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Do you understand women???

damn, i think women are a GIANT puzzle. I really cant understand them.What does a women mean when she says she wants a REAL man. i have been bustin my butt tryin to figure out what this means i even signed up to dating tips from here ( after reading some of the material i realised hoe worng i was about women and how they are attracted to personality more than physical looks Shocked .yep, im still in the dark though as too what they REALLY want even after reading endless amt of material.
That's because they themselves don't know.
You can't tell what you don't know.
I never got to understand women. Even after having 8 girlfriends I still don't. And whenever a man says he never understand women, she'll just say because he didn't try hard enough.
Well, I guess it'll always remain a mystery to men. Laughing
not really understand women, one reason is because she never let you know what she's thinking, another reason is she always think you could understand her...
Yep. I totally agree with you. Women are the most difficult to understand. Also, us men have to be careful that things go according to the woman's way. If we disappoint her, she will probably get angry, cry or worse, even break up!!

I've never had a girlfriend in my life. But I dont know how a man must be feeling when taking a woman out.
Women tend to be more emotionally,while men are more logically and these two things don't go together. I think you can't say ,you can't understand women ,but you should say , that you can understand a woman ,because their're not all the same,as men are not all the same, I think you should try to find the woman you can understand in some ways...
Come to think of it, I don't understand most men eaither...
That's why I like horses!
We understand echother perfectly.
But can a horse provide everything to replace a woman? Wink
No, but they can also provide things a woman can't.
mark wrote:
I've never had a girlfriend in my life. But I dont know how a man must be feeling when taking a woman out.

well, for me, if I am seeking for a GF, she must like to talk everything to me in order to understand each other...

there is a story about one of my friends.... he is a poor guy, he got a really pretty girl, but he didnt know what she like, what she is thinking, what's she need... so he had to ask these things to her friend -- another pretty girl... and finally, his girl friend thaught he fell in love with her friend, and their love was over...

that's stupid... I am really afraid this kind of girls...
you have to learn to think with emotion rather than your head. Women tend to be quite predictable, it's just not in the way a man would typically predict. to say that women don't think about looks is not true, they simply don't obsess over them the way men tend to, and really if yu want to be happy as a man you really should stop obsessing. if you start looking for a woman who is great and loving, you'll find that she IS beautiful.

Most women want a man who is smart, and funny. Most women like a guy who is relatively clean cut and groomed(not necessarily naturally attractive, but takes care of himself). a man who isn't afraid to stand up for himelf(and for his lady), but at the same time knows when to keep his mouth shut. strong enough to fight, but wise enough to know when not to.

As a rule, a woman will almost never tell you what she is thinking or feeling with words. She tells you with body language and just how she generally acts around you.
We're not that hard to understand are we? Well, no I take that back. Lol, that's why I never tried to get with a girl. Anyways, I'll give you my opinion on men, and well how my mind works, maybe just maybe you'll understand us women alittle better.

A man has to look good to you. It doesn't mean he looks like the hotest movie star or male model. Its the way he carries himself. The confidence he has in himself. The girls personal taste; does she like facial hair, men with long hair, tall and lanky, or built like fabio. Just like you men different things turn us on.

We need somebody who can pry precious information from us. Somebody who can read us like a book. 90% of what we say isn't in words but with our body and mannerisms. What we do say isn't usually important but you need to atleast pay some attention. If you don't know what we want or need ask us. Ask us until we tell you. DO NOT ASK OUR FRIENDS OR OTHER WOMEN

