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M-Rated MMO.

Just though I would share this with everybody else, I'm very hyped about this game, it's called Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventure. Official site at
Here are few things that I highlighted

1. M-Rated and very brutal in terms of graphics and atmosphere.

2. First 20 (10-15 hrs of gameplay)lvls of game are single player mode, to get you going into deep story line associated with it. You don't get charged montly subscription till ur char reaches lvl20. I'm not sure if i'm gonna like this, but it sure is new and I'm hyped to try it.

3. Real-Time Real Combat system. They developed a system, when in melee, you can attack 6 parts of a target (left arm, head, right arm, torso, left leg, right leg), and you can execute combos, and no it's not click and watch, you do it yourself and interact a lot therefore get a feeling like u r actually doing it. As for ranged combat, the same principle is applied, but it's a lot more different. There will be some aiming as in FPS for ranged attacks (bows,magic)
There are also formations, where you command BOTH players and NPCs where to stand in a group, different formations have different benefits.

4. Promising PvP system. They have few modes, including Drunken Brawling, which is accessible only after you drink alcoholic dring in a bar, and what that does, it makes lvl 1 char and lvl 80 (max is 80) the same lvl, and all of your skills are gone, and you find yourself holding a bar stool and swinging arond at your opponent. There is more to it read the link. There is also fortress raids PvP, where one guild can attack another, or if guild opts out not to be pvp, then NPCs will attack their fortress. (Yeah, guilds will be able to build their keeps and catacombs and what not, from scratch...when I mean build....I really mean they do it themselves through interaction.

5. There will be crafting and gathering, and player-made items will actually have some value as they will be unique (From what I understand, you can chose what stats to apply to your gear when you make it)

6. STUNNING, i really mean it, top notch graphics, and the amount of details that they put into this....hard to believe, check out some of the videos, a lot of them can be found on the official boards. Also, music and sounds, it's gonna be dynamic, meaning it will reflect the state of you character and battle progresion, and they have special team working on audio "as they develop" and not add the sound later when everything is done, i heard few themes and they sound epic. The enviroment is beautifull...and damn, it seems alive and I like the general outdoor and jungle setting. Check this video out, u'll see what i'm talking about.

(yeah, u gonna have to wait a little while before download will start)

7. Planty of Classes, around 40 Classes for a player to chose from, each with their own unique skills. There are basically 4 Archtypes, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard, Priest, but they each split up in a lot more specific classes.

8. Mounted combat, finally, a horse or camel..or elephant is more then just transportation, you can engage in combat while riding, and the faster your mount is moving, the more dmg you will deal...that combined with brutal graphics....a charging elephant can really make your day...visually hehe.

9. Well check out these screenshots, one at the LOWER RIGHT SIDE CORNER

And this one, 2nd Picture in order

It's scheduled for release in Q4 of 2006....yeah about a year from now, but hopefully I'll get into beta earlier.
Graphics look very good
Another good mature/adult MMO is Sociolotron.

This game has it all. Blood, mayhem, sex, death (REAL death - not that mamby-pamby death in most MMORPGs where you wait around for a healer,) and Hell (which follows the latter in most cases.) I really don't recommend it unless you can handle the mature content, but the price is defnitely right: $4 for the first 30 days and $9.95 thereafter (after 6 months of play you get dropped to $8.95.) Anyway, if you're over 21, I recommend giving it a looksee.
Thanks for sharing!! This is what I was looking for. I'll stick to this game till AoC comes out and maybe after that too. Thanks again.
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