan's Labyrinth,
Hot Fuzz,
Shaun of the Dead,
The Prestige,
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,
Good Will Hunting,
Little Miss Sunshine,
Clerks 2,
The Godfather,
Lion King,
Reservoir Dogs,
Donnie Darko,
American History X,
A Clockwork Orange,
The Usual Suspects,
American Beauty,
Pulp Fiction,
Iron Man

Whew, Razz
I love many movies.

Indiana Jones
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Speed Racer
Iron Man
TITANIC- my all-time favorite
Charlies Angels
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Bee Movie
I Am Legend
The Bucketlist
Anger Management
Fantastic 4
Finding Nemo
Parent's Trap

hmm theres a lot of good movies out there, the best always depends on my mood Wink
at the moment though its on eof the following:

-the invisible
-the illusionist
-the butterfly effect
-the happening

lol all start with "the" Razz

other movies i love:
-hot fuzz
-shaun of the dead
-american gangster
-all the american pies
-bad boys
-monty python ( all of em Wink )
-die hard movies
My favorite movie is "Por siempre cenicienta"

My favorite? That's hard.

It'd have to be Gladiator or The Night of the Comet.

The former is amazing, but everytime I watch it it makes me cry. Crying or Very sad The latter is this '80s movie spoof thing that is REALLY funny.
I have to add Atonement to my favorite movies. The movie touched me deeply.
This is definitely one of the most evolving answers as each year there are movies added to the list. Overall my favorite is probably going to be Shawshank Redemption. "SALVATION LIES WITHIN" You can not be any more correct Warden.

Here are my Top 5

Get Smart
What Dreams May Come
I have so many but my all time favorite would have to be "Pretty Woman." I am a huge Julia Roberts fan.
1st place-The Shawshank Redemption

I've talked about this movie for years, recommending it to all. A perfect story of friendship during times where the human spirit is tested to breaking point. It gives me the best feeling when the final 10 minutes roll in, the same feeling as when i watched it for the 1st time about 10 years ago. I've never seen another movie that can offer that.

2nd place-Reservoir Dogs

I'm movie fanatic and as far as sharp, witty, intense films with 'as little fat on' as possible it would have to be Reservoir Dogs.
my favorite movie is the notebook
Quite a few, I would say...........can't point out a single one.

Saving Private Ryan
The Pursuit of Happiness (Will Smith's best show of acting skill, I would say)
Cast Away
Star Wars
either shawn of the dead or super troopers. (maybe even superbad)
The first movie that was my favorite is Edward Scissorhands. Who can't love this movie? Tim Burton is wonderful in his writing and direction. This movie was a great story that didn't just tell the whole "love story" thing. I liked Depp's acting in the movie as well. He was classic...and it was a turning-point role for him.

The second movie that was my favorite is Legend with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry. This is a movie that is just...weird, but at the same time very good. It will always remain to be at the top of my list as one of those wonderful classics. Tim Curry's rendition of the "Lord of Darkness" was absolutely stunning and I love it to this day.

My third favorite movie is Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Awnold was classic...I think this is the best role he has every played in any movie. It is a great tale of the "Humans vs. Machines". It brought a lot of interesting ideas and viewpoints to the screen. Everyone KNOWS they love the way the liquid terminator runs...

My fourth favorite movie is The Matrix Trilogy. I absolutely love this movie and will always. I'm not too much of a fan of Keanu Reeve's acting, but he wasn't too shabby in this movie. The role fit him well - stiff, confused, stiff...heh. I liked The Oracle, Merovingian, Architect, of course Morpheus, and who can forget the kid saying, "There is no spoon..." This movie remains at the top of my list as the number one philosophical, and in-depth movie.

I have other movies that come close to being my favorite like: Secret Window, Manchurian Candidate (2004), Man on Fire, Fallen, Phonebooth, LOTR, Star Wars, on and so on it goes :p...
Bondings wrote:
Tell us about your favourite movie.

My favourite movie is Forrest Gump.

It is a wonderful mixture of drama,cgi,and action.

This is for those without any idea what movie is this - The film begins with a feather falling to the feet of Forrest Gump who is sitting at a bus stop in Savannah, Georgia. Forrest picks up the feather and puts it in the book Curious George, then tells the story of his life to a woman seated next to him. The listeners at the bus stop change regularly throughout his narration, each showing a different attitude ranging from disbelief and indifference to rapt veneration.

Forrest Gump is a simple man with little brain activity but good intentions. He struggles through childhood with his best and only friend Jenny. His 'mama' teaches him the ways of life and leaves him to choose his destiny. Forrest joins the army for service in Vietnam, finding new friends called Dan and Bubba, he wins medals, starts a table tennis craze, creates a famous shrimp fishing fleet, inspires people to jog, create the smiley, write bumper stickers and songs, donating to people and meeting the president several times. However this is all irrelevant to Forrest who can only think of his childhood sweetheart Jenny. Who has messed up her life. Although in the end all he wants to prove is that anyone can love anyone...Wink

10.5 out of 10....A movie I will recommend to anyone all the time......
My best movies are
1) Lagaan
2) The Mummy
3) MI
4) Titanic
5) paprika
That would definitely be 'Instinct' (1999) with Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jr.
11:14, American History X, American Psycho, A Clockwork Orange, A Simple Plan, Beerfest, BRICK, Blood Simple, Boondock Saints, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Conversations With Other Women, Dolores Claiborne, Dos Tipos Duros, Frances, Halflight, Heat, Hotel Rwanda, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, !gby goes down, Girl Interrupted, Les Miserables, Matilda, Midnight Cowboy, Pan's Labyrinth, Pulp Fiction, Raging Bull, Requiem for A Dream, The Big Lewboski, The Bonfire of the Vanities, The Graduate, The Hunting Party The Italian, The Kingdom, The Rainmaker, The River King, The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Virgin Suicides, Trainspotting, Waking the Dead, White Oleander, and best for last: FIGHT CLUB!!!! (I watch a movie every single night never miss a day)
Fight Club
The Godfather
My favorite is Step Up and Afblijven.
Road House
with Patrick Swayze Cool
Somewhere in time!!
Shawsunk Redumption.. this is an awsome movie and i feel this should be the world's best movie. This movie is in the first place in IMDB rating...

Those of you who haven't seen this movie.. try to watch it today...
Forrest Gump
Black Hawk Down
The Village
Schindlers LIst
Green Mile
Usual Suspects
Lucky Number Slevin
Im a huge fan of fantasy and sci fi movies, but i could watch just about anything. When asked what is my fav, well its hard to choose, although the following come to mind:

Conan 1 & 2 - 1 was better tho.
All rambos, favs where the 1st and last.
Aliens, the second was my fav.
Terminator 1, 2 & 3
The running man - yeah im a bit of an arny fan, mostly his earlier stuff.
Back to the future 1, 2 & 3. The 1st and last are the best.

And for some reason, iv always loved the Evil Dead 1, 2 & 3. lol Razz
anyone really care what anothers movie taste is? well here goes anyway, and TITANIC is certainly not in there (POS)
Oldboy - Twisted revenge story by South Korean Director Park Chan-Wook. Ace.
MATRIX all the way ...

I just love it and fallen love at the first site.

Just can't get it outta my mind Smile Really love it
actually wanted Cool
The Departed. FANTASTIC movie, can't get enough of it. (Seeing sexy men Matt Damon & Leo DiCaprio was a nice bonus.)
I'm also a sucker for musicals - I love Dreamgirls, Hairspray (I actually cried watching this one!), Grease, Saturday Night Fever... and the list goes on.
Speaking of musicals, I also love everything classic Disney and its soundtracks. So dreamy! Anastasia, Beauty and The Beast & The Little Mermaid are my favourites. But Sleeping Beauty was pretty boring. And I love every single superhero movie too.
Then there's Catch Me If You Can, Titanic, Princess Diaries 2 (the first wasn't that good), Clueless, Legally Blonde and The Beautician and The Beast. =D
i dont know but I really love 50 first dates. I know its so cheesy or corny because its love story but i always feel good whenever I watch it. hehe Very Happy
Shawshank Redemption has to be my favorite movie. Though 300, the dark knight, forest gump, the great debators are not far behind.
My fauvorite is The Godfather! It's a matser piece! But other films like scare face make great impression on a potencial viewer.
Yeah, ScarFace and The GodFather are awesome. Very Happy

But, For me, My favorite movies would be... Scary Movie 2, 3, and 4 1, not so much.

