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Crazy Frog Game

Britsoft Coup As Leading Independent UK Publisher Signs Worldwide Agreement For 'Crazy Frog' PC and PlayStation 2 Game; Christmas Number One Assured
Digital Jesters has won the battle fought between rival games industry superpowers to win the race to sign Wallaroo Licensing Company's "Crazy Frog" icon. The firm has exclusive worldwide interactive entertainment rights across all formats, and will publish the first Crazy Frog computer and videogame this November on PC and PS2.

Following its debut as a ringtone and mobile mascot, the Crazy Frog (also known as The Annoying Thing) has been a mainstream phenomenon, with its 'Axel F' single occupying four weeks as the UK's best-selling single this year. Subsequent singles are in the pipeline, and an album is due this summer so whether you love or loathe the grinning, virtual bike-riding amphibian, there's little chance of escaping him this year.

Digital Jesters has negotiated an exclusive deal which will see it develop and publish the first Crazy Frog video game worldwide, for release across on various platforms. November will see the Crazy Frog and his chums thrown headfirst into an arcade racing game.

"This is the deal everyone wanted," enthuses Leo Zullo, marketing director and co-founder, Digital Jesters. "Given the competition, we're obviously proud to have secured this deal, which will offer Digital Jesters exciting opportunities from Christmas onwards. We're working with Wallaroo to develop our own intellectual property within the Crazy Frog universe, capitalising on the colossal success of the ubiquitous character. We've continually hinted that big things were just around the corner at Digital Jesters, and they don't get much bigger than this."

"Out of everyone we were discussing the deal with, only Digital Jesters showed the passion, excitement and enthusiasm we demand from our partners to do what is necessary to evolve this special character," adds Stefan Heinemann, director, Wallaroo Licensing Company. "Digital Jesters moved quickly and with great fervour. We're confident Digital Jesters will ensure Crazy Frog dominate the games charts this Christmas."

Crazy frog Racer will hit the shelves in Europe in November 2005, priced at a one off cost of 19.99 (29.99). Rest of the world will follow in Quarter 1 2006.

To be part of the Crazy Frog Racer Club, you can join for free at


Animal wrote:
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crazy frog sucks, it should be burned in hell.
i like his clip but couldnt hear for twice Mad
Crazy Frog.... oh PUL-EEZE! Have you even paid attention to "his" songs? Any moron can grab existing tunes and sound effects and remix 'em. Rolling Eyes If Crazy Frog deserves a game, then I do too.
the crazy frog is just a little money making gimmic, idiots like pathetic tunes made in the 80's and then put some little midgets voice into it, going "BAM BAM", its really sad, if it should have its own game then so should CMA and michael jackson Razz
Ummm, Michael Jackson HAS his own game... Wink

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker <-- A really old Sega Genesis game, lol.

And that "midget voice" on the Crazy Frog clips has been circulation on the internet for more than 6 years now. Not even that is original.
i hate crazy frog
i cant understand why so much people are bying his music
or download his ringtones
he's just a computergenerated junky

it's not like gorillaz
because gorillaz make their music on their own
they only dont show themselves on tv

but crazy frog just sucks
i would kill him if i could
or if i knew the person who made him
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Whos for mass burnings of the new game?
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