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New Computer...Advice Please...

Hello! Smile
Um, well I plan on getting a new computer & I think I have found one for $1998 NZD (comes with printer & digital camera). I plan to use it for school, but also for "Video" type projects, etc.
I'm just wondering whether it's any good, & I don't really understand the spec's.
What do you guys think?
Feedbacks much appreciated! Very Happy

Acer Aspire SA80 P4 2.93GHz with 19"TFT moniter

Processor: Intel® Pentium 4 processor (2.93GHz, 256KB L2 cache, 533MHz FSB)
Memory: 512MB DDR400
Hard Drive: 160GB Hard Drive, 7200rpm
Optical Drive: DVD writer, dual layer 16x,
Video: RADEON 9250 128MB AGP 8x VGA card
Modem: 56K data⁄fax
Memory card reader: 9-in-1 media reader supporting CompactFlash Type I, CompactFlash Type II, IBM Microdrive, MultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card, Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick
Network: 10⁄100 Mbps Fast Ethernet.
Audio: M118 speakers
Input Devices: Keyboard & Mouse
Drive bays: Two 5.25" drive bays, Six 3.5" drive bays
I⁄O - External: Eight USB 2.0 ports (two front, two internal four rear), Two PS⁄2 ports, Ethernet (RJ-45) port, Headphone and microphone jacks, Line-in and line-out jacks, VGA monitor port, Parallel port, Serial port, Three PCI 2.2 (5V slots), AGP 8x slot
Operating system: Windows XP Home Edition
Bundled Software: Norton AntiVirusTM 2004, Adobe® Reader® 6.0, Acer Resource CD, Emode entertainment software, Aspire wallpaper and Microsoft® Windows Media® Player with Acer skin, Cyberlink® PowerDVD, with DVD dual layer, DVD⁄CD-RW and DVD-ROM drive options, NTI CD-Maker Gold, with DVD dual layer or DVD⁄CD-RW drive options
Dimensions & Weight: 180 (W) x 360 (H) x 441 (D) mm
I would also recommend getting a wireless mouse and keyboard, merely because students (like you or i) have a need to move around and nothing is better than being able to sit anywhere you want in the room and still operate your computer with precision. This also makes the computer a great Media player of both Audio and Video for the entire room, allowing you to be playing a PS2 on the couch and switch MP3 tracks with out having to get up and walk away from your prone player in SOCOM 3 Online.
Whatever you do don't buy a Compaq...Make sure your computer has a Pentium 4 or better. When it comes down to it just make sure you get a Pentium 4, it is the new standard. It might be tempting to buy a cheaper processor but believe me it is well worth it. You also don't have to spend much on it, do they have emachines where you are from? Also, a Pentium will really help you with'... em'..."video" projects...yeah that it "video" peojects.
As long as you use it for school and video projects there's no problem.

Intel Pentium Processors are faster in video and audio encoding.

If you sometimes want to play 3D games as well. You should buy a better graphic card, As the Radeon 9250 performs rather bad and it is not DirectX 9.0c compatible
hmm if you are using it for video rendering etc... and large gfx works a bit more ram would be useful...

all about its ok for that what you plan... maybe a bit under-worked^^

and for games if you play them... i think you can play nearly everyone (not on highest specs but... <-^^) (ok i have no near information for you tft..)
Its not bad not bad at all, but like they say you will need a better graphics card. Also if you buy this computer, or any other computer that comes pre installed with norton, get rid of it because its more trouble then its worth. Also it would be cheaper to build your own but not everyone can build there own computer Smile
Also you should try to find someone who has bought this brand of computer, or better yet owns this exact model because they will usually know of any glitchs in the brand that are annoying or inconvienient.
Heh, Thanks you guys!
This was really helpful Very Happy
Yeah, I will give it some more thought, & maybe just buy a seperate graphics card...
Thanx Again Smile
i think your specs is enough for the red devil games...
have you checked they normally have the BEST deals ever... I've bought about 40 computers from dell and they always beat the competition Very Happy
I would recommend a "Noname" PC as they use standard parts, that way when you want to upgrade, or if something fails, it is very easy to buy new cheap parts. I remember when CD players first started appearing in PCs. We had a Compaq PC at work and when we purchased a standard CD drive we discovered that the place for it was 1mm too small. Compaq had built it so that only their own brand of CD player (3 times as expensive as the others) would fit. You're not going to want a PC which lasts five years anyway, it will be way out of date by then.
How much is $1998 NZ anyway?
dont use intel thats what i say
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