Aww Scary Movie, those were the good times.. 8\ Now Epic Movie, And the Disaaster Movies ones, those are like rip off's, Well Ecip movie is...

Anyways, The new ones are just like, no originality in them 8\
The Showshenk Redemption
I have lots of different movies tht i love. i couldnt pick one to be my favorite.

the most recent movie i saw was role models... ♥♥♥
sum movies i love are....
((the romantic ones))
-A Walk to Remember
-The Notebook

((the funny ones))
-Jackass (1,2...2.5 isnt tht good))
-Idle Hands!!
-Role Models

--i like lots more but, those are my top ones...i dont like scary ones. they bore me!!!
Prison break,,,,,James Bond.............
Night at the museum

Meet Dave

Scary Movie

Tropic Thunder

Very Happy i love COMEDY
Hmm, its hard to say just one favorite movie, hell its hard to say 10 but ill just make 10 of my top 10 in no particular order.

The Green Mile
Cast Away
The Man Who Sued God
Matrix Series
LOTR Series
Night At The Museum
X-Men Series
The Notebook
dark knight
ps i love you
god father 2
cradle of fear
the grim reaper
I have a short list of absolute favorites, but which is my favorite exactly changes depending on my mood. Right now, random choice though it might be, its a 2003 movie called Down With Love with Ewan McGregor, Renée Zellweger, and David Hyde-Pierce.
Resident Evil. Very Happy
i just love to watch comedy and romantic and also fantasy movies..

all the Harry Potter movies, Narnia movies, are some of my favorites.
No country of old men
All the King’s Men
Around the World in 80 Days
American Beauty
The Greatest Show on Earth
It Happened One Night
The Lost Weekend
The Godfather Part I & II
try see one of them, you will like
My favorite movie is Dil chata hai because this movie is extreme good directed
One of my favorite movies ever was Donnie Darko. It was really well done, and I really liked the fact that there was no way you could get it completely after only watching once. You needed to see it at least twice and THEN go online and check out all the websites and blogs and things devoted to it in order to fully grasp what they were trying to say. Plus, Jake Gyllenhaal's acting was phenomenal. He made his character really unique and interesting.
I think my favourite movie is "Hitman" ; b'coz the acting was real good &just reminded me of the game. The director has shown the assassination Twisted Evil in a very Realistic way & base of the story was excellent. I think every action lover should watch the movie once... Wink
The Dark Knight
It 's my favourite movie now
I love this movie so much Wink
I really have clue i like so much. If i had to choose, i'd say The Dark Knight, only one i REALLY liked recently.
some good movies but no real brilliant or cults.

300 American Psycho
Snatch Remember The Titans
Lock Stock Primal Fear
Rock N Rolla Gladiator
Hannibal series Pulp Fiction
Saw series Citezen Kane
American History X
Once were warriors
The green mile
Fight club
Gone in 60 seconds
Transporter series
Training Day
John Q

BAH The list goes on and on
After having seen the midnight showing in my town, and having mulled over in my mind what I thought about the film, I have this to say one simple statement. I liked it.

Yes, many purist fans will shirk at the lack of depth in some of the new characters introduced; however, all in all the film did what so many films fail to do these days, entertain throughout.

Just to give a little initial background plot, as you probably know by now a lot of the focus is on Jean and the Phoenix. Well, actually a ton of the movie focuses on this, and not giving anything away, but basically all the climactic events deal with Jean/The Phoenix. Intriguingly enough though, she's given a very small role at least as far as speaking goes.

Instead, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Storm (Halle Berry) take the lead roles, as they advance their characters slightly in depth, but heavily in status. Don't worry though if if you want and expected fresh faces, because the filmmakers also leave plenty of time for looking at, but not learning about, the newcomers. Also to mention, the youngest X-Men Rogue, Bobby (Iceman), and Kitty have somewhat of a sub-plot love triangle.

Back to the plot though, because all those characters center on the story that a supposed-cure has been released for mutant hood. This is obviously a very divisive issue, as it widens Magneto and Xavier separation even more, while threatening the already fragile make-up of the X-men themselves.

As I mentioned, the movie did have some flaws, as it seemed to want to provide too much in too short a time, while having to glaze over any kind of legitimate character development, (except for some for the Phoenix). Still, if you were a fan of the old ones, or just like good, entertaining superhero-type films, then you're sure to like X3.
fight club
pulp fiction
silence of the lamb
dark knight
cast away
forest gump
there is somethign about merry
pretty woman
mission impossioble
My favorite movie of all time was Toy Solders! That movie rocks!
I really like comedy movies, and Airplane! is one of my favorites. It's a classic, and I highly suggest anyone who hasn't watched it yet who loves comedies to look it up. Full of ridiculous puns and parodies. Might be a bit too old fashioned for some people though.

I also like the Shawshank Redemption and The Matrix. I don't watch action movies that much, but I thought the original Matrix was amazing. I don't particularly care for its sequels though. The Shawshank Redemption was just a great story with deep characters.
i do like action films, suspense and sometimes fairy tales Smile and one thing that i really love the movie is the taken...too fast and short but its really nice...
my favorites are
1. The lord of the ring
2. Resident Evil
3. Harry Potter
MiCKi wrote:
my favorites are
1. The lord of the ring
2. Resident Evil
3. Harry Potter

nice serie's

for me is number 1 and 2 oke.. but harry potter.. after the 2 movies it went downhill.

you've forgot the bourne and transposters, matrix series:D
There are lots of my favourate movies.Such as Reader,SAW,13B,LORD OF THE RING,HANKOCK,THE IRON MAN,DEATH RACE,ETC.
i have HEAPS of favourite movies but one came to mind when it aired on tv again. Pirates of the Caribbean! I love all 3 movies. They are the best...among others. It's better than harry potter man. Very Happy

Harry potter was good at first but now its getting a bit old.
My favourite movies are The Matrix 1 2 and 3
watched them several times
I don't think I could pick one single favourite. Top five are:
1. Edward Scissorhands
2. Labyrinth
3. Brazil
4. Lilies
5. Mala educacion

Then after that:
6. El orfanato
7. Brokeback Mountain
8. Plata quemada
9. Amadeus
10. The Nightmare Before Christmas
One of my favorite movies is Roman Holiday. Its from 1953 and stars Audrey Hepburn. Smile
i like the reng 1,2,3
Harry Potter Absolutely.... At All Cost Razz
The rock ...
My favourite movie of all time would be Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and it was just a great kids comedy for its time, and who doesn't want to be a ompa lompa, seriously the green hair and the orange face, that was classic.
My favorite movie is Terminator 1
My favourites:

- The Matrix
- Star wars (The Phantom menace is my favo, but they all score very high)
- Transformers
- Signs
- Harry Potter series

My favorite movie that I've watched recently is Hot Fuzz.
I am expecting FIFA as my own best sproting game in 2009.
sorry for posting off point what i meant to say was Kung fu Panda, and Forbiden Kingdom
Classic: Clash of the Titans xd

Dark Knight
Terminator saga

Very Happy
i love the fast and furious series
but the 4th one was a bit awkward
i think its second part is the best "2 fast 2 furious"
The Lord of the Rings Series.
801th post wee.

