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(the new) King Kong

I think this should be one of the best films of 2005. Anybody have any thoughts? It looks absolutely spectacular from what I've seen and read about it.
It indeed looks spectacular. The stunning effects to the environments pictured on the previews, this movie looks great. I myself am much wanting to see the movie, cannot wait. Probably will this weekend!
Premiere at Friday, here in Brazil.
Can't wait for the 3 hours long. Smile
It looks like it has potential to be a really good movie. I've been watching the trailers and sneak peaks on yahoo movies. I'm surprised it took them this long to make a re-make of the original.

It's not a movie I will wait in line for. I might rent it when it comes out on DVD.
BurgerPimp07 wrote:
It's not a movie I will wait in line for. I might rent it when it comes out on DVD.

True! I'm not a big fan of re-makes, especially a re-make of King Kong. I don't see what all the hype is about? I'm not falling for it though, If I do see this movie I won't pay to see it in theaters.
I wasn't really excited to see this movie at first. Even going through the cinema door, i was telling myself " oh ok, another ordinary movie "

well after the movie, i have to say...THIS IS A REALLY GOOD MOVIE!!

It's peter jackson for crying out loud!

3hours long...

in this age, it is very hard to find a movie with so much CG, action and at the same time outstanding drama performances. I'm an Asian, so i wouldn't know about all you westerners but...Naomi Watts' glares at Kong with her beautiful eyes are mesmerizing! It is rare to get those eyes among the asians... so it is wonderful to see them up close followed by some up close acting

The camera looked like it was everywhere! lol.

One thing obviously seen in the movie is the size of Kong in NY and in the Jungle. He's way bigger in the Jungle if compared to the trees. but in NY he's only about 2-3 stories tall.

amybe some CG error....

rating : 10/10 Wink
Peter Jackson's KING KONG is the first movie I've seen that finally fulfills the promise of CGI. When you are watching Kong, it is impossible to tell that its a computer generated creature. Every hair, every scar, every pore, it seems, is perfect, with none of the pixel stretching that other movies have used when their animal moves. The cgi skin moves in a natural manner. This was one of the most vital things for KING KONG as educated audiences had to believe in the ape, and not just accept the limitations of the medium.

KING KONG follows form if not formula in regards to the original. Peter Jackson wanted to both honor the original as well as surpass it. That form of New York - Ship Voyage - Skull Island - Sacrifice - Kong - Chase - Capture - Return - New York - Battle from New York's tallest building remains unchanged. Any fans of the original KING KONG won't be surprised by the chain of events. What is surprising, I must say again, are the special effects. Jackson recreates a believable 1930s Depression era New York City. The tramp steamer is old and decrepit and at one point in the movie, the fact that the damn thing doesn't break up and sink is more unbelievable than a giant ape and dinosaurs in the 20th century.
I loved this version.

It definately carries the atmosphere from the old version (IMHO). Many remakes fall on their face and I'm left frustrated at what could have been, but this was superb.
I only watched it because Thomas Kretchmann played in it, but it was better then I thought... The special effects were amazing!!
I can't say I enjoyed the film. I remember the remakes in the 80's (I think) and I enjoyed those one a little better. King Kong grabs a hunter and rips him in half. I think the Story over the two or three movies they made were a little more to my liking than. the New one.
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