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Progam to design your website

I have a few questions about desinging a site:

What is the best program to desing a site? Question
What program do you use to design nice pictures and banners?

Plz give some info!! Exclamation
The best wisiwig editor (what you see is what you get "web editor") is "Macromedia Dreamweaver" hands down! although it may be the hardest to learn but when you do you carnt beat it.

and as far as graphics go it has to be "Adobe Photoshop CS2"

these two are the leaders in both feilds followed by "Microsot Frontpage" and "Macromedia Dreamweaver"!

Heres a fix that will only take a few seconds to load, and it loads into your temp files at that! thats how you can do your coding, and as for images/banners, l use photoshop, but that cost me an arm and a leg Neutral so l'd say Gimp, sorry no link, l've never really used it so l don't know a trusted sight, and so l won't give one at all, just use google.
I agree with billybob. But i think that Macromedia Fireworks is the best for graphics. It is made for web use, is easier to use and can make some really nice buttons etc.
Squeeky wrote:
I agree with billybob. But i think that Macromedia Fireworks is the best for graphics. It is made for web use, is easier to use and can make some really nice buttons etc.

i agree with the buttons bit bt photoshop has to win Laughing
just use photoshop, its a great program, you can make some great pics with it Very Happy, there are lots of tutorial sites that can help you starting up...
I think that photoshop the best is for desinging banners en images
but it is very difficult Sad Sad I use Corel Suite 12 and it is very easy Exclamation Exclamation
You can do every thing with it!

BTW: where can i found the wisiwig editor?

tnx for help!

download there WYSIWYG program called dreamweaver.

photoshop is going to be very hard for a beginner. However, it is very sufficient and has everything you need to make exactly what your looking for. If your willing to start with Photoshop, don't expect to develop spectacular graphics in a short time. Your going to need a heck load of 'trial and error' periods Wink
thank you Engeland
Graphics with photoshop, code with Notepad++.
ditto with silli - same here!
Gfx with Photoshop CS2 .
and I hardcoding using Notepad ++ .

photoshop Tutorials are here .
Graphic arts with Adobe Photoshop
Encoding with notepads
Macromedia Flash is easy to create a banner or animation
I hammer out the source code with HTML Kit and I use Paint Shop Pro for graphics (although admittedly I'm starting to get a little annoyed with PSP. Thinking of switching to Photoshop when I find a couple of spare months to learn it!)
For designing websites, NotePad on a PC, and TextEdit on a Mac.

Images, Photoshop Elements (for PC or Mac), or the Gimp (for PC and Linux).
I use Photoshop 7 for gfx's.
And for the html i use a 'wysiwyg' editor, called Stone's Webwriter. It's good for beginners, and it's free.
If you are a total newbie and you have used word before use frontpage. If you are a lil better - Dreamweaver + Flash
i'm an avid promoter of editplus. its a cracked out version of notepad, tabbed windows for editing, built in ftp, built in browser, color coding and so on.

i'm not a fan of dreamweaver. it inserts alot of unnecessary code, but i prefer coding by hand and doing everything from scratch.

as for gfx photoshop all the way. between all the brushes you can dl and the filters, there's really nothing else that comes close.
I really like Adobe GoLive, another WYSIWYG program. I know in the past programs like this one and Dreamweaver inserted lots of unneccesary code, but this has been cleaned up considerably in recent editions. This can still be a problem sometimes.

I love using Adobe's Creative Suite and now that Adobe has completed the purchase of Macromedia, it should be interesting to find out what happens with CS3. I use Illustrator for some things like buttons and Photoshop for buttons and processing photos. Then I put it right into GoLive for placing in a webpage. With GoLive CS2 and its revamped CSS scripting, you can make pages with much less code and basically position anything anywhere just like in a layout program. (Double check in browsers though!)
i use Web Page Maker V2 its the best and u dont even have to learn how to use it
I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 (for graphics) and Macromedia Dreamweaver (for the html part of my site)
Well, i'd say HI WORLD. I'm new. My 1st post is here. *Takes out camera and pose in front of this thread....CHEESE....Snap. There goes my virgin post. ^^

Lol. BTW, same goes with me. I use DreamWeaver8 + Photoshop CS2 both cracked Version. Haha, i've got Flash [Cracked too ^^]. I'm learning flash. Could do with some tutorials.
NVU is by far the best open software WYSIWYG editor for designing web pages. Its layout is similar to Dreamweaver but as more support to web standards.

you can download it at

GIMP another open source software is a free graphic editor, the learning curve is quite difficult but if you're masted at photoshop you can easy use GIMP, as support for layers and features which is similar to Adobe Photoshop.
Good for a free solution. which you don't need to buy software to create icons, banners, design elements for your web site.

you can download GIMP 2.0 at

I use gimp for all sorts of things .. like icon creation and layout design.
mracomedia dreamweaber is the best, but its for profesionals, you can learn using it but its no easy XD
more easy using the template and edit with front page or other softwr stuff free who you can find in internet search
more dificult use the photoshop or dreamweaver or flash or or or

just learn......
l use my own ten fingers to make a website Neutral and to make nice images l use photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop is the best image editing program out there and is really useful for designing the graphics for a web page. What I usually do is design the whole page in Adobe Photoshop and then cut it up and insert the images into a table in Microsoft Frontpage. If you use those two together, its really easy to make something that looks really cool and isn't too complicated.
I user Namo Webeditor 6.0. It's very easy to use and i consider it a very good web editor.

