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Can music file sharing be stopped??

The united states government and the RIAA are determined to stop music filesharing. my arguement is that it is virtually impossible to stop file sharing at this point,they have shut down numerous bittiorrent sites and are suing ppl who download an share them. but this is in vain, once the internet continues to extist music file sharing will continue to grow. especially in the third world countries an places out of theri reach.
I am unstoppable! Cool
Music Sharing will never be stopped because after each sight is closed ten more are opened in its place. People will just find a new musisc sharing website or program. Also the goverments should be focusing in stopping drugs before they stop pirate music. Anyway who cares if an artist gets ripped off they still have $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
People, as a whole, are just getting hip to file-sharing (thanks to bittorrent) and sharing music is just beginning. They are doing it all over the world. Unless something is done at the ISP level, it will never stop.
Yes, mass file-sharing will probably never be stopped but let's look at the reality of the situation. For instance, when cassette tapes became cheap and widely available (or VCRs for that matter), people decried that this technology would lead to rampant bootlegging and end up destroying the entertainment industry. Yet, films and music continue to gross billions each year. Why? Because there are other factors involved such as ease of use, morality and sheer supply and demand. At a certain point in many people's lives, time is worth a certain amount of money. They would rather go to iTunes and buy a song for 99 cents than download a bittorrent client, surf the web, click on links and find the song they're trying to bootleg. When you create a free market (in the sense of less restrictions, not that things are costless), what people really want to ease of use. Yes, if something is rare and not readily available, people will probably rather steal it than pay enormous sums for it. However, the reality is that more and more people are finding a compromise between pure bootlegging and strictly buying everything they listen to. Ultimately, it will probably inspire more people to experience a mix of both and the industry will continue to grow. In every business you're going to have "shrink" (stealing); in a sense mass music pritacy is just the next evolution of the storefront model - but this time on the internet.
This is a very interesting topic. The fact of the matter is that people just don't want to pay for albums when there is only a couple of songs they like from that particular artist, which leads to people downloading them, usually bootlegged through a file sharing program. Itunes and other places that have been selling songs for a buck a song has helped stop file sharing some, but people still don't want to spend tons of money just to fill up thier mp3 player with thier favorite tunes, so they do it the file sharing way. Really if you think about it there is nothing wrong with file sharing. File sharing can be used for many types of files, such as pics, ect. Some people like to make thier own music readily availible via file sharing, because, as long as you have fans listening to your music, it is all worth while, right? File sharing will never be stopped. The illegal files could be secured and put to a hault, but file sharing in general will always be a popular place on the web! Wink
Seeing as how all the P2P programs are open source and the fact that almost anyone with a decent programming experience can upload a new version, I'd say it's impossible to, unless there was a virus that totally demolished everyone's systems. Even then, some people have codes memorized. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating, but the open-source part is true. Wink
Unless someone somewhere comes up with a way to control the flow of data over the internet, music sharing and piracy isn't going to stop. There are enough people with enough experience in computers that even if (and this is a colossal if) music files were somehow prohibited to be transferred, there would be someone that could mask files or use a system no one's thought of yet. It's so easy to go online, click a song and download it that it's not going to stop. People want music, and they want it for free. Back in the days of physical music media, it was a lot harder. But now, it's a door that has been opened and simply cannot be shut.
Even if they did stop file sharing, I think it would be useless. People would be borrowing CDs and ripping them into their computer or burning them to CDs. 1 person buys a CD, a few 100 gets the CD free. Haha... So I think they'd better leave the FileSharing system alone, they'd just be wasting their time that could be spent on doing better things.
Well, I don't think they care anymore. For somw days ago, a idiot r4lased a new about that lyrics on the net will not be allowed anymore. Are the artist afraid for a band will play the song better than them? Well, first stop the file-sharing. By the way, nobody will manage that neither...
File-sharing is unstoppable. There's just nothing that can be done. Even "copy-protected" CDs/DVDs can have their protection bypassed sooner or later. And considering the thousands of file-sharing websites and clients available all over the world, what can be done to stop them? Absolutely nothing.

Yes, I admit I do download some songs, but I always buy the albums from my favorite bands, for instance. And while I may have some game copies, I also have many originals. The keyword here is "balance". Some people only download, while some people only buy, and many more do both. As long as there's balance, there's nothing to worry about.
Now this is one topic that I like. You all have made great opinions too.

I think that filesharing is not a bad thing. It's true that everyone should focuse on something more important, like drugs or terrorism.

