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i canot stand homework honestly it never helps me just wastes my time
Depends about the homework. Some stuff with learn at school needs to be worked out often, so it becomes automatic for our brain. But I do believe that most I get are Super useless. That's pretty much why I don't do them.
lol,well,i hate to do homework,but i must to do it,i am no chosen
The thing is that I love doing homework because we don't have to do them but i really hate writing Parcticals cuz they are really boring and never get signed!!!
Trust me. Do them...I failed some classes last year thanks to it. If it drags your grade down, do not ignore it.
Honestly, I have a difficult time sitting down and completing my homework as well. I do it. It saves me trouble and worry in the future. I made it through high school doing my homework right before it was due. I got by. I do my homework in college now right before it is due. That's not such a good method. Completing homework is a good method of studying. While studying might not be necessary in high school, in college it is essential. I made above a four-point in high school and in college I'm struggling to maintain a three-point. Are the classes harder? By no means. The problem is that classes are entirely lecture with a ton of work due that must be completed outside of class in addition to a ton of reading and studying. New material is covered at such a rapid pace!

Honestly, I don't know how I made it through Discrete Mathematics, Calculus III, Honors Introduction to Philosophy, Foundations of Computer Science I, and Honors Masters of Western Literature studying as little as I did. I would not recommend it. What this means: DO YOUR HOMEWORK... whether or not you like it.
I think homework is given to practice what has been taught inside the classroom. It helps especially in math and science subjects.
I also hate homework. Eventhough it is given to us so we can practice the stuff we learned in class, we still get assigned projects and we are graded on creativity.
I dont like homework but i often end up doing it in class anyway so its no big deal
No one like homework.But homework must be done by people!
all what else,we must do it carefully
i don't think so

homework can make us think about what we have learnt that day

it really helps me
I hate homowork too, but what can I say, I must do it Sad, rarely I like doing it cause maybe it's something I'm good at
Neo7 wrote:
Trust me. Do them...I failed some classes last year thanks to it. If it drags your grade down, do not ignore it.

I agree, 100%. Homework scares me!
Whether we like homework or not, we still have to do it. Unless you want to fail a class and have to take it alllll over again, which you won't pass unless you do your homework. o.O What vicious cycle.
this is why i dont do my homework and go on forums like theses
Homework whats that? I havent got anything to do when I'm home. exept going to forums like these Razz
i hate homeworks i didnt make them:)
For my classes homework is awsome!
The reason I signed up to frihost is to post my homework
it depends Smile I like doing homeworks which are interesting for me Smile

and I think teachers must give homeworks which would came interesting to the student Smile

some of the teachers think that they must give homeworks Sad

but that's not important to give homework Sad the important thing is making student to understand the topic Smile
Yeah I never do homework at home.... I do it at school. I have a free period now in which I do my homework. I must say though calculus is fun.... sarcasm. Also Biology 2 Honors is even more fun. Not. But yeah I suppose it is made to lock it in your brain but after a year or 2 I do forget it. I honestly feel they dont have to give as much homework as they do... them being the teachers. It does help often times though as long as it's not some bullcrap to occupy your time.
I think it's really important but sometimes I really just can't be bothered when you've been at school for like 6 hours already.
it can help you master what u have learned
and you can discover new when you do it in another way
I think doing you're homework is very useful. That way you practise whatever you have learnt that day and it makes studying easier and requires less studying too sometimes. It may be long to do, but it'f your your own good. Although, it is possible that some of your homework may not be really useful as it may not be really something you need to do later on in your life. But homework is a method that comes very useful. It disciplines yourself in a way too since in college it's very important.
styles101 wrote:
i canot stand homework honestly it never helps me just wastes my time
YES I agree soo much I cant tell you how much i agree, im a freshman in highschool, i should be a sophmore, i got held back in 8th grade, which is due to HOMEWORK, it is truely a evil thing!
Homework will help you succeed in life, also my teachers usually only assign a fair amount of homework that can be easily done in class, just look at it this way. They have to do as much homework as you have to, which means there the poor saps who have to try and read your sloppy hand writting Very Happy
Well you need to do you homework, I think. And maybe it helps for a good job at your work.. I only make the homework what is stronly recommed by my teachers..
I havent had home work in 5 years, then i went back to school... big mistake lol
homework every night Sad
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