I used Frontpage, macromedia & others and didn't like'em... try it!
i use photoshop for my graphics editor but for the actual webdesigning i use my brain and wordpad.

You people who use notepad and any other basic text editor are wasting your time, Its like your reinventing the wheel every time you edit a page.

My pics:

Graphics: Fireworks
Editor: DreamWeaver
qbawler311 wrote:
You people who use notepad and any other basic text editor are wasting your time, Its like your reinventing the wheel every time you edit a page.

My pics:

Graphics: Fireworks
Editor: DreamWeaver

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Dem's fightin' woids!

Making a web page from scratch by working directly with the HTML source code is the ONLY way to really get to know about web design. People who use WYSIWYG editors often invest just as much (or even more) time learning the software as they would if they just took the time to learn HTML and a little bit of CSS.


Without your cookie cutter web editor, your web design skills amount to pure squat.
So, where can we learn HTML, do you have links for tutorial sites? I'm interested. Although I always work with the Macromedia Studio Software (Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash). It's true, you have to spend a lot of time in tutorial sites, but now I like it a lot...and still I need to learn a lot...
Dreamweaver for coding
Photoshop for graphics
Tvis, for HTML tutorials, you can try my site. The link is in my signature. Very Happy
I use Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, PSP 9, 3ds Max8 and Imageready CS2 for the graphic part.
And I use dreamweaver 8 for the HTML and scripting part, i also use Fireworks 8 and Flash 8.

Al off these programs has been cracked. Cool
i used photoshop cs2, imageready cs2, flash 8, dreamweaver 8

you can use all of these proggies for a completely awesome

website designing ! Very Happy

for database proggies i used PHP and My SQL !

i hope these proggies can help u to develop ur own website !

wish u gudluck ! Very Happy
I write all my code in notepad, working on making php generated websites in the future, as for graphics, photoshop for images, and corel draw for interfaces, flash for animations....

if you want it legitemate and cant afford photoshop, try using gimp or some other simillar gfx software, but the result just wount be the same with anything else, even if it has same tools and effects, the quality of image processing and the effect algorythms is ussualy lower.
I would say Notepad, Textpad, or something like that is best for coding. I don' use WYSIWYG editors, because they like to crash my computer (too many fonts) I would choose the Gimp ( for the graphics editor, because one) its free, and two) you can do most stuff you can do in Photoshop with it. And agian, its completely free. Not a trial either. Reccomend it any day of the week. I make all my graphics wih it. The downfall is you cant slice images. Sad
Well, I allways use Dreamweaver to design my pages, really easy to use once you learn how it works, (isn't to hard if you follow a tutorial)
Dreamweaver also has an integrated FTP program to put your file directly on the server or even better, edit them on the server.
I think it's the best program there is.

For the graphics I use photoshop, don't really have a reason for that, I just know how to use that program.

BTW, did you guys noticed that Macromedia (designer of dreamweaver) is now part of Adobe (creator of photoshop)?
I started with Freewebs free hosting package. I basicly taught myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. all you need is time and then youll learn from your mistakes. thats how the best designers were made...mistakes.
Yup, Adobe bought out Macromedia (or so it seems). I found that out about a month ago. From what I've heard, Macromedia is basically still making the programs, but they merged under the name of Adobe.
I use Flash 8 for pictures and movies, and Dreamweaver 8 for editing, solely because Dreamweaver is affiliated with Flash, and I can edit the Flash objects pretty simply, without having to go Start -> Program Files -> Macromedia -> Flash 8.
Photoshop CS2 for image editing, and a free program called Smultron (almost as good as BBedit! Surprised) for my php, css, htm, and html needs...
Here is what I think about the best web editor and the best image editor that I have tried before.

Personnally, I used a lot of times Frontpage to start. But when it's time to validate your web site with the W3 validator, you see that Frontpage create a lot of junk in your codes.

Then, I tried Notepad++, a free software that color the lines of codes depending on what langages you use (like dreamweaver do I think). And you got some nice help on creating your web page when you are ready to put some time on it.

When it's time to do some cool images, I use Paint Shop Pro. The only problem about it is that this program is costly. The tube effect is great and working with a lot of layers make your work easier when you want to change a little part of your picture.

