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'the finger' slipped into work pics...

hi folks,

never one to miss the chance to slip a subliminal finger into a pic, here's two of me with work crew you might find amusing:

ahh the humour of it all!
Rev. Jack
looks good on 17 inch monitor but most folks have 15 inch.
hi Rev. Jack,

were you referring to my site in general or the pic?

i think differently about 15 inch monitors being the norm... i believe that most people would have at least a 17inch these days, if not higher. my site is beast viewed at 1024 x 768, (which is pretty standard for a 17inch monitor) anything higher than that and some areas of my site will appear stretched to fit...
It would be much better if you'll create or instal your own forum and guestbook. Thease iframes just killing me!
I llike your content Wink and a counter sentence!
hi Alie,

cheers for that, my only concern about creating my own guestbook/forum is that not enough people are using my forums as it is! Also i have used over 200mg of my 250mg limit as it stands...

thanks for thenice comment anyway, the sentance that runs with my hit counter pretty accuratly sums up my site: crap!! (but funny crap Smile)
1024 x 768 on a 17 inch monitor?

Man, I thought I was going blind and I use 1280 x 960 on a 15 inch.

The sites not bad though, although I hate all the "Times New Roman" font
There are much nicer, easier to read fonts. And the grey is a bit boring.

I like your layout, adds a nice touch of originality.

The only real problem with your site is the photos. I viewed your "work01.jpg" and it is 358 kb for a 640 x 480 image. That is CRAZY.
You need to optimize them for thweb in Photoshop or something. A photo that size should be way under 100 kb, maybe around 60 kb with no real loss of quality.
hi paul_indo,

cheers for the comments mate, i agree with you on the times new roman font, been thinking about changing that for a while now...

as for the photos and what not, i am of the firm belief that in 2005 everyone is at least on the most basic broadband connection and therefore pics of around 400kb are chicken feed. (and for those still using dial-up, the only question i have is: why?)

cheers again for the tips, you got a site i can scope out?
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