Right now, I like Hot Fuzz and Moulin Rouge. They're such great movies.
Favorite childhood movie however is Aladdin. I never get tired of that.
My favourite movie is Titanic. Because, The movie is very romantic.
Mine is

Citizen Kane (1941)
Genres: Classics and Drama
Starring: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Dorothy Comingore, Everett Sloane, Ruth Warrick (II)
Pretty Woman (1990)
Genres: Comedy and Romance
Starring: Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Ralph Bellamy, Jason Alexander, Laura San Giacomo
Titanic (1997)
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama and Romance
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
Genres: Action/Adventure, Art/Foreign, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Adaptation
Starring: Chow Yun-Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Ziyi Zhang, Chang Chen, Lung Sihung (II)
August Rush (2007)
Genres: Comedy, Drama and Musical/Performing Arts
Starring: Freddie Highmore, Robin Williams, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Terrence Howard
NghiaSuper wrote:
Titanic is my favourit movie. ^_^. How about you? Do you like Titanic?

I love Titanic, I cried.
The Notebook
The Dark Knight
Garden State
Finding Nemo. Very Happy

just a few that pop to mind first.
Titanic. Very Happy Very Happy
My favorite movies was Saving Private Ryan and because of Tom Hank. Sadly, his recent film was not good enough for his talented.
i guess i like any movie as long as it isn't too long (excluding lord of the rings), too boring (Romeo & Juliet etc.), or too old. Gorey films like Cube and SAW are ok too. But i guess my favourite genre of films would be comedy for example Superbad and the Harold & Kumar movies.
last time was StarDust but guess now it should be Hannah Montana, whoa..the songs are really awesome although the story plot is quite straightforward but the movie hits the climax at the end with the song "The Climb" Smile love the song a lot..can't remember the country dance song but pretty a catchy tune to dance to..there other songs that are nice to listen to ^^
This is my list from ages ago.. recommend all of it!!

some of them are even good old classics too!

1. Dead Man Walking
2. Ordinary People
3. Breaking Away
4. Hud
5. The Last Picture Show
6. Dr. Zhivago
7. From Here to Eternity
8. Diner
9. Enemy at the Gates
10. The Asphalt Jungle
11. Sting
12. Jaws
13. The Bridges at Toko Ri
14. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
15. The Shootist
16. The Lion in Winter
17. The Silence of the Lambs
18. The Old Gringo
19. The Treasure of Sierra Madre
20. Everybody's All-America
21. Places in the Heart
22. On the Beach
23. High Noon
24. The Maltese Falcon
25. To Kill a Mockingbird
26. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
27. Casablanca
28. Chariots of Fire
29. Alien
30. Death of a Salesman
31. Road to Perdition
32. Cold Mountain
33. Picnic
34. A Streetcar Named Desire
35. Fargo
36. The Postman Always Rings Twice (first version)
37. Of Mice and Men
38. The Prince of Tides
39. In Cold Blood
40. Sophies' Choice
41. Chicago
41. A Beautifull Mind
42. Mulholland Drive
43. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
44. Friday Night Lights
Right now, I would say Transformer Revenge of the Fallen. Awesome sequel......

Watch it NOW
One of my favourite is The Doors by Oliver Stone! Val Kilmer is great.

Oliver Stone's homage to 60's rock group The Doors also doubles as a biography of the group's late singer, the "Electric Poet" Jim Morrison. The movie follows Morrison from his days as a film student in Los Angeles to his death in Paris in 1971, at the age of 27. The movies features a tour- de-force performance by Val Kilmer, who not only looks like Jim Morrison's long-lost twin brother, but also sounds so much like him that he did much of his own singing. It has been written that even the surviving Doors had trouble distinguishing Kilmer's vocals from Morrison's originals.
"Titanic" is a movie, what everyone must watch in his/her lifetime. But all "Resident Evil" movies are good, too.
have you guys watched land of the lost. its hilarious.
my fav movie would have to be happy gilmore
Saving Private Ryan is probably my top favorite right now. I do love the old James Bond, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, and Terminator movies. I'm also fond of Muppets, as I watched a lot of The Muppet Show and their movies as a kid.
My fav movie is White Chicks, I still laugh just thinking about it.
clydejaw wrote:
This is my list from ages ago.. recommend all of it!!
some of them are even good old classics too!
1. Dead Man Walking
30. Death of a Salesman
31. Road to Perdition
41. A Beautifull Mind
44. Friday Night Lights

isn't the list rather long for a favourite? or is it really hard to finalise
Eurotrip Very Happy
My fav movie is the hangover cause its so funny and random.
I is very difficult to choode only one film.
But if I have to choose I think about : Back To the Future 1. The actors are excellent and the music amazing.
Go Johnny go, go Johnny be good.
The Lke House
My favorite film is Fast and furious 1

I also like the other film of this series in that orer :

Fnf 1
Fnf 4
Fnf 2
Fnf 3
The Godfather I & II without discussion
my favorite movie has to be a tie between Braveheart and The Dark Knight, both equally good and hard to beat.
The last king of scotland is excellent.
That's a hard one. One of my Favourites is American Pyscho.

Warning: Don't watch American Psycho 2. It is really bad.
Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Die Hard (all four), 16 blocks, Iron Man. All great movies. There's more on my list, but it'd take way too long to post them all Razz
My favourite movie is slumdog Millionaire.
Favorite movie?I loved the movie of Adam Sandler, Fifty first dates, Click, and Happy Gilmore.

All his movies show wholesome stuffs and has very touching storyline. I also loved the way he stirs emotions from funny part to a very serious drama part.
till now TOY STORY,the Dark Knight,Finding nemo are great
I'm just watching Star Wars - Episode IV ...
It was The Departed up until a few days ago.. that's when I watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and that is now my favorite movie of all time. Ennio Morrichone's score is just amazing; words cannot describe how amazing his score was in that movie.
My favourite movie is Ice Age 3 and Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen. The Harry Potter Series is also ok.... but not at the top of my favourites list.
I like The Godfather movie, Indiana Jones, Pearl Harbour and all Jackie Chan movies.
I'm hopelessly outdated, I know. But from 1946...

It's a Wonderful Life!
a movie which can be interesting as well as boring.
it is a three and a half hour movie.
a person tries to find a girl within 10 days of time.
in order to do so,he tries to find girl of different sun signs and finds problem in every case.
later on,finally he decides to marry a girl.this girl could be among the 12 that he saw or somebody else.see this movie and get full entertainment as Priyanka has really done a nice job.
Huh..favourite movie..kinda hard to say becouse if i see new good one it can be my new favourite but right now it is Babylon AD.
Home Alone series, Star Wars series, Harry Potter series and LOTR series.
I just recently watched Black Hawk Down again. I really do love that movie. Don't know if it's one of my favorites, but I just think it was well done.
since the new astro boy is coming to theater, everybody will like it. I even like the trailer. It is so cool, the graphics/animation.
nigam wrote:
since the new astro boy is coming to theater, everybody will like it. I even like the trailer. It is so cool, the graphics/animation.

I saw the trailer. For some reason, I hate it. I think it would be better if the Japanese made it.
My favourite movie is definitely the simpsons movie

I'm not sure what about it makes me like it so much, the clever plot, the flawless animation style, the jokes and humour.

A masterpiece of a movie
I loved Braveheart with Mel Gibson, it's my favorite before Matrix came out.. still one of my fav's of all time! The storyline may not be original, but how many movies are there that don't borrow some things from other movies?
I tie between Dr. Strangelove and Citizen Kane, methinks.
Can't remember if I added my bit to this thread.

My favourite movie overall I think is Shawshank Redemption. Although there are other films in other genres I love as well, but overall, this is my favourite film. Great story and well acted throughout.
Favorite at the moment is District 9.

Really well done, can't wait for the sequel, have seen it several times.
I guess it is actually 2.

Favourite is The Shawshank Redemption.

Other favourite is The Blues Brothers.

Lord of the Rings trilogy is right up there too.
My favorites are Chicago, Moulin Rouge, The Phantom of the Opera, Nightmare on Elm Street
The Big Lebowski.

