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Which sports you like?

I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....
I personally prefere watching sports than doing them although I enjoy playing footbal, rugby and doing athletics. Tennis and badminton are alright and fairly easy and relaxing (more the badminton). I really dont get cricket at all and dont understand softball (the ball is anything but soft!).
volley, beach volley, Wink
I like Badminton. Anyone here like it too? ^_^
what's badminton ?
I've already said I like it.

badminton: kinda like tennis but use a shuttlecock instead

and its not allowed to bounce. A lotmore laid back then tennis as it doesnt need to be hit as hard

more info
Thanx for all that details,...
I 'm not used to have someone who explain me exactly what i asked for;
Thanx again,
me I like : taekwondo, skateboard, bike, swimming and I think that's it.

My prefer sport is skateboard Razz Razz But I'm very bad.
James Bond-007
I like Golf, Tennis, Mountain Biking, Road Biking, and Snowboarding.
Golf! I think I'm missing the point of that as well. I just get nothing from it (might be due the fact I'm useless). Miniture golf is good but hardly a sport

Mountain Biking Razz I forgot about the hard, rough outdoor kind of sports. Hiking isnt really but thats fun, mountain biking and rock climbing is ace! Very Happy
Soccer Smile I also like Basketball and Badminton.
Tennis all the way! I play it as often as possible and i watch it as often as possible! gogogog Kim Clijster & Justine Henin
Soccer and swimming is my favourite sports.
Though I don't really play soccer now, I still enjoy watching it on tv. Wink

Swimming is more of a leisure activity for me. I swim to keep myself healthy and in shape. Smile
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

I very like chess. Razz Laughing Razz Laughing Razz
I love badminton.. favourite sport of all time for me..
after that would be volleyball.

I don't care if other people hate badminton =p doesn't discourage me ;D
North American sports for me,

I like playing: Hockey, Basketball, Bowling(I suck), Table Tennis(suck), Badminton(ok), Poker(if it's considered), Mini Golf
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

Yes, me too. I like swimming. Then is tennis and football.
name the sports you like then explain why you like at least one of them please Smile
if i play
i will play soccer , basketball and shooting
i like to play and watch soccer and basketball very much
but i can watch every sports
i watch tennis , valleyball , swiming , boxing , football , snooker
and other sports which have to show in tv program
Football is my fav sports. and my fav team is arseanal. they rocks !!
i love taekwondo,
is a great excercise, you train in a mind-body way, it's a challenge to the one who is practicing it, i like the traditional movements (forms), and while sparring, you must think before make any movement, and obviusly you must train really hard.
I also like swimming, it works like a complement to taekwondo for me.
Car Audio
Boxing is my favourite sport, then Baseball, Basketball and at last Wrestling.
You guys saw the Tyson fight last night? Its unveliabable the winner got like $115k and Tyson who lost got $6 millions from the fight . Brick wall
Hello all friends my favourite game is cricket and soccer i like very much i still enjoy watching it on tv........
football,basketball,wrestling, and baseball.
Me? Hmm..... let me think.....
I like to walking, it's very simple to do. I also like martial arts like karate and kendo (I want to be samurai, but it's imposible... . Crying or Very sad so I choose kendo ).
Basketball is best i think. because it's very speedy . I also like football . My favorite team is Fenerbahçe . Formula 1 is excellent . M Schumacher is my favorite driver in F1 . I'm interested in all sports .
I enjoy watching Nascar(everything else bores me to death)
but i do enjoy playing Soccer and Baseball
i like football, snooker, hockey and skijumping Smile Malysz is the best Wink
Billiards, swimming pool, volleyball and bowling.
I like

thats about the only two sports I watch
1. Cricket
2. Football (soccer)
3. Volleyball
4. Basket ball

These are the games i play
And i love those games Wink
Based on the list above, it would be soccer first then basketball comes second. Very Happy
My favourites sports are Tae-Kwon-Do and VTT ( all terrain bicycle...)
Taekwondo is very useful for self-defense, but is also pleasant.
To realise that you can hit the head of an attacker with your foot is good for your moral Very Happy
I love soccer, I play premiere and my favorite team is MU and Chelsea!
personally i love basketball,football something with full of action hehehehe

anybody plays NBA LIVE?

this is also for me a good sports hrhrhrhr Razz
I enjoy playing a lot of sports. My favorite would be tennis, voleyball, and soccer.
Baketball will always be my first love. Cheers!
The Majestic 17
Of Cource Football Embarassed

ThanX Man
ICE HOCKEY! Laughing Laughing
I prefer Martial Art ~ Wushu also know as KUNG FU (cantonish) !
And i dont like tennis Rolling Eyes Speak to the hand
I also like swimming. Smile
Golf! I think I'm missing the point of that as well. I just get nothing from it (might be due the fact I'm useless). Miniture golf is good but hardly a sport

Mountain Biking I forgot about the hard, rough outdoor kind of sports. Hiking isnt really but thats fun, mountain biking and rock climbing is ace!
Laughing Razz Shocked
I love swimming best Very Happy
I like Football. swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Boxing,etc.
I personally like Tennis very much and i'm a pssionate practicer, as well as fencing and football (i'm moroccan) Very Happy

but I practice snowboarding as well, since I live in France, as well as Tae-kwon-do, the most attracting and stylish martial art to my knowledge:D
First - soccer
second - handyball, tennis, golf, basketball, ....
im surprised no ones into ping givs the most instant sense gratifaction

i also do a lot of
swimmin, kung fu< culdnt get more than a err white belt>
foosball, cricket, skatin, badminton,treks? rock climbin , cycling

and ofocurse PING PONG
Soccer/Football, American Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Boxing to watch.

To play, I like the first four that I mentioned above and maybe a little unorganized volleyball.
i, basket ball, base ball, sumtime soccer but mainly play football...dont play others a whole lot. :\would play basketball if i had a hoop and a good ball and cant play baseball in my yard cuz previously broke windsheild on and soccer...i dont have a ball
I like football
hehe Very Happy
Pretty much soccer, though I like to dabble in other games. Wink
i really like volleyball!1 as in its like food to me... i just like playing it because it keeps me moving and alert unlike other games. i play as libero in our team and i like playing that position. it makes my mind wonder where the ball will go next. i am the defense specialist and sad to say i cant do offense. but fortunately, i have to wear a different uniform unlike my team mates. its kinda cool and it makes me unique. i also like it because i am the most exhausted after the game... makes me feel like a hero. i do the dolfin dive, and different kinds of slides. so do u want to paly volleyball? or do u want to play as libero too? just give me a holla!!! tanx for reading!!! Rolling Eyes
I like Formula 1 racing and GP (Motorbike Racing) to see on tv because i like to see Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi.
I like practicing Handball, but it's not a current sport in the US!! Sad
Baseball/Softball and Soccor are the ones i love to play.
football and basketball (basketball is better then football)
anyway im pretty bad on both
Guess who
I like football i was startin Qb In Highschool Laughing
I like football and basketball!! The thing i hate about football is if the game is slow and sleppy! i like games ful of goals and fouls:)
i like many sports like cycling, playing badminton and many others like bowling....
i like swimming, basketball, table tennis, batminton... many
tennis Wink
i like soccer and basketball only Very Happy
-=Dark Boo=-
Soccer and basketball. Smile
I like many sports... I like soccer, bandy, hockey, handball, football etc.
But my favorite sport is soccer...
...I play soccer in a team called Husie in Malmö in Sweden, and I play for the A team
We are now taking a step up to the fourth division.
And with some help from players in my age (16), we'll step even higher, to the third division...
After that we'll see if we're going even higher...
Let's hope so... In the end I'll probably end up in the national team together with Zlatan and Freddie and them.
ManKind Monster
i like footbal and basketball.
I like playing table tennis.
I think it is exciting.
I think football is too exciting
so I willl out of breathe.
Mine is most likely baseball.

And of course my favorite team is the New York Yankees.

They are misunderstood, and many people dislike them because they have so much money. But, that money comes from loyal fans.

Alex Rodriguez give a million dollars to the Red Cross every year. Razz
The games i like to play are Cricket , Table Tennis and badminton.
Apart from these i like most of the physical games. Even i have a liking for chess as well but i am very haste at it and looses it in a hurry. Wink
Don't like nothing but WAVE SURFING !

The bad thing is that we don't have big waves in Israel Mad

Skateboarding and snowboarding. basiclly anything extreme Smile
I like a football its a wonderfull sport:),also i like ice hockey,snowboarding,floorball,..
I support:

Cricket, Football, F1 And A1
Soccer (futball), ice hockey, basketbal
Tabletennis...A great sport
football (socker), ice hockey and basketball
i am an athlete so i'll choose athletics. Smile
I like socces. I play soccer myselve. I'm a defender. Also I like to support PSV Einhoven and the dutch national team. They have to play tonight against Chech Republik. We hope we will get points there. Then we go to the world championship in Germany Cool
i do love football and basketball...

but right now, im more into football... Cool
I like badminton too its really good! The best sport is definately rugby league though, its exciting all the way through and just non-staop action! None of these boring phases which can last from 10mins all the way upto a full half which is often seen in games of football. Does anyone else follow rugby? Or does anyone actually no what it is- unlike those nuggets who have never heard of badminton! Laughing
Cricket has to be my favorite sport, but I like basketball and football too.
Basketball is my favorite sport, I always play at my school Wink
I am a professional swimmer.And I love cylcling
my favourite sport is basketball
i play it nearly every day
I'm Brazilian, so I like soccer, volleyball, chess, handball, beach volleyball.

I hope some day I will learn baseball.

Sorry if I have some mistakes, because I don't speak English fluently!
hhhm..iam a very sporty person..and i enjoy sports an awful lllllllooootttt!!!i play badminton,basketball...stouch em!
hey everyone,

yea i like Hockey the most, whta did yea expect im Canadian.
i also like soccer, My family's from Europe- YEA FOOTBALL(soccer in europe).
and i alos like basketball but not that much as i like Hockey and Soccer.

i try to watch every game of the leafs, even though they have a hard time winning teh cup, im still their fan.

i like watching the world cup soccer. especially Brazil, their teh best as us we all know LOL!!!

and basketball is just for fun with my firends.

i also enjoy other sports such as, badminton, taekwondo-Blue Belt. oh and some sports game son the PS2 or PC.

well thnx again
See Ya
i like football basketball and shooting
I like football....badminton...and chess.
Football keeps your legs healthy,
Badminton keps your arm healthy,
Chess makes your brains WORKING!
I like road biking, cross-country skiing, baseball, dodgeball (I'm actually in a league) and most of all Hockey!!!

Ya baby, Go Leafs Go!
football, basketball, swimming and volley ball r from the top. though i often get round to playin billiard just 2 chill
Football, Baseball, and All Racing(mainly IRL, NHRA, and NASCAR)
Heh, favourites sports...

Water Polo (please let me know if you know what this is...I know alot of people who give me a dumb open-mouthed look when I say that I play it)




Any Horse Sport (Racing, Jumping, Dressage etc.)
Finally waterpolo. I know what this is. But where i came from people know what waterpolo is Very Happy .


basketball, soccer, and football our favorites
i love play Basketball
i like football and cycling and i'm playing tennis and badminnton in a club. I also go swimming once a week.
Cricket, Basket Ball, Football,...
I like football the best,second is basketball.
football and basketball

but swimming is the best
football and running...
rugby, football, american football, baseball, bowling, ... i'll pretty much play anything. i always wanted to try ice hockey though...
Tennis, Basketball, Football, Baseball.

Does Mind breaking riddles count? Rolling Eyes
I like car racing, motorcycle racing, swimming and scuba diving
i like basketball and football
football , basketball , ..... i love every sports
I found my strength in Volleyball and Softball. I mean I'm not saying I'm ultimately good, but I'm okay. I enjoy playing these sports more than other sports. For Volleyball, I like LIBEROs.. For Softball, I like batting and playing center or right fielder. Infield, I'm not so much interested in.
I am a soccer freak.. hehe.. I like playing soccer as well as watch it on TV. My favourite soccer team is Juventus. Why I like soccer? coz, every person in the team work together and played a beautiful game to get a beautiful and awesome goal. Goalkeeper, Defender, Miedfielder, and Striker are working together with high determination and creativity.
I also like badminton, coz one of the great badminton player is from Indonesia, my lovely country. Yes,.. for sure Taufik Hidayat. He is a talented young player who can reach top position in the world
Football is my number 1 sport.
I am a fan of Feyenoord Rotterdam!
I like football(soccer).

I enjoy going to watch my team(Huddersfield Town) around the country.
I go with a group of guys on the train and we get drunk, Sing songs and sometimes lose!!
Were top of League 1 at the moment, Take alook at the link below!

More info(on the best football team in the world!) @
i like F1 and football
of cource Basketball.I like play Basketball and watch NBA games.
football number 1
Many friend of mine tell me they don't like football/soccer.

So, I asked why? and then They answered, "That stupid 22 peoples (2 teams) , only want a ball to get. I prefer to give them 22 balls, so they can play it itself. What the meaning of playing that stupid sports".

of course I didn't agree with them. In my argument, I think soccer have a deep meaning of arts, because they played a well-organisation and teamwork to get a goal by goal. That's the same meaning with a big organisation/corporate. The good organisation, good income.

I tell my friend the reason why i like soccer so much, and then they can't speak anything. They was just agree with me..

In senior high school i became a captain of the school baseball team. I enjoy that sport very much. Even in the hot and shinny day, i didn't really care.

My position is catcher. My team always got a first place winner in every year competitions.

But, when I graduated from high school, and became a College Student, I never to do that sport again...


