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Which OS do you prefer?

Which OS do you prefer
 48%  [ 21 ]
 18%  [ 8 ]
 32%  [ 14 ]
Total Votes : 43

Which operation system do you prefer
Not to be a bother, but it would be nice if the choices were more varied.
Its possible that we have Unix users here. There are probably a few other OS's that I con't think of right now...
Anyway, I dont have an operation system.
I'm sure I've seen this same kind of thread before. But bah, oh well. I grew up on Windows, so Windows is my preferred operating system. I don't like Mac because it's too user friendly, I can't even change settings on the modem with Mac.Wink
I grew up with windows and I'm used to it...I have been considering, however, switching to Mac.
i' preffer Windows Smile but linux ist not bad Smile

Ps. change in poll "Linux" to "*NIX" Smile
I Preffer Windows XP.
I grew up using windows. I started using windows since then 3.1 version, which was so old ago.
But 5 minutes ago, i just tested Linux SuSE, and i instantly fell in love with it. So i voted for linux Laughing
I`m also started with win 3.1, but before with DOS.
Now i use Slackware on desk pc, and Mandriva on notebook so i prefer linux than windows, but i can`t decide between Mac OS X and Linux
Severely Linux ! Razz Not CrashOS with blue screen theme.

XP and Mac are too expensive. But Linux is free !
see, of course most people will choose windows. Thats becuase its the major part of all operating systems used in the wolrd. Yes, its pretty nice, pretty stabe and usefull. however, other os's..mainly the linux and other open source are the best. Although, to the ragular comsumer and beginer computer user, those wont be any good to them. And, on the subject on macs...wel, I personaly dont like them becuase of their simplicity. those comps are used for specific things and for beginner and not hard core computer users. any PC can do what a mac does, and a lot of the time better. any of the software mac has PS can get and ofyer has better examples. There is no real answer to this question since all of the OS's are not evenly used and distributed around the world.
MAC is the best but not practical... softwares r hard to find... therefore my vote goes to windows.... Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
I use windows
I use windows, and have most of my life online,,, but have considered going to linspire which used to be winspire,,,, its a linux based operating system, and does cost to purchase, but when you buy as system from like, you can get it preinstalled, and the computer system is extremely cheap in price compared to other systems... I think i will get one next time...
Free software is my best,so OS builded under open source ,like linux,*nix,is my favorite OS.
i prefer using linux
however,i am using windows........
Windows for the rich, Linux for the geeks, Mac for the rich geeks.. Laughing
you want the easy of use and good
then must windows(say xp)
linux is good and high speed but less efficincy no exe etc....
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
First of all, there is no operating system called Linux. Linux is just the kernel of the operating system. If you are referring to an operating system, please use gnu/Linux.

I use gnu/Linux only, and prefers it for several reasons.
Macintosh! Yeah! Mac OS X v10.4.3 Tiger.

"Once You Go Mac, You'll Never Go Back." It's true though.
Why would anyonw who has tried Mac go back to Windows. It is so user friendly and intuitive. the Aqua interface is great and it never locks up and it is rock solid. NO VIRUSES!!!! Very easy to learn.
Macintosh, hands down. especially for newer users. easy to use, extremely stable, virtually virus free even with every day internet use. the only problem i have is getting rid of that damn ever present menu bar at the top of the screen. is it too much to ask to be able to hide that like you can hide the taskbar in windows?
i prefer window for all gaming...

want to learn some administrative setup or some networking go for linux or unix
i prefer linux ( debian or gentoo )
using winxp. planning to shift soon Very Happy
Where is BSD? Anyway...i prefer windows not because it's a good OS but because i like to play game's and i like to have a good, nice, looking picture in those is for now. If i dindn't play games...FreeBSD or some linux was for me...
I would prefer linux. In windows your knowledge is limited. In linux, you are free to do whatever you want. Furthermore, any experience developer would prefer linux over windows. Windows is full of bugs and stuff. Twisted Evil you can't trust it. just consider the open source community and you will surely mesmerize at how linux is developing nowadays. there will come a time when people will no longer use propriety software. and that time is nearing. Cool
ubuntu since the beginning, but I began on windows 3.1, 95 2000 and XP, but I I will not use vista.

