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Australian hung despite plea for clemency from the UN

At dawn on December 2nd 2005, Singapore hanged a citizen of Australia, despite a plea for clemency from the United Nations. What Singapore has done is termed as 'barbaric' by Australian Attorney-General Philip Ruddock..

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Do you think Singapore has overdone the death penalty? Singapore is labelled as "Disneyland with the death penalty" by William Gibson, a writer.. Singapore is a beautiful country but it is bounded by too many rules..
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I myself is a Singaporean and I believe that nobody has the right to take other people's lives.. That guy should be imprisoned for life instead of given the death penalty..
No, this is the perfect way to carry out the death penalty: public and painful.
The reason the death penalty is not as effective as it might be is becouse it is remote and hidden from view.

Three cheers for Singapore!
If a country advertises that it has the death penalty, and someone commits a crime in that country, then they only have themselves to blame!

The question of having the death penalty or not is a different one.

At the moment I believe no country should have it, at the moment.

If extreme factions continue to emerge and kill people of other countries as well as their own (under the flag of religion, freedom fighting or whatever) then it would need a rethink.
I have been several times in Singapore.

Although I never carried anything illegal in the country, reading the airport warnings on drugs and death penalty, every time makes me think and to a certain extent it results in a fleble dash of scare for a spilt second..but it does it.

Everyone knows that they have an history of carried out death sentences for drug offenders. So when you accept to do the job of carrying drugs through Singapore for money, you already abide by the rules of this game. A Russian Roulette type of game.

The problem with death penalty is the chance to kill an innocent, in my view.
If you carry out the capital punishment on a person that is really the offender, than I see no problem with it.

I think there are crimes that are well punished with death sentence. I am not against it.
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