Generally, pretty girls are used to everybody telling them how beautiful they are, how perfect. So don't tell them the same old lines they've herd millions of times. Be new, fresh, and inventive. Don't be afraid of making an ass out of yourself. If you can maintain your cool and make us laugh and remember you, your one step closer to us. If we're pissed about something, make us tell you. Sit down somewere quite and show us that you care, and if you honestly don't understand tell us! Give us your point of view. After all we are different creatures. I hope I helped alittle. If you have any questions PM me or track me down. I'll be somewher around.
well i dont understand the girls in my class... they have their little group of like 8-10 people... they laugh over the stupidest things.... like you can say poppy-c-o-c-k and one or three of them will laugh so hard theyll piss theirself
Yea, those are the ones you want to stay far far away from.... Hmmm... giddy giggly people scare me.
You cant understand eveyone or anyone.
i am nd i understand men
I think you'd better to give up this understanding project. Women are just like computers. Smile The more you know about them, the more you see you'll newer could understand.
I'm a woman. I think you can't undertand us cuz we are more complicated. We are more emotional than men, so the answer is clear: non-emotional people can't understand emotional ones.

Don't you think so?

soulman wrote:
well, for me, if I am seeking for a GF, she must like to talk everything to me in order to understand each other...

How old are you and where do you live? I'd tell you everything... Wink xD

If interested PM me...

Nope, i dont get them one bit, always moody and yelling.. It is a hard bisness having a girl friend, but you cant live with out them! Well some people can, i cant though =D
women are complicated but not that much, you just need to be a little smart and a lot sensitive. If you put attention to their reactions you can end up understanding them because they are predectible. The point in here is what you want a women for, having good time, experience, commitment, companion, friendship? depending on that then as men there are different kind of women and each one of them require different treatment. but in general just try to be yourself that is the best way to go.
To simply answer the question: No. Not at all. Razz
I think they are kind of weird (or at least the way they react to some stuff), but not really complicated.
I would say that I also don't understand SOME WOMEN .. Why? because of this reasons:

1. Some are really that emotional to a point that they can hurt other person's feelings.

2. Lame and dumb that they can't control themselves.

3. Seeking a lot more attention even if you're giving them enough. (for girlfriends)

... and still they'll say "You're with other girls? don't you?". Damn! I hate such confrontation! I'm being alleged to be with someone else and then when you try to explain, she'll not listen even for weeks. Honestly, I'm a one woman man. I never cheated when I had my past relationships. I have a GF who is like that and guess what? I caught her cheating on me and just left her for good, begging that to give her a chance but I think it's enough, I just can't find a reason why should I? And for now, I got one for the last 2 years and I love to be SINGLE!

4. A lot of talk rather than thinking before they'll say something good or logical.

5. Some just tend to look good as much as they can to get public attention rather than learning a skill or to be more keen and smart. (Sorry but, I'll also include some guys though I think more women does!)

6. Nagger
WOMEN are not that hard to understand as long as you know what they are looking for.
They want someone who listens to guys...listen musn`t actually listen to them talk...just pretend Very Happy
They want someone who makes them laugh go get yourself some sense of humour...
They want their world to be rocked...meeting someone like they never met before surely attracts them
They want someone good-looking or atleast who bathes daily (so go buy some soap dudes Very Happy)
They want don`t cheat or give them reason to think so...
They want you to be sensitive
They want you to give them protection
They want you to take them out..
they want to.....
they want to.....
they want to.....
they want to.....
they want to.....
they want to.....

I left some blank fields for you to fill out...and it is a real shame thinking that all we men want is food, sex and sleep Very Happy
After being married for 17 years all I can say is this:
Don't try and understand them, just learn how to live with them.

Hot tips:
- Women like men who make them laugh, doesn't matter if youre not good looking. Ever thought what that really great looking girls is doing with that ugly guy?
- Honesty.
- Look after them, care and attention. But don't over do it, spontaneous gestures are the best.
- Flowers on Birthdays are not spontaneous, they expect them.
solomagos wrote:
... so the answer is clear: non-emotional people can't understand emotional ones.

