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H. P. Lovecraft

I really like to read Lovecraft's books. Yes, his mind was a bit twisted, but the stories are great!
Is it because sometimes we all believe in supernatural? Or is it likely that we are not the first inhabitants of the planet? Who knows?
A chilling experience, indeed...
Have you ever seen "Necronomicon" the movie based on H.P. Lovecrafts books. I saw that once and I don't care if people think it's too gory cuz I loved it. It has three parts based on short stories. Here's a link.
No, I haven't seen that one. You made me curious, though. It would be good to see it, just for reference. I'm talking about that when you see a story on film which you have been read before, the film usually... just not the same. Maybe because it shows too much, which you had to imagine while reading.
Anyway, I don't think I can get this film neither in Hungary nor Turkey...
Hmm been wanting to read some of his works .. heard they're pretty messed up. Fun.
Lovecraft is scary, but very hard to read for me, I just cannot focus on letters and understand some sentences. But thats probably only my issue.
Two days ago I found a game: Necronomicon which is based on Lovecraft's works. Not bad, kind of too linear to me, but it has the feeling... (Sorry if it is considered off-topic.)
His works are GENIOUS! I started to read them pretty recently and gone through alot of his shorter works, a small handfull of his longer ones. After reading Reanimator I was scared to go to sleep Smile. His books are one of a kind, they build that wierd feeling that could even make a non believer belive Smile. IMHO the greates ones are : Reanimator, The Case of Charles Ward, The Mountains of Maddness (sp?). I also heard that The Call of the Cthulhu and The Horror of Innsmouth are great but havent had a chance to read them, you know, there quite alot of it and so little time.

Listened to some of his works as a audio book and I'm looking forward to red more, although I'm more interested in his believes and his philosophy than in his "art".
I've just recently started reading his works. I really liked Reanimator. I was lucky to find the books. Looked for a long time before my brother sent them over from America ( I live in the UK.)

I've liked what I've read so far. I recomend that you read his books if you can find them.
I must admit to being addicted to his works. It's not that they are well written, the writing is lacks pacing a lot of the time, but they are mysteriously engrossing.
Heck, the guy had something going on, "Lovecraftian" is a wordin every unabridged dictionary.
The movie Dagon is also based on his work (Mostly based on Shadows Over Innsmouth, more than the very very short story called Dagon) and I liked it much better than Necronomicon or the Reanimator movies.
There's another Lovecraft inspired video game but I can't find the link or title right off. If I find or think of it again, I'll post again.

Also.... Shoggoth on The Roof... Not by HP but definately, whimsically inspired by him.

some real fast links:

Someone mentioned not having read The Case of Charles Dexter Ward but being inclined to do so. Since HP's works are in the public domain, many are available legally online for download or reading on the web. Here's a link to that story. look aorund the rest of the site for more.

a review of Dagon the movie, first thing I found about that.
Prisoner of the Ice was an adventure game based on a Lovecraft-style story and there was another game in this genre but I can't remember the name of it.
I thought about buying some of his books but was discouraged by some of the tasteless art on the front. I may decide to read some of his books in the future though.
Don't judge a book of its cover!
Search for his works on the internet, some are available. Then read them, preferably at night, in silence, when you are "alone in the dark", and use candles as light sources! You will like the feeling...
Then, if you like it, of course you can buy books whether or not they have an ugly cover...
Manus et Therion
Lovecraft is fantastic. I'm glad that you are all reading his works. I was really into him during eleventh grade. We owe him a debt of gratitude, his writing made those little sci-fi magazines popular in his time (he was a nickle and dime short story writer for Fate Magazine). You should see the movie called Cast A Deadly Spell, it is a take-off on Lovecraft's themes with a wry bit of humor.
So the Lovecraftian literature is some of the best that I've ever read, I haven't read it all but I was wondering what is you favorite lovecraft book or just character in general, i bet you can't guess who mine is.
Yeah, lovecraft is great... I've read a compilation of the myths and they're just great. I'm striving to get the call of ktulu, but I haven't managed yet. I even have the necronomicon! Laughing It's really just painted wood in a shelf of my library, but well, it's not like I'm getting the real anyway Mr. Green
For now my favourite story is the one about the guy who gets picked by this "superior race" in order to store the knowledge of his time. The idea was so original I couldn't believe it
Hope someone else posts, that would mean we both are not that twisted minded Twisted Evil
At the risk of being slightly off topic: if you like Lovecraft, you might want to read Robert W. Chambers' The King In Yellow. The stories inspired Lovecraft so greatly that he used the Yellow Sign in his own stories, connecting it to Hastur. You can read the stories here.
The Shadow Over Innsmouth is my favorite, I think - that's the one where the guy finds out he's one of the creatures, right? Also the one where the guy explores the abandoned church, don't recall the title.

There's a fairly recent game called "Call of Cthulu" by Bethesda. Also their new game "Oblivion" has an area that is very reminiscent of Innsmouth, and the ultimate bad guy is named Mehrunes "Dagon". Obviously somebody at BS is a big Lovecraft fan.
H.P. Lovecraft... a mentor, a gentleman and an excellent writer. I love his stories, filled with mind-cracking myths and secrets. Also today we don't know much about the universe we're living in. Why humans should be such an "great" race?
Even that Lovecraft was a misanthrope, is a missunderstanding: wrote:
Myth: Lovecraft was a reclusive stay-at-home who never left New England
Lovecraft has often been referred to as a recluse, perhaps because it is believed that he corresponded with people more than fraternized with them in person. However, it is clear from his letters that he spent a considerable amount of time visiting with friends both at home and throughout the eastern United States. In fact, one might argue that he was probably able to associate with his friends and correspondents more than most people can because of his ever-present lack of employment!

Lovecraft traveled often and wrote at length about those travels. His travelogues include “Vermont—A First Impression” (1927), “Observations on Several Parts of America” (1928), “Travels in the Provinces of America” (1929), “An Account of a Visit to Charleston” (1930), and A Description of the Town of Quebeck, in New France, Lately Added to His Britannick Majesty’s Dominions. At 75,000 words, Quebeck was Lovecraft’s longest work (roughly 50% longer than The Case of Charles Dexter Ward), and he described it as “136 pages of this crabbed cacography.” His travels took him as far south as De Land, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana; as far west as Cleveland, Ohio; as far north as Quebec, Canada; and out to the island of Nantucket for a week. Hardly a “recluse.”

-elidorian, in great honor for H.P. Lovecraft
Funny, I just spent the last two nights playing an RPG based off of Lovecraft's works: Call of Cthulhu. I love the game as much as I love his works - it's like being inside one of his stories. Our First session went from 11pm to 4am, the Second went from 8pm to 1am. We sit around in a circle, turn off all the lights, so that we're barely able to see each other to set the creep-out-factor up. (We've had to use our cell phones to see our character sheets). Plus, our StoryTeller is very good. By the end of the game, everyone's character has died of a gruesome death or has gone utterly insane. Ha ha, we've recorded our game and some of the members, myself included, are strongly considering turning it into a webcomic/manga.

Two years ago when I played for the first time, I had nightmares. It's good fun. I definately recommend playing it to anyone who's interested in D&D still (RPG) games.
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