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Anyway to unblock a particular IP through DirectAdmin?

I looked around the forum and could't find a solution to it.

Basically this is what happened:

I set up a FTP account for a friend and since I'm new to Directadmin, I had to tell her to try to login as I tweaked with the settings for her account. (So she had a lot of failed login attempts) Then when I finally got it right, she tells me she can't access even the site itself or anything else on it. and that she gets a "page contains no data" when she tries to access.

She has no problem accessing the main and other sites just fine. but she apparently can't access anypart of, which from what I understand is a completely different server. I had her clear her cache, nothing, and since she was accessing my site just fine before I doubt it was a DNS issue, but i had her try , and i even sent her the ip link i was given that I recieved in the email that notified me of my new hosting.

Then, I had her try cloaking, and she could access the site that way, so I think it's really because her ip was somehow blocked for repeated failure to sign in. I looked around on DirectAdmin and couldn't find anything to that effect, did I miss something? or is there no way to fix it? =\

Thank you for reading all that blabbering just now >_< I thank any help any of you can provide ahead of time~
I do not believe that you yourself has sufficient access to unblock an IP. If that is truly what happened then Bondings or someone else with access to the server will probably have to unblock it. I think there have been a couple cases of this happening.

So just hang in there for a few and wait for the appropriate person to reply and then you can probably PM them your friend's IP address.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm sure you can understand that the feature is implemented for the overall safety of the users.
Ah I see I see.

And yes a feature like this is very important, I was just too much of a noob for messing it up ^^;;

Thanks for answering my question and sorry for the trouble I created ><
i would guess that there could be a time limit for the block/ban you are experiencing. would be a nice possibility at least, if an admin isn't free right away to do it manually (the unban).
Most likely it's the isp or computer caching that causes this problem.

It could be possible, though unlikely, that that ip is banned from that server. In this case I won't unban it due to security issues. (ip banned because of a hacking attempt)
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