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Google OS

Do you think Google will take down Microsoft
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 47%  [ 26 ]
Total Votes : 55

I have heard rumors about a Google OS. Has anyone else heard about this? Do you think it can really compete with Windows? Google has been trying for some time now to take down microsoft. It appears that microsoft is getting alittle scared. They have now started there new search engine... Although I think it was to little to late. Everyone is already on the google train. Even the new e-mailing system microsoft is starting is to compete with G-mail which again I feel microsoft is to late on this release. Please post if you know anything though about this "Google OS".
I had watched some funny screenshots of this OS. It look pretty childish to me. Every Application has a "G" before its name. like G-Word, G-Browser etc.,

May be a hoax.

But the idea of a "Web Based OS" is thrilling.
I saw this pictures too. I think, if this whole story is true, that Google OS will be based on BeOS, unsuccess operating system from 90-es form PowerPC computers. BeOS is now available as open source project.
Other web sources discuss about huge Internet Mainframe computer with GooOS operating system....
However, any Windows concurent OS is welcomed...
well, M$ also got scared when linux came out, but due to program compatibility issues and bill gates' refusal to sell the code to run .exe files, Windows is still the most popular OS in the world (at least for PC's. Servers are a whole other story).
I have heard of the google OS, I don't know too much about it, but it would be incredible if they did release an OS. I believe google will release a browser in the near future.

If you do a WHOIS on, google owns it.
l'm really excited about this, l have been saying for about two years now that they should make an OS, and if they did, l would be right there in the BETA tests, heck, even the ALPHA if they release it.
This is impossible I dont like google software. microsoft is big bussnies Confused
I kinda liked google talk and google desktop. They were good programs, but I didn't find much use for them. They were really simple and smooth.

Hopefully they'll make an OS the same way.
A Google OS by 2010

Wishful thinking? Yes, but let's consider the possibilities. The last couple years have seen significant advances in hardware production and design. One of the more interesting (and potentially revolutionary) developments to take place this past year is the announcement of a new CPU, the STI (Sony, Toshiba, IBM) Cell processor.

Acting like several CPUs in one, the Cell will be able to power multiple operating systems at once, as well as bear the heavy computing load that a single system can place on the CPU. These past couple years have also seen significant shifts in the direction that computers and their operating systems are to take. Phones, computers, gaming systems, and entertainment centers are becoming more complex, more integrated with each other, and the distinction between these devices are becoming more and more blurred. Modern operating systems are reflecting this shift as well, supporting VoiP, integrating audio and video with IM and email, etc. With the maturity of the cell processor, tech manufacturers have the opportunity to combine these functions completely on a single home machine, with dedicated processors or cores for each task, and perhaps dedicated operating systems--or environments--to enhance task performance and simplify the interface.

As hardware complexity increases, a simpler, more elegant and straightforward computing interface will likely emerge, separating media from computing, design and multimedia work from office work, with all tied to the Web. With multimedia and gaming relegated to their own places--all of which can operate simultaneously without interfering with one another (thanks to Cell)--there is no need for one beastly, complicated interface to control them all. Each environment can have its own simple, straightforward interface, and the Cell will ensure ease of mobility between environments without disturbing the workflow of any particular environment.

Enter Google

This is Google's specialty: a simple, easy to use interface, accessible to all levels of users. Though there is no indication that anything like this is in the works, one can easily imagine a streamlined Google OS on its own hard disk partition, separated from the entertainment, gaming, and media production environments. In addition to Google's signature services—a high-powered internet, media, and local disk search engine—it would likely consist of an office suite, a lean web browser, and various other applications and utilities. Consider the technology already at Google's disposal. Start with the world's best search engine with access to the largest body of searchable information and media. Add Gmail: a clean, javascript-based application, stored on a server, accessed via the internet, from which a user can not only compose, read, organize, and search their email, but also quickly access Google's search and other services. Now, look at Google News: a world of online news sources, which can be customized to an individual users preferences. Throw in Google's desktop search, the Picasa photo software, and Firefox (Mozilla and Google have significant overlap in their employed workforces) with live bookmarks, and cool research extensions such as dictionary and thesaurus lookup, linky, launchy, and the like. Extend all of this technology to typical desktop applications like office software, then combine them all into one interface and bundle the OS. Simple, powerful, and totally Google.

Let's take it one step further. Imagine that all of this software—like the Google search engine, Gmail, etc.—is stored on Google's notoriously well-backed-up servers and operates at relatively high speed with any internet connection, thanks to its simplicity and javascript code base. Supported by unobtrusive (sometimes even helpful) ads, and hosted on a distant server, this is free, convenient, and accessible from ANY computer, anywhere, anytime. Additionally, you have the world's best IT department working on your behalf to protect your software, its accessibility, and its security. No viruses, no worms, no corrupted disks.