If someone thinks that because of internet and P2P-programs people won't buy anything anymore, that's not true. If I like some artist so much I want to hear more than just that one song, I absolutely buy the CD. But if I only like one song and that's it, I download it. I also like to download music videos that I have seen on MTV. I couldn't buy them anyway, so how can I get them? Should I call the producers of the artist to send the original tape for me?

For example, I bought a quite long time ago Eminem's 8 Mile Soundtrack. I like to listen it at car, home-stereos and on my PC. Unfortunately, it has got some damage sometimes, it has some scratches on the bottom side of the CD. Some songs won't work right anymore. What should I do? If I download all the songs from the internet, am I doing wrong? I've already paid for those songs anyway. Why should I pay again if there's another way? I can just download all the songs again, burn them into CD and continue listening.

What about the songs that can't be found in stores anymore? If I wan't to hear them, do I have to build a time-machine and roll back to when they were still available? Or do I just download them from the internet from someone on the other side of the earth who has kindly shared them after he bought them himself?

I really think police shouldn't waste their time for this, when there is numerous other things waiting to be solved.
I agree, file sharing is not going to stop. I think it's time the record companies just embraced it and looked for other options, like this:

They think the file sharing problem could be solved through "Voluntary Collective Licensing"

This is how the "problem" of radio was ultimately resolved (only after copyright owners gave up on trying to sue it out of existence, of course). A "performing rights organization" (PRO) was formed, songwriters and music publishers were invited to join, and blanket licenses were given to any and all radio stations that wanted them.

Today, there are three major PROs in the United States - ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. In exchange for a fee, they will give blanket licenses to anyone who asks. (For antitrust reasons, the terms offered by ASCAP and BMI are closely monitored by a federal court.) Once licensed, radio stations may play anything, anytime, without having to ask permission first. The PROs then divide up the fees among their members.

This solution does not require any changes to copyright law and leaves price-setting to the copyright owners. Something much like this could be developed for file-sharing. Copyright owners could get together and offer blanket licenses on nondiscriminatory terms, either to ISPs, software vendors, or consumers directly.
I think they have to cope with it. And in fact, the number of CDs that come together with a promoting DVD, a luxury booklet, and so on is increasing. They have to offer more than just music to mahe their products attractive to customers.
I don't think protecting systems to be the solution. Most (or all) of them are sooner or later being cracked, and in some cases they turn the CDs into unplayables.
I think there will always be file sharing... I dont think its possible to stop it all...
Can't be stopped unless you make an amendment to the constitution.
There is no possable way they can stop filesharing, you only thing that copyright has been doing is basically been getting the "Big Fishes" sorta speak like people with 10, 000 songs and more. There also coming down hard on Bitorrents.
In order to completly stop file sharing, you would have to pretty much make the internet explode.
Course it can. Just press the "X" button. Wink
I too believe it will never be stopped. Since I heard about them actually suing people for downloading I stopped but I still know a lot of people who continue to do so. There has always been "stealing" from the medias. Like VCR's and recording movies on the Television, to Casette tapes where you could record from the radio or copy a friends tape. And now there are DVD recorders. It will always be around. The only difference from those I listed to the internet file sharing is they now have a way to track who's doing what. They would have started suing years ago if they could have figured out a way to track people doing it.
I agree with much of public sentiments here that internet file sharing is not going to stop unless you shut down internet (or click the X button) Laughing

Probably there will be some dent in record sales but it won't go all the way to rock bottom as there will still be some people like me who cares about the quality of sound that is coming out of their speakers.

Listening to downloaded music from a computer speaker is definitely a crappy experience after you've tried music cds on a higher end home audio system Very Happy

And this should be the direction the record companies to go : quality, instead of trying to fight the internet or some hacker trying to crack some "protection mechanism"
Asking people to stop file sharing is exactly the same as asking guys to stop looking at hot chicks when the walk by. It's not gonna happen. In fact if you do ask you will get the same reaction, where the best case is you get ignored and the worst case you get beaten to a pulp. File sharing is a good thing and people don't like good things taken away from them.

The best that can be done is some type of regulated form of file sharing. Isn't that an oxymoron, you ask? Not really. If there is some way, for example, to encrypt the file that's being shared by trillions of people with code that tells it: "Look file, you can only be opened x number times by a person who didn't buy you before you self destruct. But before you self-destruct you have to give that person the option of buying you. If they refuse, then go right ahead and self-destruct" Of course that code or whatever would have to be determined, focussed and simply tough enough to withstand attempts by bored (and/or desparate) little geeks to shred it apart!!!

Yeah it would be a pain in the left cheek in terms of standardisation and compatibility across of countless products but that's the only way I can see file-sharing being decriminalised and becoming profitable for companies that despise it so much.