Subject to change according to mood and whim.
my favourite movie is The Legend of the seeker. i,ve watched it for 9 times.
someone wrote:
Harry Potter Laughing Laughing

same to me
I quite like Transformers 1 and 2 even though some people seem to hate it.
Hmm, I couldn't pinpoint it, but I'll name my top five in no particular order.
    A Clockwork Orange
    Apocalypse Now
    Doctor Zhivago
    Goodbye Lenin
    Pulp Fiction
Here are some of my favourites

Kill Bill, LOTR, Fight Club, Matrix, 50 First Dates, As Good As It Gets, Goonies, Fast And The Furious, Scarface, The Ammityville Horror, King Kong, The Ring, Coming To America, Armageddon, City Of Angels, Sin City, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Face Off, The Rock, Silent Hill
Here are some of my all time favourites:
Vertigo (1958), A Clockwork Orange (1971), Memento (2001), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), V for Vendetta (2005)

Bu generally I like most of what the directors of the above movies have done.
A few of my favorites:

The Aviator (2004), dir. Martin Scorsese
Jurassic Park (1993), dir. Steven Spielberg
Pan's Labyrinth (2006), dir. Guillermo del Toro
Paris Je T'aime (2006), dir. various
Children of Men (2006), dir. Alfonso Cuaron

Great storytelling and gorgeous cinematography work on all these films.
Two of my favorite movies were:
Hackers (1995)
Avatar (2009)
2012 (2009)

In that specific order!
It has to be "Big Fish." I love that movie ! From how it was created to the flow of the story. It was well said.
Shaun of the Dead. The underlying stuff you can catch if you look out for it is hilarious. After you watch Shaun of the Dead, you have to watch "Hot Fuzz". A movie I would not recommend but I think is worth watching for some people is Requiem for a Dream. If you like indie movies about harsh realities and can handle some disturbing stuff watch "Requiem for a Dream". It is basically about how hard drug use creates a ripple effect in peoples lives.
My favorite movie has to be Dazed and Confused. I wish that my life was just like that movie. It would be awesome, if I could be somehow placed into the movie, and live it. With everything happening just like the movie.
has to be the lord of the rings return of the king
I finally decided to watch Avatar. I went out and bought the DVD and even though it probably wasn't as good as it would be in 3D it was still an amazing movie. Totally worth the watch. I can see why everybody loves this film so much.
bond and air force 1
always changing but till now it's Moulin ROuge for sentimental reasons =P
I am not sure if I replied to this topic before, but I am sure my fav. movies list is different. lol

1. The Boondock Saints 1&2
2. Joan of Arc
3. Seabiscuit
shawshank redemption
forrest gump
My list of favorite movies tends to fluctuate...but as of right now I can safely say that my three most favorite movies are:

Star Wars
Pan's Labyrinth

They each have three very unique stories which have a timeless quality embedded within them.
rogue_skydragon wrote:
My list of favorite movies tends to fluctuate...but as of right now I can safely say that my three most favorite movies are:

Star Wars
Pan's Labyrinth

They each have three very unique stories which have a timeless quality embedded within them.

Interesting choices, especially Pan's Labyrinth. More people definitely need to check that one out. - even if it made four times its budget at the box office. Wink

Also, which Star Wars in particular? I'm a big fan of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back myself.
Mine would have to be James Camerons Avatar. Although some say the story line mimics US Foreign Policy. I love it. The effects are out of this world.

Sequel set for 2014! (aparently)
LostOverThere wrote:

Interesting choices, especially Pan's Labyrinth. More people definitely need to check that one out. - even if it made four times its budget at the box office. Wink

Also, which Star Wars in particular? I'm a big fan of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back myself.

Pan's Labyrinth is exquisitely shot...the lighting and camera movements within every shot serve to tell the story so well.

Empire Strikes back is my favorite for sure.
The Lord Of The Rings movies, that´s a great Movies!!!!!
The Twilight saga Very Happy All parts of the movie ♥
All the James Bond movies, the Matrix series..
1. The Godfather
2. Requiem for a dream
3. Shawshank Redemption
James Bond
Watch "Papillon"- 5 times, just great movie. "Hot shots 1 & 2"- never stop laughing when watching... Laughing
My favorite is definitely the movie that no one knows, this is called Vertov, the first special effects film made in 1929, is a great maded Dziga Vertov, Russian men have a strange idea of making a film about how people live now , has also served consiousness to add some really nice special effects in movies, a must see film experience
A-Team and Green Zone Smile
Haha, at the moment...Inception Smile
My favourite movie is a bengali movie: "Nayak" (The Hero), directed by famous Director Satyajit Roy and its main actors are Mayanayak Uttamkumar and Sharmila tagore. The story is as follows:
A famous film actor Arindam (Uttam Kumar), a star of Bengali films, has been invited to the capital to receive a prestigious award. As all the flights are booked, he is forced to travel by a train from Calcutta to New Delhi. He is in a foul mood as the morning's papers are filled with his being involved in an altercation and his latest film is slated to become his first flop.In the restaurant car, he meets Aditi (Sharmila Tagore)), a young journalist who edits a serious women's magazines. Filled with contempt for the likes of him, she secretly plans to interview him because she thinks it would make a saleable 'copy'. It soon leads to him pouring out his life history. Aditi takes notes, surreptitiously. Critical of the star, she interrogates him and the star ends up re-examining his life. In a series of conversations with Aditi, he reveals his past and guilt. As the star re-lives and examines his life with Aditi, a bond develops between them. Aditi realises that in spite of his fame and success, Arindam is a lonely man, and needs her sympathy and understanding. Out of respect for his frank confession, she chooses to suppress the story and tears up the notes she has written. She lets the hero preserve his public image.

The film got three awards:
National award (In India) for best screenplay and story, 1967.
Critics Prize (Unicrit award) Berlin, 1966.
Special Jury award, Berlin, 1966.

Nayak is not the best film of Satyajit Roy, but is a delight to watch and far superior to average cinema. He cast Uttam Kumar in the title role of the hero (star). Uttam Kumar was a star of the commercial cinema in Bengal at that time. The film takes place in a period of twenty-four hours on a train. The hero's life is revealed through a series of flashbacks and dreams. The film explores the psychology of the star and his admirers.

The best part of the film lies in its form. The train journey becomes a metaphor for the star's life. The best scenes involve the star's interaction with fellow passengers, a slice of affluent Bengali society.

Both Uttam Kumar as the star and Sharmila Tagore as the young journalist gave superb performances.
Star Wars Series
OldBoy and more korean movies like this
I've completely changed my list around it seems.

1-5 (In no specific order)
• Apocalypse Now
• A Clockwork Orange
• Citizen Kane
• Goodbye Lenin
• Schindler's List

6-10 (In no specific order)
• Doctor Zhivago
• GoldenEye
• Hot Fuzz
• Trois Couleurs: Bleu
• Pans Labyrinth
pulp fiction...
added to my favorite movies were gone in 60 seconds, face off, ocean eleven, and back to the future series...i always watched them....
I say "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". Kimberly Elise portray her character good.
I hope she do another film but she seems inactive in the industry.
My favorite is The Expendable and The Karate Kid
Well there are soo many movies I like. Specially movies of Martin Lawrence and Jacky Chains movies.

