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Who do you think will win this season's SuperBowl, and Why?

I am a BIG TIME Pittsburgh Steelers fan, but I think the Indianopolis will win... I think they will be undefeated thru the SuperBowl... No One stands a chance this year! They finally got a defence that can protect their offence. Don't get me wrong, I'd love the Steelers to go, but I don't think this is their year.

Let's hear yer RANTS!!!
Colts, are going to win, i mean im not jumping on the bandwagon but they are damn good. as long as they are playing the way they are, they are going to win period. Other teams like seahawks, are good too. but i think colts will win it, they hella deserve it now. but we will see. i dont think the chargers are going to the playoffs. oh well, colts will win!
What if new england wins? (They are at the top of their division (crappy as it may be) after all.) Has anyone thought of that? Probably not because it's not happening. What is happening though is seattle vs indy for your superbowl, kids. I think that's the best match-up we can ask for and it will be great!!!

But it's really sad about NE because last year for the longest time everyone was talking about a DYNASTY (friggin media getting ahead of itself) now it's like they don't even exist! Well thank god for that because now we don't have to see story after story about that boring Brady and how his damn team doesn't have any superstars with big egos!!
I really think the Colts are going to blow it. I think they are going to make it to the Super bowl and over scheme everything. Either they are going to have a way over complicated offensive game plan or too simple. I think a huge underdog like Tampa or Giants might make it and win the superbowl. I really don't think Tony Dungy can get a team to win a superbowl. Look at all the chances he had at Tampa and with the colts in the past.
I hate to go with the obvious, but it's gonna be Seattle and Indy. Indy is just too strong. And there is nobody that good in the NFC anyway.
I think that the Colts are gonna lose to Seattle this week, so I dont think they will go undeafeted. I think those two teams will be in the Superbowl also, but the Colts will pull it off as long as their defense holds up. Could Peyton be the MVP again?
Ya, I believe the Colts are going to win the Superbowl. But I only think this because they're undefeated. They are a good team, but I'd rather have another team win. Such as the Chargers. The Chargers and LT have a shot at the Superbowl. But I'd like to see the Raiders in another Superbowl with the 49ers. But both teams need to get better. And the 49ers shouldn't waste money and they're rookie quarterback who hasn't been doing good. They should have gotten the quarterback from Cal instead. But overall, I think the Colts have the most chance of winning the Superbowl.
Raiders and the Super Bowl in the same sentence?

Also man, you have to give ALex Smith more of a chance than that. He barely has ANY talent surrounding him. Wait till they get Reggie Bush and they will be better. They still need an offensive line though.
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