I miss that sports.. Razz
CRICKET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Table Tennis.
Football and Basketball
me I like : skateboard , volley, beach volley, tennis.........but my prefer sport is SOCCER
my favs include tennis, basketball, AND MOST DEFINITELY SOCCER!
hahaha tennis is the best sport in the world!!

fun to watch and even more fun to play

a really good singles match just can't be topeed
Football all the way, but to most people its more then a sport, im talkin about soccer if theres any americans reading this.

i bet im the only WEST BROMWICH ALBION fan here Embarassed
I love to play soccer and Basketball. Those are my two favorite sports. Smile
I like soccer and volleyball. I've never played Tennis before and I don't know a single thing about the rules and such, but it seems fun Exclamation I wonder why most people in elementary schools almost always prefer basketball.
My favourite sport is football. I like it vey much. It is very popular. My favourite position is goalkeeper. I also like very much golf and basketball. But I don't play very often. Football rulezz Smile. Ski Jumping I like very much becous of poland's ski jumper Adam Malysz. It is very dengorous - I like watching it on TV. Cool
Some sports that I like to play are: Tennis, Football, and Basketball. I'm in the tennis team but I'm not the best at football and basketball lol. They're fun to play though Razz
football! Laughing
i love sailing, windsurfing,walking riding and handgliding

what can be better than being in the outdoors,chilling lazing smoking drinking and trying to do the sports i have mentioned above, its more fun than you can imagine believe me, there nothing that adds to the excitement of windsurfing in shark ifested waters with a bleeding toe from a beer bottle you tred on on the beach the night before....

handgliding always seems that much more adrelinne filçled when done with a hang over over snowy moutains in the alps, this rush is the best, flying above mountains with a hangover on the most dangerous currents in the planet while not really in a zone that allows you to consider what danger you are putting ya self in.!
football of course ! i mean soccer for american guys Very Happy

any supporting arsenal, olympic lyonnais or juventus here ?
I like watching and playing Basketball. What's not to like:

- Dunks, Alley-oops
- Killer-Crossovers

Passing the ball, driving by your opponent and taking it to the cup. It's a great game to play.

One thing to note is that you come to enjoy watching the sport if you know what the players go through. Basketball is not as easy as people thing.
I like nothing Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Depends.... for practising I prefer tennis but for watching my favourite is soccer Smile

Ala Celta (Celta de Vigo is the best!!!!)
I like Basketball
In Ireland we have a native sport called Hurling.

check out

This IS the greatest sport in the world, bar none!!!!

Skill, stength, honesty and incredible to watch.
My top sports are...

- Ultimate Frisbee
- Football (Soccer in NA)
- Basketball
- Hockey (I am Canadian after all)
I like football, boxing and body-building Cool
i like cricket
I play Table Tennis! Very Happy
I love Boxing
all other sports, except for Australian Rules Football an Rugby, look like wimpy man sports in comparison.
Classic boxing matches are the *best.* Exclamation
I like a lot of them...American football is my favorite. I like boxing as well, and basketball too. I hate baseball. Soccer is nice too...
i really like watching cricket and as a matter of fact that is the only game i like, i do like wwe but cricket if first for me...
I played foot ball back in college, now im skatebording summer long, snowboarding in winter, i like wake board too. PLayed volleyball, baseball tennis water polo. all kind of sport. like rock climbing free running, base jumping would be interesting
i love playing football and i love to see on football.
American Football.
I must say that football is one of the greatest sports of all time. 2nd to Nascar it is the most watched sport in the USA.
IF you take a look at the other main stream sports in the USA they are all full of issues. look at baseball and preformence drugs, basketball and all the fights and dress code, hockey (millionares fighting with billionares for money)
Don't get me worng I am a fan of these other sports but football is Americas new past-time.
Basketball, Mixed Martial Arts, 100 Meter Dash Sprint, Obstacle Course, Soccer, Badminton, and Butterfly Stroke in Swimming.
Soccer its number one,next ice hockey,..and many more sports.Yeah sure i like bech volleyball you know why Laughing
Can't beat a good game of rugby... It took me to South Africa last year on tour... The most amazing country in the world!!
I am a hardcore hockey fan. Go Oilers!!! However, this year my money is on the Ottawa Senators to win the cup. Bring it home to Canada baby!
I like Football and Basketball
Basketball Football Playing baseball and Golf.
are mine favorites. But i like other ball sports ,cycling, ... 2.
Tennis, tennis, tennis, tennis, ecc...
I like basketball too
The only sport I really like, extremly like, insanely like, crazy and addited to is War-game war simulation with Airsoft gun.
Billwaa wrote:
The only sport I really like, extremly like, insanely like, crazy and addited to is War-game war simulation with Airsoft gun.

I must try it some day... sounds interesting
I like a lot of sports but the sport I prefer is full contact It's the best xD
All (well most Wink ) sports are good esp. football, football rocks!!!!

I like teams sports the best, next best would have to be tennis and table tennis.

Like I said any sports are good. Whatever anyone else wants to play, anything to get a game going. Good fun and exercise here I come!!!
i love basketball
i play basketball already for 4 years
and i play in a basketball club about 1 year
i go everytime it's nice weather out to play basketball
because it is the fairest team sport for me
and i learned very much of friends and girlfriends Cool through basketball
kobe bryant is my favourite player Twisted Evil
+ football
+ basketball
+ voleyball
+ swimming

nearly all of the sports Smile
Ilike playing: Hockey, Basketball, Bowling(I suck), Table Tennis(suck), Badminton(ok), Poker(if it's considered), Mini Golf
I play and like a lot of sports. My favorite sport is Baseball and my favorite team is the Oakland A's. Another sport I like is basketball. And my favorite team are the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors. Another sport I play and like is football. And my favorite team is the Oakland Raiders. Other sports I play are tennis, golf, soccer, track & field, swimming, and video games (hahahahaha). In track, i run the 100m, 4x1, long jump, and lastly, triple jump. But I love sports because they keep me in shape and looking good for the ladies. Laughing
ericmac017 wrote:
I play and like a lot of sports. My favorite sport is Baseball and my favorite team is the Oakland A's. Another sport I like is basketball. And my favorite team are the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors. Another sport I play and like is football. And my favorite team is the Oakland Raiders. Other sports I play are tennis, golf, soccer, track & field, swimming, and video games (hahahahaha). In track, i run the 100m, 4x1, long jump, and lastly, triple jump. But I love sports because they keep me in shape and looking good for the ladies. Laughing

Though I've never tried Baseball, I was always interested in it! I've seen people play but that was really uninteresting & boring. I guess you'd have to go to a real professional matc to see some good play. SInce so many people particularly in Japan, Cuba & the USA see to like, there must be something with it Very Happy But as far as I'm concerned Tennis is and will always be the ltimate sport where you'll get all possible sensations together with fencing and some extreme snowboarding!
I realy like football ^^
I play every day... it's the best sport of course !

but for fun windsurf is not bad too Razz
and golf ! Surprised
Mr. McCoy
Hockey is the gratest
I love rock climbing and I used to be really into basketball and gymnastics, although rock climbing is my main interest right now. As for watching sports.. I don't really like to watch sports but I do enjoy going to football (american), basketball and baseball games.
i like table tennis, i dunno i just like it. and badminton. i just suck at volleyball.
i enjoy playing basketball and football... both are probably the most popular sports out there, everyone's heard of them and has played it...
my favourite sport... lets see...
1st would be KAYAKING 2nd would be BADMINTON 3rd would be BIKING

the sport i dislike would be SWIMMING because i nearly drowned once in a beach and another time in a swimming pool... LOL

As I already mentionened in the Introduction Thread I do Parkour
I love this sport because you can do it everywhere and it just looks awesome.
You also keep your body strong and healthy.
Well, you can't really compare Parkour with other sports because in Parkour
you don't compete with others. Parkour is just for yourself. That's why I
love it so much.
I hope I could encourage some people to take a closer look at this sport and
maybe even to practice it ; -)

Bye then

I like soccer, Road Biking and i'm starting to learn a bit about golf, like to watch most sports (although usually rugby and aussie rules)
i like Basketball and specially i like watch NBA Very Happy
I absolutely love to ski.
I tried snowboarding but it was too painful to learn. That looks even more fun though.
I think just about any winter sport is cool.
Especially bobsledding. If you haven't seen Cool Runnings, you should see it. It's about a Jamaican bob sled team. It's reaally funny.
i like hockey. Not roller hockey though, because you cant hit and its so easy to score because the goalies cant slide.
I like Cricket.
I like playing volleyball.
I am quite a sports person because I like football, rugby, basketball, tennis and swimming. I like football the best though and thats never going to change!

P.S: I have seen Cool Runnings it is really funny especially Sanka (or however you spell his name).
My favourit sport is not so much a sport as it is a form of art. You guessed it. Martial Arts.

And when it comes to Martial Arts, I do many different styles. But the one I have focused the most on the last 14 years, is Tae Kwon-Do. But in addition Aikido, Krav Maga, Jujiutsu, Filipino Stick Fighting and Jeet Kune Do also rocks.

But I also like more traditional sports like Football(Soccer) and Basketball. And I love wintersports like Snowboarding and Alpine skiing.

And I watch almost all kinds of sports on TV.

I just love sports!!! Very Happy
Im a cheerleading girl myself. I'm in my 4th year if you count middle sophomore in high school and co-captain. Its so much fun. well except the fact that our squad pretty much SUX!! lol but it is fun. Anyone else on here a cheerleader?
short aid: i am an hockeyer. (field)
Favorites are any team sports, but Hockey, Baseball, Football, Volleyball and Golf are my favorites. Give me hockey, any day, any time of year. Fast, tough, good work-out, etc.
Motorspors (whatever, NASCAR, F1, Champ Car, DTM, BTCC, TC, TC2000, Moto GP) and football
well, i tend to gravitate towards playing tennis, a bit of volleyball and basketball with swimming on the side.

I would love to play hockey and football, just to take out some of my agressions. It's the one of the few sports that you could actually tackle a person without always getting in trouble.
football is brilliant and my favourite team is liverpool champions of europe!
Football (Pigskin), Basketball, and baseball
college bball!!
as well as baseball, football, nascar...

I'd say NBA, but they dont play basketball in the NBA, so I've quit watching.
Okay, I'm weird. My favorite sport is rabbit showjumping.

But, I enjoy watching soccer and hockey.
I like extreme sports Cool . My favourite is Le parkour.
I like Martial Arts too. I like Karate, Kung Fu and Capoeira but I am only training capoeira. I like playing football and cycling too. Exclamation
Mountain biking, skiing and BAMBINTON! Twisted Evil

I do enjoy a game of football too.
I like judo.

I am having green belt now Smile
adiutrix wrote:
Mountain biking, skiing and BAMBINTON! Twisted Evil

I do enjoy a game of football too.

By the way. What is BAMBINTON?

Do you mean BADMINTON .... or what??? ... Razz
swimming and some football teams such as the carolina panthers my hometeam and one of the ones I route for.
football,swimming...... Cool
greetings to all my fellow posters.
my favorite sports is football, i am a sports-minded person. I love to play
basketball, i am a varsity of football and basketball in my high school days. when i'm still on my elementary education i am a sepaktakraw player in my school. Actually we participated in a contest in our country where all of the best players meet to compete. I know that most of you don't know the game sepaktakraw. this game is very famous in asian country as well as the philippines, thailand, malaysia, brunei, indonesia and even laos. But most of all my favorite sport is football. i love to play it.
I like Tennis very much. Also I like basketball, badminton and table tennis. Travel is another my favorite but I don't know whether it belongs to sports or not. In winter, skiing is great to me.

If not because I want more muscles, I will go to gym to pratice those boring equipment. Very Happy
Cricket,Soccer and Tennis
Rowing is my favorites sports and sometimes play basketball Very Happy
I like baseball best because it is very interesting ! I'm very happy when I'm playing baseball ! The team of nine !!! Wonderful ! Do you like baseball ? Tell me ! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Surprised Hope you like !
CRICKET. My fav team is INDIA. I have to watch a lot of Tennis these days coz my girlfrend likes it. Federer is amazing player. Also in mix doubles Bhupati n Hingis were marvelous.
NFL Football. My team is the 49ers, so I'm not really having a great time right now. But I can't complain. Five Superbowl victories in my lifetime ain't to shabby. At least I'm not a Cardinals or Saints fan. Whatever happened to the Cardinal's bandwagon from the preseaon? Hmmmm.
NFL and NHL.
I REALLY like to badminton, but i like football as well.
i'm just beginning this sport, but i'm getting the hang of it :d
I like Basketball but just playing... not watchint to the matches
and i like riding my bmx....but i have little proble with a few tricks
but i think with more practice it will go better and i will leart to manual
i'm brazilina.... so.... my sports is soccer!!!!=D
I like Athletics, Soccer and Gaelic Football!
I run alot of cross country and track.
I play soccer with friencs really.
Gaelic Football is an Irish Sport, very intense but enjoyable!
Formula 1 is the best sport! It's the most expensive too! (i think) i cant wait fot the new season to open! its just a matter of time...

this season will be more exciting because of the new teams and new rules!

watch out!
Hello, Very Happy

I don't play any sport now, But I used to play Ping Pong when I was young.

I think I was a good player Wink , they said so..

I like Tennis very much, it is my favorite sport at all, I watch nearly most of the championships of Tennis & the 4 Grand Slams (Wimbledon, Rollangaros, Australian Open & US Open) on TV. I hoped that I could play Tennis.

I also like other sports, like Golf & Horsemanship are also my favorite sports.

To play I like:

Orienteering, swimming, sailing, table tennis.

To watch I like:

Soccer, rugby, cricket.
My favourite sport is volleyball.
In summer i play beach volleyball too Smile
i like a volleyball:D
football and swimming my favorite sports but i don't like volleyball Cool
I like football, la perqur, gymnastics
oK, Very Happy

lets get to the issue.....

how to determine what is the most famous sport of all!