1. startWars (old series)
2. Aliens 2
3. Home Alone 1,2,3
4. Ice Age 1,2,3
5. Bad Boys 1,2
6. Irobot
7. U-571 (A greaty Movie)
8. Enemy At the Gate
Hmm, well LostOverThere is most likely going to laugh at my list when he sees me again but:

1. Fight Club
2. Donnie Darko
3. Wall-E
4. The Shawshank Redemption
5. The Green Mile
6. Scott Pilgrim VS The World
7. Cast Away
8. Rocky Horror Picture Show
9. The Big Lebowski
and finally
10. The Titanic
I was just wondering do you like movies intentionally made for children.I used to like watching such movies and my friends used to tell me are you losted watching teen movies.So I was just wondering is there anyone like me who likes kids and movies ??If yes then which is your favorite??MY favorite is Finding Nemo and The Pacifier Laughing
The Shawshank Redemption

Snatch is a pretty interesting movie.
my favorite movie is the Pirates of the Caribbean Series. i really like those movies. and i really can't wait for the next series to come out.
In No Particular Order:

Spirited Away (and all other Hayao Miyazaki movies)
August Rush
A Clockwork Orange (and all other Stanley Kubrick films)
Fight Club
Stranger than Fiction
28 Days Later
Donnie Darko
Office Space
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Princess Bride
Forest Gump
Spaceballs (and all other Mel Brooks movies)
I, Robot
Pirate Radio
The Dark Night (and Batman Begins)
Star Wars
Fast and the Furious
Death Race
Pixar Movies
Disney Movies (from the 80's and 90's)
Dreamworks Animation Studios Movies
Studio Ghibli Movies
My all time favorite movie has to be the Big Lebowski, I've seen it over 100 times and it never gets old. It's a great movie to sit down with some friends and beer and watch. I could probably recite the movie line for line by now.
Films I've watched the most... In no particular order.. (sorry I can't pick just one)

* American Beauty
* Bladerunner
* Darjeeling Limited
* Withnail and I
* Jaws
* Akira
* 24 Hour party people
* The lives of others
* The Big Lebowski
* Into the Wild
* Predator
* Alien
* Wall Street
* Saving Private Ryan
* The Thing
* Sexy Beast
* Invasion of the bodysnatchers
* Let the right one in
* Donnie Darko
My favorite movie is Cango ........Its a good movie thats about the life of Gorillas .
My favorite movie is Titanic. It is good romantic movie. I have watched it for 3 times.
I have a lot of favorite movies. In college we watched "The Rock" three times in a row. And then there is "Mary Poppins" the dream nanny. And all the movies they have made/are making of books I read when I was a kid. Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes, etc. And then there are the movies that are just memorable and not necessarily a favorite but rather a favorite by familiarity. Like quote moves, The Princess Bride, for example. But all my favorites depend on timing and who I watched/watch them with.
A Walk to Remember
If Only
50 First dates
the Social Network
The Pirates of the sillicon valley

I like Barbie Presents: Thumbelina animated movie too much. In it they have seen Thumbelina's life among the wildflowers. Thumbelina was in a strange new environment. I like its whole story as well as its magic too much. No doubt just about anything made by Pixar has been pretty amazing. That being said, I've seldom been more impressed than I was by Ratatouille when that came out. For me its Toy Story 1. I went to disneyland last week and my main goal is to grab a picture and buy a tshirt of Toy Story with Buzz Lightyear and the gang. I love this movie.
my top 5 keep changing, but here's what it looks like right now:

1. The Empire Strikes Back
2. Inception
3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1
4. The Darjeeling Limited
5. Children of Men
Scarface or Pulp Fiction
Hmm...I have a lot of favoriet comedy movies...
American pie
Euro trip
Scary Movie
It varies. I think it's easier to pick a favourite tv series than a favourite movie.

Based on sheer number of viewings, Atlantis.

Otherwise, Serenity.
Shutter island
seraphim falls
les miserables
12 angry men
no country for old men
true grit
Ya I have also watched Avatar movie. Its my favourite movie. Really Its a nice movie. I think there is nothing really bad, but its got to be seen in 3D or type of bad graphics.Every ounce of energy in the fantasy epic from James Cameron made the spectators to come out and lie on the floor amazement the screen display in 3-D.
My favourite movies are

1. Titanic
2. The Social Network
3. Rambo III
4. First Blood
5. Home Alone
hi everyone

you can make your favourite movie list in here ! share it others and the site will find matches for you !!

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the list of my favorite movies is very long:-
but I would like to share few golden movies which i liked a lot are:

Kal Ho Na Hoo(Bollywood)
A walk to remember(Hollywood)
Rambo Series
and all romatic movies ....
azimility wrote:
12 angry men

Sir, respect. 12 Angry Men is a fantastic film. I just wish more people would go see it.
The Green Hornet is my all time favorite movie. I watched this movie more than 3 times. Simply I have addicted to it.
The Human Centipede.

lol no.

The first austin powers movie is the best.
"Black Halk Down" west war movie ever made.
"The Dark Knight" Best action movie
"Notebook" best action movie
"How to Train your dragon" best Animation movie.
"Cidade de Deus - City of God";
"Tropa de Elite - Elite Squad";
"Tropa de Elite 2 - Elite Squad 2";
" Blindness";
"The Constant Gardener".

Three of these films are directed by Fernando Meirelles and the other by José Padilha (the director of Robocop remake)
The King's Speech
Die Hard
Sin City
Grossman54 wrote:
"Black Halk Down" west war movie ever made.
"The Dark Knight" Best action movie
"Notebook" best action movie
"How to Train your dragon" best Animation movie.

Wait, what?! Laughing
the wackness was some kind of funny
Harry potter and saw series is best and my favorit5e series.
There are a few. The first one that pops into my head is As good as it gets. Love Jack Nicholson.
My Favorite movies:
X-Men series.
Twilight series.
Fight Club
Butterfly's effect
Phone booth
my all time favorite movies were "the lord of the rings", pearl harbor, phone booth, american pie, harry potter and the Godfather which i like most...kept on watching these movies once i have nothing to do in the house.....
wrong turn is good movie for me.
Forrest Gump
i like sholay Laughing Laughing
Ooo a few here.

Shawshank Redemption is probably my favourite. There are loads of films I like
The Neverending Story.
Yep, that old fantasy film Smile
Life Is Beautiful (1997) .
This movie is very touchy and always cheers me up.
I like Scary Movie, because it's funny to watch this movie, every time.
i am a huge fan of titanic,,,exorcism,,,,,scream 4.....
My favorite movies are Harry potter and Titanic. Both are very interesting.
My favourite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean, can't choose only one... They're awesome Very Happy
There are a lot of favorite movies. Laughing

My most loved movie is Amelia , its the story of girl yearning for happiness.It makes me think about living the life the I am.
hera phari my favorite movie. I watched it about 5 or 7 times.
OSS 117 Cool Laughing
All Audrey Hepburn, Gene Kelly, Adam Sandler and Angelina Jolie movie... Then there's transformers, gone in 60 seconds, Fast and Furious 1-5, Definitely maybe, Marley and Me... I can go on for hours...
Prince of Persia is my favorite movie..
and my favorite movie is salt
I cant say that i have one favourite movie because i like many different things but my top five movies that im currently liking alot are:
- Transformers 3
- Arthur
- The Dark Knight
- Prince of persia, the sands of time
- National Treasure, Book of secrets

I like all of the above as they are all different types of films.
bruce almighty is my favorite movie! it has a very deep meaning :p
i like any horror movies, unfortunately Hollywood can't make a descent one.. Sad
my favorites movies are Avatar and Die Hard Series, Fast & Furious series, Wrong turn series.
Indiana Jones series, all time favorite i just love the adventure
My favorite movie of all time is Avatar what movie real awesome.
Some of my all time favorite movies are;

American beauty
Prince of Persia
Fast and Furious
I'm really inspired with The Lord of the Rings series.
have few favorites which are as under:
Hard Target
Blood Sports
i like jakiejohn movies. mmm but my most favourite movie is 2012.
Never back Down
If Only
Kal ho na ho
50 first dates
The italian job
All of the Star Wars movies of the original trilogy, hence the avatar. Very Happy

Other good movies include Indiana Jones (not including Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!), The Usual Suspects, The Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean (not including On Stranger Tides!). Razz
In my life I was watching many type of movies but I would like to see war,comedy,Dramatically & Love story. I would like to watch more time Titanic,Gladiator,S holey, 3 Idiots [/b]. I like to see about at this type of movie which is learn something and its also use fool in our personal life. And the 3 Idiots Movie. It is given about my type of way and advise to use fool in our personal life.It is given one important any person have a given freedom to his personal life to do some thing achievement and find a field in his personal life. If you want to do something new in your life and your family are also with you I think that you are become success fool person in you personal life..
The Matrix hands down. Possibly even the Matrix 2 as well, I am a sucker for the effects!
Doom 2
Die Hard
I am SAM, is simply the movie that most prominent Pan Sheen far ... Fine music and a gripping storyline makes this film stand in my TOP TEN
There's nothing like a fantasy Oh Tolkiniana for a memorable weekend ...
The lord of the rings any of the three films it approves too ..
Of course giving emphasis to the Return of the King - the third film ...
favourite movie is Tropa de Elite 2, very realistic, good story, after that all the pirates of the carribean movies on nr. 2
Cant chose just one... have too many baby!

