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Warning, you chasis has been opened!!

i've been having some problems with my Acer PC..

for some days ago i've been chancing some hardware incide my computer and ever sincem, every time i start it, the computer tells me: "Warning, your chasis has been opened!!" but why? I can press F1 to continue or press DEL to enter the setup.. if i press F1 my computer will boot windows as normal, but when i get to the logon screen and get loged on, my computer will go to standby mode.. all by itself!!!

i've checked the standby button on my keybord and nothings wrong there!!

but what can then be wrong!?? Please help, because now i can only access from my school..
check that you have closed the case properly
well the chasis i as closed as it can be..
but could it be something with the BIOS maybe? but I've checked the chasis more than one time.. and it seems to be placed currect...

and when my computer loads Windows, nothing happens.. exept that it goes to standby mode..

I really dont know what could be wrong...
(exactly what kind of hardware were you changing?)

Possible causes:
1: accidential rewiring of the motherboard to front panel connectors.
2: BIOS bug
3: BIOS feature
4: Unrelated problem
5: ESD
6: Security feature

Solutions (respectively):
1: Get a motherboard manual and make sure it is correct
2: Flash your BIOS
3: When prompted press <Del> and try to disable the feature
4: Try undoing whatever hardware changes you just made
5: It's possible that you fried your MB with static, if so you'll need to replace it.
6: You might be able to fix this by disconnecting the proper lead from the front panel of the case, if that dosen't work put a jumper where the lead used to be.

Are you sure your computer is actually going on standby, and not just malfunctioning at that point?
I know that in Acer servers is a little round switch on the front side of the case. If this switch isn't pressed, the computer turns off because the case is open. According to the error you wrote about I guess it's something like that. Search carefully and post the type of Acer you have.



Note: I searched a little around. The function you describe is called Intrusion Alert. On you can see a map of an Acerboard where JP5 is the alert jumper. If your board looks the same I guess you have to remove JP5, wait some time, replace it and if that doesn't work, boot it without the JP5.

Good luck!
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