Now you could talk about 3 or 4 favorite sports or even more...., but let's be really specific and only mention ONE, and why that one.

Now I love Taekwondo, It is a magnificient sport, we get in a very good shape, we develop our strength, flexibility, speed and concentration.

Taekwondo is not about fighting.... It's about knowing oneself. about understanding de world that surrounds us and about knowing our personal limits.

fot that and more i choose :


I am a yellow belt in Judo.
I cycle up to 40 miles a trip often.

i did taekwando once and i find it too intensive for me.

I'll say judo.
I love cricket and soccer and basketball Smile

I play all three. I go for coaching........... Iam good at soccer. I defend very good.

I like to show off when playing Basketball Razz. Its really nice......

I love basketball, I play for my high school team. Its the only sport ive ever been ok at. Mostly cos im really tall. (6 foot 3inch).
American Football. God i love it. I might try and continue on in college but probably not.
I do like most sports though. I used to love paintball but i jsut got too expensive
Cricket; the most marvellous game in the world. Drinking beer whilst watching cricket is heaven.
Soccer is my favorite sport. I play as a defender, and sometimes a mid fielder, but never a goalie. People say I fly because I do all these twisting and jumping to get the ball which is ten feet up in the air. Last time, I almost hit a guy on the head!
Soccer, dancing and athletic (track) are my passion!

I also enjoy ice-skating and tennis Smile
rugby! Football! (soccer) i really like watching football and american football, but i like playing rugby more, i also play tennis, athletics, badminton and swimming
I like all the sports. But mostly Football.


The Champ Is Here
My fav. sport is probably basketball, and when I am playing football, I would play as a defender.
Having said this, I would prefer to watch sports rather than play them.
If I ever get the chance, I would go out for a bike ride.
I'm into playing Squash at the moment. Its lots of fun and keeps me fit even if I sit in front of the PC all day long and look at these forums.

You play Squash with 2 Players normaly and you play in a court. You have to shot the ball at the wall and the other player has to do the same. The point of the game is to be to fast for the other player. You people should try it out.
My favourite sport is basketball. Anyway, I don't play it too frequently because I spend more time on computer.
I favorite sport are soccer and basketball. I used to played with my friends very often but stopped for quite sometime due to my friends busy with their own works.
Lacrosse, Basketball, and Hockey. I play lacrosse i just watch b-ball and hockey on tv.
Basketball and göt futbolu
i like
1- footbal (soccer) : Yes of course who doesn't
2- Hand ball : very fast and excite game with many goals
3-volley ball : i like watching great teams like brazil , italy , usa
Sports, a rather new interest for me, but my heart's pounding for soccer. At a national level it's at it's best, but UEFA, Italian, Spanish n' English is also great. Not to speak of the binary, at hattrick Wink
i really like ju jitsu for a good hobbie/sport its phyisical and involves a good bit of thinking and wits and is well worth trying i reciomend it but not the sport version
I like Soccer. They called it football in the whole world except America.
I like Cricket a lot. After Cricket, Tennis comes in the list. Tennis is a good sport, beautiful angels playing on the green ground!
Thundr n Lightning
For me, definitely equestrian. I love equitation above all else, but riding hunters is fun too. I also love to ski, but I'm not a competitive skiier. I am fairly active on the local horse show circuit though, since equestrian is my main/favorite sport.
I used to play WaterPolo Razz

I was on the best youth team in Denmark! (Yes, we have a trophy to prove we won the championship.)
We also won 2nd place in the Scandinavian cup Very Happy

Ahh, that was the days...

basketball, basketball, basketball. it's such a joy~~
Volleyball all the way. Now I'm not the most atheltically-inclined person so I ahte sports that involve extremem stregnth training, altbhough you need stregnth for volleyball. But is also loads of fun and keeps you fit!
My favourite sport is basketball.
Definitely football (or socer if you are in USA)

You just wait till this summer and watch the World Cup. the best players competing in the greatest tournament on earth!!

My tip is for England to win against Germany in the final!
I love basketball. i am in one of the two top teams. i play basket everyday after school,i am one of the best. Laughing there is one problem i have with basketball, i don't think there is a sports channel that plays basketball
I play basketball. Winter i drive snowboard and summer i drive whit my bike. but snowboarding is best.
Shame on you i have to admit soccer is great and almost 75% of the world plays it but basketball,it is the is the complete opposite to football.instead of hand balling in football,its foot ball in basketball.i like football but i prefer basketball.
Everyone knows its all about football. The first entry talks about how taekwondo is cool because the hitting, but nothing feels as good as laying someone out on a cold winter day....makes me want to go play right now...
I like very much:
1. Basketball
2. Soccer
3. Formula 1
4. Hockey
5. American Football

But my favorite sport is Basketball!
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

I like football,Hockey and Basketball...... Shocked
I am most fond of endurance based sports like long distance running, bicycling and cross-country skiing. I train almost every day, mostly running. For variety I also train some skiing and biking.

When it comes to watching sports on TV, I like to watch cross-country skiing, track and field, speed skating, skijumping etc.
Well, my favorite sports consist of cricket, badminton, and swimming. If I had to choose, I'd go with cricket. (I live in the US, and nobody plays it here. Not many people I talk to know what cricket is. Very Happy ) Cricket is an awesome sport, and I really don't know why I love it. Oh, by the way, if all of you out there love baseball and have not tried cricket, then try cricket! You'll love it!
Ultimate frisbee is very fun (if everyone know what they are doing, which too often is not the case),
Soccer: I am on a team,every fall for ~5 yrs,
Pool (is that really a sport?)
I like volley ball and triathlon.
Paintball and Football (American)
Ultima1080 wrote:
Paintball and Football (American)

Only in America would paintballing be considered a sport. It's a hobby, my friend, far from being called a sport.

Sports I tend to like are one's that need a considerable amount of talent. I'm not being big-headed there, but I prefer challenging sports and sports that are both entertaining to play and entertaining to watch.

Football (or soccer), for example I love to play. You need a hell of a lot of talent to be able to play football properly. You need to be phyiscally fit, good with a ball at your feet and able to understand the way the game is played.

I also like badminton because it's a fast-action game, where you need good hand-eye co-ordination. And I enjoy watching it as well.

With most American sports (and I'm not trying to be offensive here) the action is far too slow for me to watch. American football, I really can't stomach. I'm all for people tackling each other, but for that I have rugby. There doesn't seem to be much talent needed for most American football players, all you need to do is be heavy, be able to apply your strength and break some bones. The only talent I see on a 'football field' is the ability to catch a funny shaped ball and throw a funny shaped ball quite far. And as I said before, there are far too many pauses in football for me to like it. It's exactly the same with baseball. Being physically fit doesn't really cause problems either, because you're allowed to make changes to a team all the time. American football doesn't exactly require you to be able to run up and down a pitch like in 'our' football (soccer) for 45 minutes.

They're not demanding enough for my liking. But like I said, I don't mean to offend anyone.
Yeah, paintball is a sport. Heres two definitions that I found:

A form of leisure-time physical activity that is planned, structured and competitive.

An active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition

Paintball fits both of them. Just because you don't tackle someone doesn't mean that it's not a sport. You have to have quick reflexes, speed, a very fast finger, common sense and strategy. It definitely qualifies.

There doesn't seem to be much talent needed for most American football players, all you need to do is be heavy, be able to apply your strength and break some bones. The only talent I see on a 'football field' is the ability to catch a funny shaped ball and throw a funny shaped ball quite far.

Yeeaaahhhhh you don't just have to be heavy and strong. What about the guys that run? I'd bank on it that recievers would give any soccer player a run for their money in a footrace. Just because a sport isn't demanding doesn't mean that it's crap. Or, just because you're from another country that dislikes America doesn't mean that our sports aren't valid and doesn't make yours and/or your country superior.
Or, just because you're from another country that dislikes America doesn't mean that our sports aren't valid and doesn't make yours and/or your country superior.

I don't dislike America, not one bit. I've been to Florida three times and ****** loved it. Where the ****** did I say that England is superior? You've interpreted what I said completely wrong, and I don't like you putting words in my mouth. So in all fairness, shut the ****** up.
Just because you don't tackle someone doesn't mean that it's not a sport. You have to have quick reflexes, speed, a very fast finger, common sense and strategy. It definitely qualifies.

Paintballing isn't a sport because there is no competition. There is no 'official' paintballing league like MLS or the NFL. That's why it isn't a sport. I never said that sports need tackling, as quite a lot of sports are no contact. What sports need is a governing body, like FIFA. There is no such thing with paintball. Each different paintballing organisation have their own rules, it doesn't qualify as a sport - it's a hobby.
Yeeaaahhhhh you don't just have to be heavy and strong. What about the guys that run? I'd bank on it that recievers would give any soccer player a run for their money in a footrace.

Okay, I agree as much as running fast is good. But anyone can do it given the right physical training. Learning how to play soccer requires years of practice, it's not something you can learn in a matter of months.
Just because a sport isn't demanding doesn't mean that it's crap.

Like I said, I didn't want to offend anyone, that's my opinion. They're just crap for me.
Wait a second.
There is no 'official' paintballing league like MLS or the NFL.

Ever hear of the NPPL? Of course not, because you don't do your research. The NPPL (National Professional Paintball Leauge) exists and plays quite a few games and contains many great paintball players. Plus, its rules are also applied nearly every field in the USA. Sure there are variations from the rules, but there are in other sports too. Is it not a sport because it's not on ESPN? Well guess what happens on April 10th? NPPL on ESPN. Also, there is a college national paintball leauge (NCPA) where players from all colleges go and compete against each other. Since it's not big in Britian doesn't mean you have to bash it. The topic is "What is your favorite sport" or something of that same meaning. If you don't like it, fine, just don't be argumentative over it and diss other peoples' sports. Guess what? I hate cricket but if someone likes it, I'm not going to go say that I don't think it's a sport and not expect them to validly defend their opinion.
Okay, you got me on the paintballing thing. I had never actually heard of that, no. Fair play. But I haven't been argumentative about anything. I distinctly said I'm not trying to offend anyone in my first post. You took what I said completely the wrong way and started making bullshit claims about me 'hating' America and saying that England is superior and I defended myself.

Actually, looking at the NPPL site, I'm quite astounded at how many people take it seriously... It's never been as big over here, usually just a hobby. But I suppose you're right, and as much as I hate doing this, I apologise. Mad
Is it not a sport because it's not on ESPN?

I don't have ESPN, so I'm obviously not going to base my view of a sport on that. Again, you're putting words in my mouth. Stop it.
Since it's not big in Britian doesn't mean you have to bash it.

I wasn't 'bashing' it. You're the one being argumentative here, my friend - taking what I say and getting the wrong idea. I was arguing it being a sport, I wasn't saying it's crap. Paintballing is quite fun, yes. I just don't see it as a sport.
Is it not a sport because it's not on ESPN? Well guess what happens on April 10th? NPPL on ESPN.

How can you call me argumentative when you're using that condesending tone. Don't talk to me like a little kid, I don't need patronising.
I hate cricket but if someone likes it, I'm not going to go say that I don't think it's a sport and not expect them to validly defend their opinion.

I've given you every oppertunity to validify your opinion, and you've taken it. Why are you even saying that?

I think it's clear that you're the one being more argumentative and I'm actually insulted by your ignorance to what I've been saying. You've just read a sentence, and taken it how you please. Anyway, I apologised, forget it.
I'm sorry you didn't understand what I was saying, language/culture barrier I suppose...not meaning to be offensive, just saying that we both speak English yet come from two quite different countries. Anyway, let's just agree to disagree Wink...but not to argue about it. Cheers.
Basketball is one favorite games.
I play it in the real world and with computer Very Happy
I like badminton the most.. dont ask me! i have no idea why i love it so much.
Another sport would be soccer. I actually having fun being defence with my friends. (becuase we did nothing but standing and making fun of other people) keke...
Tricking is the sport!!!

It's a sort of a combination of gymnastics, martial arts and other sports where you have to do crazy jumps and cool looking "tricks"
Baseball? Basketball is cool. I once got a 3 pointer in it was really cool and nice. Baseball, i can throw like 80mph no kidding and I dont even play school sports or anything. I play outside with my friends on the street and thats how its done hehe.
cuz it's fun
I would have to say my 2 fav sports are hockey and soccer.
Rugby Union.
I like Snooker.
i like Basketball and Vollyball...
every year i go with my family to the sea for few days and were playing volly ball everry day
o o o o o lol i know what sports i like Razz my favourite sport is ice skating!!! i love it so much then i love volley ball and then swimming and finally i love foot ball!! btw im new here Very Happy gr8 site
I like soccer and volleyball, but I prefer playing than watching.
I'm from Lithuania and I like basketball!!! Very Happy Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
there is no other great sport as Soccer !!!
there is no other great sport as Soccer !!!
my favourite sport is cricket, since i play it a lot. But of course I love soccer, I just cant live without it.

I like watching soccer more than cricket because its short, just around 2 hours. And its just so exciting, although cricket is too, for me.

