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I hear from a very biased source that walmart is evil in a variety of ways.
I want to know what everybody else thinks.
Personaly I think wlamart is a bad thing...
S3nd K3ys
Walmart provides products at much cheaper prices than others. They also don't take as good of care of their employees as they could. Pricing is good, and you're always free to quit working there and go someplace else that pays better.

I've heard that where they have gone, smaller business' BENEFITED from it; instead of losing business, they got more traffic because of people going to walmart and 'walking by and shopping' the smaller stores.

Over-all, I think they're fine, but I don't shop there. (For other reasons)
Here, in Brazil, they look to be very nice withe their employees.
I already have read about this issue in US. Perhaps, they wished to avoid this bad reputation.
Walmort is the epidemy of evil and that smily face they use to advertise is the spawn of satan.

I say scr3w walmart and there 5gallon 99 cent jug of bleach
Walmart is great to buy more of the cheaper products but most of there furniture they sell will break easily so be careful on that. Also it depends if you goto a regular walmart or a Super wallmart because they differ in what they sell.
I thinks it EVILLLLLLLLLL!!!
then again it is one of the biggest companies on planet earth.
Well, walmart is horrible in a lot of aspects.
They have cheap prices. *so what you ask?* Well, beacuse Walmart has such cheap prices, local businesses cannot compete, so why would someone go to a local ma and pa shop if you can get it for 90 cents cheaper at a walmart? Also in a few instances, after local stores have disappeared WalMart has a tendency to raise their price a little, knowing that if customers need it, they'll buy it if Walmart is the only place that has it.
Also, beacuse Walmart treats its workers so horribly, some have been forced to LIVE inside the store. And no health benefits?
There is a movie comming out soon made by the same guy that does 'OutFoxed'. You can see some more facts against the Big WM at
I think Wal-mart is excellent for shoppers, but bad for employees, from what I have heard. Myself I love shopping at Wal-mart, however, I have read and seen on television that Wal-mart often participates in discriminatory hiring and ofers it's worker horrible health care options. Costco, I heard, is A lost better that Wal-mart in all areas. Similar stores like "Target" and "Walgreens" are decent but don't offer the variety of products that Wal-mart does.
I know that they cheap things in, for example, Asia and sell them at a higher price here.

But still, being a student, I always find the cheapest prices there, and I do buy most of my stuff there.
wal-mart is a successful "ma and pa" business that did things right and got big. the idea that they "mistreat their employees" as a general rule is simply wrong. I know lots of people who work at wal-mart because it's better than most other places they are qualified to work. if one manager at one location is a total prick, suddenly the entire chain is on trial.

small businesses don't just "die" when a wal-mart comes out. from what I've seen they don't even really lose any business.
There's nothing is prefect in this world!!
Walmart provides cheap thing to people who can't afford a lot, but he hire a lot of part-time employees so that it doesn't need to provide the insurance and retirement funds.
BTW it also hire so many people who can't find a job in somewhere else.
I would say, it's not just about the Walmart, but it's about this society!!
I would probably agree that Walmart, in and of itself, isn't evil.

The market that not only allows a company like that to grow to such outragious proportions while also forcing them to focus on their bottom line is probably the real evil here.
susanna mayfair
WalMart has a tendency to raise their price a little, knowing that if customers need it, they'll buy it if Walmart is the only place that has it.

That has absolutely happened here where I live. We had a Walmart open up at the end of August and everytime I go in there, I find prices raised. Also, becasue we are in a pretty rural area and the closest mall, Target, Meijer, and other Walmart is 45 miles away, they are more expensive here than at other locations I have been to because there is little to no competition.