Let's say they go even further: Google gives you, say, 1000GB on their servers, hosts all your data (with multiple levels of permissions), and provides everything mentioned above, and extends their video search (currently in beta) to provide access to a wealth of streaming audio (like iTunes radio) and video. All of it is free, all of it is easily accessible through a powerful, extensible web browser, and all of it simple and easy to use (it's still Google, remember). What are the implications of such a system? First, no more purchasing software (at least not the consumer grade applications hosted on the server); second, companies actually competing for your business (Google would surely be followed by the other major players); third, your work is finally mobile.

Students can more comfortably use computer labs, knowing that everything will be right where they left it, no matter what machine they use. You can replace a machine without copying and reconfiguring everything. Any web-enabled computer can handle most home users' desktop computing needs with relative consistency. You can experiment with or switch to a new operating system (Yahoo, MSN, .Mac) without buying a new machine or partitioning your hard drive. Ads--not consumers--pay for consumer-grade software, and since more apps will be web-based, you can try out these proprietary programs on any machine at no cost, and without the process of downloading and installing. And, as creepy as it may sound to leave your data permanently on a server, this would actually be more secure than the data on many computers out there today.

Now for the fun. Right now, open source programs like Firefox boast some killer extensions that make browsing a lot more fun and a lot more productive. Imagine the kinds of plug-ins and extensions one could write for this Google OS, were it based on open standards (this past week, Google released much of its code as open source, and posted some key APIs at Perhaps you mouse over a URL, and a preview of the page pops up in the corner. A couple mouse clicks or a keyboard shortcut puts a graphic or media clip from the web right into your slide presentation. When working on a research project, you can bookmark sites of interest right into the outline of your paper. Or imagine a database of freely-downloadable music, from top artists, television shows, news videos, etc., paid for by inconspicuous Google text ads.

Every user could have a personal database where you can put information about yourself, with varying permission levels. Anytime your screen name shows up in an email, a letter, a website, mousing over it will preview your data. If someone not in your access list does this, it merely shows a link to your home page. For those in your address book, it shows your full name, location, a flattering picture (maybe it's even one of you!), and links to your blog and your favorite websites and activities. For certain close friends and family members, your phone number, IM account, and email address popup, so they can communicate with you instantly with one click. Any document you create can be instantly uploaded to a community database, indexed by Google, and accessed by anyone, or only those of your choosing. And not just text documents and spreadsheets. Oh, no. Posters, magazines, songs, animated shorts, even feature-length movies! All powered by software hosted on the servers, paid for by ads just like the ones you already have in your Gmail account and your Google searches. And for projects requiring professional software running on a studio machine, the server can still act as a central storage area—tied to a webpage outlining the project details and timeline—where files can be checked in and out as various project members work on them.


When taking a step back and soaking in all that has developed in the last couple years, it is not at all far fetched to hypothesize the kind of innovation and integration I have suggested, especially for a company like Google. Nor is it far fetched to imagine Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, and others pushing each other towards and beyond such a goal. Personally, I am excited to see what will happen in the next few years. I am taken aback to remember when a word processor was its own machine, when software—and even the OS—ran off of floppy disks, when a computer didn't boot—it turned on, and when a monitor that looked as good as a TV was a big deal. But I'm truly looking forward to the time when I will be surprised to remember when a computer was its own machine, when software—and even the OS—was run off of a hard drive, when a computer didn't turn on—it booted, and when a TV and a monitor were two different things! All the indications are saying the same thing: the next few years in computing technology will not be merely a faster version of what we're already doing. It's time for a revolution. Simplicity, elegance, functionality. It works for Google; will it work for you?
nothing more than a rumore dude... there is no official word from google about it... but many belive that google is working on unix as well as linux plat form for their own OS...

here is a cool site providing fake screenshot... Very Happy Very Happy

Google OS

but the truth is Google OS doesnt exist.... its a big bluff!!!!.... Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad people just want to escape from this MS funda & want to see some one comes up with better OS than MS... like alternet browser bit IE havily... or google search/gmail kicked MSN/Hotmail out... so they expect some one who has the edge over MS (like it or not... but google does have edge over MS... in almost every front where it is present)... so this kind of google OS, Office or browser things comes up... now & then... Very Happy Very Happy
ahmad wrote:
A Google OS by 2010

Wishful thinking? Yes, but let's consider the possibilities. The last couple years have seen significant advances in hardware production and design. One of the more interesting (and potentially revolutionary) developments to take place this past year is the announcement of a new CPU, the STI (Sony, Toshiba, IBM) Cell processor....

This is a very old article. Please specify the source while posting such things
btw the source is

d72202 wrote:
well, M$ also got scared when linux came out, but due to program compatibility issues and bill gates' refusal to sell the code to run .exe files, Windows is still the most popular OS in the world (at least for PC's. Servers are a whole other story).