In other sports, maybe tennis and hockey (field hockey, not ice hockey).
My favourite sport is football, voleyball, snooker.
I like Hockey, Ice Hockey , NHL to be exact.
Its a pretty good game most people should try playing it once and see how fun it is really.
In the summer...I swim
What i watch on and baseball (swimmings never on!)
soccer..... manchester united is my favourite club, but im wary with Mr Glazer taking it over!
i like tennis, tenniswoman forever guys...
my favourite player : roger federer, lleyton hewitt(okay okay, it s not his best season, i agree ) and coria(no comment)
girls : hum justine henin, she is the best in WTA
my favourite tournament : roland garros, i dont like wimbledon(no game)
Nobody have mentioned orienteering run. I think lot of peaple dont know it. I love it. It is not only about running and orienteering, competition, but its also about relax, being in nature and for me its kind of "meditation".
I know that hese days collecting things seems to be taboo, but I love football (sorry to be boring) and associated with that collecting the matchday programmes of my team. The great thing about it is that it not only lets you remember the greats from previous years and be able to reminisce through old photos and team line ups, but it actually is quite lucrative. I can cost between 1p and £200 for a programme and loking for the most illusive ones passes a few (sad) hours for me.

i like football that i watch but not more coz i have my intrested
I like:
+ Football (Player: Jerzy Dudek)
+ Volayball (Player: Dawid Murek)
+ Hokey (Playter: Mariusz Czerkawski)
+ Carling (Player: Hmm...)
Rugby, most definately.

Big fan of 1995 world champions.

Close second is cricket.

I played both at school but am getting a bit too old to run out on the field. Now I watch from the comfort of my armchair, accompanied by a cold beer ... Drool
I love soccer cricket ping pong swimming..Smile

i love all sports
I like playing Chess and Pool.

I like watching Cricket and WWE.
Basketball, but I don't play it so much because I don't have so much time because school and other more interest hobbies.
Basketball, i simply love playing.

In my team i am forward, dont try to stop me, u wont be able to!!! Laughing Laughing
basketball all the way oh and of course football (aka soccer Razz)
football(soccer to all you americans =D)
and thats about it, i enjoy to play abit of badminton sometimes lol
ohh and table tennis
my favorite sports are baseball, basketball, football, and PING PONG
My Favourite sport is windsurfing!!!
girls volleyball is the best sport to watch Wink
Badminton (even though I suck at it!), Track, Swimming, Football, Soccer, Tennis (even though I suck at it...) and I think that's about it!! Very Happy
As Football is the most popular sport in the world and in my contry as well ...

I like football most .. However I like many other sports almost all sports except these which are based on violence ..

I watch handball as Egypt, My country, is one of the best countries playing this game in the world .. I also watch squash as Amr Shabana the world's no.1 squash player is Egyption .. Egypt is one of the best countries playing it as well !!
Football (we call it soccer in AUs), surfing, and any adventure sports
my favourite sports to watch are hockey and rugby, although i don't watch rugby that often or have any favourite teams. it's just fun to watch.

as for playing, or taking part in them myself, i enjoy soccer, snowboarding and running.
Hey all!
I also want to tell you about my favourite Sport: It is paragliding!! So if you just started thinking about an airplane, noooope, that's Skydiving. For paragliding you have a paraglider, that fits into a large sized backpack, and you can walk up the mountains or use lifts if there are any. Once up there, you prepare yourself for take off by laying the glider on the ground and ntangel all the lines and strap yourself into the harness. And then, after some checks, gooooooooooooo!!
May seem funny or strange or even dangerous to some of you, but I promise, it is a great thing to do. Well you cannot just walk into a store, buy equipment and take of from the next hill you find, no, you have to get trained first.
But this is not boring, no, it is a great party and very nice. So if you always thought about how to fly like an eagle in the sky, paragliding is the answer. If you google for paragliding and school, you might find a paragliding instructor in your region that can take you on a tandem-flight. Like that, you can experience the great feeling of flying without taking the training. And if you like it, what I'm quite sure about, then you can start with the training. So, have fun in the air! Fly like the birds, without motor, without worrying about how to transport the equipment, withour bothering with some radio transmitter.... just relax and enjoy flying!
Well, i think you know i like skatebarding by simply looking at my signature. I also snowboard and i play tennis.
If anyone skateboards, click my signature
-Mountain Bike
As one of creatures comes from the old sea,I think water is the soul of human.I like the feeling of being immersed in the water.I like the feeling of swimming like a fish,that is the felling of freedom.
when we move everything carryed on us and jump into the water,we become a part of nature,we get freedom.
soccer (football) is the best sport in the world ı think

I playing on my computer everyday pes 5 and ım playing in outside
  1. basketball
  2. football
  3. soccer
i like the soccer and baseball... i practices soccer two hours a day... i hope one day i will play very well...
i don't like sports.. i never go to ball game, and i seldom watch then on t.v.. but i only watch world cup when it coming.. I like fishing and cooking.. how about you ? Do you like sports? Do you ever go to ball games? how often?
I like football............ Laughing
I like Motor sports
and I enjoy hang gliding
I like doing and watching most sports, but my favorite is soccer, BY FAR.
I like soccer, but I dont play extremely well Very Happy
I can't believe it only 1 person on the whole of the frihost websyt likes rowing im addicted and i love it its just such a relaxing sport, not only is it my favorite sport exept football(soccer)but it is a hobby aswell. I support liverpool the fa cup champs...
my favourite summer sports:

swimming, (i was swimming competitively for like 6 years)
ultimate frisbee

my one and only winter hobby:

snowboarding (hence the name)
i enjoy badminton (don't know if it is a sport), lacrosse, hocckey, and soccer.
My Total favorite sport is WRESTLING.......

rip eddie guerrero
As in Roman-Grecko, Amatuer? Certainly you don't mean WWE, Kane? I am a huge WWE fan, watched it for years and years. Sport ... NO sorry its not a sport it's entertainment. Hence from McMahon's decision to change the name to "WWE" World Wrestling Entertainment when they Lost their lawsuit with the World Wildlife Foundation. Is it Real .. hell ya .. scripted but real. Is it a sport .. NO .. just the way the McMahon's want it to be.
Wrestling and Football (Soccer)
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

Only play football these days, used to love other sports at school, need to start doing them again
SubDebian wrote:
I like football, la perqur, gymnastics

la perqur, excuse my ignorance but what is it?
i like football (european) and basketball.
Football, basketball, Bowling, badminton, table tennis....
I like

basketball Very Happy i'm pr0 ^^
volleyball and football.. Very Happy

Of course i like swiming... xD
I like basketball. It is the sport I excell in, although I also used to participate in tracks.
... Sports in my oppinion are football, boxing, surfing and fishing. I parttake the the latter of the 2 but watch the first 2... Cardiff City FC, the best
i love all sports -- i am defintely an athetic guy. i love soccer the most though. i play just about every day. Any one out there watching the World Cup?? There have been some incredible games already so far this year. It's too bad the USA was suppose to have one of the best teams its ever had, and they lose 3-0. i could see them losing but not getting smashed like they did. oh well, Go BRAZIL!
footboll ofcource Smile
I'm a big baseball, American football, and basketball fan. Starting to get into soccer a little of late.
Hmm, let's see, in order

Football (AC Milan )
Hockey ( Ottawa Senators , Montreal Canadiens )
Basketball ( Pheonix Suns )
Canadian Football
I like all kind of sports, especially Football and Baskeball which are the 2 most known and popular games.

I also like Table tennis and Volleyball, very interesting games especially table tennis since it requires some very fast reactions.
then soccer
then soccer Cool
Hoogeveense RAT
I like a lo of sports, but I am very interested in: Formula 1, Darts and Football.

Here you can see my favorites in each sport
Formula One: Alexander Wurz (AUT) and Christijan Albers (NLD)
Football: Holland, NAC Breda (NLD) ACF Fiorentina (ITA)
Darts: Jarkko Komula (FIN), Wayne Jones (ENG) and Roland Scholten (NLD)
I like football , cricket , volley ball and computer games
I like soccer, archery, paintball, volleyball.
Football Cool
My favorite sports are pretty standard for a person from the US(except hockey, maybe). I like American Football, Basketball(my favorite), Baseball, and Hockey.
Parkour! It is awesome, running around in the park and taking frontflips over the flowers Cool Thats cool! But, you get hurt pretty fast Razz
top 5 sports!

1.Hockey Idea
2.Football Cool
3.Soccer Cool
4.Swim (i consider it like a sport... cause i like do that) Laughing
5.f1 (yeah , go Shum ! favorite character since i have only 5 years old... yeah , i remember when i was playing with my little cars and i was doing race with the racers name (hakkinen , coultart , shum , villeneuve etc... ya ya ya ... and i was watching the course too ... at 7:00 A.M ... Crying or Very sad good time... Crying or Very sad Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing )
I like soccer, basketball, and swimming. I don't do them all every day, but I try to do at least one of those every day. Sports rock!


Football (Soccer) is the best sport for me, because anything can happen in a game
I like to play sports like futbol and even tennis, but nothing beats soccer. I literally was born surrounded by soccer. I grew up in South America and in every field there would be a game going on everyday. When my friends and I didn't have a soccer ball to play with we would pick up rocks or bottle caps and play with. I know it's hard to image but it's true, and we made it work. Reasons I like this sport are endless. It's fun, unpredictable, physically challenging (those of you who don't think so: try playing in only a small soccer field for 90 minutes), etc....I love Futbol.
I like most sports; some of my favorites are wrestling, hockey, lacrosse, and Muay Thai.

In high school, though, some friends of mine and I invented a new sport, currently called bitchball. I'm hoping to get some FriHost webspace to start a webpage so I can popularize it, but I'd also like to come up with a more PC name.

For those who are curious about the game:

Bitchball is similar to volleyball, though it's played with a soccer ball. Instead of a net, however, it's played on an H-shaped goalpost like those used in (American) football or rugby, where the ball must travel over the crossbar and between the uprights. Players are also allowed to catch and throw the ball (indeed, touch it however they like) rather than just hit it, but the key difference is that players may not touch the ball and the ground at the same time. That is, you must jump in the air to handle the ball, and release it before you land. There are two other important distinctions: the ball is allowed to bounce on the ground once each time a team fields it, in addition to their three touches. Finally, there are no sidelines for out-of-bounds (there is a backline, though). As long as you throw the ball between the uprights, and it doesn't land beyond the backline, you can throw it as far to the left or right as you're able. This makes for some very interesting and entertaining game dynamics.

That's the basics, though the rules are developed in finer detail. Is anyone interested in hearing more? I'm new not just to FriH, but to web design and web forums as well, so feedback and advice is appreciated.
i enjoy watching football (soccer), tennis, basketball, golf sometimes, f1

and im kinda good playing tennis table or ping pong jejej and football aswell

i think football its the king of sports but i like sports that its only you against the opponent ,

I like play football, swimming, basketball, volleyball and tennis
I like watching football,volleyball, tennis, basketball, golf, f1 and boxing.
I like to play and watch almost every sport. My favorite sport is soccer, but I also like Baseball, and Basetball. I don't really like golf, and thats probably the only sport I don't like to play or watch
I like VTT, in-line roller, kickboard, kung fu Shocked
I love basketball and billiards very much. I also love soccer and baseball! Hhmm... I think I like almost all kinds of sports. Hehe.
i linke indian national game hokey and cricket

and also i like all fun games, there is lot of games in pogo tv for kids i like it very much especially high roller, wipeout, are my favourite games.
and all computer games

i dont like tennis...

you know kabadi.. It is a very intresting game i have won prizes in my olden school days
my favourite sport is volleyball^^ but
i even like better beachvolley!!
my favourite sports are tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, table and watch all of these
I lik Football Wink
Icehockey! but I also like soccer
Man i love many sports and the favorite of them are Cricket, WWE, Football and many more..!!! The best of these are Cricket. It is a passion for indians..!!! Those who havent played that game i kindly tell them to start playing cricket and watch the cricket..!! Man once u watch, u will never leave it..!!! Very Happy
airsoft all the way!!!! You get excersice and you get to shoot at your friends (wich is alot of fun i might add) it gets really fun when you do like i did and throw in 350$ for a good airsoft gun and scare your friends while playing Wink
My favorite sport is basketball. I've played since I was very young and try to continue to do so. I've always been a fan of football and baseball as well.

I enjoy rooting for my hometown teams in all of these sports: the Cleveland Cavaliers, Browns, and Indians respectively. Although the latter two haven't been doing very well in recent years. I try to go see as many home Cavaliers games as I can. I've also recently took up tennis and ping pong--they're generally fun to play, boring to watch. :)
Mostly I like handball as it is my primary sport (I have played for ten years). I am a trainer for two teams in the age from 10 to 14 years. Both teams are girls, which makes them very easy to train.
But I have other sporty interests, like freestyle biking and surfing on my board.
The freestyle biking is just about making the most insane tricks on the streets and in the nearby forest. I mostly like the "surf-mode", which is like surfing (You drive with no hands and have your legs on the left side of the bike, while rolling down a hill).
I like surfing because of the strength you show and the coolness, when you are riding on the waves.

Sorry for my bad english ;)
I Like Football

Chelsea FC
golf and baseball
Trent DeWhite
I'm an all-around sports nut, so I enjoy playing or watching pretty much any sports. My number one favorite is definitely soccer, followed closely by ice hockey and ultimate frisbee.
i like to play and watch soccer and sometimes maybe cricket!!!
cricket not popular in quebec (canada) . Just some older ppl play it... like 100 on 1 000 000 ... and im seriously ... Laughing Confused
I love playing badminton and table tennis. Smile
Football and rugby, and if you count them, paintball and airsoft(It takes a surprising amount of endurance). I suppose I just like sports where you have the possibility of inflicting a little pain.
Never been a really big sportsperson but I do however like tennis, bagminton, rounders, baseball. It's not like I'm a complete slacker but I do not turn up to about 60% of my PE lessons. I just hate the way the education system in this country goes about handling PE, it's ridiculous.
Basketball is the best sport there is...haha but yea i like soccer, softball, football, tennis, biking, skating, surfing, and windsurfing as well.
I like basketball.