Well, that says it all, doesn't it!
As a less-than-typically emotional woman, I have to say that I don't understand women either!
Maybe it would help if you stopped trying to understand women and worked on enjoying (understanding might be a little too optimistic) just one woman???
Gotta' stay focussed...
Women is rough business, and I wish I could offer some type of military related smilie or metaphor but alas...I have nothing. In clear thinking is...That if you're trying to impress a woman that your attempts are more likely to fai because you build your pressure on yourself. Thinking is extremely bad because on many occassions I have taked my way out of getting into a converstation. =\
I dont think anyone on this earth have nderstood them.. including themselves... Smile Embarassed
All people don't understand each other....... Confused

You understand them when you become a GOD.......
When they say black, it's white and when they say white, it's black.... No i don't understand, too hard
Texas Al
I'll buck the trend and say that women are more like men than men realize. Like all human beings, women like...

* ... to talk about themselves. So ask her some safe generic questions (what are your hobbies, where are you from, do you have any brothers and sisters, do you have pets). And then, don't say anything and listen to her until she's done talking. Chances are not too many people (especially guys) ever really listen to her.

* ... attractive people. Luckily for you, their idea of attractive is a lot more diverse than ours is. There are even girls out there who like chubby guys (and some of these girls are chubby, but hey, fair is fair, right?). Unluckily for you, it takes a while to figure out which ones are attracted to you. But once you do, you can then pick the ones you're attracted to from among the ones who are already attracted to you instead of chasing some girl you want to like you but who just never will because you're not her type. Conversely, you can be a total jerkwad and mess up everything else on this list and she'll still like you if you're her type. Something to try is identifying a girl who is friends with a lot of other girls and becoming friends with her (not her boyfriend, just friends). If you can manage this, you'll accomplish several things at once. You'll learn how to be friends with a girl (see below). You'll learn more about how they think. You'll also have the inside line on which of her friends likes you.

* ... to be taken seriously. How would you like to design a killer website or score the game-winning goal and the only thing people notice about you is "Oh, look, he's got such a cute little face!". Okay, well maybe it might be fun to hear that the first few times, but it would get old fast.

* ... for someone to like them without some kind of hidden agenda. This is a tough one-- as a teenage guy you probably want to have a girlfriend, and to lose your virginity. Whereas she wants someone who genuinely likes her as a friend, but with the added chemistry and excitement of him being a boy. Let me put it this way-- how would you feel if you had a friend but he didn't really give a damn about you, he just liked coming to your house to play your video games? Used, right? Well, that's how girls feel when you like them for being beautiful and don't even know them as people. Chances are you're going to mess this one up over and over again until you grow up and calm down a little. Some guys never do. Luckily girls your age aren't particularly subtle either, so you might actually get away with stuff that's transparently an excuse to make out with her.

For more tips on how to make people in general (including girls) like you, get a copy of Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" from the library or a used bookstore or something. It's one of the best-selling self-help books in history, and for a good reason-- it gives common-sense advice that works.
Texas Al
But the question wasn't really about understanding women, was it? It was "How do I understand women well enough to get them to go out with me?".

I really do believe that the list I posted previously will help with that, and I wish someone had given me a list like that when I was in high school. But another thing to realize is that high school is a very competitive and unfair place when it comes to dating. You're competing not only with all the other guys at your school, but also who knows how many older guys out there. It's a "seller's market".

The longer you wait, the more of a "buyer's market" it becomes. If you get to college, that automatically filters out a lot of the guys who don't. Not completely, but come on, if a girl is on track to be a doctor or a lawyer, is she really going to waste time with some guy who bags groceries for a living? You, on the other hand, probably still won't care much about a girl's social status and career prospects if you're attracted to her. So your dating pool will be both college and non-college girls (and many non-college girls will see you as a step upward).

By the time you graduate and enter the work force or a graduate program, there will be another phenomenon working in your favor. More and more of the guys your age will be married. On the other hand, your female colleagues are more likely to have postponed marriage to avoid derailing their careers (which it does). They'll finally be looking for a guy who can understand what they're going through, and who's still single... in other words, you. In addition to them, you'll still have all the other women, 18 years and up, to choose from. And don't forget the older women who probably wouldn't have given a guy like you the time of day when they were in high school. By now they'll be on their first or second divorce and compared to whatever flaccid fossil they just extricated themselves from, you'll look like a stud!