File sharing isn't going away. These over-paid execs need to come into grips with that, and immediately after doing that, they need to really earn their bonuses and come up with ways of incorporating file sharing into their business models, and not destroying it!!
I believe that is almost impossible to stop the internet file sharing in the shape of net today. We are living in
the golden age of the internet, a complete anarchist funny mass but soon just the true hacker will get annonymous
in the internet. US will not toletate for too much time something so out of their control where people can share whatever they want. My balls off if the net
will not become stupid in the next decades. Twisted Evil

I accord with the argue that the CD's must
have a more atractive production for the costumers. I think the fonographic industry must completely
change it's concepts and approach to the artists. I think file sharing can stabilish a nice competition and improve the quality
of the final products. If my favorite artists had a creative graphic concept (I not talking about that little shit that packs the CD) I would certanly buy that despite of the price.

But they preffer to use that obsolet technics:

"International Federation of Fonographic Industry announced a regular report devoted to commercial piracy issues. Report claims that all taken measures to fight producers and distributors of illicit compact disks are not enough. Today the share of pirated CDs amounts to 35% and total damage brought to the industry is evaluated to be $4,5bn for the last year." (
It can only be stopped only when the file sharers really feel the damage they r doing.. it can be stopped only when they want to stop. constitution nor government cannot stop it all by itself... that's for sure. personally i think it wont stop..
There is no way to stop file sharing as much as we may want to. It is too easy to get around. There may be new technologies that allow us to encrypt files and CD's better but somebody will find away around them sooner or later. So we spend time coming up with new encryption knowing full well that it will only slow them down and give us a small window of time to make the next encryption program.

There is no way to stop file sharing as much as we may want to. It is too easy to get around. There may be new technologies that allow us to encrypt files and CD's better but somebody will find away around them sooner or later. So we spend time coming up with new encryption knowing full well that it will only slow them down and give us a small window of time to make the next encryption program.

I don't think it can be stopped, all they can do at this point is single out a few people and make horrible examples out of them. Honestly though, they don't really need the money. The Artists most definitly need the money, if they are small time. If a band can impress me with a CD, i'll go buy it after I download, or if they are a smaller band that needs the help. A tip: Anybody shown on MTV or VH1 does not need the money. This is all not even mentioning all that crap with sony's rootkits. More money goes to sony than the artist.
Its impossible to be stopped... They tried to stop Napster - they stopped it .... but as you can see more programs were created and so on and so on. The entire point behind all this is to scare people
i don't think it could be stopped. Confused

i'd be devastated..
I can told you that now don't have any contries' law said that you can't share music files.

It won't stop.
A lot of people like to buy CDs from up and coming artists because we want to support them but shy away from buying a CD for a single track of a huge artist like Metallica, hence the lawsuit.

That being said, it's difficult to convince the masses that they're doing damage when the Cher and U2 earn 80 million dollars a year doing concerts.

The thing is, firesharing itself is far too useful and too practial to go away. I can give away music or picture or anything I make to more and more people than ever before without using bandwidth that I cannot afford. That kind of power is too valuable to lose. Most people, even piraters, are inclined to pay for a truly superior product. It is has to be worth it and the price can't keep going up. It would be one thing when the CD is 10 bucks. But 15-20 is a joke.

Same issue with the movie theatre. The price to go now is almost as much as the cost of a DVD (which comes out 3 months later)--so why go to a theatre once when you can watch it as often as you like? The answer is for specific movies where a theatre makes a difference-- harry potter, star wars, lord of the rings, etc. You need a good product. Even then, the high price hurts. Who wants to pay like 12.50? Even in Dallas it was raised to 7.50 for a student ticket. If an entire family of four goes, they spend over 30 dollars, not counting food. You can buy two to three DVDs with that kinda cash. That kind of stragey may help revenus loss in the short term but its definitely not maintainable.
File-sharing will never go away, no matter all the taxes and government intervention in the world.
sharring music can't be stopped !! if the stop the P2P programmes then go people do it by IRC or torrets or email. but i think that the movie sharring need to be stopped ! Very Happy
I don't think the major problem is file sharing, that will always be there. The problem is those people who copy the cd's or dvd's, and sell them in markets, car boot sales and the like for ridiculously cheap prices.

I agree the quality can be poor, but when you see the amount of copied disks on market stalls, then there is a large amount of piracy going on.

I know the problem, but not the solution, unless we can convince film and music companies to sell their products at a cheaper price.
i never think it will be unless they actually find the downloaders and do something about it
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