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MB usage and traffic

Now as a newbie i hope i am in the right spot, if not, i appologize.
I am currently designing my own site to sell variuos quality rpoducts, I now that various hosting services allow a certain amount of traffic and space for ur site, so, what i want to know is when deciding on wat hosting package to get how can i estimate my website size and and how much traffic will go through ie if a person comes to my site how much traffic is that.
I know ist porbably a totally newbie question but i am trying to consider everything.
All help would be appreciated.
Well, first you must estimate how many people you are going to get. Like if you think your stuff is going to make your website very popular, then chose a bigger package because the more people visit, the more bandwidth it will take. As for how much each person will take, Im not completly sure. It depends on what they are doing. If they are viewing pictures of stuff, it will take more bandwidth. If they are just buying stuff, then a little less. But only you yourself will be able to estimate how much bandwidth they will take. I actually dont know how much bandwidth a single person will take.Try searching it on a good search engine.
Thanks i will definatly do a "google" in bandwidth usage. I take it having pictures of my products will take up more space?
I am also wondering if having a few pages with one service and more on another with links to each would spreaad it out more allowing for more traffic?
Boy this is an excercise
For now, I think a freehost like frih will do. I'm pretty sure you'll get lesser visitors at first--- but as your site's popularity grows, I think that's the time you get paid hosting. You can estimate what hosting package you need by monitoring traffic, number of visitors etc. in your site's control panel which can be accessed.

SAVING AS MUCH BANDWIDTH IS ALWAYS A MUST. Adjust all media (pictures, videos etc) in your website to the minimum size but not destroying its quality to lessen bandwidth usage. Media eats up the bulk of any site's bandwidth.
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