I think one of the big problems with Walmart as far as employee treatment is how much their health insurance plans are. They claim to "be family" yet they rip the people on health insurance (as in over $200 a month for one person and HIGH copays on everything). A company that big that claims to care so much for their employees could offer much better care.
Walmart is in business of making money. Most of its marketing strategy is focused on presenting itself as a very caring benefactor of its customers. That in itself is dishonest, but business is business and most advertising is like that. I don't really see anything evil about Walmart. I don't care much for its products however. I like low cost products versus cheap products and Walmart seems to be in the business of cheap products.
Here is an old article about how WalMart treats the vendors:
A very good 7 page read into doing business with them. This article has links to several other articles as well. I know from personal experience with my business how they operate and why I don't have my product on their shelves and why I don't shop there.

There was even a movie made about WalMart and their practices:
All big corporations are evil. They are more for themselves then "The People". A lot of the items they have stock the shelves are from sweat shops. (Nothing they could really do about that). Also, they get these items for much cheaper and are making a good profit on them. That's why the have a lot of sales. High prices and then sale prices = WOW! That's Cheap!
They profit off of slave/inhumane labor, tell their employees how to vote, and bribe members of Congress to support bills that damage the environment. They reek of the same evil that nearly all corporations are.
I buy a lot of things from WalMart. Not so much because I like them. More because I can't find the stuff anyplace else in town. Like my Outdoor stuff and clothes.

Being a poor catering cook, I can't afford to travel to other cities and pay big bucks for some of the high end camping gear. Or clothes. So WalMart it is.

Around here they seem to hire the dumbest people they can find. They don't know where anything is in the store most the time. So even after asking, I just have to go find it for myself most of the time. And that is often after they tell me that they don't have anything like that in the store. I am always kind enough to go find the fool that told me they don't have it and show them where it is though. Just my little way of giving back.
In India, Walmart was planning to set up its business but the protest by the businessman made them stopped. In India, almost most of the economy depends on the local business.

People who sell in the streets and small showrooms in the malls etc. Everything is inter connected to their economy.

If walmart will come in India, then it will just blow off their businesses and economy as it do business on high level. People will only go to walmart then.

Although, walmart has suggested that they will be keeping more people on jobs so that it will also give rise to jobs in India, but business mans are not happy with this thing...
Ghost Rider103
Just a reminder, this thread was created in 2005.

Though it's interesting and spikes some good interest, so I see no apparent reason to close it.

I don't really shop at Walmart honestly. I've bought some shirts from there once but will never do so again, very cheap quality. It was to be expected some, but it was a bit worse than I had anticipated.

Othe than that, and some food products I don't recall buying much of anything from them.
They seem to me to live off the convenience factor, cramming everything into one building, putting a great big car park outside so it's easy for our pandered, lazy society to get to it...they drive down purchase prices from their suppliers making them suffer.
Yes, it's convenience. Yes, that's what people want, and they're scoring by providing that.
As they grow though, smaller retailers/food outlets etc nearby are suffering & going out of business, taking with them the charm & variety of "the High Street", the community spirit these businesses helped to create/sustain & the're helping to homogonise towns/cities across the world.
A bit of a fatalistic view, but I'm old enough to remember when shops closed early evening mon-fri, closed all day sunday & over Christmas/New Year etc......and yes, I have rose-tinted glasses on, but things did feel more relaxed & friendly back then.
Don't get me started on convenience stores that open later into the evenings & how their lazy customers break their necks to park their cars as close to the doors as possible etc etc etc.....

Aaaaannnnnd breeeeeathe!
I concur with most of the other posts, but disagree with the cheaper point. They advertise that they are cheaper but that doesn't always mean they are. I have price checked many items in the sporting goods dept., food dept, and electronics and around 50% of the time I can find it cheaper elsewhere.

Where they do have the market cornered is in convenience but for me that doesn't make up for immoral business practices, especially when I can purchase things cheaper elsewhere.
Currently there is now walmart store in my country. As in earlier post user has mention that our government was tried to bring those type of shopper to our country but they had to withdraw their decision because of protest by some scale business persons of our country.
I just got back from Canada where I saw a company called Zellers getting wiped out, they could not compete

Over her in the Uk Walmart is called Asda
It is driving prices down and the store pirates 24 hours
None of the other chains operate all night but prices are falling everywhere
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