Jig Saw I, II, IV, VI
Batman - The dark knight
The GodFather

let a week for i think and i back to here
The Matrix will always be my favorite movie. It was the first DVD I ever saw: I remember being blown away by the scene with the red and blue pills. It's a shame that the two sequels weren't nearly as good.
Kung fu hustle
The Matrix is my favorite movie...
Matrix is a great movie
My favorite movie is Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of the adolescent wizard Harry Potter and his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
cenurrita wrote:
Toy Story is my favorite series movie. This movie is based on novel story. Love to watch this movie again and again.

Toy Story wasn't based on a novel. It was written originally for screen.
the beverly hills cop triology with eddie murphy. the first one is the best, then the 2nd and the third movie was the worst of this 3, but good at all ..
now my favorite movie is wrong turn.
The Man From Earth
Donnie Darko
Fight Club
The Star Wars trilogy (ANH where han shot first, ESB with the monkey-emperor, and ROTJ with the Yub-Yub song and the ghost Sebastian Shaw Anakin)

There are a whole lot of favorite movies of mine actually...I just don't feel like spending all day on this post. Smile
I'm a HUGE movie fan, so it's pretty hard to pick a favorite film... but I guess David Linch's "Mulholland Drive" is the one that always makes me wanna watch it again and again...
I have a lot of favorite movies. Just to make it easier to mention them. Let me put them in genres.

Romance/ RomCom - 50 First Dates, Maid in Manhattan, Time Traveler's Wife

Action/Adventure - Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,

Sci-Fi - Star Trek

Fantasy - Harry Potter, Twilight (only because of Taylor), The Incredible Hulk, IronMan 2, Captain America, Thor Very Happy

Inspirational/Biblical - The Passion of Christ, Fireproof, Prince of Egypt, Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments... Smile

Comedy - Blades of Glory, White Chicks

I have a lot of other fave movies from all genres. I just can't remember them all right now. I think I'm just going to edit this post when I remember some. Smile
My favorite Movie is Avatar. I never get tired of watching it xD
well I can watch Shaolin Soccer again and again and again...... Smile
I liked Torque too back in my college days.....
limitless,the fighter,million dollar babe is best oscar winning movies I love these movies please watch them u will love it
I'd say over the last few years I've seen Bruce Willis' Die Hard movies a few times, all of the four. I'm also partial to Harrison Ford action movies and the Indiana Jones series. Crimson Tide with Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington is a good one. I also like good war movies. Like the Scarlet and the Black with Christopher Plummer and Gregory Peck.
My favourite movie is=Avatar..3D .So great!
From time to time I try to recall those which inspired me. I think about Close Encounters of Third Kind - one of my favorite films and those about UFOs - not a typical sci-fi.
My favourite movies are
~ Harry Potter (Sometimes boring, but still like it)
~ 2012 (Yee, the best!)
~ Titanic (Can't stop watching this)
~ Shaolin Soccer (Epic, but Cool! Laughing)

I think just four of them.. Rolling Eyes
Avatar is a 2009 American[6][7] epic science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron, and starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Joel David Moore, Giovanni Ribisi and Sigourney Weaver. The film is set in the mid-22nd century, when humans are mining a precious mineral called unobtanium on Pandora, a lush habitable moon of a gas giant in the Alpha Centauri star system.[8][9][10] The expansion of the mining colony threatens the continued existence of a local tribe of Na'vi—a humanoid species indigenous to Pandora. The film's title refers to the genetically engineered Na'vi-human hybrid bodies used by a team of researchers to interact with the natives of Pandora.[11]
Development of Avatar began in 1994, when Cameron wrote an 80-page treatment for the film.[12][13] Filming was supposed to take place after the completion of Cameron's 1997 film Titanic, for a planned release in 1999,[14] but according to Cameron, the necessary technology was not yet available to achieve his vision of the film.[15] Work on the language of the film's extraterrestrial beings began in summer 2005, and Cameron began developing the screenplay and fictional universe in early 2006.[16][17] Avatar was officially budgeted at $237 million.[3] Other estimates put the cost between $280 million and $310 million for production and at $150 million for promotion.[18][19][20] The film made extensive use of cutting edge motion capture filming techniques, and was released for traditional viewing, 3-D viewing (using the RealD 3D, Dolby 3D, XpanD 3D, and IMAX 3D formats), and for "4-D" experiences in select South Korean theaters.[21] The stereoscopic filmmaking was touted as a breakthrough in cinematic technology.[22]
Avatar premiered in London on December 10, 2009, and was internationally released on December 16 and in the United States and Canada on December 18, to critical acclaim[23][24] and commercial success.[25][26][27] The film broke several box office records during its release and became the highest-grossing film of all time in North America[28] and worldwide, surpassing Titanic, which had held the records for the previous twelve years.[29] It also became the first film to gross more than $2 billion.[30] Avatar was nominated for nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director,[31] and won three, for Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, and Best Art Direction. The film's home release went on to break opening sales records and became the top-selling Blu-ray of all time. Following the film's success, Cameron signed with 20th Century Fox to produce two sequels, making Avatar the first of a planned trilogy.[32]

I watch so many movies. Its my passion and really like it to watch new movies. My favourite movie are so many like Avatar, Fast Five, 2012, Knowing, Ghost Rider and the Spirit of Vengeance, Titanic, The Expendables, Transformers, Harry Potter, etc.
Favourite movie.. Lock Stock N 2 smoking Barrels!! Guy Ritchie is the man
2.x-men Series
3.American pie Series
4.Forest Gump
5.The shawshenk Redemption
these are my favorite movies
hahaha too many movies to choose from one unfortunately
JAWS would have to be it for me as a consistent favourite over the years. Such a great blend of horror, humour, fun and terrific chemistry between Scheider, Dreyfuss and Shaw. Amazing that Spielberg was only 27 when he made this and that it came together given all the problems they had during production.
Without any doubt, they must be The Lord of the Rings
As of now, my favorite movies are "The Hunger Games" and "Thor". I'm going to watch "The Avengers" next Tuesday and I hope that it will also be one of my favorite movies. Very Happy

Some cases came up so we decided to watch this on Saturday. Laughing

Another edit: xD
I forgot to include "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". It's a Thai romantic movie. Very Happy
Interesting to see how these lists of people's favourite films are often skewed towards newer films. Which makes me wonder, here especially, whether that's just due to a younger demographic, or the usual post-awesome-movie-hype...
I think the movies that I enjoy the most are:

1. The Shankshaw Redemption
2. The Usual Suspects
3. Commando (When I was a kid, I used to watch this over and over when it was on tv. There's just something about old Arnold flicks that I enjoy Very Happy ).
4. Ultraviolet (I know, its not exactly a film known for being good, but I always enjoy watching it)
5. The Godfather
6. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
7. The Boondock Saints
8. Pretty much any of the Tarantino flicks (Resevoir Dogs, Kill Bill series, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown).
9. Azumi
10. Sin City

There's so many films actually now that I think about it. I think these are probably among my top favorites. If I missed any, its only because I probably can't think of them at the moment.

