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The Phantom Of The Opera

Who know about The Phantom Of The Opera ?
Sorry for bumping the topic because i use search to make sure that its not created by anyone but it has been created.
The Phantom of the opera quite popular in my country.. Cool
But i not yet read the detail about the book..

Regards by
great song by

Iron Maiden

not connected a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Sung by

Michale Crawford(Actor some mothers do ave em) & Singer Sarah Brightman

Also available on DVD - Film version different actors etc
The main theme is kindof catchy. Which is not a good thing, it stays stuck in my head for days after hearing it.

Actually, just reading the thread title brought it back. Yargh!
I LOVE Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera.
The music sends chills down my spine.
I think Andrew Lloyd Webber in general is amazing.
I mean really, who else could write a musical about CATS and make it a hit.
That man is a crazy musical genius for sure.
But back on topic, the movie for Phantom of the Opera (the new one) is really great too, I'd recommend anyone who hasn't watched it to rent it.
I have seen the movie which was very good, but never read the book.
I didn't know there's a book. but I saw the movie and I loved it so much.
crimson_aria wrote:
I didn't know there's a book. but I saw the movie and I loved it so much.

I really want to watch the Broadway show. Maybe next year, when I am off to America.
The Phantom of Opera, books, music, movies and adaptations. I really appreciate a lot!
Everything is connected to a story like that of Erick should always be registered. And thinking about it, I made a site in Wiki format, which even lodge here at Frihost. Who wants to take a look
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