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Most Cherished Belonging

Call me a baby, but my most cherished belonging would have to be my Blue Blankie. There's a story behind it too! A couple of years ago, I met my girlfriend, Deysi, and we hit it off real well. Anywho...It came to be Christmas Time and I was all depressed because my Christmas had been really sh*tty. I was so out of it. But on December 23rd @ about 10:46am CST, I was startled awake by a knock at my front door. Outside in shorts was a shivering and I was like, who in the hell would be sending us something. It was a package for me. Of course I had no clue of who it was from. I signed for it though, I wanted the guy back in his warm delivery truck. I swore he had froze his boys off by now. I bring it into my room, a box covered in at least 10 FRAGILE stickers. I cut the tape being very careful not to damage anything or myself. Inside I knew who it was from. My beautiful Deysi of course! She sent me several pictures of herself which was fun, many different things, but the thing that really caught my eye. A bright red reflective wrapped squishy soft thing. I carefully broke the tape and opened it. A blue bundle tied together with a pretty ribbon. I untied the ribbon and shook out the bundle...a pretty blankie was what it was and I loved it through out the cold winter of 2004.

I still have it to this day and I still sleep with it...heck I've carried it to my highschool a few times.
my most cherished belonging would have to be my thumb ring i got from my sister two years ago tomorrow on my b-day i can honestly say that i have never taken it of and i proobebly never will coz now days its stuck ther. its made of thick silver and with a circle tribal shape ting going around it the the empty spaces colord in black. i tink it whas my first ever hard package that did not require batterys Very Happy not that im use to getting hard package's tho i wish i whas Cool and the only why u or any one elles will get that ring of me is if it rotts of or u cut it of Razz
mine would probably be this bottle of sand i got from my girlfriend. It's like those "message in a bottle" bottles, clear, with different kinds of sand in it, with paper made flowers. The whole idea was to make a beach look-alike inside the bottle. I got it for valentines day last year. Now that i'm studying overseas, i still bring it with me.
Well this may sound a little dumb to you but mine would have to be my collection of books that I will re-read from time to time when i get bored.
I cherish my manhood above all else. Very Happy
Fanfiction Child
My notebook is probably my most cherished thing. I nearly lost it one day, and I started freaking out until I found it (Right where I left it, none the less). Without my notebook, I'd have no way to right down my feelings or stories, then I'd probably get completely depressed. And let's just say things probably wouldn't go well from there.
susanna mayfair
Our photo albums and home videos. I can't think of anything else that we couldn't absolutely replace that would be so painful to lose. I have thought about this a lot before becaue I am a paranoid freak and I worry about fires alot. I have made a plan to get the kids out, get the dogss out, and then go back for the photo ablums at least. I have also thought about gathering up our negatives and photo cds and putting them in firebox at some one else's house. I am weird, I know.
errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm... That thing that rests beneath many belts Shocked
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