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Run Linux applications on Windows?

Is it possible to run linux applications on Windows? There seems to be a lot of freeware made only for the linux system n i dun feel comfortable using linux.. Anyone noes?
Yes you can run windows program in linux using wine.your can get more information from
There are a few programs that were developed for Linux and then adapted for Windows.

One of the most notable is the OpenOffice (OO) office suite. It is not as full featured as MSOffice but many times, all of those features simply are not needed or used. Let's face it, most people use MSWord to type letters, and things like mail-merge, document templates, Table of Contents, are just useless memory hogs. OO does need alot of computer and memory or it will seem slow.

If you want to just test Linux and not have to format/re-partition your hard drive, you should check out Knoppix. It's a Linux system that boots up off of the CD-Rom drive and runs from there. That means that it doesn't affect what is on the hard drive at all. When you shut down, take out the CD, your Windows system boots up just like always. It has many of the popular Linux programs, Open Office, Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Programming, Games, and much more included. And in all ways Linux, it's all free!
To clarify, he said "Linux programs in Windows"

wine runs Windows programs in Linux
If the application is written in Java, you will be able to run it on any platform. If the .zip or .tar.gz (or whatever archive) contains a .jar executable, you're lucky. Cool
Same with open-source stuff. Compile the source with the appropriate compiler, and there you go!
Cygwin will help you on this if you have the source code.
Kyle Katarn
If you want to run linux programs natively on Windows, the best thing I can suggest is a program such as VMWare, which isn't cheap. If you are going for free, however, there are many linux programs that have been adapted to run on Cygwin.
Best solution:
Take a small partition of disk and install some kind of minimal linux distribution, like Damn Small Linux or similar, and try linux programs on linux.
It is better to use Native Win32 binaries if the program is open source.

Native Linux is better than Linux binaries on Cygwindll.
you can port applications for linux to win, and from win to linux, but it isn`t 100% shure that it is going to work
some of linux programs ported to win : Open Office, GIMP ( but it needs GTK++ library ), icu, i think that mozilla is also ported to win from linux and other ...
I run colinux, this runs a full linux distribution on windows, it is fairly easy to set-up and doesn't take too much space and resources. It runs in a dos-box in windows, and if you want graphics (X-windows) then you can connect to it with VNC, this is also easy to do...

Check it out on
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