Though i'm not good at playing the said sport, I'm still a basketball wanna be. I like creating myself in an NBA live game. hehe. I'm a very big fan of the Detroit Pistons. Although the active players that I admire are Grant Hill(Orlando Magic), and Ben Wallace(Chicago Bulls), Detroit is still my NBA team! Go Pistons! hehe
MixNMatch DJ
Baseball is life...
The sports that i like most are:

2. basketball

3. sepak takraw

4. Swimming

5. boxing

6. baseball

7. badminton

Actually i am
varsity player in
our school.
I play basketball,
football and badminton
in our school.
I like cricket. specially if two of top ten teams are playing.
my favorite support are football, tennis and basketball. I played juda three years ago. Very Happy
Soccer is the best sport but I don't mind anything really.....except for tennis.
Football all the way, I eat, sleep and love it, I just wish I was better at it myself. I play amateur but in my head i'm a pro
I like cricket and football
I like swimming and basketball, sometimes I playing in football
of course ,,,I love football and football
Liverpool is my favourite Laughing
football and tennis are my favorite along with handball
i love watching sports aswell as playing them too.
i play everyday they include
hockey lacrosse running athletics tennis rounders horse riding gym work swimming snowboarding skating and surfing.
I'm an active person, any sports i love really!
although rugby and football i don't really have interest in competively but it's great watching the guys play Rolling Eyes !
My favorites are triathlon, volley ball and mountain bike.
I love basketball the most..den i like football, baseball and stuff like that...
I like playing and watching tennis, my favourite : Federer and Henin; i also like swimming
F1 and tennis

Nothing like watching cars at the absolut limit of adhesion and nothing like watching Federer win every game with such ease. I know it is hard work but he is so good he makes look easy
I like swimming. How about you? Footbal, Basketbal, Volleyball,Boxing and Formula 1.... Crying or Very sad
Basketball is my sport. Im so amazing really lol, i just love to play since i was a kid. First ball i ever held was a basketball, first sport i ever watched was basketball, its just more interesting to me than baseball, football ect. Im really good i play alot crossin kids up at the park like its nothing. Im primarily a shooting gaurd, i scored 56 points last year in a game, and i averaged 25 ppg 6 rebounds and 5 assists per game.
I enjoy basketball, baseball, and football. I even catch myself watching sport events that turn interesting like tennis or track meets, etc.
Loooooooove football (the good kind, by which I mean American).

I just love everything about it. There isn't a player on the field (with the possible exception of a place kicker) that can afford not to be athletic, quick, strong, alert, and skilled. Overall strategy is probably some of the most involved of any sport

The diversity of ways a team can triumph is pretty incredible. They can push it through it the trenches, hook it to the outside with screen plays, go deep and open up the field, play fast defense and special teams, hell, you don't even have to have defensive linemen for some formations.
Sports that I like are hockey, snooker, ski-jumping and motorsports. I also like to play mini-golf in the summer. I also watch the most sports when there are the olympics.
I love many differnt sport.
I personal do not go towards contact sports or extreme sports.
The sports that i play are
golf most
swimming least and some other more

I love golf because i learnt that golf is a life sport meaning that you can play the game all the way through life even at old age. and besides that it is a fun and family game. most people who play sport are infuenced by people around them and i was infuenced by my dad he plays golf and enjoys it. when he enjoys it i do too. Smile
Golf is a simple easy non intensive sport which means it does not use much strength so people dont have to be muscley to play the game which is why i play golf.
I recommend golf to everyone because you can play it at the age of around 7 to i dont know 50,60 so you can play sport for your whole life would it be FUN!!
FOOTBALL Very Happy its my favorite Very Happy
I love the American big four:

Baseball, football, basketball, and hockey
I am not good at sports but I like volleyball the best.
I enjoy the time when we several friends get together to play volleyball after schoo. Although poor skills, we are happy to have such wonderful experience in our ages of 18.
o play football myself, so i would say football Razz
Basketball for sure Laughing
the best game is football Wink
Ludo Lambrechts
The best game on earth is HOCKEY in every aspect, its fast and rough. I also like Lacrosse and soccer.

Ludo Cool
Im very like boxing, very fun Very Happy
Badminton, basketball, tennis, swimming, running (if that's counted as a sport!) - those are my top 5, but I like others as well.
i like playing basketball.and watching tennis matches. i dont like footbal so much.there arent so many action in it. skiing is nice too.
I love to play & watch cricket.I am simply crazy abt cricket.Its one of my passions. as u know in india,criket is the most important game & most of the ppl like it. well ne cricket fan here??
I like footbal and i playing in barcelona.
its very fun to play football and this is my life.
i cant whitout football.

and i belive that football its the reason for my excist.

my parents grown my to be a football player.
they give everything from them self for football.
so now i give them from my.
i get every month 3000$ so i give them half from my money every month.
<smiley flood removed by James007>
I like football and parkour.
american rugby, soccer, cricket (hockey maybe)

whatever a sport is.. i just love watching it

no wonder why people cant play more then one game?

i play indoor games too like billiards & babyfoot Very Happy
I really like soccer. I play it myself but I m not too good, but I really enjoy watching it.
I love skateboarding!! I think is the best sport!! You do it alone and you decide what to do and when you do it!! Its great!
Of-course cricket at the top ... as my country, Bangladesh, is one of the test playing nation and full memeber of ICC. Next goes to Football ... and finally wrestling ... as i enjoy WWE ...
Hay i like cricket.
yum yum
Yop !
I love playing soccer, but I like watching every sports at TV : athletics, cycling, watersports (swimming, surf,...), golf, etc etc :p
I like Basketball! I used to play all the day but now i haven't time to play like in the past!
Le Parkour, it's my way of life.
I don't sport...ha!well i used to play football but after not making a goal in three or four years i finally relized football is not my thing...

I play drums... I that should be counted as a sport hehe.. always really tired and swetty when done :)
i like to play cricket

its my favourite game
My favorite sport is basketball. I always play that game everyday. Real life and games. I play in a basket ball team. I really like to watch hockey though.
I like Football, Cricket, Hockey but on my computer.

hi everyone

my favorite sports are field hockey football
swimming and chess

i love those sports

Very Happy

by field hockey you play with a stick an ball (duuu)
football in our country you do it with your feets and a ball its soccer
swimming i think everyone knows it and chess also i play it on school


ps i hope more peoples love this sports
basketball - i'm a big fan of the 2nd threepeat Chicago Bulls, 72 - 10, yeah baby! Very Happy

i like watching american football - every play is exciting coz every play is a potential touchdown-in-the-making.

i like watching ladies' tennis and ladies' figure-skating coz of the shapely legs Very Happy
I like to watch snooker and world strongest man, and i like to play football (european) pool and chess.
AFL Australian Football, the fastest and most interesting game I have ever seen. Although I am a fanatic soccer supporter, during the world cup I got very fed up with all the fake falling, bad referees etc. Why don't they introduce video assistance for the referee??? The way the game is played today, it is impossible for one person to make right decision during the full 90 minutes, it is spoiling the game. So now I go for AFL, especialy the FREMANTLE DOCKERS!!!
I love and play football and volleyball. I also love to watch football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming, etc.
If football u are referring to is Soccer... then yes... my favourite would be Soccer for its pure passion and drama. Most supported sport in the world as I understand.
hello everyone!i am nick and i am new here.i like football because greece won the euro2004.i also like basket because greece won the second place in the world.also i like every kind of sports because the last olympics happened in greece!
I really really like Shootfighting, Shooto and other full contact sports^^ ever heard of ufc, pride or K-1?? Very Happy
My favorite sports are all american sports: baseball, basketball and football and i also love to both watch and play these sports as I am very athletic and know everyhting about sports. I am the walking sportscenter.
I like floorball and icehockey but i don't play non of them
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

Golf is my favorite sport. You can play a s a youngster all the way to old age. Tell me anothr sport you can do that?
i like football

yeah football and basketball are the best!
I love shuffle board and curling. I is shuffle board on ice. Laughing
These are the list of sports that I like. I categorized them in to two.

The ones I play:
1. Basketball
2. Table Tennis
3. Bowling

The ones I just watch from the TV.
1. F1 Racing
2. X-Games
3. Soccer
kevin briggs
most of all sports i like motorbike racing, i started as schoolboy in motocross and have moved to shortcircuit racing. i just bought new suzuki (well not new but almost Smile ) and i hope that next year i will compete with this machinery and will finish in all races in top 5 and move in the following year to national level.
I love watching soccer - Manchester United but I love to run. Groin injury is harnessing me however
I like volley and also soccer
if im playing:


I cant stand watching:

football ( to many people on the field )
Here's the list of the sports I play/watch. Shocked

My favorite sports are american football and baseball. I like to coach football to the girls team at my school.

Never mind, I'll just list the sports I can't stand.

1) Downhill skiing
3) NBA basketball
4) Biathalon
I like football and basketball
I like basketball
Sports I like to play
-> soccer, basketball, tennis, football, volleyball, golf

Sporst I like to watch
-> soccer, hockey, football
The sport which I play I like it to the maximum is cricket.
The team spirit,challenge is very very very interesting.

Another i play is football,It is also interesting,It need incredible amount of stamina and experience.
my favourite sports.

I like to watch IceHockey

and sports i do my self is Bow Hunting and golf.
Soccers my favorite. I'm captain of my team. Hell I'm watching it right now!

I love watching and playing football(as in American Football) to.

Not a big fan of other sports, although baseball is fun....just not to watch...
Soccer and table tennis!!!
definately cross country and track. i love to run.
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

American football watcher, not player.

Wager and try to beat the spread!
I like three sports; Soccer, Snooker and Bowling and I play all of them Smile
I love both Baseball and Football, but sadly.... As time goes on..... I starting to enjoy watching Hockey. Quick, someone slap me! Laughing
I like playing: Hockey, Basketball, Bowling(I suck), Table Tennis(suck), Badminton(ok), Poker(if it's considered), Mini Golf
I love skateboarding! I started skating 5 years ago and I cant leave it! Is just great! Im doing right now a video and I pretty happy!
skate or die!!!!!
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....
I like swimming to, I Practise 24 hours week.. It's alot
I assist with a Swimming team, I also love skiing.
I like to play Tennis, either the real one or in the game Smile Soccer is another favourite sport of mine. Badminton and table tennis can go third and fourth.
My most favorite sport is Basketball as it was the first Sport I learned when Im about 4years old my dad teach me how to play basketball at our garage, my dad build a basketball court and hanged it on the wall its a 8 or 9 feet high enough for my size when im 4years of age. I also love karatedo as this was my second favorite sport and I love this sport because of the amount of training I put on this sport as in all sweat will get out.
I play snooker, am captain of a local team. I also play pool when I can.

I used to play football (soccer) until an injury put paid to my career. I still follow the sport a lot though and am a lifelong Liverpool fan. I also support Swansea City as they were my local team when I lived at home. And I obviously support Wales, where I'm from.

I like wtaching Rugby Union, Tennis and Athletics.

Beach Volleyball can be entertaining at times as well Wink
I like hockey.
Very funny to se and play.
And footbaal i like to play.
ey i like too many sports, all to expensive tho... surfing wakeboarding bmxing motocross, enduro racing, kiteboarding... wat else.... um skateboarding once in a while and snowboarding once in a blue moon, cant wait to go again

basically all extreme sports
Er, am a newbie to the forum. But I guess this would be no biggie.

Am an archer myself and after cruising through all the posts, it's to my amazement that few, if not none (I didn't have the patience to read every post), of them were about archery.

Don't we even have a small community of archers out there who give an iota about the sport? Haha..

If you do, please reply to this post and my newly created thread. Thx!
My favorite sports are Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis. These sports are my weekly exercise.
My favorites are:
Soccer, Basketball, golf, atheletics.
I love dancing and taekwondo
I wasn't really into college sports untill i went to college in Fl and met a girl from alabama. I'm originally from CA and there arn't really college sports there, or they don't mean anything, except USC. Anyway, she got me hooked on alabama college football. Let me tell you, the south and college football rocks. Their crazy, like insane. But it's cool to be in a stadium of 100,000 people who allw ant to win as much as you do, or more. Tons of screaming fans...a good time, espically when you win, which hasn't happend lately Sad oh well new coach, new days, new opportunities.
Soccer, Baseball, Football, Basketball

I play on varsity soccer team an baseball team...
soccer, badminton, cricket in that order Exclamation

tho i play badminton best Surprised
i like soccer ,basketball ,aussie rules footy Cool Cool
I like Basketball ! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
i like football and table tennis
I enjoy Volleyball, and badminton.
Volleyball is a great sport. And badminton is too, of course. I can't really explain why I like it. Of course, maybe I enjoy the whole "hit the ball across the net" thingy, which is, essentially, what you have to do in volleyball and badminton.
Floorball is the best one.
I play it in local team (in Finland). Cool
I prefer Le Parkour, running around in the streets just beeing crazy, it's fun. I played football, but I got tired of it, so now it's Le Parkour (freerunning in english).
I watch all sorts of sports. But to get involved, I play badminton, football, squash, swimming and ping pong.

My favorite sports to watch are Rugby, Cricket and Formula 1. Also freerunners amaze me. I've seen them featured in a couple of things over here (Top Gear on the BBC and Casino Royale) and the strength of mind and body needed to do it seems incredible.

As far as sports I've played go, I love 5-a-side Football (Soccer) and Hockey, and used to Kayak. I haven't played for a team for years though.

This is the best sport i think...
It's have power and fun! a Beautiful girls with tiny Skirts Very Happy

I play Tennis 2-3 times a day like 2-3- hours...
It's fun game that active all you muscles...
Football and Tennis definetely...The most interesting for playing as well for watching!
Wiisports is the best sport imo Mr. Green

But I like rl Tennis and Football, very fun sports imo
I love the world's highly unpredictable game called 'CRICKET' Laughing
I love all sports but my favourites are Handball and Subbuteo. Subbuteo in case youre wondering is a table football game, where you flick players on a pitch and the game is really like real football but in miniature.