So my prediction is that by the time you have a college degree and a salaried job someplace, and if you don't have anything terribly wrong with you (morbidly obese, smelly, STDs, into some kind of gross fetish, still living with your mom)...

...and if you somehow manage to remain single despite these stellar qualifications...

...then log onto whatever will be the most popular personals website by then, answer a few ads, and inside of a week you'll have met several potential girlfriends if that's what you still want by then.

Welcome to the buyer's market, and enjoy your shopping experience. Store closes when you hit forty.
Damn, what texas al said made some sense there. I never thought of it that way. But then why postpone till u start working? Before u get to the buyers' market, u can still do some niche marketing,haha.
women are easy to demystify. All you have to do is give them a gift, say yet dear all the time, and sorry i was wrong, and give them a good wood. thats it! done.
My girlfriend says I understand women incredibly well. I seem to have this gift of knowing what they want, when they want it...

I noticed when I used to use Yahoo! Messanger that all my friends bar one were female, because I've always been a really good listener and I think that's a big thing to a lot of women, no matter who they are or their personality. Women go through a lot more shit than we do and us guys don't seem to appreciate that very much. They have babies and most painfully of all at that time of the month, according to my girlfriend, they have a uterus. Just thank God we don't have one of those.

But I don't think we can fully understand women, what would be the fun in that? And as much as they like to think it, they can't fully understand us. If we all understodd each other, the world would be a very boring place.

Steve. Wink
Some one has clearly said No one including GOD can understand 'em
I tought to be sure with this.. do you understand women.. man , they do not understand themself .. what they want from life , they change every moment you think they are sure of themself .
Hey girls are those yoyo things who doesn't know anything. Girls are foolish and they can't figure out what is right and what is wrong. They are the one who makes you go after, die for and lastly surely they will ruin your life.
baby,girl , mather,grandmather ,all these are women
I have serious trouble understanding women but im sure some women have the same problem understanding men Very Happy
We woman understand ourselves and perfectly know what we want, the problem is that it does not often mix well with what men want and often men simply fail to see what would make us happy.

women are sensible, the majority of us are girlie-girls in our heart and like romance, cute things, good manners and most of all: being the center of YOUR attention. Never act with your girlfriend as if she's your trophee to show your friends.

We like little attentions, no gifts all the time, but a flower when we feel down a bit, a love poem or letter once or twice a year (we'll cherish those and keep them in a secret drawer with pink or red ribbons tie around them).

We like to be caressed and kissed a LOT before sex, hey it's supposed to be part of making love, but we like the same kisses and sweet caresses AFTER teh act, that make us feel like we were not used for your pleasure (especially if once the action has started it last less then 10 min).

One thing you must understand about women, we like to talk about things a lot. For men, when you face a problem, you take a decision and voila! Let's go on to something else. Women will talk and talk about it for hours, it's our way to break into little pieces the problem and especialy the strong emotions we felt about it!

Even if a woman likes a blond curly man she will still marry with a man with long , black hair! Because, as it was said before, it's an intelligent man who makes us laugh and feel like a princess we like. Looks are good to get you a date to go dancing but for a long lasting relation, as long as you smell good, clean clothes, and a great smile, we are happy.

If you can look at things with a emotionnal vision, you will have understand half of us women.
ocalhoun wrote:
No, but they can also provide things a woman can't.

Shocked i really dont want to know Laughing
just smile and wave boys (madagascar)

Woman are as you say a puzzle.
Some idividuals are more easely to discover... but others... damn Smile

I was with a girl once (she was protastants) and she was very religiously raised...
what i didn't know was that she was also a member of a group of anarchists...

People can have a splitted personality without even knowing it.
Do you understand women???

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