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Newbie to the Extreme, Help with uploading website?

I'm super new at this whole server thing, I've coded sites before but never had a server like this. I created a website using Dreamweaver, now comes the fun part....How do I upload it into the server correctly? (Dropping the files into the public_html didn't work too would be too simple that way Razz) (I read the stickys, and everything and couldn't find an explaination for this, many apologies if there is one.)

But, If anyone can spare a second to explain some real simple stuff to me that would be fantastic!
Dropping the files into the public_html didn't work too would be too simple that way Razz)

Actually, why wouldn't that work? Just drop all your source files, image or other files included in the source html, all in the public_html directory.

Perhaps your not using an FTP Client? I suggest FileZilla, it is free, clean, GREAT and easy to use. You can dowload it here:
Yes you must use FTP for this task.
Non-comercial user can use SmartFTP for free :

Handling is simple as Windows Explorer
after install choose menue "Favorites" / "Edit Favorites"

click with right mouse buton on the next free line on the right side
choose in popup "New" / "Favorite"
- Enter one alias name for your desired ftp server
click again with right mouse buton on this new item
choose in popup "Properties"
Now you have to fill three fields in the requester window:
Host : - Username : - Password :

Once finished, click on your favorite in the above menue,
and here we go. Local Browser is allways your PC.
Thanks for the hint. But as I said earlier I'm uber new at this stuffage. So....what do I do with an FTP client. I used to think I was geeky, unfortunatly I'm lacking in the geekness currently.
Why don't you use cpanel?

First of all, it's case sensitive. This means that page.html and Page.html are two different pages.

Also, you need to upload an index.html file. This file will be the most important file of your website and will show up when you access your subdomain. Does show up fine. There is a problem with the links, but you just need to change those in your code. Maybe rename that file to index.html and it should then show up when someone accesses .
Thanks! changing the name worked beautifully.

The links are dead currently because I don't have those pages designed yet...however I have all of christmas break to get that done. Thanks again! Very Happy
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