There is a whole world circuit with tournaments being played every week all over the world, from argentina, to south africa to singapore. The strongpoint of table football lies in europe. With italy having over 1000 semi-pro players and France and belgium both exceeding the 500 player mark. The USA is also pretty big, however for its size its actually quite small with just over 300 players.

Anyway I am ranked 38th in the U19 category but I am still 15 so i expect to reach the top 10 Wink .

For more info go to!
The sports I like to play and the sports I like to watch are not the same.

Watch: HOCKEY!!! I'm a huge hockey fan. GO HABS GO!!!!

Play: Snowboarding, swimming, volleyball (esp. beach volley hehe), tennis.
I play usually football, squash, bowling, billiard and so on...

Sport is a importent thing in my life... so i will practise it so long as possible...
i like soccer and basketball
I like football, trampoline, basket, ping pong, hockey, snowboarding, fighting sports, bmx, skateboarding, mountain bike, breaking, diving etc... Laughing

The coolest is trampoline, because I starting getting good at it. Now I can double front flip, 360 frontflip, 360 backflip, backflip on ground, frontflip on ground, and nollys and mollys on trampoline. Also learned nollys on the ground. Very Happy I just love sports!!!
Basketball, primarily, and I also play Table Tennis, Badminton, and a little bit of other sports.
Any sport involving water and especially:
Arrow swimming
Arrow yachting
My favourite sport is soccer fo it is the best sport attracting lots of spectators.
I personally prefer watching sports than doing them although I enjoy playing footbal, rugby,cricket and doing athletics. Tennis and badminton are alright and fairly easy and relaxing (more the badminton) Laughing
kevin briggs
i love and race motorbikes here is an article the paper printed.

Throughout the 2005 season there were quite a few race bikes that had been painted by Nice bike and every last one of them was immaculately presented and turned supporters heads. One such bike in the supersport 600 class was raced by Kevin Briggs and I recently tracked him down to find out a bit about his history etc.

"I am really looking forward to the season but not much to the opening round at Mondello park because I have only been there once before and so am still learning my way around. There seems to be a lot of Southern track experts who turn up for the Mondello rounds only".

"I am 31 years old and from Bangor Co.Down, my history is with motocross coming through the school boy ranks and finishing 4th in the Ulster and 3rd in the Irish support class in 1997 before progressing into the semi-experts for a season where injuries and work commitments forced me to stop. I have not had much experience on road based motorbikes until 2003 when I bought a Suzuki GSXR600 for the road and took to a track day at Kirkistown and loved it that much, that the following year I sold it and bought a race bike".

"2005 was my first year in the clubman's 600 class and aboard my Honda CBR600 I managed a few point scoring finishes and finished the championship in 31st with my best finish a 7th place at St.Angelo. Sponsors for the year are Alan Wallace plumbing & heating, B&S contracts, Streetfighters NI, GSB recording studios, McConnell archive storage and Ossia school of music.

After the big number of clubmen promoted into the nationals I hope to be running in the top ten this season, even with my aged and under-power CBR600 Honda."
I like Wrestling & NHL.
i really like karate:
what i most like of it are the katas:
Kata (Forms)

Kata (型:かた) means "form" or "pattern," and despite how they might appear to the outsider, are not simply aerobic routines. They are patterns of movements and techniques that demonstrate physical combat principles. Kata may be thought of as a sequence of specific Karate movements that address various types of attack and defense under ideal circumstances. It is important to remember that they were developed before literacy was commonplace in Okinawa or China, so physical routines were the logical method for preserving a body of this type of information. It is also important to remember that the moves themselves may have multiple interpretations as self-defense techniques - there is no 'standard right or wrong' way to interpret them, but interpretations may have more or less utility for actual fighting. In karate, there are many types of Kata available. Depending on the current grade of the pupil, a specific Kata must be practised and ready to perform at a grading for one to grade to the next Kyu or Dan level.

Kata by the same name are often performed with variations between styles, within schools of the same style, or even under the same instructor over time. None of these variations are more "correct" than the other, though during testing only one version is typically accepted.
I like football and nascar Laughing
Well ma fav sports is football and cricket and love to collect information in relation to football economics
Basketball, Football, and Baseball. If only I was good at all three.
i personally play waterpolo.
wut do you guys know it in the USA?
i love football ,i play football everweek,
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....
My personal favorite sports are:

-Swimming (Kind of)

And other various physical activities Smile Shouldn't this have a poll or something?
Football its my favorite, but i play best Basketball Wink
SOCCER is the best.
I like to play tennis and i do it every week.
Master Yoda
I love cricket and I mean I just love it..
Apart from cricket I like WWE a lot too... It's really good "Sports Entertainment"
I do mostly Downhill mountain biking, some cross-country mountain biking, and a tiny bit of road riding for extra fitness.

I don't like cricket. unless it is backyard cricket.
i like boxing, and ufc,pride fights.

TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....
I like

and other
Tournament bass fishing!
i like soccer and tabletennis

Very Happy
Football Smile
soccer is the best, forget the rest Wink
I love hockey. I play Triple A and i enjoy it so much.
I love soccer and voleiball since I was a child!
I like watching pretty much anything that comes on.
I enjoy wrestling as a sport to partake in; I frown down on Karate because it's just a bunch of kicking the air and stuff. Wrestling is a great physical contact sport, as well as-I suppose-a self-defense form.
I like to watch at football, hockey, basketball, volleyball and tennis
I enjoy Hockey above all others. My favorite hockey team (and sports team overall for that matter) is the Buffalo Sabres. I think they have a good chance of winning the Cup if they start coming back from injuries. New Jersey is their biggest roadblock on the way of the finals (maybe Ottawa too). Watch out for Nashville in the west (or Detroit)
I like and practice Martial Arts Kickboxing( which I also compete in)/Kung Fu/ Kali Sikaran/Hapkido, Downhill Biking, Climbing and bouldering.

I also enjoy playing Basketball and volleyball which generally are the only two kinds of ball-sports I like Wink

Not too fan of watching sports on the TV, I don't even own one Very Happy
I like Golf, Tennis, Mountain Biking, Road Biking, and Snowboarding.
I like golf, basketball, volleybll, and badminton, tey are all good sports. I am also good at gold and badminton lol.
I play football. I already played basketball, but football is better ( in my opinion )
I like watching soccer. But when it comes to competition, I like Footy and swimming(myself)
I like football and cricket, i watch and play football but i dont watch cricket because i find it boring to watch but i do play it Very Happy
I played Basketball in High school for a few years, I'm a big American football fan, the feeling of being around thousands of fans is incredible. I also pay attention to America's favorite sport, basbeall, It may be a very long season but it's quite entertaining.
My favourite sports are floorball and soccer. But i'm sort of addicted to all sports. just cant get enough Smile
Badminton, Chess Very Happy
I love to play and watch Basketball. I watch baseball, football, and soccer. Sometimes I watch Billiards if nothing else is on
Being English i'm used to disappointment in most sports, but the ones I enjoy are:

Football - Portsmouth, Anderlecht, England
Cricket - Hants, England
American Football - Pittsburgh Steelers (We will make the superbowl ours again!!)
Golf - The most frustrating to play!!

To be honest I could probably watch most sports

Most recently I have started playing aussie rules football, with my new team Bournemouth Demons!! Watch out forthem!
Soccer Soccer Soccer Smile
VG Wyvern
I don't like a lot of sports.
But lately I've really taken a liking to hockey. I also like tennis, bandminton, and maybe swimming if that counts.

C - Crispy
R - Racing
I - Involving
C - Challening
K - Knocking
E - Entertaining
T - Treasure

Of World
Don¶ like any sport...likes

to be ..a slacker like now

I personally love cricket
and dont understand how people can find it boring
it is thrilling Very Happy
I like fotball and i also play it. Basket
Steaua Bucuresti
I like to watch cricket and play tennis...I also swim Smile
Basketball, baseball, football, hockey, etc.
I like football very much^^
Tennis and TaeKwonDo are great! Very Happy

During the summer I'll play quite a bit of tennis! Wink
I love Tennis, Basketball, Petanque , Table tennis Very Happy
I do rowing and rugby:
I row quite a lot (About 5-7 times a week), I do it as a proper sport, and I also quite like playing rugby (I've not played for almost 2 years, I'm probably going back to Scotland in the summer though, where I'll be playing rugby in the school).
I love playing soccer, and golf. I like watching basketball and football. I absolutely detest hockey, in no way is it fun for me.
My passion is in baseball

lets go St. Louis Cardinals!
my hobby is taekwondo, kickboking, singing and travel. Very Happy
I like swimming, badminton, and volleyball... Too bad I'm asthmatic so I guess I don't play these sports too much... Hahaha...

But still, these top 3 are my favorite sports. Smile
i like swimming a lot but then i like basketball.
I am good at taekwondo. I do wakeboarding too.

but for watching I love football.. Jus recently I started to watch tennis... the French open. I do watch and play a little Golf.. Ernie Else my fav golf player.
I like fighting and wrestling. UFC, WWE, sometimes just whatevers on, and I like the olympics.
None, Then I'd be chasing my balls like every other guy.. Why give them a reason? lol
I like riding a bike - especially BMX. Last time I bought new one. I also like basketball, running and do gym. Few years ago I like skateboarding too, but I wasn't so good as I think I could be :p
kevin briggs
i have been watching a bit of rugby lately because i have been working with guys who play.i thought it was a bit slow and seems to stop and start a lot.
that was untill i saw rugby sevens

Rugby sevens is a variant of rugby football in which only seven players per side feature. Both rugby league and rugby union have sevens versions.

Rugby union sevens

Rugby union sevens is sanctioned by the International Rugby Board (IRB), and is played under substantially the same rules and on a field of the same dimensions as the 15-player game.

While a normal rugby union match lasts upwards of 80 minutes, a normal rugby sevens match lasts in the vicinity of 14 minutes (allowing for injury time and so forth). Competition finals last somewhat more than 20 minutes; each half in a competition final is 10 minutes instead of the normal 7 minutes. This allows rugby tournaments to be completed in a day or a weekend. However, sevens scores are generally comparable to union scores; scoring occurs with much greater regularity in sevens, owing to the fact that the defenders are more spaced out than in rugby union.

The only major rule change from rugby union regarding events on the field is that conversions must be drop goals.

Rugby sevens developed in Scotland in 1883 [ read more... ]. Owing to the speed by which matches are resolved and the minimal personnel requirements, there is hope that sevens will be accepted for Olympic competition (it has been in the Commonwealth Games since 1998) and spread amongst nations that are not traditional powers in rugby union.
I LOVE to play sports! My favorites are Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, Soccer, and Football. I love to play, and I can't stand to watch! In my opinion watching is boring! Although, I don't like to watch or play basketball. I suck at basketball!! lol
I like:
Power Tumbling
Le Parkour
Xtreme Martial Arts
Martial Arts Trickz

And other sports similiar to this Smile
I love wrestling, tennis, basketball, swimming, golf, and watching (not playing) American football.
hi all

i like a lot of sports but only one sport is in my heart.
I'm from italy, everybody in italy love soccer.
And remeber; 9.7.2006 italy became the world champion!!!!!

What did you mean about that final Italy vs. France?

greez all
İlove handball i am play maker :d
Cricket is good to watch, so is Footy
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

Very Happy Cool! I sometimes practice swwiming, but, you know, I like the football (what the Americans call Soccer) all the time!
I love
Indoor Soccer

Dunno....I love paintball if it counts too!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like basketball, football, batman,soccer and wrestling
soccer and basketball becaouse i play both good!
I like tennis i play since 13 years old....but i also like another sports like football we playe everty weekend with friends is so funny.....also i watch Basketball, F1 racing and Xtreme sports
The sports I enjoy. Not in any specific order however=p

Baseball(Sometimes =p)
Table Tennis(Rofl i'm asian give me a break xD

But the thing I somewhat enjoy more then the actual sport itself is the scandals and the corruption that goes on. I don't know why, but it keeps me entertained=p.
Im an official glider pilot so i like gliding sports Very Happy
I watch the Red Bull Air Racing.Go Tom !!! Cool
I like playing / watching many different kinds of sports. Soccer, golf and tennis are among my favourites.
I do Shaolin kung-fu for 5 years. Also I like swimming, and running. I run 4-5 Km. every day.
basteball, football, fishing, claiming,swimming,pingpong,Kung-Fu, that is all.
I want to write about badminton because I know a little bit about it, and because I have been playing it for seven years, but last year I stopped.

When you play badminton you are standing on a playing court divided by a net. You have to use a racket to send the shuttlecock to your opponent, and then the play goes back and forth.

You win a point if you hit the shuttlecock over the net and into the floor of the opposing side’s court. You lose a point if you hit the shuttlecock into the net, or over the net but outside of the opposing side’s court. You also lose a point if, for example, the shuttlecock touches you or your clothing, or if you hit it before it crosses the net.

15 point wins the game. However, if the score reaches 14-14 the side, which first reached 14, can choose either to play to 15, or to set the game to 17.

You can play single, double or mix-double. If you play single it is one person against one person, and if you play double it is to girls/boys against to girls/boys, or if you play Mix-double it is a boy and a girl against a boy and a girl. If you play single with to girls you play to 11, but if you play a single with two boys you play to 15, and you also play to 15 in normal double and mix-double.

Badminton equipment is nothing special. When you play badminton you’ll you have to use a racket, a shuttlecock and of course shorts and a T-shirt. The shoes are just normally training shoes. If you play for a club your clothes are generally sponsored by the club name.

