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Dream Theater, You Know?

Anyone here heard of Dream Theater?
Progressive, Metal, cool, yeah.

My favorite album has to be Awake. Yeah. Pretty cool. I didn't get a chance to see the new DVD though. =[
Dream Theater is fantasic. The song "Pull Me Under" is my favorite.

I haven't heard anything from their new album though, have you?
A top-notch band. I prefer their older material though. Really annoying because I missed a chance to see them live last month. Ah well.

Falling Into Infinity is my favourite.
They're one of my favourite groups!!
Jordan Rudess is my favourite of the band, but they're all very good.
I really like "Another Day" and I love Octavarium (the song): even if it's very long (23 minutes!!!) it's a musical "monument".. it's great!!
ah yes!!! Dream theatre!!!!! Petrucci is fricking amazing at what he does!!!!! though cob referred to them as "super fast, but super lame" theyre still awesome
I like Dream Theater. Get the Live at the Budokan DVD, it's fantastic!

If you like DT then you'll probably like Symphony X - they've got several fantastic free MP3s you can download.
Yes dream theater is very good, like symphony x (I'm listening awakenings)

You should like stratovarius too!
Dream theater is great. The new dvd and cd are amazing though I prefer old stuff as well. john petrucci is god.
I like DreamTheater very much especially John Petrucci!!!!
His Fingers ....

and Nightmare Cinema
Who can tell me about them ?
Dream Theater are one of the best bands out there. They're talented and have their own distinct style.

Portnoy is one of the greatest drummers of all time.
Myung is a highly skilled bassist, even though he hardly gets the recognition for it.
Rudess is truly a keyboard wizard.
Petrucci is like the Einstein of Guitar.
And of course, there are very few singers as talented as James laBrie.

In short, Dream Theater are just a level above everyone else. Very Happy
I like them, but I just can't handle Labrie on most of their material. His singing just annoys me for a reason I can't quite pinpoint. But Petrucci is a guitar idol of mine and has been for a long time, their keyboardist is plain insane, and Portnoy is incredible. The level of musicianship in that band is unimaginable.
As far as prog goes, I would much rather listen to Symphony X. Dream Theater has superb musicianship and knowledge on music theory. They have absolutely no technical mistakes in the music that they right. However, I do not like their singer. Furthermore, I find their music to be boring! It almost puts me to sleep! It doesn't have the same effect that most metal has on me (which is making me want to jump up and punch someone in the face!).

I saw Dream Theater about two months ago. They opened for Iron Maiden on their Final Frontier tour and so I decided to go and see Maiden which meant that I had to see Dream Theater.

Symphony X is a better band in my opinion and Michael Romeo is also an outstanding guitar player. My main complaint is that Symphony X is far too fairy. They would probably be my favorite band if they weren't so fairy. It's a little hard to completely feel a song that is singing about Odysseys and Atlantis and such.

Another good prog band is Enslaved. Their more of a progressive black metal band. Another outstanding prog band is Opeth. I would suggest everyone looking into both of those bands. It may get you into heavier kinds of metals (Opeth is heavier than Dream Theater).
Afaceinthematrix wrote:
I find their music to be boring! It almost puts me to sleep! It doesn't have the same effect that most metal has on me (which is making me want to jump up and punch someone in the face!).

I suggest you hear The Glass Prison.

I agree that Dream Theater is more of Progressive Rock than metal but some of their songs are very heavy - particularly in the album, Train of Thought. And their style is extremely diverse (from a mild jazzy song like "Another Day" to a psychadelic number such as "Disappear"). But yes, you have a point, to hear some of their songs, it does require a certain amount of patience. Nonetheless, some of their melodies and riffs are just so brilliant - like the guitar solo in "A Change of Seasons" or the piano parts in "In the Name of God".

A band which I feel is really similar to Dream Theater (maybe not so much in their technical ability but definitely the genre) is Pink Floyd. Epic songs such as "Echoes" require as much patience as one needs to listen to Octavarium and A Change of Seasons.

Anyway, Symphony X are also very good. But I guess it's a matter of opinion who is better.
Friend of mine can tell you an amazing amount about Dream Theatre, seemingly each Dream Theatre song, how various beats were formed... it's really quite stunning.

I'm not sure whether that makes me more or less inclined to take an interest in the band as a result.
Labrie's singing comes off really tacky to me. I always imagine him to be this big-haired dude in tights that gawks the mic in karaoke. As for the others, pretty amazing musicians. I'm pretty amazed by Myung in particular.

Anyway, thinking about Labrie reminds me of another band- Rush. I didn't even finish listening to my first Rush song because of the vocalist.
I suggest you hear The Glass Prison.

This is pretty much the song that introduced me to their music, and surprisingly still remains my favorite.

I can't listen to DT in prolonged periods though... something about too much technicality that bores me.
Now, THIS, I did not know:

Mike Portnoy has actually left Dream Theater just this September. I never thought that would EVER happen.
Sure, I own a Dream Theater T-Shirt.
They are my favourite Progressive Metal band.
My favourite album is Constant Motion.
About Mike Portnoy it is very sad that he left the band....
But I am sure they can continue creating good music without him....
Portnoy is indeed a sad loss ... Dream Theater will never be the same.

But - life goes on, we have to just accept that.

rocking, "Constant Motion" is a song in the album "Systematic Chaos" not an album. But anyway, there's no denying that it is a very good song, probably not their best work but it does have very fresh motifs and an enjoyable guitar solo, all in all a decently heavy yet melodic piece.
They are a band out of Long Island, NY. One of the few famous bands to come out of Long Island. I think Brand New and Twisted Sister along with Cindi Lauper are the others.
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