I dont know from where you got this impression but i will tell you that the format of .exe files is called Windows Portable Executable and its freely available. There is a project for Linux called WINE (Windows Emulator) which allows you to run .exe files Smile One more thing, MS is still scared Very Happy
I think I'll still stick with Mac. about the G thing, a lot of KDE Linux applications start with K, so it's not that weird. (Konqueror, ksnapshot, Kate, KWrite, etc.)
i think that is not so good Google`s idea to make their os
The idea of web base operating system is thrilling, having the ability of accessing your "Desktop" where ever u are, and regardless of the performance of the client hardware you are accessing it with as long as it has fast connection.
Well, I don't think that Google will knock out MS...
MS has become to big allready, so it will take a long long time before Google pass MS!
Google will never beat Microsoft in constructing an OS, really

Google is the king of the Internet, and no one is going to take that any time soon.
Just as M$ is the king of the Operating System world.

But I dont see how Google couldnt become big by being a major OS for servers... Linux Has
Correct me if i am wrong but isnt google wanting to take over the internet market sector onli? Google OS? it is veri unlikely but if it is so the OS would most probably be based on linux not Windows
if you think about it, its not that hard to make a linux derevative. examples are knoppix and ubuntu, derived from debian. google has loads of experience with linux, and also they have some of the lead developers working for them, eg: in firefox developer, gaim developer etc
if they want they can release a debian clone anytime. but is it worth it? giving support for OS is difficult, although Microsoft seems to have created an industry from it. anyway i do wish that they will come up with an OS soon. that will give a kick in the balls to Windows, which has been stagnating for a long long time. Twisted Evil
The people at Google have the brains to make a better OS, Just look at how they redefined Search Engines. I could see a Google OS taking Mass Advantage of the now highly dominated Windows Computers.
google OS .. well all I want to know is is it going to be a Open source ? So thay every one can try the hands on exp.
I really want to see a web based OS from Google, through which we can do some small tasks and save the files in our account. Anybody with a google account can get his own personalised web desktop and applications like Open office portable etc. It will be great, and some day it will become true. They already built the Open office thing usable thorugh the web. If an OS too come it will make a revolution in Internet.
I don't have a clue how this will work.
Mainly doubts about responsiveness and others qualities, like performance and availabilty. But I'll take my chances in saying this probably is the future (overriding what "web services" aren't).
so far i didn't have any clue that Google had been developing their own OS

i hope it is as good as their gmail service...which i luv to use
It would be awesome to be able to go from any computer connected onto the internet and work on your work, manage your files, and stuff like that, and I heard that Google is making an operating system, but when the the web-based stuff come from?
I doubt if google would go head-to-head with Microsoft like that. A browser is one thing, but an operating system just wouldn't make sense, especially now that Apple's running their OS on x86. It's sooner we'll see generic boxes packing OSX than google. Then again, google is ambitious, a condition that often blinds reason.
maybe by 2010 the internet has drastically changed, but at the current pace, I would not trust to run my box off the web, or webOS. I love google, nothing against G-apps, I think they're great, but a completely web relient os would be fairly unstable and unsecure.
Why would Google create a brand new OS when there's Linux already?
I think it would be more Google-esque for it to provide some sort of super-google combo super google pack which can run on ANY OS!

Then the google software could be really good, and maybe have a feature which lets users go online.

Then for convenience people might start switching from microsoft office to google software! Smile

EDIT: Also, if Google makes an OS all viruses on the OS will be Google's fault. If others hack into software when it's running on XP, it'll mainly be Windows XP's fault! Smile
I don't think it will be good OS. Linux is the best system and GOOGLE OS will not better than that
it doesnt exist but maybe in future it will and i am really looking foward beacuse look at gmail its free its good its simple ---- its google:) I really think that google can bett windows but they will need some more time ..
I doubt if Google OS will be a success. Their Google Toolbar contains spyware (or that are at least the rumours), so that's why I didn't install it. Google is also obtaining a monopoly (or wants to have one at least), and people don't like that (at least I don't - the third time "at least" in this post!) I hope they don't follow the same way Microsoft have followed, because it's the guaranteed way to create a bad image of your corporation.
if it were to happenthey'd dominate microsucks
Google OS will take a long long time to b successful.. unless it allows most windows programs to be run and allow us the ability to access all our files we hav, esp files like wma and wmv, it may be able to be successful.. and Microsoft wont allow that.. The main reason why people dun migrate to another OS is because some of their files will not be recognised or they can't run their favourite programs and games..
As of yet google does not have market experiance with projects the size of a new OS. Building a new OS that you want to sell is very difficult, especially because Google must make sure that it is indeed a product better than what is already out here so that they don't lose their "brand hype." I hope they do eventually come out with an OS, but I think that before that we will be seeng a browser by Google, a couple utilities, and they are already starting that, as in Google desktop search and Google Earth. Now, they have the "Google Pack" which is composed of Google applications as well as third-party freeware such as AdAware. Who knows where this is leading...
if google starts an os then ofcourse not like windows, unix or what ever...
google is internet (application) giant not hardware spacific (well not very much) maybe the start a web service that could be similar to a remote desktop conncection (well a faster interface)...

but i don't think they will start an os, that would break google "neck" i guess..
I AM 100% sure of it...