Badminton is a very suitable sport when it comes to school sport. Because it is simple, and its very children-friendly rules.
I've been in love with basketball for as long as I can remember. But I also played Volleyball and football. Don't have much time for playing too much of anything anymore, but I do follow NBA and NFL the best I can. Its the only thing on TV worth watching now days.
I play baseball, I swim in meets, I play basketball, and I play more baseball. So I like those three sports. I also golf 18 holes about every three days, so I guess I like that, too.
I have run track and played basketball for my school. This year I am running Cross Country and Track for my school again, so yeah. I dont really like to play football or baseball, they dont seem as fun to me.
I love to snowboard and Golf. I use to Mountain bike a lot more but have gotten hurt way too mnay times so now instead I ride moto. I guess that's not much safer but since I am not really comfortable with the moto bike yet I take it slow so that prevents me from rididng tooo hard to hurt myself
I love Soccer , like cricket and think tennis is ok
Pretty much like anything with rackets, i've been on squach (sp) and after moving i've been on badminton for about 5 years now
Also played soccer for a while but didn't like it Confused
I like cycling on the off roads it entertrains me a lot and it is good for your health also.
I love, Football and Ski and like basketball
the best sports for me :

Martial Arts Tricks
Besides the 4 main sports that all Americans like......I'm kinda into golf now that Tiger Woods has taken over. Before it was real boring to watch but now I can get interested in it. I only watch soccer during the world cup but still am not totally interested because the US always gets it handed to them....but they are getting better!!
I like football,footbag,cycling,running and rollerskating Razz
My favorite sport to play is tennis. I also like to play soccer (football when not in US), and ice hockey. I also like watching (american) football and baseball.
My favorite sport of all time is soccer. (football) It's awesome.
My favorite sport is volleyball. I traning this sport 7 years and I love it Smile
Definately Football. Of the American variety.
I like Bowling

My best score is 299 Exclamation
my favorits are:
my sports are Basketball, soccer, vollyball, cricket[T20]...
mathiaus wrote:
Golf! [...] I just get nothing from it.

I don't like regular golf, but I am addicted to the golf game on my cell phone. It's tricky,too.
extreme sport: agressive inline-skating4life
I like basketball. This is my best sport. I live in Lithuania Smile We are baskebtall country Wink
Bmx-Skateboarding-Soccer-Futsal & Gym
baseball <333
My fav sports is cricket soccer, and i love watching all the other sports Razz
i like basketball and football! those are the best to watch, and there is a lot of action most of the time
pigskin football! rugby not bad either... rock climbing is also amazing to do but watching sounds kinda boring Mad
I'm just a spectator, but I love watching basketball, volleyball and football. They are all fun and enjoyable.
I really Love:

Xtreme Martial Arts

and similar Smile
I like playing soccer the most. I also like playing table tennis, basket ball, volley ball and badminton.
I used to detest Cricket but that's just because I don't know the game well. But starting a few weeks ago, I'm starting to enjoy it.
My favorite sport is Soccer.
and i like:
Only football Smile im a fan on my first days Very Happy im born with ball in leg Very Happy
I like watching football and some other sports occasionally ( i like Olympic type events, karate, and other sports when individual skill is important) and I like playing most anything even if I'm bad at it. Sunny Florida is an awesome place to live if you like doing things outside.
i love racing and i have a website about car if your like same me you can visit my blog here cartace this is champ pic
I like badminton Laughing and mountainbike Cool , the rest of my time I spend behind my pc Very Happy
Soccer Very Happy
Tennis Very Happy
I play too tennis. I like it very much.
i played football ( soccer for other) mfor a long time, now im 30, and it takes some about 1year i changed my favorite sport, now i am playing basketball... very good sport even if you arent a giant in tall...
i like to ride my bike too... get a mountain, mud, rain, sun, wind...hehe... to keep your body moving is very important to your mind i think...
I also like playing Tennis and enjoy great matches on TV.
I like playing and watching football and volleyball. I don't like sports which make me very tired.
my passion is cricket. I daily play it for about 4 hours. I also play tennis . With my wife , i play chess . Actually i like playing each game .
I really enjoy basketball. Although I'm not a true pro, nor even on the way there, I like playing some afternoon basketball with some of my good friends. Fun game, fast paced, and actually quite easy to learn.
to watch:

i likealmost any sport, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Golf and basketball

to practice, mostly rinning, Cycling and MTB
My Favorite sports are football, swimming, and baseball!!!!
I play baseball and i swim(not in a league), but i don't play football for some odd reason.I love watching it though. I hate Soccer and watching golf. This is what i love!
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

I like football, baseball and basketball. And I only like watching college sports b/c pro athletes, and I use that term loosely, are a bunch of greedy babies. All the striking really turned me off.
I like skiing. I have been doing this sport for more than 15 years, but there is another sport which I discovered just two years ago. It's scuba diving.Lots of people around me suppose, that it is too dangerous. IMHO it is not much more dangerous than others sports. So don't be afraid of it and try it!
I like volleyball and football the most. I play football by a field here. And with sporting I do on volleyball. That owns Smile .
i like cricket, bowling, pool, snooker, chess and carrom
I like and play "finnish baseball. I have played it for 8 years. I also like swimming. I swim much at summer. I don't like football, becouse its not my sport. Razz
I used to play for three years handball but now i love basketball and my bike. Anyway "shit happens" and can't do any sports for about month now because of illness ;/
My favorite sport is basketball and football.
It's soccer and tennis season for me now! With Euro 2008 and World Cup Qualifiers for soccer and Wimbledon for tennis.
I like table tennis, basketball and chess. I learn how to play them since grade school.
I have been practicing Goju ryu karate for last 8 years. Enjoy it.
i love cricket dearly, however football is the sport that i enjoy playing rather than watching.... other than those, I sometimes follow tennis and hockey... but that is a rarity.......
I like watching hockey :p
I like playing badminton and tennis too!
I like football and bascketball

I watch on TV: football, tennis, basketball and handball
I Like football (soccer).

To watch, I like football, tennis and rugby (I think It's fun).
Hockey all the way!
To watch, for me, you can't beat cricket and rugby.

For playing... martial arts, and beach cricket!
like watching american football, basketball, and baseball. not very athletic so i don't play any sports.
I like cricket, football, hockey and tennis very much.
Cricket is second religion here in Pakistan. Laughing Laughing
Kendo!! ^^
I love endurance sports.

Cross Country
Track and Field

These are my kinds of exersize.
Very Happy

I love judo and still practice the sport at 65 years old. I just finished a 3 week session in France with up to 200 participants of all age country and strength. A lot of fun. Thanks to Jacques Noris for organizing this on the atlantic coast near La Rochelle. I will have to keep fit for next year 's session.

Soccer is the best one both to watch and to play. Volleyball is great too specially if you play it with the ladies at the beach. !!!!!!!
Swimming will be interesting for the Olympics for me. Usually I don't really follow swimming competitions.
I will watch any sport

Golf and Football for me if im playing
Football, Cricket, Tennis, BasketBall, Snooker for watching.
Everything for playing.
i like badminton as well.

but sometimes i play soccer.
I like watching the swimming competitions, especially the Olympics! They are fast and exciting, although they a few days to finish the heats and competition. Another sports that I like watching in the Olympics is Beach Volleyball! Especially the Women's competitions Wink. Gymnastics is good to watch too, especially when they do dangerous moves. Olympics is great to watch.

I do find Equestrian a bit boring, except for when they are jumping over walls and fences.
I like basketball, running, bicycling, fitness Laughing
Motion keeps me living Razz
I'd say swimming because you build good body in no time and keep your health in good condition. It's like perfect sport for those who are not afraid of water Wink .
I like basketball though I also dabble in ping pong.
I like squash, cricket and volleyball primarily but i can double out in badminton a bit as well (last year inter-schools badminton doubles winner).
Football off course !! what would the world do without it ?
Hm.. windsurfing, diving, running, cycling, badminton. In fact I like every sport, which rests on moving and spending time with friends Very Happy
I do some jiu-jitsu and in winter snowboarding
Would you call the series Wipe-Out a sport? It's more of a game / competition I guess. Well.. it's good and I'd reckon it'd be a cool sport.
I am too clumsy to play any sports, so I only watch them Smile Soccer matches every week, then the occasional Volleyball and Formula 1 races (is it a sport?).
I like weightlifting and karate.also like basketball and volleyball.
I like football and i can play football. I like real madrid best!
oo Soccer all the way! ^^

I watch soccer and play it as well >_>'

Mostly Watch the Mexican Soccer League of course ^^

And when Mexico ( The national team one) plays I watch that too. ^^

Soccer well, it's in my family's blood?.. O.o

It's just fun running around, shooting the soccer ball for a goal, blocking goals, and tricking people ^^

And well i swim a little every now and then I think that's about it for me?.. O_o'
My favorite sport by far is Basketball. A sport that requires team work both on the offensive and defensive part of the game, is very quick-paced, and just simply amazing ahaha.. Smile
I wouldn't be original but my fauvorite sporta are football and volleybal ( maybe because I'm tall Razz ) anyway these two I think are the best unqestionable sports:P
Football/soccer for life, play for college too.
Also some cycling, swimming, and basketball every now and then.
Cricket is such an exciting game. especially the newer form T20. Other games do not stand a chance
I like a lot of sports:

Football is a woman's game..guys diving all the time..its just a sissy sport! lol!
and Tennis
i like football



I've always been a fan of hockey, although I enjoy watching and playing baseball as well. I prefer to participate in sports rather than watch them though.
I like watching most sports, but faves are:

Football (Soccer to you americans Smile)
I like football, swimming, running, bicycling and taekwondo.
Very Happy
Football - The modern game was codified in England
i like Cricket
As Cricket is the game were we can see an images of other game
and it make the people physically and mentally strong
Cricket is very exsiting game in which what will happpen we cannot predict itand thats why we can say which team will win the match
of course it is cricket.
if cricket is a religion sachin is the god. this is the motto of each and every indian who knows atleast some thing about cricket
i love volley ball.. this is my favourite sports beside football
I Love Wrestling.esp WWE.World Wrestling Entertainment.
Mine favorites are: Tennis, Squash, Baseball, Golf and Football.
I like Cricket !!!! especially the sleek 20-20 !!!! Very Happy
I like swimming ,as well as football,cricket,teniss,wrestling,car racing,bike racing.
I live in San Diego and besides the basics -- football, soccer, baseball, softball -- I have recently gotten into surfing, sailing (a 20 foot Catamaran!) and wakeboarding.

Water sports rock!
I love playing tennis but my favorite to watch would have to be football.
i love badminton!!!! its really an enjoying sport and it could weight loss as well....
I like soccer. I don't play much, but I really like watching it. The Mexican league, although not the best, it is my favorite.
I am a football fan and I love Italian football. I watch Serie A regularly and ... that's it.
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

Well swimming is nice
I like several sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming and heaps more; but my favorite of all time is windsurfing and kitesurfing. I stay at the beach for 10hrs straight with my friends and we just ride them waves all day, on weekends i mean lol

Who else windsurfs around here ?
I like volleybol and basketbol and tae-kwondo.
Football is all I really play, but sports like rugby would be good but you cant just grab a ball and go out and play it that much I guess.
My favourite sport is football. I play it, but I am also a referee.
When I'm not on the pitch, I'm in my sofa and watching it. Twisted Evil
Soccer all the way, the only other thing I have done is Track. Lol, Im only into playing soccer on a team, I can do most other sports, but i never played on teams.
I like tumbling, 3run and Parkour Wink
Basketball, Boxing, skateborading
I definitely don't mind all sports but my real favorites are Rubgy League, Football and Cricket. I play all of them too with friends and it's great fun.
I like Basketball and kickboxing. I played basketball in high school and I practiced kickboxing for about 2 years.
Football, Basketball, Airsoft
any kind of sport : soccer, biking, f1, athletics, ...
i like soccer mostly
i like taekwondo too..hope i can learn it
I am a great fan of cricket. Being a citizen of india where cricket is a religion, i have a very deep interest in it.The suspense that it creates through out the match is amazing. Any unexpected thing can happen.
you can never be sure.
india was one of the favourites in t-20 world cup but we all saw what happened?
in India cricket is a religion and Indians worship cricket as god.
I being an Indian love this sport.
I never miss India`s matches.
My favourites are football (that's soccer for those of you in the US) and angling (fishing to anyone not from the UK !).
My favourite is football (soccer) because it is one of the only one sport that we can play everywhere and with everybody. In fact you can play on your own, with one other person and with lot of people. You only need to have a ball. With all others sports there is much more curbs.
But I like also tennis,badminton and judo.
Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Table tennis, Tennis, Swimming, Ice Skating, Skiing, Snowboarding ... and many more Smile Smile
I love heaps of sports but my favorite would be...

Soccer: Man Utd
AFL: Brisbane Lions
Cricket: Australia
Tennin: Nadal and Ivanovic
tennis and football
Hockey, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, and Basebal. I love playing and watching them all.
I play Tennis and a bit of Baseball, I've always wanted to start swimming, but every time I go to a lesson, they put me into grade too high for me and they push me until my lungs collapse Sad But still, I love playing and watching tennis, I just think it's a totally awesome sport
i like cricket the most. i can't stop myself from getting involved in cricket match whenever i bypass my street. i like watching live matches and i never miss one..!!
cricket, badminton, swimming.. Very Happy
In winter I like ski and ice-skating. In summer, spring and autumn is good to bycycle, run, skate.
i like football (soccer),fishing, ciclism,...
Sl Benfica forever!!
I like Cricket a lot, it comes with the sub continental surrounding :p

But I like Racing (cars or bikes) , Diving, Table Tennis, athletics and woman's Beach volleyball (guess why) :p

In cricket, T20 is the best I think, fast and furious Very Happy whoooo
i prefer skaten its such fun realy look at my website transulate with google transulate its in dutch so uncompatible for you guys[/url]
i like soccer but only when I'm playing with uncoordinated people hehe..
I like most dancing (hip hop, dancehall, jazz, new style, modern). I could have dance all time ;p
also: horse riding (I do it for about 6 years), volleyball, skiing but now I prefer snowboarding Wink
I liked jogging but now I have problems with my knees and I can't.