I hope that my opinion on the subject have helped you.
DreamWeaver, Never used any else.. and i have just created my webpage today (didnt do the layout) but it i think is really easy to use and edit things with
Adobe's Photoshop is the best ImageEditor and it has Imageready included in every software that helps you code your work!!! I used Jasc PSP but then it sucks its really for beginners. Rolling Eyes
i want to build a website but i want a complete website such as forums, photo gallery, articles, news etc. with total admin control. can anyone recommend a good FREE web portal system or content management system other than phpnuke, postnuke or myphpnuke?

it will be greatly helpful. thanks!! Cool
ps cs2 ...fw 8...dream 8...flash mx 2004 pro
on my opinion this softwares are the best Wink
i use all

What's all this garbage about Dreamweaver being hard to learn? What!? It's easy as store-bought cake. Insert this, insert that. I've been using it for years. The only thing tough is making tough layouts and coding. For those, anything would be equally hard (and don't go saying it would be easier to manually type up a whole CSS sheet than use DW's GUI CSS editor and point-click assignment.)

Yes, learning the program inside-and-out will take a while, but it's by no means hard, nor to you need to do it to make great layouts. In fact, heavily graphical layouts are all graphic-program driven anyway. Lately if I want a graphical layout, and make the entire layout (dummy text and all) in Photoshop, then slice it up and mock it into its final form in Dreamweaver. Then, I inspect the code (which by the way, you will learn with Dreamweaver if you want to hold a candle in the design world, all it takes is a little curiosity,) to make sure everything's up to par, add bells and whistles...presto, webpage.

I could hardcode if I wanted to, it's no different than reading a book as opposed to watching a movie (in fact, it's very much the same), but I prefer not to. Simple as that. Tell you what, if I make a text-heavy, rant-style layout, I'll hardcode it.

...Did I go off on a tangent? Sorry.

Here's my contribution to the thread.

Graphics and Design: Photoshop/GIMP/Fireworks. 60% of the time, I use both Photoshop and Fireworks to make my web graphics (one to design them, the other to get them webready, respectively.) Using both makes efficient webpages, especially since Dreamweaver and Fireworks can work back and forth between each other.

Web design and publishing: Macromedia Dreamweaver. I've used this since the beginning. Through toying with copied code, (don't judge, you've done it, too) to fixing lazy mistakes like not cleanly removing objects, etc., I've learned both HTML and the program. Seriously, they come hand-in-hand. Don't believe me? Maybe you're not using the program properly. HOWEVER, small edits are performed in Notepad. Small edits? Change in a url, fixing a tag, whatever. It's easier to use Notepad than boot up Dreamweaver to fix a typo. You've already got it, so use it as well.

All that said, it's a matter of preference. Everything is. This is just my preference. Hope my huge rant/opinion helped.
golive may not be as popular as dreamweaver, but it is much better. it is a little easier to use (adobe workflow), but the big plus is it adheres to web standards, which is rare in wysiwyg editors. oh and frontpage is crap.

you should really learn html though, wysiwyg sites are usually pretty bad:
i use photoshop. its the greatest, handsdown. can't beat it. Easy to learn, easy to use.
Well it depends on three things really:
1. Money - do you have the money to spend on professional tools such as photoshop, dreamweaver etc.
2. You level of skill - are you a complete novice or do you already do some coding?
3. Time - how much time do you have to invest in learning and doing.

There are a lot of good commercial WYSIWYG packages available most of them are mentioned on the previous posts.

If you are a complete novice on a low budget there are some alternatives:
1. If you have Microsoft Word it can put out a pretty basic page which you can clean up and modify by hand when you learn HTML.
2. There are some free generators on the web that can give you basic code to start with and then you can modify by hand. See this site for some good basic info:
Here is a small list of good programs to use to design your website.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
Macromedia Flash MX
Macromedia FireFowrks MX
Front Page(Yes its... not the best, but does work well for simple stuff)

More graphical programs
Paint Shop Pro(I got psp7, but I do need to upgrade it)
Adobe Photoshop CS 8(I lost my copy, Must get a new one)
frontpage is good but when it comes to the < div >, it doesn't help.
I actually do my html design on dreamweaver for it saves a lot of time, BUT, after, I edit it with notepad++ or Dreamwever's editor because it would be more flexible than using the program itself.

AND! If you're a PHP designer, you'll probably be using notepad most of the time than Dreamweaver.


If you were referring to my comments about Dreamweaver being hard to learn then I think you took them a little out of context. I didn't say WSYIWYG editors are hard to learn but rather the time spent learning the sofware (any software) could just as well be spent learning HTML. This is not to imply that learning a WYSIWYG editor is hard but rather that learning HTML is easy (very easy) and, in the long run, anybody would be better off for it.

When it comes to choosing between learning a cookie cutter web design program or learning how to make web pages from scratch, the choice is obvious if you're a serious web designer.
Wow, thats cool.. Even I use notepad and Frontpage for designing the websites. I am not in to much graphics though. I use html and some simple images for building the pages..
At first you should be using Adobe Photoshop.
You can get a free trial at their site:
You can also get alot of tutorials about webdesigning on

As for coding, I'd have to say Dreamweaver.
It's a macromedia product with a great amount of features.

I hope this helped you.

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