Google Will take over Microsoft.. Man they are rocking.,.....
Laughing Laughing google os?? OS is not a small thing i dont think that they can compete with windows especially vista...
Shocked google os ?? gooood... Smile
Google OS will be Ubuntu based as far as I know
Ubuntu is a VERY userfriendly Linux based upon the GNOME desktop system, and it is very nicely intergrated. This could prove to be a flop, but I think that for the average user Google OS would be good.
*thinks 'Goobuntu'* Razz

Anyhow, I have also heard that Google plan to 'spy' on us via Google OS, as they want to use us to conduct tests and all sorts, which, quite frankly, does concern me.

We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

there's no such thing as GooOS. At the gooOffice they use linux. it is only called "google's OS" because they all use the same exact distro that is slightly modified to their needs. THAT'S IT. If they were to release an operating system, it would be off their own kernal, *nix, or osx, but it wouldn't be a slightly modded distro. It would be a full OS, better than windows, and at least (if not better) as good as osx
No, there IS no such thing, but Google might just make one. And my bet is that it will be Debian based, maybe even *buntu based. Probably Windows like, a bit like Linspire.

google os ? are you kidding ?

can someone beat Microsoft in their own yard. Internet, search engine, email are another things buy not os. Its Microsoft's world and you can't take on them in their own game.

Google knows that too, so i do not think that google will come up with its own os anytime soon. May be they are building their own os, but can they market it, provide support, track bugs, handle compatiability issues, provide regular updates and patches. I think they are not yet big and experienced to do so already when there is over 90% monopoly by windows in the market.

I think Google is working on it and making it good, hopefully they will wait for right time before making it public.

And about Microsoft is scared, I do not think so. Microsoft has challenged and win many battles like that. They won over IBM, Mac and other very big companies. Google is fighting a war for the first time, so Google should be scared i think.

Wait for Vista and you will know what i mean.
I've tried the Vista beta. It's crap, in my opinion..

Google is very promising company: still inovative, high user-care and still hard-working despite they're most popular brand on Planet and very, very rich. Everything is great, except that political move in China - to cenzure search results Sad

I think they arn't ready yet to fight with MS. MS is still much stronger and bigger company (what if MS ban address in his next IE7 Razz ).
But if Google every try to make OS i think it will be great OS (all their product are less-more great).
Respect google Smile
Ban Why doesn't IE just ban then? Wink

Nah, that would never happen, but Google might just make a good OS.

in theory its good idea, but in actuality, its probably more of a liability than google is ready to take on. With internet security issues on the rise every day and more and more viruses floating around. It wouldnt suprise me if they put this thing out, only to have some kid hack in and destroy everything on the servers, if not the servers themselves.

With all the cons put aside, i really like the idea, it would be easy and fun to use. Not to meantion cheap. For right now though, if they released a normal OS, i think that alone would be pretty cool. I sorta like having to upgrade my computer every now and again to stay with the current software and games, with the ideas suggested in that article posted above, it appears the need to have to upgrade would all but be eliminated. And though for some people this would be a good step in technology, security, and user friendlyness. I like being able to put myself in a class above other people and say that im a computer person. With the system suggested above in the article, the line between computer literate person and illiterate person would be all but blurred out of existance. No longer would there really be a need for a person to gain knowledge of their machines and the software that they run. They would just have to point and click and it would always work. This to me seems like a crime...if not something similiar.
remember, that they might base it upon an existing OS, and probably Linux, and Linux is very secure Smile

I think it could be posible for google to build an OS, I think lot of people would give it a try like other google apps wich are all good
its been a while since i've heard anything about this...any news recently?
d722002 wrote:
well, M$ also got scared when linux came out, but due to program compatibility issues and bill gates' refusal to sell the code to run .exe files, Windows is still the most popular OS in the world (at least for PC's. Servers are a whole other story).

Yeah, lol.

Down with M$. I think that In the future when it will be quit common to run 4-8 cpus on a deskop, Linux will own. M$ is the most unstable garbage I have ever seen. Even gaming on Linux is faster. I'm sure when the time comes, Linux will own all, like in 1 or two years.

Go Linux!
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