Once I trained taekwon-do, but I stopped.
I think I would also start swimming now Smile
GO BRONCOS!!!! They might be in a slump right now, but I think they are going to pull out of it. Starting with the New York Giants this Thanksgiving!
certainly soccer....
I like to watch biathlon, tennis, athletics, swimming, soccer and alpine skiing.

Watching biathlon is more fun than watching ordinary skiing, because in biathlon are many suprises. But I like to ski in winter, it makes me to relax.

I try to do as much as sport as I can, because it makes only good for my health. Very Happy
i like american football, basketball, rugby,
but the best is BRAZILIAN SOCCER Laughing
flws Cool
i love football, basktball and lawn tennis, but the sport that i cannot do without is football, especially English premier league
I love to skateboard. It's my favorite thing to do, especially when I'm with my friends (only the ones who skate, of course) I just recently started snowboarding, and I really liked it, so I'm gonna keep on doing it.

I also like BMXing. Whenever it's raining, my skateboard is broken, or any times that I cannot use my skateboard, I BMX.

Football and basketball are only fun if I'm playing them with my friends.
My favorite is running. I loved to run 2-5km. After that I feel myself fresh and little bit tired. Running is so good.
In winter I prefer to cross-country skiing. Also I like watch cross-country skiing.
Still I like bicyling too.
It can be none other than cricket.The diversity in the game is the reason for my choice.A loads of statistics are there to see.Most importantly India is emerging as a wonderful cricketing side.
I like
I like two sports:
1. Football
2. Cricket
I like playing tennis, not watching it. I do judo and jujutsu, also do not enjoy too much watching it. same with basketball.
I like to surf

that is sufing the net of course :p

Dunno if it count for a sport :p
I like sports such as Handball,Dodgeball,Baseball Wink
Tifftom wrote:
My favorite sport is Cricket and I love this game and I am crazy about Pakistan VS England cricket series. I hope England will win this series with a huge margin.

Arh Cricket..
One Of my favourites and most of sri lankans share my view Smile

the Test siries against India was a blast and it went to a nail biting finish at the end.

The next is the One day international series.
let see what can our boys do ... ?
Started to learn capoeira like a year ago and now i have yellow-white cordao Razz all I can say is it's a great martial art. but i'd like to try ninjutsu tho. ^^
Athletics is my favorite. I like to do the horizontal jumping events most but sprint is also very fun.
Coustomwood wrote:
I like cricket and I m enjoying Pakistan Vs England cricket series.

These days we are having the tri-nation cup of MicroMax mobile participating
Sri Lanka
New Zealand

Yeah, We (Lanka) beat the hell out of India securing a win with records Smile At the moment India is battling for survival with New Zealand. It seems like India will win ( NZ 54 for 5 :p )

I personally preferred New Zealand to be at Finals. But it seems like India it will be. but It will be better as the New Zealand fast bowlers were making hay with their tall and hence the Bouncers (short balls)

Lets see, We, Lanka has a Phycological advantage over India cos we beat them in the last game. But India has a way of bouncing back and wining the essential game at the end :S
I like Tennis, football,basketball and badminton to name a few.....but i love to play most of badminton everyday...this is a good exercise Wink
I like football and tennis.Playing tennis nowadays and already good in football.

aoo Cool
I only like cricket. cricket is my favourite game.... Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Razz Cricket is my Favourite...!!
hmmmm...well i love playing cricket.....i strted playng cricket when i ws 5years old...i hv been a part of a cricket club also......
tennis, Athletics and ski Smile
I like online pc games mostly play Need 4 Speed
My favorite sport Is volyball and basketball also i like and i play Football Razz
I love football and snooker.......... Football is my favorite mega event.....
Futebol (Soccer?) is the best
i like football very much and i really enjoy watching it. but I'm not good at playing it. i also like basket ball very much and i am very good at playing it.
eu gosto de foteboll mais não o americano por quer um porcaria somais o brasileiro
I like badminton!!!
No doubt ...CRICKET is the answer...!! Laughing

I love Cricket...Love to watch it and i played a lot for my school team... Wink
I like Football and Basketball
Tennis is the fav. Work high. May be football. Its hard to run so much though. Cricket, yes its a national sport of big hitting. I would like to ski once. Badminton, I do play well cos I can be little strong, hit in areas where the opponent cant face or some dexterity. Badminton might be jus for hands in one way. I might have had one day with volleyball or basketball.
I Like...
Soccer , futebol , ja que no Brasil o esporte é o Futebol.
I like many of sports like Cricket, Tennis, Football, Boxing, Swimming, etc..... Tennis is a my favourite sport. Rafael Nadal and Andy Murrey are my favourite tennis player.
MMA, football and F1
I like basketball and martial arts. I don't do any sports because I prefer staying home listening to music, posting in Frihost and talking to people.
Basketball, Boxing
Actually I just found out I love jogging and flirting.
ratanegra wrote:
Actually I just found out I love jogging and flirting.

lol...flirting is consider as one of your favorite sport?...

anyways, my favorite sport is basketball, boxing, table tennis and badminton....

I like football and tennis.
i like to play Cricket and Badminton
football ...
i am like cricket.
i like to play tennis and Badminton....nothing else i want to play...
Futebol-Soccer , o esporte mais praticado aqui no meu pais é o futebol.
Cricket and Tennis are my favorite sports and most of the time when i have free time i like to play Tennis....
Everything except NASCAR. I can't stand it.
i think i like all sports... even those which i dont understand, like baseball... i think i like competitive spirit ))
I like football and my favourite team is Valencia C.F.
By far my favorite sport is NHL it is fast, full of talent and you get to see the young ones coming up thru the ranks. It actually takes skill to handle the puck and pick corners. You need to be fit in order to succeed unlike Baseball, where 250 pound pot bellied men can chew their cud and walk around the bases.
i am a great fan of football and tennis my favorite team of football is England and favorite player is Lional Messi (Argentina) and favorite player of tennis is Pet Samprass.
football and badminton
i love soccer
an arsenal fan and great passion for arsenal
Cricket i like to much
Me like to Swimming and Playing hockey.
I like football (soccer to some), volleyball, running, fitness (if we want to call that a sport) and mushing. The first and the last I mainly like to watch and the other three I actually practice. I would love to also try and practice the last one, but we lack snow and I lack time and financial means.

I like Chess. And just Chess. I hate other sports at all.
I like basketball I play it almost every day, my favourite teams are Celtics and Lakers. What about you guys?
American Football is my favourite as a spectator. It's physical, it's fast as are most other sports that's why I think it is so popular among the mass. However, for me all the thinking, strategies that goes into this game make it so attractive. To be a head coach of (American) football team is equal to being a commander in army.
Basket ball and especially NBA is my favourite.
I've been watching NBA since 1996, when Shawn Kemp, if people still remember him, was a superstar. Those were a glorious days of NBA, when seattle supersonics, consisting Kemp, Payton, Shrempf, Hawkin, Perkin dared to challenge the domination of Jordan. Things have changed a lot in NBA now. Supersonics do not even exist now.
I like volleyball, badminton, and swimming.
I'd like to try tennis when I've got an opportunity to play it. (I don't know someone whom I can practice with)

I play a bit of chess but not really good with it.
I think tennis is the only sport I'm used to watching on television.

If people are hanging out and doing something, I'm almost equally likely to play any sport, provided I don't feel like I would be too awful at it.
I've seen some people like bull fighting as a sport. Can we consider that even a sport? Isn't that a butchering?
Hockey all the way Very Happy
Mortal Kombat is in my fav
I like street basketball.
I am obsessed with following football (soccer)
Formula One racing, Indy cars...
hide and seek
softonaseo15 wrote:
I like cricket and football , because after playing these games i feel really good.

Cricket and football - two sports American can't relate to. Shocked Shocked
I love Cricket!
I live in Sri Lanka so cricket is kinda popular over here and it's the best game everrr!!!
Surprised Surprised why cricket is so popular in subcontinent?
Swimming, Chess, Bicycle, F1
beach volleyball / football (soccer) / lacrosse are all awesome sports
My favourite sport is Basketball which i play
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

me, table tennis, basketball, boxing and tennis
I have been a diehard fan of Cricket since childhood.. Smile
I love playing cricket even now..
Football is also my passion..
paragliding-I live to fly.only there in the sky I feel really free
well i know to play and i like only football, but if in different circumstances i play anything Razz from voley to .. pool.. i dont know.
i'm not a big fan of sports ... vai see this justifies my weight lol ...
but I like to watch some football, racing, aerodynamics, aquatic ...
But obviously as a good Brazilian football is our preference ... we have different types of leagues in the country and never misses games to watch ... our days of official games, lol, that is, days that always has a live stream of the championship game is Wednesday and Sunday, sometimes on Saturdays.
I love Football and Cricket Smile
but dont want to play Very Happy
I like football so much.
My favorite sports are Polo and Boxing. What about you?
& Football
Horse riding, nothing else really.
Soccer and golf,
My favorite sports are swimming, Polo and Hockey.
I like bad-mention and Rugby.
I like Basketball and run Cool
I love cricket the most. My favorite player is Sachin Tendulkar.
I like ice hockey the most. It is not only a blast to play in person but is actually one of those sports that are also very interesting to watch (as compared to football or golf). Fast-paced, hard-hitting, intense, and requiring a multitude of skills (e.g. skating, stick-handling, deking, scoring, teamwork), there are not many sports that require as much out of a player as ice hockey. Very Happy
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

Basketball is my most exciting game ever.. but i watch most sports or all sports on television.
i use to do bodyboard
Im a big fan of swimming and all swimming related sports and games...Yes games too... even marco polo..
Very Happy

Water Polo is one of my favourites and i think its a really tough game and great cardio workout..
Not many people know about water polo, so i would like to share some of the rules of the game..

There are seven players from each team are allowed in the playing area of the pool during game play with up to four substitutes. Visiting team field players wear numbered and usually White caps, and home team field players wear usually Blue caps, both goalies wear red caps, numbered "1". Players may be substituted in and out after goals, during timeouts, at the beginning of each quarter, after ordinary fouls and after injuries

I hope more people start playing this sport and realise how tough it actually is!
My personal favourite is football, both for watching and playing. Cricket is not too far behind, though I'm not a very good cricket player. Among others, I like playing badminton the most.. For indoors, it's chess!
i enjoy watching football (soccer) from time to time. these days it is limited to bundesliga & champions league. sometimes i do watch women tennis: not that i care a lot about what they're doing on the court..just to see some nice girls, i.e.: Maria Sharapova...then again all that screaming sometimes makes you wonder what are you actually watching: tennis or "who yells louder" competition
Formula 1
Table tennis
I like AFL. Wich is an sport
swimming is what i like to do everyday
I like swimming, cheerleading, gymnastics, tennis, soccer, and track and field.
I like football, inline-skating, tennis.
I like to play cricket and football because my father is football player and I am cricketer that is why I like those sports.
i like sports in computer game only
me and my husband are found of in-line skates. We have a lot of fun skating together. I'd like to say, that in-line skating adds a lot of self-confidence. We are skating for 6 months and it is really funny to remember our first steps, when we couldn't trust our bodies and legs and got some injures Cool

...and no, Poker is not a sport Laughing
What i like most is the cricket game .
Like a true Italian (LOL), I have eyes only for football, Formula 1 and motorbikes. Very Happy
I love Basket Ball game a lot.
My hobbies are the following sports:
  1. walking
  2. swimming
  3. cycling
  4. gym
  5. rowing
  6. walking the dog
Hockey at first place, then football of course.
I follow most what's going on on the big actions in TV,
last time I fell in love with curling.
Football badminton and tennis
Basketball!!!!!!!!!! Very Happy
though I'm short in height lol Laughing
Jogging (I take part in a jogging-competitions in the city)
Fitness (because I need it)
I dream to start orientation running again... Orientation running - it is when you running a distance in wood (or park, or city) with a plan and compass and looking for special points. It's make a lot of fun. If it take place in wood - you can enjoy the beauty of nature. I love and miss it.
I like Football
I'm more of a basketball person. When I was a kid, I used to watch baseball, but ultimately I find it kind of boring. In general, I'm not much of a sports person. The times I watch sports most is when my team is winning. I suppose you could call me a fake fan in that respect. If my team is losing, I generally just watch something else.
I like Montgomery Sports events.There are outstanding sports facilities provides to the Sports teams.
I played baseball for the first 4 years of my life. Now I play basketball and am interested in playing soccer.
Football. .....
I Like Cricket, Chess and Badminton
I like football.. English football that is. (Middlesbrough Supporter)

What teams do you guys support?
i dont like sports , but if i have to pick one , that would be badminton
TinhYeu wrote:
I like swimming. How about you? Football? Basketball? Volleyball? Boxing? .....

we play soccer.

Adults and kids.

Do u like kids?
Dou like to have fun with a ball and with humans and kids?

Its better than tv.
I am forced to train jiu jiutsu, the oldest boy is attending and I come along since I need to give him a ride... This is the Swedish style, more boring one, and I suck at it....
I like-baseball-football[American]-basketball-track-tennis.
I love playing footbal, but also Tennis and tabble tennis are lovely and very enjoyable to play
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