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Friends TV

I know this show is already been off year for pretty much over a year. But people are still fans. And I"m one of them. Cheesy

(Here's where the touchy side of me comes out.)
The show Friends has connected with me like no other. It has provided me with laughs of joy as well as tears of sadness. This show was the first show or movie to actually make me cry.... It was thrashed when the show went off air. Confused

Share with us your point of view of Friends.
i still look at Channel 4 everyday at 8 to see two episods of Friends ... and i will do that as long as it will be broadcasted! even in 10 years ... lol ... well maybe not but all that to say it has been an historical serie and most likely the best one ever ... (with lost Cool Laughing )
I must admit that I always end up watching it when I see it on. I think it's because all of the episodes are of a fairly high quality, and it is very easy to just sit back and enjoy.
In belgium, the show is since the last 6 years almost everyday on tv. i can't help it but i almost watch it every time, even the episodes i've seen like 5 times. They are still funny and they will always be, even in 20 years, i will still love them. I even baught some of the Dvd-boxes. Very Happy
I don't know how many times I've watched the reruns but I know all the episodes by heart and I still love watching it!! Razz
Friends is definately one of the top shows of all time. It's really sad that there aren't any more new episodes to come. I love watching the reruns though, they will never get too old to watch. The characters are so funny and they make the show awesome.
I've seen about three episodes, and they did not impress me. I guess I should watch it from the very start, but don't really feel the need to!
Friends was the best sitcom ever and anybody who says otherwise does not have good taste in movies or tv or anything!

Come on How is this not funny:
Monica: What is wrong with this freezer?! (She jabs her arm into the freezer and a piece of ice flies into her eye.) Ow! Ow!!

Phoebe: God, what happened?!

Monica: Oh my God, ice just got in my eye!

Rachel: (standing in her doorway) People are trying to sleep in here!

Chandler: Monica got ice in her eye, and it hurts.

Phoebe: Open it up, let me see.

Monica: Oh, y’know what, I can’t, it really kills.

Chandler: Well maybe you should put some ice on it.

Phoebe: Ooh, God it looks bad.

Rachel: Honey, maybe we should take you to a doctor.

Monica: No, my eye doctor is Richard! I can’t go to him when I don’t have a boyfriend!

Chandler: He’s really picky about his patients.

Phoebe: Honey, you’ve got to go. What’s his office number?

Monica: Like I remember his office number! (Pause) Speed dial 7.


Im still a fan of friends. And on dutch tv it is still on tv. But jus remaining. Bad in englisch so.

Anyway, friends is the best serie i've ever known
I still watch Friends when they show the re-runs sometimes. It's usually funny, but they kept using the same concepts. But, it doesn't matter, since they made a ton of money off the show.
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