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You’ve got mail, and maybe gonorrhea

Education or Abstinence
 12%  [ 1 ]
Sex Education
 87%  [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 8


So now if you get tested for an STD and come back positive, you no longer must make those long uncomfortable phone calls. You can now just use this emailing list website and tell all your partners the good news. Now I think in someways this is a step in the right direction, on the other hand...

“This is another opportunity for people to disclose STD exposure to partners because sometimes people don’t always have that face-to-face opportunity, or that level of relationship,” Karen Mall, director of prevention and testing at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said on Thursday. (

"That level of relationship"?!?!? I have had my share of partners and not all of them were long term relationships but I would like to think I at least had that level of relationship where I could say hey one of us gave one of us something. What do you think?
Interesting article, but the poll seems a little irrelevant. Eh?
I agree. forgive, it is my first post :)
On the one hand, I'm afraid that that just as AIM often replaces actual discussions so too could this service replace important conversations. An annonymos email isn't exactly how I want to learn that I have an STD! But on the other hand, having met people who are so irresponsible and selfish that they will absolutely refuse to tell you to your face that they gave you an STD, even when confronted about it with solid proof, maybe it's the best idea since sliced bread!
It does seem to point to a more systemic problem with our culture. But, do we implement short-term (but effective) solution, or work toward long-term repair of the interpersonal communications issues?
I totally agree that this is a short-term solution, and that a more extensive educational solution would be better. However, not to call you bluff but what would a program working
mscienceteach wrote:
toward long-term repair of the interpersonal communications issues?

actually look? It's nice to say those things, but we do live in a country where comprehensive sex education is banned in 49 states! How in the world can we ever think that a massive educational campaign about talking to your partner after giving them an STD would be accepted??
I really don't understand what the article is talking about. Firstly, I think abstinence is a good idea, so there's almost no chance of getting an STD. Secondly, sex education is a good idea so people know what's going on. Thirdly, I think partners should tell each other if one has an STD before they do anything. And fourthly, if I don't make any sense, please forgive me, as I am very tired and not thinking correctly at all.

Yeah, partners definitely need to communicate with each other. If not, that's their problem, see a shrink or something.
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