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When and Why You Made Your First Website

Where you made (or going to make) ur 1st website
 6%  [ 2 ]
 31%  [ 9 ]
other free website and domain
 55%  [ 16 ]
paid website or domain
 6%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 29

I created my first website on geocities. I created it, because I needed webspace to upload my voice for my yahoo profile. But I think, geocities is the worst place to make any website. So, I started to search the web for free domain and free hosting for making a new website. And at last I reached to Now I fulful all requirement for getting free hosting and free subdomain name on But I do not know, how to describe about my new website, which I want to make. Actually, I still have to decide, which type of website I should make.
Maybe you can make it something related to religion or animation?

Just a few dumb ideas. Wink
Haha.. I used homestead which is about 6 years ago.. Razz.. For my robotics site..
Isn't Homestead not free now?

I just looked at their website and they were flashing around a 30-day trial.
i made it when i was about 7
The first site I made was on my computer and I didn't published it Smile

but the first site I published on the internet was on our school's server Very Happy

It was our WebGroup's site Very Happy and I'm still the webmaster of this site Very Happy
on 5th grade
Loathing in Fear
I also created my first website on geocities, it was for some kind of clan Confused lol...
For a very long time I had been waiting to launch my webpage after understanding the power of internet and decided to use it on my own advantage. I feel having an URL where i can keep updating about myself also that has opened up a whole new world for me and all my friends from all over the world can have access to information about me.

Yes As you ppls told earlier.. geocities is the worst place to have .. I started to having my first page with It was my first step. Later I learnt that having only html is not enof.. and started googling with various options.. and moved off to There too there wernt much features like has.. I was googling for a long while.. and atlast i ended up here...

Cheers to FRIHOST... for a wonderful service...
The website I'm hosting on Frihost now is actually my first website, but it was first hosted on Geocities... for about 2 days.

Okay, so Geocities is a widely known free server, and I knew about the ads, but at first I was like "okay, maybe they won't bother much". After I uploaded the website I went for a "test drive" and... well... they bothered me. I thought I had to find another free server (ad-free) soon, but I'd keep it on Geocities for the time being. I gave the link to the website to a few friends for them to check it out, but merely two hours after I had uploaded the website, it went DOWN! WTF??? 5 minutes later I was already googling (like that's a word...) for a GOOD free host... and I stumbled upon Frihost.

Free, no ads, a lot more space and bandwidth, ftp ... And they only require forum posting! I didn't think twice... and here I am! Laughing
my web is forum of drugs disscution in arabic language

i make it at 15 /10 Laughing
I used for my first website. After exploring into PHP and MySQL, I switched over to .

- Mike.
I made a necromunda website which was rubbish ven though I only made it a couple of years ago, it's still up, can been seen Here.
I started my first web site on, named it Destination Comics, and had really crappy comics =( I did that for a long time, and didn't know much html so i use free templates, and had my friends help me with the coding, and editing, then i got front page, and i started making my own templates, and that didn't turn out, so i made a new site name Jails Inc. And did that site entirely in flash, which when it came time to update i was a bit of a problem, so i quit for a while, and a friend from school asked me to help him make a site called gravity Winds, which was a Anime site that that was most secussful, but adventually we got bored and quit. Now im ooking hee at Frihost to see what other creations i can make =P
As I told previously, I made my 1st website on geocieties. But that was not like webpage. i used it for store my sound only. My real 1st website is created on
I 2 made my first website on Geocities, using the pagebuilder !

Then i learned html and later php and i moved on.
That's a long time ago...

I think it was angelfire or something.
A stupid site about nothing xD

I'm an expert now Idea

I made my first one on freehost and am actually still making it.
Its supposed to be a online diary/web album. Its all in icelandic but you can see my photos iff you click "ljosmyndir"
Why did i make it? I was bored.
Texas Al
LOL! N00bs.

I made my first website on my university-provided Unix account back in 1995 or so.

And it wasn't full of bad poetry and moody self-indulgent rants, either. Back then, if we didn't have something useful to contribute to the tiny web community we kept our pieholes shut! Wink

So I converted Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzche from Project Gutenberg's plain-text version to HTML, linking in all the chapters and the TOC by hand. Because we didn't have any of these sissy HTML-editors back then, and if you couldn't remember or at least look up five or six simple HTML tags, you were officially too dumb to have a web page.

That book changed my life, and I wanted to share the good news (such as it was) with everyone. Wait, did I say Friedrich Nietzche? Okay, so my first website *was* full of bad poetry and moody self-indulgent rants, but at least it belonged to a dead German philosopher rather than to my own sophomoric self.

...and like three years later, after my Nietzche page went to whatever bit-bucket neglected pages go to, I'd still get emails from instructors in obscure colleges asking if they could use my site as course material and what the new URL was!
I made my first website on geocities because a friend said it was good. (its really not) after that i learned php, and geocities is only good for that if you pay.
I made my first site on geocities along time ago cuz it was easy to use and free.
Blog on blogger. Does that count? I mean, I messed with the template.
My first web site was the site for my project in the course in web site design and management , Its was the first time I have designed a website and hosted it to a free web server , the pages are all static html pages and I used a tex editor to design the pages , it was a good exprience for me to design and host a site.
My first webstie was from when I was 12 or 13. It was on Angelfire and was a terrible fansite for a book series that I read.
My first was, l stayed with them for about a year and a half because l couldn't find anyone better (or enough so that it was worth switching servers entirely) but one day frihhost popped up when l was running a search for a free ftp in google, and now here l am, still trying to move my site over and upgrade the crap out of it Neutral
ahh..I made my first site because of my project in intel when I was 16. Right now, even though my course is a bit far-fetched from programming and stuff, I still get to enjoy learning things about web development. At this moment, im quite addicted to open source and its huge community of developers. Anyway, Im glad I found a no add and unlimited mysql database hosting site. thanks guys.
I'm still working on my first webpage, that is on
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