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Requiem for a Dream

Pills and heroin offer fulfillment of the dreams of four residents of Brooklyn's Brighton Beach in the shadow of a crumbling Coney Island amusement park. Sara dreams of appearing on television wearing a red dress that's a bit snug. So she starts a diet assisted by uppers. Her son Harry, his girlfriend Marion, and his best friend Tyrone pin their hopes for money on moving up from pushing nickel bags of heroin to buying in bulk. They also deal to support their growing habits. Things are going well: Harry buys his mom a new TV, she's losing weight, she has status among her friends, Tyrone's girlfriend is cool, and the team has money in a shoe box. These dreams are addictive.

Has anyone else seen this movie? It's almost my favorite, because it's so well directed and one of the trippiest movies ever.
I bought this film last week.
I'll try to watch it this weekend and post some thoughts.
Yep i've seen it, and i actually liked it with the exception of the part where they go to prison for no reason, they just went to hospital and got busted for nothing, i didnt get it so i kind of dislike that part. Otherwise i liked it, even the over-symbolism thats not catchy at first, thou its not among my favs.
It is'nt a movie, it's a MASTERPIECE !!!!!!!
AN amazing movie with nothing similar to it!
**Just bought the OST and all I can say is GENIOUS!!!!!!
WOW. I'm regreting for not watched this weekend.
I sticked with (no comparisons, please... HAHA) "Troy", "King Arthur" and "The interpreter".
Perhaps, I'll watch this night.
RFAD has got to be the most emotionally intense movie I have ever seen. I finished watching that and just sat there stunned for about 10 minuites
hi and happy new year everyone,

i love this movie too, but blecker isn't quite right about there being nothing like it. it's darren aronofsky's second full length feature, the first being Pi, which I think is also very very good, although its much more of an art film than Requiem. It has the same musician, Clint Mansell doing the soundtrack, which is always nice too...

Pi is shot in black and white with a dark DJ-type musical soundtrack and is about a mathematician who discovers a fundamental number which allows one to explain and understand patterns found in systems the world which you might not think can be controlled or understood. he battles with one group of mathematicians and a wealthy company to use the number for himself, but his discovery and his mathematical genius are ruining his health in bizzare ways....

bloody great film!

aronofsky's finished shooting his third film, The Fountain, which is out this year. go see!

i was wondering when he was coming out with his third. Will check it out. Requiem is one of those movies that doesn't get the credit it deserves, which is great because i think that gives it even more credit when you really love it. Whether or not that comes close to making any sort sense.

That has to be the best editing I have ever seen. It goes so well with the music (if that's what you really want to call it most of the time) You really identify with the character even if you don't happen to be a raging drug addict. - weed doesn't count, does it? The soundtrack is great, the acting, especially, Marlon Wayans, who we are used to seeing playing comedic roles.

You really feel the characters' plight at the same time you look at the techniques Aronofsky uses to tell Shelby's (author of the book it was based on) story.

It's definately my number one or two favourite movie of all time.
This has to be one of the wildest movies that I have ever seen.

I didn't know what to think at first. It's just some freaky freaky stuff in that movie.
Wasnt that also the name of the song that was featured in Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers? I think it was also featured on a ad for Zathura?
You should check out 'The Salton Sea'. The opening 10 minutes of that movie could NOT have been done more bang on, wicked movie.
The music is great, the story and moral is great too, pills and drugs, all about the same. I love is film, not only for Jared Leto Very Happy Great film, i'll keep watching it.
Pi and Requiem are both excellent. Pi is the more interesting movie of the two. Requiem is the more powerful. Nothing has made me more upset than the mother characters downward spiral. Truly painful to watch.
Requem for a dream is one of my favorite movies (and has one of my favorite soundtracks, by the way). But I didn't like Pi. Maybe because I didn't have a mood for it and you MUST have a mood for such films.

As for RFAD, I think it must be shown in schools.
I watched Requiem for a dream more than once. When I watched the movie for the first time, it had made quite an impact on me. It is the best movie about illegal drugs...
The last sequence in RFAD is intense.

I love the music too, but it annoys me that every movie is using it. It starts losing it's power and becomes cliche. I mean, come on, Zathura? It's going to become generic dramatic stock music at this rate.
When I have kids and they turn 14-15, i'm showing them this movie as a drug prevention program. :-)
This is one of my favorites of all time - sooooo intense.
Masterfully directed and edited.
This movie makes you NOT want to do drugs (for anyone that has dabbled)

They got sent to jail because in it very illegal to be under the influence of heroin, even if you are not dealing. Plus they were out of state (usually cops are noas nice to out of towners) Plus I think I remember a racist remark to Marlon, and a reference to New Yorkers.

Even though it is so graphic, It could be shown effectively in a drug prevention class type atmosphere. This may be extreme, but I think it is a powerful movie. A must see.
its soundtrack was amazing but it's a disturbing movie not for every average flick buffs.
this movie is amazing i get shoked for a whole day after seeing it, music is beautiful itsnvery well played and we get easily close to the actors!

really impressive
Blecker wrote:
It is'nt a movie, it's a MASTERPIECE !!!!!!!
AN amazing movie with nothing similar to it!

I can just agree it...
It's soundtrack is good too...
The movie, I don't know, I never saw it.

But the soundtrack is incredible.
I saw the movie, it was crazy. I used to smoke weed everyday and then bam, I saw the movie and made a total 180º in my life. I mean I couldn't think about moving on from weed to cocaine and end up like those crazy people who have pretty much crap fall on them in every which way. Good thing I saw that movie, whew.

Just kidding, I don't do drugs (other than those given to me by the doctor or OTC ones). But I did like the movie. I didn't know where it was going at first, but then as each person's world began to crumble, I knew what was coming. The thing though is that the drama they put into the movie to intensify the situation to such extremes is crazy and the main character's mother turning out the way she did was quite a scene.
I saw that one a years ago.. it's interesting, but highly overrated.. I'm sure it appeals to younger unsophisticated viewers, but it's rather vacuous

however, Jennifer Connelly is hot, as always
when someone mentions requiem for a dream only oneimage comes to my mind

ass to ass

i'm soo imature Smile
drag0n wrote:
when someone mentions requiem for a dream only oneimage comes to my mind

*** to ***

That is freakin hilarious. I agree 100%.
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