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myBBoard - Installation Tutorial

How to Install myBBoard

1. Go to the myBBoard download website.
2. Download the ( / 815kb) (See screenshot below)

3. After downloading, unzip/untar the package
4. In the package, there should be a 2 folders. One called "Upload" and the other called "Documentation".
5. Login to your FTP
6. Upload the files in the folder called "Upload", I assume you have uploaded to a folder called "forums", you can upload to another directory if you wish.
7. While you are uploading myBBoard, we shall create a mySQL Database.
If you use cPanel, please go to step 8a.
If you use Directadmin, please go to step 9a

8a. Login to cPanel.
8b. Go to MySQL Databases.
8c. Go to a field named "Db:" (See screenshot below).
We will call the database "mybb", you can change it if you wish to.
Then hit "Add Db". You have successfully made your SQL Database Smile.

8d. Go to the fields named "UserName:" and "Password:" (See screenshot below).

We will call the username "forum" and password "password", you can change them if you wish to.
Then hit "Add User". You have successfully made your SQL User Smile.
8e. Go to the two dropdown lists named "User:" and "Db:" (See screenshot below).

Under user, select the user you made, in this case, we will select "forum".
Under db, select the database you made, in this case, we will select "phpbb".
Make sure under "Privileges:", the checkbox beside "ALL" is checked.
Then hit "Add user to DB". You have successfully made a working SQL Database Smile.

9a. Login to Directadmin.
9b. Go to mySQL Databases.
9c. Select "Create New Database"
9d. You will see the following fields "Database Name", "Database Username", "Username Password", "Confirm Password".
Under Database Name, type in "phpbb", you can change it if you wish to.
Under Database Username, type in "forum", you can change it if you wish to.
Under Username Password and Confirm Password, type in "password", , you can change it if you wish to.
Hit create.
9e. A page showing the Database and user you have just created will show up.

10. Now, I assume you have finished uploading phpBB.
11. CHMOD/Set the permissions of inc/settings.php and inc/config.php and uploads/ and uploads/avatars to 777 using your FTP Client.
12. Go to http://domain/forums/install/
A myBBoard Installation page will show up (See screenshot below)

Hit Next
13.Read the Licence Agreement (see screenshot).

If you agree to it, hit "Next". Otherwise remove myBB off your account.
14. A test page will come up, if you have anyone that doesn't "Pass" the test. Please make sure you have CHMODed the files correctly. (see screenshot)

15. Fill in the details they ask for accordingly (see screenshot).

Hit next.
16. It will attempt to populate the table. If you receive an error, please make sure you filled in the data correctly.
Hit next, then next again, then again (three times).
17. You'll get a "Board Configuration" page now. Nothing much you have to modify here other than the last field (email).
Fill in a VALID EMAIL.
Hit next.
18. Create your administrator username and password.
Then hit next.
19. The installation process of myBBoard is done.

20. CHMOD inc/config.php to 644 and delete the "install" folder. Do not touch anything else!
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