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ps3 vs xbox 360

Which system would you buy??
The xbox 360
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The playstation 3
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In my view there is no doubt that the ps3 will be more successfull than the xbox 360. In the ps2/xbox scenario the xbox was more powerful than the ps2, with the ps2 having a Processor with 300 mhz clock speed and the xbox having a modified 733-megahertz (MHz) Intel Pentium III processor
Processor speed of course is not the only factor to be considered but it is the main determinant of the consloes' performance.Now the table has turned with the ps3 having a processor capable of pushing twice as much system floating point operations than the xbox 360 (2 teraflops compared to 1 teraflop ). This of course is not the only important factor but it is a start. i cant say much more because i will have to go into too much detail but u can read on the two systems at for the xbox 360 and for the ps2. Ingnoring graphical and system performance, sony so far has shown that it has the capability of generating loads of superior games such as gran turismo , ratchet an clank, metal gear solid..... the list goes on and on. All in all i think the ps3 will definitely overshadow the xbox 360. no doubt
Niether, because by the time the PS3 comes out, you will be able to build a PC for yourself for about the same as either system.
As I understand it the PS3 has several processors or layers or something, which (again as I understand) will be a very different way of programming for developers.

I think it will take some time for developers to get the best of the hardware (as is the case with most new consoles). The 360 uses more tried and tested technology, so developers will be able to pick it up and programme. The ps3 however may scare off some developers initially, which as everyone knows is a big no no for a new console. If this happens, the PS3 will ride it out.

Personally I can't help thinking that the games released within the initial six months for ANY console are lazy, rushed and full of spaghetti code. It's only the later releases which use every single MFLOP or whatever! which is normally too late as the next gen are already out/coming out and no one is interested....

DONT BELEIVE THE HYPE, you will end up buying FIFA 07, HALO3 etc again and again...

Hmm. I digress.... I aint gonna buy either... there are 100's of decent xbox games i havent played... the games will be uber cheap soon!
I dont see how you can pick right now. Not much about the PS3 is out yet and the XBox 360 has already launched. Its sort of an unfair poll if you ask me.
I think like every time these new consoles are released they will be different machines, suitable for different people. I've noticed that some guys get off on PC-type games like Halo etc where Xbox would be more suitable whereas other people are more into the Japanese animes style games and RPG that the playstation has typically done better to secure these kinds of games. I guess it comes own to what you want.
Anyhow, does anyone have some rough specs / lowdown on the major hardware differences?? please post them if you do
Look in the games forum (one of the stickies)

Please search before posting.

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