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ARRGG... Php can't Get to mySql

Ok... so I got a web server runnin on my comp, and i got php running and it works together i can get php scripts to run. I also got mysql on my comp and it runs BUT... php isn't able to link to mysql.... I am running mysql vertion 5 and php vertion 5.1, I went through the php.ini and found extension=php_mysql.dll and uncommented it... but it says library not found. In Mysql it has mysqllib.dll but not php_mysql.dll should I cange extension = php_mysql.dll to extension = mysqllib.dll or is there something else that i have to do? Or do i have to download a new dll or what? And where would i be able to find the new dll that i need? I have the free versions of all those programs... i am running some no-name web server called xerver does anyone know where i could find a free version of like apache or something?
"extension=php_mysql.dll" : as far as I know the MySql extension is automatically available in the newer php versions. So you don't need that dll. Anyway, I run a php 4 version, and there is no php_mysql.dll. I suppose this hasn't changed in php 5.

I have a similar setup as yours, but I didn't install the different components one by one. Instead I used a prepackaged installation that includes Apache webserver, MySql database and PHP engine. There are different bundles, like PhpDev and Xampp (which you can find here). I didn't have to configure anything. All was ready for immediate usage...
Thanks for the help... turns out i am just retarded. I had accedently downloaded the package that did not include any extentions whatsoever. However for anyone elses future refrance php 5 does not initially supporty mysql they were saying something about worring that it would foo bar things so instead they included the proper .dll files but did not implement them. In order to do that you have to edit your php.ini file so that the lines extension=php_mysql.dll is not commented out, that .dll relies on libmysql.dll so you need that Also but i think that one gets implemented automaticly, also if you are useing a newer version of mysql you also have to uncomment the line extension=php_mysqli.dll in order to use all the newer mysql things.
As of PHP 5, the MySQL library is not bundled with PHP. Check this link for further information:

Or switch back to PHP 4 - it supports MySQL fully without installing anything or editing conf files.
Maybe you don't want to do this, but for my local machine I used Apachefriends to install an Apache webserver, php 5.0 and MySQL server in one go.

I am particularly thrilled by the fact that the three things end up running as if they have always been there: phpAdmin gives access to the MyQSL database where some demo applications are available.
And once you have this running configuration, it is easy to tune it to your own particular liking. I created some subdirectories within the http://localhost domain, and it keeps on purring like a young kitten Smile
The DLL does not come with Windows Essentials. It only comes with the ZIP package with a ext folder in it. Just move the php_mysql.dll to the main directory.
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