As for my more recent favorites:

1. The Devil's Carnival (I'm an extreme fan of Emilie Autumn who appears in it).
2. Repo: The Genetic Opera
3. Avengers
My favorite movie is

freaky friday Laughing
Fight club... Just a classic. Chuck Pahlaniuk is an incredible writer. I went and bought books by him after seeing fight club. I recommend for people who like fight club to read the book "choke". DO NOT see the movie, the movie choke was terrible and did not do the book justice. i am guessing they made it a movie expecting the same success as Fight club. Read the book and you will like it.
Catch me if you can Smile
All time best
My favorite movie would probably have to be Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger . I know what many of you would say. It's not a movie you watch for the acting, dialogue, or eye candy. It's a pure cheesy action flick. I grew up watching this movie so many times as a kid. There's just something about Arnold's one liners that you don't really see in movies these days. It's entertaining and fun to watch.

Favorite movie doesn't always translate to works of art. I would say that my runner up's would be The Shankshaw Redemption or The Usual Suspects. There are a bunch of good movies out there, but few movies entertained me as much as Commando did. Very Happy
I've got a few. One I can think of for now is "Crimson Tide" with Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington.
I love any film with Helena Bonham Carter in! Like Harry Potter, Sixty-Six, Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland.

Some of my favourite non-HBC films are Shawshank Redemption, Girl Interrupted, Green Mile and Maid in Manhattan.
My favorite movie is Goonies
A list of ten. A 'top ten" though the order of preferences and listings are subject to change with my mood and whims:

1. Fight Club
2. The Big Lebowski
3. Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
4. Shawshank Redemption
5. Pulp Fiction
6. Inception
7. Avengers
8. The Man From Earth
9. Donnie Darko
10. Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope (aka the original Star Wars)
Tuvitor wrote:
A list of ten. A 'top ten" though the order of preferences and listings are subject to change with my mood and whims:

1. Fight Club
2. The Big Lebowski
3. Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
4. Shawshank Redemption
5. Pulp Fiction
6. Inception
7. Avengers
8. The Man From Earth
9. Donnie Darko
10. Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope (aka the original Star Wars)

You may have heard, but The Big Lebowski 2 was announced the other day. It's another Coen brothers flick so no doubt it'll be great.

Also great to see The Man from Earth there. While I haven't seen it myself, I've heard great things. Plus, it's always nice to see an indie film making the favourites. Smile
sweetleon7 wrote:

2. Rosemary’s Baby

Nice! More people should appreciate that film. Unfortunately, I don't think enough people have seen it. That goes for old movies in general though (even if it's not that old in the cannon of film history).
magnolia is pretty good. long, weird ending and a bit sad. but it gives a wide range of emotion and topics to think about. and tom cruise playing a sedx guru is priceless. and david seymor hoffman good as always.
I like action movies and science fictions movie. I do also like fantasy movies and acient hero types of movies.

Something like Carebean, transformers, spiderman, lord of the rings, and many more!
Right now, Real Genius.
The newest batman and eurotrip =D
my best and favorite movies are "amazing spider-man" and "the dark knight rises" both movies are of my favorite superheros, with full of action and having powerful villeins to fight Very Happy
skycen wrote:
I like " the king's back"

Yeah, i also like to the titanic movie becoz he is romantic and good movie.....Mostly i watch the romantic movie in leisure time.....
frozenhead wrote:
I have so many favorite movies, i watch all new movies as much as i can... *ADDICT VIEWER*... Wink .. some of my faves are:

- Eurotrip (funny and sexy)
- American Pie (1,2 and the Wedding)
- 50 first dates (Adam Sander and Drew Barrymore)
- Matrix Series
- Starwars (since the first episode!)
- Hot Chick(fun!)
- Cast Away (Tom Hanks, viewed 9 times..)
- Spiderman 1 and 2
- A Beautiful Mind (Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly.. i just love the way Prof. Nash delivered his speech in acceptance of his Noble Piece Prize Award)

- the ever classic Gone with the Wind (viewed sooo many times) Exclamation

i Agree
I have lots of favorite movies from the past years, the one that i couldn't forget is the indiana jones, the lord of the rings, back to the future, the first knight, and the spiderman movies from 1 to 3.....
depends on the genre
the power of human spirit---"Forrest Gump"
criminal --"Pulp Fiction"
adventure--"Indiana Jones"-all series
and many others
LostOverThere wrote:
sweetleon7 wrote:

2. Rosemary’s Baby

Nice! More people should appreciate that film. Unfortunately, I don't think enough people have seen it. That goes for old movies in general though (even if it's not that old in the cannon of film history).
I thought it started out good but got progressively sillier, to the point where I wasn't sure if I was supposed to take it seriously. Was I?
1 - Hachi: A Dog's Tale
2 - The King's Speech
3 - A Clockwork Orange

8 Mile, Seven Pounds, Avatar, Max Payne, Limitless, Inception, The Karate Kid, Salt, Sherlock Holmes, 2012, Planet 51, Inglourious Basterds, 300, Gamer, Angels & Demons, Fast and Furious, Gran Torino, Mission: Impossible, Titanic, Ali, Shutter Island, Little Big Soldier, V for Vendetta, Philadelphia, Unstoppable, Gladiator, Hugo, The Dark Night, Man in Black, and many more others, just that i dont remember...
Titanic is my most favorite movie. I watch this movie a lots of time. James Cameron makes wonderful movie. This is a real trouble love story. In this movie i like painting seen when jack makes painting of rose is a wonderful seen and also seen is good when big titanic go down in water.

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My favourites are Fight Club, Ed Wood, Alice in Wonderland, Some Like it Hot and Keeping Mum. They just have the something.
My favorites are:
-Fight Club
-Never back down
-Star Wars Episode one to six
My one favorite movie at the moment is LOOPER, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis. Amazing film, and quite the engaging story.
Forrest Gump

My very favourite film, the best I've ever seen. It's so inspiring!
Bondings wrote:
Tell us about your favourite movie.

The greatest movie of all times is Conan the barbarian. ( the original 1981 Schwarzenegger movie, not the box office bomb abomination remake they made some months ago)
movies... when i saw this topic i said "this is for me"
My favourite movies:

*American History X: A movie against racism that it may has no special effects but it's acting is f*cking great... the best movie for me... the end is the worst part

*Crank: Imagine a movie where the star is infected by a poison that will kill him if his heart rate fall... and now imagine the John statham as the star of this movie... for me it's the ultimate action movie

*V for Vendetta: omg what a movie... i have no words... this man is a real hero

Also i want to mention Hackers (it's a movie!) it's not that good but frihost is a community of people that are concerned about computers so they will like it[/list]
This is a very tough choice depending on what kind of film I want to see. The movie I've probably seen the most times would be Clash of the Titans (1981) with Harry Hamlin. The reason was pretty much that it was on television so many times when I was a kid. I still love that film because I grew up watching it. I never saw the remake. To me, you can't replace the original movie that you see. To see a different take or perspective may be nice to see, but it can never replace the original impressions of a film you saw first unless if that film was absolutely terrible and any remake would be better than the previous one.

As for favorite films in general, I'd probably have to go with cheesy action flicks. I know exactly what to expect from them; mindless violence with one liners and the occasional comedic act. Little focus on story, dialogue, and acting. You know what exactly you will get and many times it delivers and accomplishes that task. One of my favorites is Commando with Arnold, hehe. I've seen that film so many times and never tired of watching it. That's another one that just seemed to pop up on television a lot. It's too bad there aren't many films like that anymore. Expendables 1 and 2 revisits that age of action films and I enjoyed them, but it doesn't quite get there. I'm not sure what it is. The spirit of the films is definitely there. Maybe it's just the ensemble mixing too many well known actors into one film. You don't quite get to see enough from each actor that you remember them for.
Every Mind Twist :3

but favorite is something what we called : Batman Trilogy in which The Dark Knight is my favorite!

i loved the concept, cast, everything.. this is the only movie that i have rated 10 on imdb.

my other favorites include Harry potter series, cast away, the green mile, pulp fiction, the shawshank redemption, shutter island, matrix part 1, american pie beta house, euro trip, hangover 1 and 2, despicable me, how to train a dragon, among many more.
Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain
I like movies that involve a bit of thinking and analysis. As such, I really liked Inception for the absolutely unique concepts that were introduced. I had to watch it twice to fully understand it. The movie goes really deep (hehe). Sometimes I think what it would be like to live one's entire life and then die, only to realize that one was actually dreaming.