Windows XP has done the job for me, l was ready to switch there for awhile during 98, but XP kept me in, and l am happy with it Neutral
Windows is the best OS with easy user interface and easy availability of drivers and softwares makes it the best option ahead of Mac and Linux.
I think the "Windows-philosophy" is that the first thing in the system is Windows itself. The user comes after that. I mean that it will dominate your computer and will not allow you to do anything but starting programs it allowed you to install. So (please don't feel offended) Windows treats users as idiots. That's what I feel in the last few months, so I will switch to Solaris (and maybe Linux).
Just an example: If I generate an infinite loop in a program (all of us has done it once or twice, right?) I have to stop the process. Let's see the two ways of doing it:
a. The Windows way:
CTRL-ALT-DEL. Task manager pops up, I select the process, click End task. After a few seconds: "This program is not responding. Would you like to terminate it now?" Yes, I know it is not responding, I should have used a < instead of a > in the While loop, but I will correct it. So, click End now. Then another box pops up: "You have chosen to close this program, which was not responding. Would you like to send a report to Microsoft about this?" NOOOO, thank you, I don't want to send, I know exactly what the problem is, so will you be so kind to CLOSE THE PROGRAM NOW??!!? Huhh...
b. The Solaris/Linux way:
Start a console.
ps -e | grep programname
xxxx programname ....
kill xxxx

...and there you go...
i like so much windowws....but mac to work in images its much better xD
I prefer Macs by a long shot, the system stability is simply put far and away in advance of Windows.... And I've never had the chance to try Linux, so I have no idea how that is....
well i prefer linux and windows....but i dont think we should compare them..they are the best in their own way.....
My wife is using M$ Winblows XP
I am using Linux Debian
Our peronnal server is running FreeBSD
We plan to buy a Mac
OS are just tools...
Our first computer had Mac and it was good. I grew up and in school we had Windows 3.*. That was the time I knew nothing about computers. I bought my first PC and it had Windows 95. Cause Macs expensive programs in that time, every computers in my family had Windows in it. When I used to use computer then I noticed how buggy they were. About year ago I met Fedora(Linux-distrubation). I liked to use it, however the begin was difficult cause a bit different system as I had used to. Now I have Ubuntu(another linux-distrubation) and I like it very much. I would never change back to Windows. Mac is what is nice to try, because they look nice out and had totally own system. That would happend when I have enough money. Unix-based system I would never drop.

Some have said a bout programs. They are free for linux and easy to get, when can use softwares in it. Open-Source is that we want! It helps everyone.

For people who had never tried Linux-based system, I suggest Linspire (self have never used, just heard), because it look like Windows and is easy to use. When know the basic command then is good to move to Ubuntu, Fedora or SuSE. When can use system skillful, then go foward.
Started with Macs... They were the good ole days, the days of Netscape Navigator and such. Adavnced from the older version Mac's to the newer iMacs (Newer at the time), followed soonly by Windows 98. Win98 was easy to adopt, Next OS was an early XP ver, which was then updated to a more recent version. After all that I can still say that Windows is my favourite/most comfortable with, Although I never really used the MAC during it's later more GUI friendly years. As for Linux I have only been playing around with SuSe so I can't really say much about that.
I have been using Windows since, well, Windows 3.1 (i was 5 at the time). So I prefer the Microsoft name. But recently, I have experimented with Red Hat Fedora Core Linux. Not bad, But ill stick with winXP for now. Mac is too, how should I say it, um... Restricted. It's like computing for dummies.
dan751 wrote:
I'm sure I've seen this same kind of thread before. But bah, oh well. I grew up on Windows, so Windows is my preferred operating system. I don't like Mac because it's too user friendly, I can't even change settings on the modem with Mac.Wink

You know, I've found Mac to be more user friendly than windoze. That's one reason I like it so much.

I also saw someone posted saying that Mac software is hard to find. I haven't had a problem with that. I even use my Mac for gaming!
Windows XP and Pardus (base on linux)
Kubuntu of course... I only use Windows because of the Windows-only programs that I use more often than not. I like to play games to kill time.
Gentoo > any os ever created.

But I do wish I had a Mac.
Ubuntu is cool, I've used Slackware and thought it was bloated, Mandrake too windows for me. But recently have renewed my interest in windows. I do use several programs i cannot use on Linux and now that I have created my own windows Xp install using nLite. It allowed me to add and remove any usless shite from windows install.
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