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Does memory increase improve graphic performance

I am using 1Gb of RAM and 128MB 9800pro graphic card. If i increase my RAM, do i get more performance from the graphic card in this case?

I am using 2.4c processor. Or should i change my processor to a better one.

Changing a graphic card seems not worthy and expensive.
I think not in your case.
If you had a shared memory GPU, then it would help.
The only thing that will greatly effect graphics preformance in your case is a new video card. (Perhaps you could try getting the latest software for your current card: that might help.)
CPU and memory won't effect it much unless they are defficient.
Obtaining more system RAM will not increase the performance of your GPU. You can try overclocking your graphics card to get a small increase in performance.
You need to increase your graphics card memory not sytem.

This will probably mean a new card.

It will reduce the time that your OS flushes things to hard disk. The majority time will be spend by your graphic card to do the computation.

If not sure, you can try to set the size of swap file to 0 in Windows XP. Then everything will be in your memory. Now close all irrevelant programs and run your graphic application alone.

If it does not help, you can adjust the clock of your graphic card before buying another graphic card.
more ram will usually increase ur Fps and deponding on the gcard the textures of some games. but in ur case ur Gcard is the bottle-neck and bottle-neck is somting u really dont whant if ur un lucky ur gcard may be slowing ur system down to be abel to handel all the information. but i really dont tink u shuld worry about that tho. the best u can do now is a better gcard whit atlest 256mb of ram.

most ppl agree that 1gb or ram (depending on the speed) is good inof for games but 1,5gb is recomended (min pc333 i rec pc 400) ur cpu is fine u whont be abel to max all games but thay will work fine.

my system is

CPU: amd 3200+ 2,2 Ghz (planing on a 3,0 Ghz after jan)
RAM: 1gb kinston org pc400
Gcard: radeon x 800xt
MObo: lanpary ut

and i can max moste new games the only 1 i have a bit of trubel whit is BF2

oh btw if ur going to do any overklocking be sure to read up on cooling if ur new to it
Thanks for all your reply, most prob will get an X800GT.
But first, must change my motherboard to PCI express equiped.
Mine is not now. And to change my CPU to at elast 3.2C or extreme.
You already have 1 gig of ram, a lot of older operating systems dont even support that!

If your graphics card was a fast one the ram could have been a bottle neck, eg slower processing speeds would start a chain reaction causing the graphics to slow down also, however, since your graphics card is pretty lame by todays gaming standards, more ram wont help much
since you have pretty close to the same specs as i do, i can say that from my own experience that i saw a large jump in performance when i went from 512 to 1GB however, from what i have heard and read, anything over 1GB right now is a little redundant unless you use very large programs like photoshop CS2, AutoCad and heavy system programs like that.
Wel.. It could be said yes, or not Very Happy

And now, I'm really agree with you by changing your motherboard into PCI Express Very Happy And upgrade all of them too (processor etc) It's sure cool Smile - Better than only upgrading your RAM of course Very Happy
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