I recently watched Looper, and I must sat it was quite a movie! There are of course, some paradoxes that are indigenous to almost any movie which deals with time travel. However, the story-writing was absolutely amazing, and the presentation superb. Highly recommended!
I like Lord of the Rings, Matrix, The Hangover
my best movie is the Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4. watching them right now Very Happy . heard a part 5 is coming out. cant wait!!!
It'll be a long post:
1.Lord of the Rings all
2. Star Wars all
3. Hobbit
4. Avengers
5. Iron Man both
6. Thor
7. Capitan America
8. The Incredible Hulk
9. Police Academy all
10. I'll write Disney animated movies because there are many of them, very of them is the old one like Beauty and the Beast or Aladin.
11. Buddies series from Disney, you know films about Buddys puppies.
12. Madagaskar all( third is the best in my opinion)
13. Shrek all
14. All Jackie Chans films Shanghai Noon the most
15. Asterix and Obelix all
16. Ghost Rider both
17. Hellboy
18. Batman all
19. Man in Black all
20. Some old movies like Sister Act or Mask.

There are many many more movies I like but it'd take too long to list them all.
It changes from time to time, right now it's Dog Day Afternoon (tied with) LOTR: Return of the King
I think Life of Pi is a great movie, I just saw it and I think it's a great adaptation of the book. You should see it!
My fav movie. Is twister.
Star War series, Star Trek, all type of sci-fi movies. If I had time, I would never feel boring watch them over and over
Swades is my favourite movie.
Dumb and Dumber, Se7en, Titanic ...
The Notebook
The Titanic
Hangover 1
Harry Potter 1,2
and many others
Just recalled one of my favorites.

Young Sarah is left home alone by her parents and she has to babysit her little brother Toby. But the baby keeps crying and Sarah, while telling him a story to make him sleep, inadvertently conjures from a fantasy world the Goblin King who steals the child and brings him to his castle in the middle of a labyrinth. Sarah has to rescue him before midnight, or the baby will became a goblin...

Labyrinth, from 1986. [/i]
Reservoir Dogs
Boondock Saints
American History X
Godfather I & II
Terminator II
Pulp Fiction
SLC Punk
Last Samurai
Big Lebowski
Taxi Driver
Deer Hunter
My Classics are;
Con Air
Face Off
Indiana Jones, all of them
Jurassic Park

For Recent Movies;
The Avengers
Star Trek into the Darkness
method man and redman
I watched the film from 1995 called Empire Records (1995)

Empire Records is going to be turned into a Music Town. It is up to the wacky employees to figure out a way to raise enough money to help their boss Joe keep the store from changing hands. They also deal with problems amongst themselves, love, and a has-been spoiled rock star named Rex Manning.
My favorite movies are:
Now you see me.
Horrible bosses.
Drag me to hell.
Identity theif. Very Happy Wink Wink

Builders Melbourne
My all time favorite X-Men Series and Iron Man Series and I also love to watch animated movies like Wall-E, How to Train Your Dragon.
Shawshank Redemption
Badboys 1 and 2.
some of my faves are:

intolerable cruelty;
joint security area
AVATAR Very Happy
Thinking again of the favourite film made me recall Mrs. Doubtfire (1993). It may not be inspiring, but it's a pure comedy with the real spirit of kindness and good humour. I wish there were more..but still this is worth watching and re-watching (and re-watching I did dozens of times, it's just something that won't make you feel bored).
I recently watched a classic movie called Silence of the Lambs. I really liked it. Mostly because of the portrayal of the villain, which makes you feel attached to him, and actually want him to escape. I wonder how they did that. I mean he's a guy who kills people and then eats them. Yet, you feel like he's the victim. That is a pretty brilliant thing to accomplish right there.
Gangs of New York, quite possibly one of the best endings ever.
The Family
Stars: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron, John D'Leo

Pacific Rim
Stars: Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day

Captain Phillips
Stars: Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad Abdirahman, Faysal Ahmed

Man of Steel
Stars: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Mic

And More....
more thank's man Smile
favorite movie are

- avatar
- spider man
- man of steel
- real steel
- x-men

etc... Cool
Blue Valentine
Blue Valentine
Captain Philips, it was a good movie but I was not expecting to see american army as hero in this movie !
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Very Happy
Too many for there to be a single favorite. On the list of favorites:

    Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid
    The Sting

Rolling Eyes Razz
I like movie a lot and i watch one every day Smile
when i watch any movie i love it so every movie
that i watch is my favorite Smile
I like twilight saga series
I like twilight saga series
Another fav film of mine - Blade Runner (1982). The use of colors, the music, the concept art, the designs, the whole atmosphere. Any cyber- or steampunk fan knows this masterpiece and if any of you interested in good sci-fi haven't seen it yet, you really should. The only issue with the film - it's just a tiny piece of the whole big story by Philip Dick.
I have watched some great movies but, I am wishing for any Blizzard movie. Just, please, someone form a partnership with Blizzard, please? I'd watch it! I don't have the money, though. I'm just a university student Laughing

But, I'm serious. Please someone, I'm begging.
The Matrix


Pacific Rim
Fight Club


2 States
I would say the Shankshaw Redemption is my favorite dramatic movie. If it's for just cheap thrills, I would go with Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
lord of the ring................
I'm movie lover. My favorites include "gone with the wind", "titanic", "Inception", "wanted", "butterfly Effect" and many more.
les choristes is one of my favorite movies Very Happy
I saw X-Men and I thought it was a pretty good movie.
Watched a disaster film last night - called Ice (1998).
My favorite movie is Identity
well american graffitti is always good to watch
My favorite movie is "Star wars".
Ummmm,ok I guess I'll go with the little remembered gem from[1961]The Devil At Four 'O Clock, with Frank Sinatra-Spencer Tracy-Bernie Hamilton-Barbara Luna, very well done adventure flick.
romanreings wrote:
"Fantastic Four" is my Favorite Movie
Why is it your favourite movie?

Note: One-liners don't count as quality posts at Frihost. You have to provide us with some discussion in your post.
My favorite movie is The 13th Floor. Its somewhat in the subject as Matrix: that you might be living in a virtual reality. But with a twist. Wink
I think I've mentioned a few favorites in this thread. Just recalled another one - Jumanji. Whatever the critics said at the time, it is one of the best (in my view) films featuring Robin Williams. Needless to say, I think it is stupid to reboot/remake this film - there has been a discussion of this for a long time and I can't imagine why one needs to reboot this classic.
My favorite movie is Gladiator, I'm watching it over and over and I never get bored. I would like to have a second version of it but I know that it's impossible. But nothing is impossible when speaking about hollywood.
The best movie I watched so far is A Millionaire's First Love. It was a story of a spoiled rich kid who just know how to have fun and he turned 18 his grandfather left him a will before he could gain all his fortunes. Along the way he met a very nice woman that will change the way he look on life forever.

Ocean's Eleven
Home Alone (I). best movie and I can still watch it years later at christmas
The most terrifying movie of all time: The lovely bones...

That movie is one I would never see again, and it do not contain any blood at all...
Man in the moon
very funny.
Whiplash (2013), The Gift (2015), Birdman (2014)
I f**king love movies from C.Nolan, but my favorite one is Interstellar
Don't have an "all time" favorite movie but rather theme of old western.
standready wrote:
Don't have an "all time" favorite movie but rather theme of old western.
Aha - the spaghetti Westerns - The good, the bad and the ugly .... etc. I collected the DVDs, but regrettably when I travelled continents I had to let go of them. They're excellent though. Work of art by Sergio Leone. My favourite was the good, the bad and the ugly, particularly the character Tuco. Really like the music in all of them. Ennio Marricone. The graveyard scene was the best!

my favorite movie is without a doubt "Gone with the Wind ", I love this movie, for drama, for its landscapes, actresses, actors, musical band, etc.
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