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Hard Decisions

Right now, I am in high school. The problem is that I am at the point where I am already going to have to take summer school. The problem is, I know what I need to know, I just dont have the time to do the work or I'm just not interested in it

I have had thoughts of dropping out but that wouldnt help. I cant go to summer school cuz thats just a waste of time/money. I have had thoughts on getting a GED (General Education Diploma) which is the eqivilant of a High School Diploma. I took a practice GED test and did really well on it.

So what should I do, Ride High School out, Drop out, or get my GED?
Wow, thats not good, I'd try to do it or goto summer school... you don't really want to do another year of school again do you? And if you dont have a high school diploma than you wont find good jobs or make much money for a family. If all else fails get a tutor, yes thats right... a tutor (although it may be a bit odd, it works).
Summer School. If you don't graduate High School, no one will want to hire you...
Unless you want to live off your parents, McDonalds, or washing dirty dishes for the rest of your life, I would recommend graduating from high school. In fact, getting a high school diploma is no longer a sure way of assuring your future - you should probably at least go to community college and get some vocational training. It's really in your best interests, and you might even find that it's fun.
If you give up now you'll almost certainly regret it in years to come, unless you get really lucky with some opportunity.
Honestly all the hype over "if you don't get your HSD you'll never get a good paying job" isn't true. You'll get plenty of good jobs that pay well. I never graduated neither did my husband. However, if your looking for a career then that's going to take extra schooling so you have to have a HSD. If your close to finishing I'd say stick it out, if its just a year or one more summer school class, finish. That way you'll never have to deal with that area again.
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