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What Gamming Platform Do You Most Enjoy?

Whats Best Gamming Platform?
 75%  [ 21 ]
XBox (All of them)
 0%  [ 0 ]
PlayStation (All of them)
 7%  [ 2 ]
 3%  [ 1 ]
Gameboy (All Gamboys)
 3%  [ 1 ]
Other... (Specify in Reply)
 10%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 28

I Personaly Enjoy PC over all, because FPS games on all other platforms suck. its just so hard to aim
where is the gamecube?
SilverDogg wrote:
where is the gamecube?

You already have one topic on that!
You really want to find that spice-orange gamecube, don't you.
I personally prefer playing games on the PC, on several basises...

a) There is a much larger range of games than consoles (not just number, but genre too) and unlike consoles seem to, most of them don't suck!
b) You can download 100% free games over the internet
c) Having a whole keyboard gives you easier control than most controlers, in my opinion, and the mouse is certainly easier.
d) There's a larger possibility of obtaining extra player-map maps, mods, levels etc.
e) I've got a computer anyway, don't need to pay hundreds of dolars for a console too.

There are more too, but those are the ones off the top of my head...
ocalhoun wrote:
SilverDogg wrote:
where is the gamecube?

You already have one topic on that!
You really want to find that spice-orange gamecube, don't you.

he is asking what is my favourite gaming platform, but doesnt include gamecube. why is that? it doesnt have anything to do with any other threads!
I was joking!
Can't you recognize digital sarcasm?
ocalhoun wrote:
I was joking!
Can't you recognize digital sarcasm?

not when its not obvious ;P
I would have to say the computer, simply because it has Age of Empires on it.

But my second favorite has to be the Xbox (dont have the 360 yet), because of the awsomeness of the huge hard drive and playing online with your friends on Xbox Live.
I have tried GBA, PS2, Xbox and PC gaming and all I can say is, the PC still is the best gaming platform ever! It has the best graphics (provided you have the latest video card) but also the most expensive of them all.

The only downside of PC gaming is, you have to install the game first before you can play unlike any other console gaming that you only have to put the disc on and switch the console and play the game like there's no tomorrow.

But still, installing the game to the PC adds excitement to the game you want to play. Very Happy Cool
Well, I really think that right now... my favorite gaming platform is the Nintendo DS.

Probably because of its games.

But only the PSP are in that voting, not DS?
Meh, gamcube isnt in there either. I just think people hate nintendo Wink
I love PC and Ps2!!

Both are cool! I have never tried a xbox and psp is nice too......
PC for a few reasons :

1. i dont own a console Sad
2. far better titles available

the only console i ever owned was a 8-bit one on which i used to play mario
Yeah, I think PC is the best overall. Especially 'cause you can get some of the console games on PC. But some you can't, and that is when you need a console.
But when you buy a game for the console, you know that its gonna work and you wont to have to buy any new parts.
I voted "PC" Smile. It is the most flexible platform. U can have almost any game u want. U can put patches at your games. It is very easy to play online or multiplayer. It can be sometimes problems with security but the problem is minimal. (if u use cracks and so on...u will be in trouble..the games must be original Razz)
Yeah, but the best part about the PC has to be like with games such as UT2004 you can make your own levels and characters. In PC games, their is usually a level of control over the gameplay not present in other systems. For instance with Halo, you can make levels and weapons as well on the PC, but not on the Xbox.
You can't really compare consoles to PC... I like playing PC games better because:

1. Graphics are better
2. You have an OS
3. Mods are much easier
4. The multiplayer communitys are much better for some reason!
That's true, PCs are preaty much different from consols. It really is hard to compare them because the PC will always be able to outperform if it has recent upgrades.
I enjoy playing on a PC beacause i havebeen using it for a long time and i have not played on any other console except the PSP
I like NDS and also PS2!!
I alwayse played games on my PC but I think it's more entertaining Very Happy

especially on GameBot Advance Very Happy
number one is my pc, why?
1 Easy to install play and patch etc
2 Online games are better played on a pc in my opinion
3 pc is easy upgradeble
4 Allot of games
I'd say i prefer the PC because you can always keep upgrading your PC (not always cheap but rewarding) and you can like get the newer and newer games to run. But these days I'm also getting addicted to my N-Gage. Graphics, or game availability wise it may not scre but I do rank it high on portability. Like sitting on the last row in class.....
I don't see SNES.

and of current gaming platforms...ummm GBA or DS...GCN is the best out of the consoles, but all the consoles pretty much suck.
Well, I own an N64, Gamecube, Gameboy, and Gameboy Advance (yes, I do like Nintendo, but not enough to go out and buy every new handheld variation anymore), in addition to my PC. Although there have been great games for these consoles and only these consoles (Legend of Zelda is one that comes to mind), the PC is definitely the best gaming platform. Unlike any other console, you can tweak your PC to the max, add new graphics cards, do whatever you want to it (and that's without breaking your warranty), and there is such a great selection of PC games in comparison to any other console. You might complain about having to use the keyboard or the mouse for some games, so go buy a joystick! Even though all of this ability to customize your computer could give you headaches as you try to install games and get them set up - you could have the wrong video card, not have enough RAM, etc. - the PC is still best for gaming.
I like the PC the best. You can play people online for free. You dont have to buy memory cards to save your progress. You dont have to buy controllers. For a ton of games, you can download mods for them. Theres also extension packs, which is really easy to do on computers. PC gaming is so much better than consoles.
My favourite platform will and most likely be the PC, the possibilities are endless and thats why its so great. But I also like the PSP if that counts and PS2.
My favourite at the moment is my psp, Ive had it a few weeks and played games for longer than I have done since the 80's lol I havent played like it since I had my atari 8-bit, its just the convenience of it being an hand held and yet its got nice graphics and a really good clear screen, not only that but you can browse the net and watch movies aswell :-O its a lovely little beast. Mine is a newer one so I cant play homebrew emulators which is a shame, but im not overly bothered about not being able to play iso's, I'd rather buy the game anyway, I want this machine to do well not be pirated to death.
Playstation for me... it has the rpgs Smile
PC - online game rpg games~ Very Happy
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