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Star Wars: KotoR I & II

I've played the first game, it was really fun, not many choices though. Who has played the second?
the second is much better than the first but they still havent fixed that stupid battle mode
same as the first only i dident' liked the way it end after 80% it become stupid i hate the end.
The first KOTOR is a phenomanal game...I believe I've beaten it like more then 6 times. >_> The second one, not so much. The story was seriously lacking in comparison and they didn't do anything to improve the game, they basically just changed the characters and plot.

But that's not to say the second isn't good, it's just that you can't really compare it to the first one. Regardless, I'd recomend getting the second one. Very Happy
I've played the first one and was totally immersed with the experience. The storyline is awesome which keeps you glued to your seat.

I still haven't played the second one but I've been reading negative comments about it.
I love it. Really loved it. It had a real Star Wars feel to it, very immersive, very cleverly implemented... I just liked almost everything about it, except I wanted more HK.
The second one was good and I was glad I got it, but it's not even close to being on a par with KOTOR 1 and the ending was very sudden, unsatisfying and... unfinished feeling. It's clear they had more story to tell but didn't want to invest the time to finish creating the game so they just gave you a last (darn near everlasting) battle and Tell you the denoument, the "everything after this".
You can play the second one without playing the first one first, but if you have played it, then you can answer questions in the dialogs to let the game know how you went (lightside, darkside, male, female, whatever) in the first game which has minor cosmetic effects on the second game. You don't play the same character though, you make a new one.
Still, if there were a KOTOR 3, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
First one was created by bioware. Bioware is a respected company. And they designed the game good.
Second one was created by oblivion. Members of black isle's new company. YOu must know black isle, Leaded by Brian fargo at first, created fallout1. Then Brian fargo left the company. And the company created fallout2. And planescape torement... You have to be genius and know everything about RPGs to become a black isle's member.
The reason why the second one wasnt good despite oblivion is the pressure Lucas arts did. Oblivion didnt finish the game, there were lots of bugs but George Lucas wanted to release the game earlier in order to gain more money. So he did. But the game wasn't good enough.

Actually the game WAS good enough but its too bad for oblivion.
I really prefered the first one, the storyline in the seconds was lacking in my opinion, But i can say this, they were both fun...
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