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Harry Potter!

Will Harry die in the seventh book?

I really hope not. That would break my heart and make me so very sad. After all the CRAP Ms. Rowling has put him through, that would really suck to just off him in the end. I mean, where's the noble chivalry in that? I guess it depends on how he dies. Ron and Hermione would be devastated, Ginny might never speak again, and Lord knows how many HP fans will wish some serious curses on J.K. What do you guys think? Would it make a perfect ending to a wonderful series, or would it be just plain wrong?
Harry wouldn't die, he couldn't! I mean the series called Harry Potter, even though it's the last book I'm sure she wouldn't kill him off. She wants the Potter fantasies to live forever even if she does stop writing in the series or writing spin-offs.

Some else will probably die though.....

I wonder who......

What do u think?

PS. The rumor that Harry will die is as bad as Dumbledore is really Ron/Harry 'from the future'
Fanfiction Child
I personally don't think that Harry will die anytime in the near future. I mean, I heard that JK Rowling was planning on extending the series past 7 books, so that means Harry's not least not anytime soon.

There's actually a rumor that Dumbledore is Ron or Harry in the future? Wow, that's nuts. I sincerely hope not because that would really drive me insane.
I think this rumor has been out there for a while. Even though many sad incidents consistently happen in her books, I don't think she will kill Harry Potter. The target audience has been rising as the series as progressed, but it's still mostly read by children, so I don't think she will kill their beloved hero.
How about killing one or two of the other stooges ? =P
I don't think she will let harry die. A lot of fans would be so mad at her. I think almost everyone want to see harry killing voldemort in the end. If harry dies, the story has a bad end, and these 7 books deserve a really good end. And besides, good always wins, well, almost always wins.
Harry shall not die. I also don't see Ron or Ms. Granger passing away in book seven. Draco Malfoy might, but I also doubt that.

I believe the author has now set the series up to go past book seven, and Harry will attend an 'advanced' degree school for three or four years. That sets her up to be writing at least 10 books in the series, and why would she stop the gravy train then??
Paul Knight
I hope so.

These books are above average and but very over rated.

There are so many more books out there that if they got 1/100th of the coverage would be monster hits.

The movies are fairly decent too, but will Pale in comparison the the Davinci code when it comes out. Thats proper fiction. A story that keeps you on the edge of your seat an continually trying to figure things out.

Harry Potter is just not somthing that gets my mind going. It's all so obvious, hence I guess thats why it's aimed at Kids. A ripping yarn though, but I think it's had it's day.
What a crap.

I've read only one book about Potter, and seen all the movies (didnt have choice)... and I still cannot understand how its possible that everyone are so excited about this kidde book.
This poter couldnt even find his own back, but it seems that always some strange powerfull magic from somewhere appears just in right moment and save his arse.
Well, killing Harry mean no more Harry Potter books. Will the author really want to end the series and earn no more money from it?
i think ron might be killed, there should be lots of tradgedy before the good things starts happening.
I don't think he should die but if he would have to die he would probably die by sacrificing himself to kill voldemort and to save his friends.
Billwaa wrote:
Well, killing Harry mean no more Harry Potter books. Will the author really want to end the series and earn no more money from it?

She is already the richest woman in England so i think she doesnt care about the money any more.
I dont think Harry Potter will die. I dont think anyone major will die, maybe Ginny tho..
What's more of a question to me is iff she will continue after the seventh book? Will he go back to school? Will he go solo?
I dont think she will, it would be pushing the limit. But i think she will keep on giving out little books like her school books. Cant remember the names.
of course he wouldn't die

he will be the hero for sure, everything will be fine. however i have a feeling that somebody will die again.. but who would it be? Razz
he and ginny will be together, and they'll marry, the same with Hermione and Ginny (excuse me if the names are wrong, the names are different in the dutch books..)

i'm a huge fan of harry potter, i love JK Rowling, she surely diserves it
i've written all the books three times.

btw, have anyone yet an idea who RAB is? i know.. Laughing
but find out yourself, you can..

