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Call of Duty 2

anyone thinking of getting it? I already got it and its an awesome game.. i recommend yo to get it Very Happy
yeah I've bought it too and I can't say that I'm dissapointed... I kinda takes off where COD ended. only with better graphics... sadly it's way to short singleplayer. I like it when you have to actually play a game single player more than 1 day to complete it...
i hate the gameplay, it sucks, i dont see how it can complete with the likes of Battlefield 2 and its expansion special forces.
multiplayer COD1 was good .. very similar but better quality gfx to mohaa.

i left the quake series to play mohaa and have kinda been stuck in that rutt ever since, just bought cod2 so will test the mp aspect asap Smile
I really enjoy the game but would love a better computer to run it on!

Damn, this is the 3rd topic on COD2, Dont you people use the search function?
I tried the demo of it for the Xbox 360 at Walmart (funny how Walmart is related to any topic..) and I absolutely LOVED it. Can't say the same about the 360, but CoD2 is the best WWII game I have ever played. Ever. You couldn't just run through blasting stuff to bits, you had to work as a unit, and you couldn't see your health. That just makes the game so realistic to me. The best part was sniping the Nazis out of their *safe* machine gun nests. AWSOME game.
what other improvements over COD1 does COD 2 have?
COD2 is one of the best games i have ever played and i recommend it to every one here
it is a good game, but its way too short.. they need a few more missions to make it worth spendin so much money on it..
is real game i play thes game

I saw it by a friend, it was great. Maybee i will buy this game in the future...
Cod 2 rockd even tho im dead tierd of all the WW2 shooters but it whas worth all the 4-5 houers it took to beat it to short tho like moste games
cooooool Laughing
Ive played both the Xbox360 and PC version (i was surprised how good COD2 looked on my Gforce FX GO)

its a cool game, captures the insanity and fast pace that would go along with any kind of battle. Thats the one downside to Battle Field 2 it never seems to have the right amount of troops involved.

Its just fast paced and crazy like bullets being fired at you through smoke and your fellow troops being gunned down beside you.. shouting for you to cover them etc.

only real down side ive notaced is the way you get injured but as long as you stand around for a bit afterwards your ok, but then again i guess it keeps things fast paced.
bruiser wrote:
it is a good game, but its way too short.. they need a few more missions to make it worth spendin so much money on it..

call of duty is the most realy game i have ever seen...
James Bond-007
The graphics in this game look great and all, but I am really not a gamer who likes game based on old history, though WWII was important, dont get me wrong.

I jsut like the modern games. know, M16, M4 Carbines...yeah Smile
40$ for 8 maps thats a joke
I don't like Call of Duty 2, because its gameplay. IMHO is even worse than Call of Duty 1. I like the simplicity of Medal of Honour, or the Battlefield series.
Call of duty 2 is good!
I like the improved graphic and the new health system. Dont have to search for bandage like mad anymore, but it still got the same intensity.
I love the game. The only thing I wish they did to the game was add more maps. they basically just redid alot of them.
The great thing about the new Call of Duty 2 is the Multiplayer. We just had a great LAN in San Fran, playing COD2. The Headquarters type is the best. Fast paced, and a lot of strategy to work together as a team. COD2 is a beautiful game, brand new engine, it is the best FPS WWII game there is.

If you like FPS games at all get COD2 it is a awesome game, yea the singleplayer is a little short, but the whole game is about the Multiplayer.
Call of Duty 2's singleplayer is fun, but the multiplayer isn't that well.
In think Day of Defeat : Source is much better
i like the first one's multi player. i already plays it. so i dont need second huh! Very Happy
I am a HUGE fan of COD i have all the games including the expansion pack and the official soundtrack of cod lol, this is my opinion of the game. Overall the game is quite good but whats disapointing me is i dont see much of a diffrence ok maybe the battlechatter system on 1gb and some improved graphics but nothing else. I remember when i saw cod1 for the first time on tv i was like sitting there with my mouth half open and watching i was hoping i would get the same reaction for cod2...and for the multiplayer nothing has changed thats also a disapointing fact. But i do recommend you to buy the game if you are an WWII-fan its still the best game out on the market.
Ivory Keys
I have COD 1 and I loved playing it. Every detail of the game is awesome! The story is good and the music is great! Sets the moodquite well. The thing thaty makes it good I think is that you can keep playing this game. I've played it till the end for over 10 times and it just wont bore you!
A friend of me has COD2 and when I saw that I loved it inmediatly. The graphics are much much better and you even have smoke granates now Razz. The soldiers die ' better', I you can say that that way;). So, just buy this game because it's awesome!
Being able to look down the ironsite of the guns just makes it seem so more real, and the graphics and sounds etc also make CoD2 so much more immersive than any other fps imo. And those of you saying you prefer the gameplay in BF2 wtf?? BF2 feels so tacky and unrealistic i hate it. Even CSS feels better than BF.
Cool game. Little short to finish, but if you have a brand new machine and you can see it through directx 9 its graphics are ... you have to see it!
I have it, good game, i got bored quite easily tho Sad
Just wondering if you people noticed this but in COD1 none of the Nazi soldiers had swasticas but in COD2 they do? Isn't that Weird?
didn't even know it was out... Shocked

srry to say but when u dont now it was out...
then are u not a gamer

almost every body who plays games onse a whyle nows that the game is out
I just found this forum and i decided to post because this is one of the best games i have. i play it almost every day

its graphics are AWSOME. its sound is AWSOME. its storyline is AWSOME. hell, it is AWSOME. Cool Cool
Warom wrote:
its graphics are AWSOME. its sound is AWSOME. its storyline is AWSOME. hell, it is AWSOME. Cool Cool

That about somes it up for me Laughing Laughing Laughing

I only got about a week ago and played it for the first time today!

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Happy

PS. Civ4 rocks too (Civilization 4) Wink
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