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IE not working

Hi guy my webbrowser IE is not working when i try with some url its dosen't go but i am not to use ftp in IE , other than ftp nothjing work in IE can you tel me how to make work my IE browser and my firefox dosn.t have any problem it work smoth
What do you mean it doesnt go? Are the pages not loading? If that is the case then are you getting an error message? Please elaborate the problem.
Library damage? (software bug)
Try re-installing IE (if possible)
Perhaps the file that tells it how to decode HTML is missing, while the FTP protocol remains.
IE never works... Smile
Try Firefox 1.5.
I once got IE to work emulated under linux, but it was extremely buggy that way. It did, however, work.
1st thing 1st... make sure that there is no virus or spyware issue... get a good AVS (Kaspersky, NAV)... get a good antispyware... like Spybot Search n Destroy or Adware SE...

  • In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  • On the General tab, under Temporary Internet files, click Delete Files.
  • On the Delete Files dialog box message that is displayed, click OK.
  • Click Delete Cookies under Temporary Internet Files, and then click OK.
  • Under History, click Clear History.
  • On the Delete all items in your History folder? dialog box, click OK.
  • Quit Internet Explorer.
  • Log on to the computer by using the account of a user who does not experience the problem, and then open a command prompt.
  • Change the directory to the following path:
    drive:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5
  • Type del index.dat, and then press ENTER.
  • Exit the command prompt and then restart the computer.


also if on windows XP then try this command, SFC /Scannow... (u might gona need the OS cd of that... Very Happy)
Need more information. What error do you get?

Try check proxy settings
firefox dosn.t have any problem it work smoth

l fail to see the problem Neutral who needs IE? all the suppossed IE only pages work fine for me, fwoee on you and your "White Lists"
i get the message like refrsh the page but when i try with ftp url its work fine well i try as cheeta said with some software to check any virus first if i fail i will reinstall the ie
I'm with podovka: stick with Firefox and remove IE altogether...
Try this --

It should help with all IE problems...

T. Farrell
I had some spyware on my computer that would not allow IE to work properly, but allowed firefox to work fine. I used "hijack this" software to find the offending spyware and remove. I also used a free download of "counterspy" to remove some spyware. The combination of these two anti-spyware utilities should do the job of restoring IE fxn if spyware is the culprit.
I don't think is a good idea to rip IE off your computer.
It would be easily and safely to install another web browser and make it the default one.
my vote would be to go to the internet settings wizard (it's in tools -> internet options), and check if the "automatically configure proxy server" box is checked. for some reason it periodically becomes unchecked on my computer, so when i go to use IE every month or so, if it doesn't work, that's where i look. hope you got it fixed!
hey guys

i forgot to tell you this i have multiple login but in other login IE is working but in my login alone IE not working
use firefox it's speed good buty etc....
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
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