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Photoshop, GIMP, MS Paint...?

What program do you use to satisfy your graphical needs?

I use either photoshop (when I have it) or GIMP (free and really useful). I don't really use MS Paint... Rolling Eyes
I have both Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Corel Paintshop Pro X. I usually use Corel though. I only use MS Paint to copy and paste screenshots, then I use Corel to crop the image and resize it to my needs.
Yeah, that's exactly what I use MS Paint for. People say it's quite useful, but I can't see how other than screenshot use... Confused
only screenshots!!!??? i use paint for everything. I'm probably the best graphics designer out there too....

No just kidding. I use photoshop and GIMP.
I also use photoshop.but what is GIMP?Can u supply download?
Sure, I'm going with the hunch that you use Windows.

Install that first, run it and choose your language. Exit out of that and download the file below:

Run it and use the program. It takes some time getting used to it, but other than that, it's great.
jp wrote:
Sure, I'm going with the hunch that you use Windows.

Install that first, run it and choose your language. Exit out of that and download the file below:

Run it and use the program. It takes some time getting used to it, but other than that, it's great.

Thx now down it...
I usually use photoshop but then I muck around with flash, fireworks, Illustrator etc. Depends on my mood really.
well there real is no good competitor for photoshop...gimp is considered the best photo-editing tool for Linux, and that is true, but in a Windows enviroment Photoshop is the best...
I sold my soul to Photoshop CS. I still use MS Paint for fast screenshots or when I want to make really fast minimal edits (photoshop takes a while to boot).
I always use Photoshop 7.0, it's everthing I need. I sometimes use ImageReady to make some animations Laughing I'm gonna try and make some things with Flash soon. I'll post some of my work when I get on my PC Smile
Kyle Katarn
I normally use Photoshop CS2 for the first 30 days after I reformat my computer, and then I try and re-figure out GIMP. And by the time I do so, I need to reformat again Neutral
I use Paint Shop Pro, a friend introduced me to it, it is really useful and I learned a lot of things from that Very Happy
i usually use Psp or photo shop but i d all my late night dodeling in ms paint Shocked
Suprisingly I use flash mainly because Im a flash artist, you can do a lot more with vector graphics than jpgs or bmps.
Well, I use photoshop, but the problem is that it is a resource hog. It gets laggy when i use it on my laptop. I know my laptop isnt made for graphics of any sorts, but I still manage to squirt out a pic or two from it.

PS. Sig image made just last night
off course I choose PS
Hmm for simple tasks I just generally use Paint because it's easy and accessible. Although, I use photoshop for some harder tasks and that need a realy professional touch up. My friend is really good at Photoshop though. He makes these insane pictures that are so amazing and so professional. It's really impressive, actually Wink
Photoshop CS8 is what I use, it can do just about anything.
Man l hope you don't use MS Paint, when was the last time that thing was updated?! Windows 95?!?!?!

But l use Photoshop, it is the best and l currently have CS2 so l am quite happy with it, though it still did cost more than a HUGE upgrade to my computer Neutral hmmm....maybe for the next time l need to upgrade, l will get Neutral
I use adobe photoshop 7.0. Its nice because its very useful, not to mention its setup system is actually user friendly unlike say Gimps system setup?
I use both GIMP and PSCS2 for different things. I also occassionally use Arcsoft Photostudio.
doug hines
I use:
Photoshop for...
-texturing models
-adjusting textures for models/photos
-web art

MS Paint for...
-pixel art
-screen shot pasting
I don't really make my own images. I just like to mess with other images, so using Paint and The GIMP is good enough for me. They get the job done, but I'm sure Photoshop is hands down the best for image creation.
I started out using Photoshop but after trying Gimp I think that will be my new software to learn. Photoshop is a standard but Gimp is powerful and less complicated to do similiar tasks.
The Gimp... photoshop is too expensive, though gimp is probably harder to make it do all the trick that PS can do right out of the box.
I like to use Fireworks as I design Websites for a hobby and Fireworks is designed to work with Dreamweaver.
i use photoshop and fireworks depending on what i am doing but the only problem with firworks is you can't fill in obfects that you draw like in photoshop and ms paint that really annoys me sometimes
yes you can, you just have to select the area with the magic wand tool first, then it will only dye the selected area
For all of my image-altering/creating needs, I find that Macromedia Fireworks is the best. It has a lot of different tools you can use to create pretty much any desired effect. Sometimes it gets a little bit buggy, like when filling images in, but for the most part, it does the trick. However, I would like to point out that even though there are all of these costly programs, there is one no one gives enough credit to: PAINT. Paint, even though ridiculously simplistic and controlless gets basic jobs done. For years, I used paint for website graphics, borders, title pages and whatever and it served me very well.
I use Photoshop and PhotoImpact, but I think PhotoImpact is a easier program to use
Miss Paint is the Best Very Happy

You allll can't beat my great artwork.
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