RAB is regulus a black which is serious blacks brother....

Do u noe what will happen in the 7th book... harry will have a showdown with voldermort in the room of requirement. dumbledore returns as a jedi warrior as the force is with him. harry would lose his wand in the battle. voldermort would aim his wand at harry and shout avada cadabra. but before he can finish the incantation, harry (in the room of requirement) summons a wand saber (belonging to dumbledore) and goes into seed mode. he dodges the green flash of magical beam and slices voldermort in halve. but all does not end here. voldermort being the ancester of darth vaders master, has purposely made harry lust for blood. now harry, carring the wand saber is the rising evil..... what will become of harry potter and his frens??? find out in the 8th book: Harry Potter - Waking up from his dream....
Chielus wrote:

i've written all the books three times.

Thats probably the funniest mistake i have seen! Laughing
I can see a possibility of Harry dieing but very unlikely. As for Ron or Hermione i doubt that also. But i can see another member of the Order of The Pheonix being killed. I have heard rumors that Lupin will end up dieing because Harry looks to him as a type of father figure and anyone he gets close to ends up getting killed. That is just a rumor that i have heard being sent around.

harry never dies. he will be a classic Smile
according to the prophecy, harry can screw around, fight death eaters without his wand, jump down frm the tallest building and still wont die..... issint that cool. but he can only be killed by voldermort... how sad.... but i m sure he wont die.
Lets go throw harry off of the north tower and see if he can fly without his firebolt. We all know he can't die anyway according to the prophecy lol.

He'll maybe die but well maybe he could return to life or something like that
Sorry to dash anyone's hopes in the dirt, but J.K. Rowling has it in several places on her site and has mentioned in several interviews that there are only going to be seven HP books. Also, whether or not RAB is Regulus Black has not been revealed, so it's still only assumption.

I think it was the interview she had with the people from MuggleNet and LeakyCauldron, actually, come to think of it, but I can't remember for sure... If you're interested in looking, the interview can be found on both sites...
I really don't think he will. First of all, it's a cliche of sorts, depending on how she does it. Second, it's a children's book. I really don't think she'll kill him off, becaues of al the poor little 7 year olds whose dreams will be crushed, unless she shows him going off into a 'higher plane' to see his family and Sirius and Dumbledore.
Oh, I forgot to mention this in my post. Mad

On a similar note, I think that Harry will lose his scar in some form at the end of the book, whether he dies or not. JKR has mentioned in interviews that she has a draft of the last chapter written, and the last word is 'scar.' The only way I've figured out that scar would work at the end of a sentence, and be important/holding weight, is if the dialouge went like this:

"It's gone!"
"What is?"
"His/Your/My Scar!"

Does anyone else have any thoughts about that theory?
Sorry, but I dont agree, with the whole I LOST MY SCAR thing Sad. I mean, after all a scar is permanent even if it is magical, look at it like an add on...
I dont think he will die either... personally my favorite character died already.

*weeps*Sirius...why did you have to go?

P.S. I also heard that there was a rumor that he is not dead
Sorry, but I dont agree, with the whole I LOST MY SCAR thing Sad. I mean, after all a scar is permanent even if it is magical, look at it like an add on...

Ah, but what if the scar is a horcrux? Not saying I necessarily think it is, but it would have to be 'destroyed' if it was...

His scar being gone could be a symbol for the fact that Voldemort has finally been defeated and Harry can move on, in whatever form he's in, since the scar itself is a symbol of what a horrible and difficult life he's had.
Sadly, Sirius is as dead as a doornail, so to speak. *here poster pauses and receives mental images of Sirius inserted in place of the pigs in the wolf's version of Three Little Pigs*

I wish Sirius would come back to life. *sigh* And even if he doesn't get to come back to life, it would be nice for Harry to be able to talk to his spirit/ghost/whatever at some point. It'd give the poor boy some closure. ^_^
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