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Anyone plan on buying?... I definatly am! downloaded the demo and it's awesome! like a horror movie combined with a FPS (Half Life 2 x1000).
i've got the game but it gives whole the time a error :s

so i play it almost nevr
It needs pretty high specs...

I can just about play it in full everything but it's was slightly dodgy framerate before I cleaned up my computer.
If you have a computer to play it i recommend getting it. The online game is awesome. I give it 2 thumbs up.
I just beat it yesterday. My laptop is a bit old, so I played with low settings. Even with the settings low it looked pretty good. I thoguht the A.I. was pretty good, but if I could compare it to HL2, I would say HL2 was more fun. The whole horror thing wasn't what I thoguht it would be. The game didn't really scare me or make me jump. Still its a good game for a FPS. Th
I played F.E.A.R. 4 days ago, the graphics is good, the story is nice, some parts even scared me Smile
F.E.A.R. is really a good game provided you have the recommended system requirements (which is really steep! sobs Sad)

It competes with the graphics quality of the Doom 3 and Source engine and got one heck of a storyline too.

Definitely a must have for the holiday season provided you meet the condition given above! hehehe! Very Happy Cool
I was gonna buy this game, and then I got to try out their demo, and I gotta say OUCH. I finally realized that my PC is not so ubber after I tried this game. I'll wait on buying this game until I do some major upgrades to my computer. It's over 2 years old anyways, I knew I was gonna have to upgrade soon, but FEAR just reminded me lol.
yeah, my pc turned out to be so weak it didnt start at all.
its a good game just too much recoil on the shots.
what is the pricing
Depends where your from, its about 30 Uk pounds, so probaly like 45-50$ american.
I think I might get this game. I know it's a fps, but what's it like? I liked Unreal Tournament, will I like this?

I really enjoyed F.E.A.R., it is a FPS game with great graphics and it has bullet time which looks great. The bullet time adds a lot to the gameplay, the singleplayerwas worth the money I think. The ShotGun with bullet time is such a joy. There also is a full auto fat slug rifle, it nails the guys to the walls, that is the feeling of power. I haven't tried the multiplayer yet, I don't what it could offer. And the game does have some chill effect. But if you arn't a gid FPS player you might want to pass.
Sounds good. I'll get it as soon as I find some money.
I bought F.E.A.R it looked good and everything but It wont work on my computer. But from what I saw when I was trying to install it it looked good. The book that was in it also looked good with all of the things it was saying about it.
Mine is neaaaarly maxed out but physics on MIN. I maxed everything and it lagged like hell but I think I might still be able to do it if I re-format. My ATI got really screwed somehow... even re-installing drivers doesn't help.
Sounds good but I don't know if my old graphics card can support it. I'll need to upgrade before buying the game.
i played demo its is super fast passed game alot like h2 though
Looks like a great game but I really need to upgrade my pc before I can run it. (Anyone wanna give me about 1000 dollars?)
Ivory Keys
I've heard this game was very good and creapy. I might buy it!
It's the most graphicly demanding game on the market, so I'd be careful before buying it. My friend got it the other day, and it wouldn't run on his supercomputer*.

*Not really, but the next best thing
fear is an amazing game but check the system requirements before you go out and buy it because youur system might not be able to run it at all or not very good and if u cant put the graphics decently high the game loses some of its awesomeness. i have a copy of a friends cd so i cant play online but he has and said that its aweomse online too so im gonna buy it in the next couple of days
a friend had F.E.A.R and now he has some severe problems with his head after getting mad every time he died stupidly ; he wanted to sell me the game but i refused that horrible game
Twisted Evil
legion wrote:
a friend had F.E.A.R and now he has some severe problems with his head after getting mad every time he died stupidly ; he wanted to sell me the game but i refused that horrible game
Twisted Evil

Heh... I do that with every game.

Pretty weird stuff, completed it in a couple of weeks playing on and off. Made me jump out of my seat quite a few times.
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