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Best thing about a computer

whats your favorite thing about the computer .. games, the internet etc?
mines making graphics, its fun and since i suck at drawing i feel like i accomplish somthing.

Edit: did i forget to mention spell check.
best of my computer is thath it is working yet :F
Random crashes!!! Damn my computer does that alot, the last one, was the cyber apocalypse of it's time. All my files were gone and my computer was just fried... Smelled quite nice... But yea, thats my dearest computer moment ever... *Sniffle*
The best thing on a computer is it's processing and code handling power. No human being is able to process such commands at the same time. As i write, my computer is tackling problems such as mbs being loaded on my modem, its coding, the internet's coding, various other program's coding and processing all that information so that it is easily legible to humans.
I do lotsa stuff on it... let's see...

I make cartoons, I do stop-motion animation, I play with it, I code my websites, I screw up Windows, etc. It's a good thing to waste time with!

Seriously, even if I've finished all the games I have, I have no inspiration to animate, I just start messing around with small programs I find. Last time I found a music composer... you can imagine my parent's face after two hours of my melodies. Laughing
the ultimate convergence device... phone (voip) , tv, movies, games, writing, drawing, reading, working...
I love programming but also the Internet. I'm so Internet-dependant that I can't simply live without it.
It has an OFF button!
I'd have to say the Internet. I use the internet everyday to make random searches (be it for leisure or for work), talk with my friends over MSN and hang around a couple of forums I'm at.

I'm not really playing much games nowadays and it's been a while since I last made something on Photoshop...
The best thing about a computer is that if it screwed up, it's your own darn fault. That way, you can fix it.

Computers can be made to do whatever you want them to do, but only if you're smart enough. That's what I like about computers.
The best thing is GAMING of curz and HTML, doing website is fun.
Iīm thinking about doing programing but that is to hard to me Sad
online translators.....saves alot of time and effort with my french hw Razz
Rob31, a computer can literally only do ONE thing at a time - it just does it so quickly that it appears as though it is truly multi-tasking. Human brains are actually far more complex and can process so much more but we need to train them.

My favourite thing about my computer is that I can watch movies on it and play a few games. I work in IT Support 40 hours a week so I generally don't spend heaps of time on the computer at home. My job is a good way to learn to hate computers Smile.
I love that it's reliable and that it's the basic key to the internet.
The Best Thing About a Computer is that it can do soooooooooo much.
and the cool games Very Happy
Is a all in one box for me.. life without a computer now for me is next to impossible.. I use it for all entertainment and for information Its mostly for programming.
Games and internet, and of course web design, i don't think I do much of anything else on it.
Should I say "New Man's bestfriend?". In anyway, it's is always there when you need help. Other than that, You can express your frustrations to it and never complains. Hehe. Wink
The best thing and main thing about the computer is the cpu. it all depends on that, if you have a slow cpu your computer won't perform. For people making a computer don't start with the complicated stuff. Start with the easy stuff. Simple stuff. If you start with that you should be alright but if you start on the hard side you could be inside and it takes a fair bit of research to figure out how the parts fit together and what they do. if they don't work together they won't work at all. It all depends on the cpu and also the ram and mainboard. if you don't have good quality parts you won';t have a good computer
frozenhead wrote:
Should I say "New Man's bestfriend?". In anyway, it's is always there when you need help. Other than that, You can express your frustrations to it and never complains. Hehe. Wink

Don`t be is also a woman`s new best friend Smile))
altough i haven`t met many that could use it properly Smile))
And honestly, i hate computers because i am now so addicted to them...they take up too much time, ruin your eyes, your health (because you sit in a chair all day long and you don`t exercise anything but your fingers (on the keyboard not while watching porn Very Happy)), ruins your entire social activity, it creates a virtual society that replaces your everyday now, and so much more...
Need to....get...away...but i can``t....but..i need...aaarrghhhh
Playing game most of the time. Sometimes do some school works, searching infomation and of course chatting. Very Happy
The best thing about computer is that it able us to communicate with others, playing games and surfing the internet Smile
best thing about my computer. No nothing at all. I wish I had a laptop.
The internet I guess. I do almost everything on my computer, from playing games to just surfing the net. MSN would be one of the most important things to me because that's how i get to commnicate with my girlfriend. Laughing
the cooler, else there wouldn't be any online translators, games, etc.
what i like about comps are the fact that i can be everywhere whit out leving my home. via the internet i can splater a friend from japan al'ower the wall and he will be happy about it Twisted Evil or even sit in a virtual tavren and have drinks whit a german. or i kan even surf around posting pointless topics in eavry forum i can find. but the best ting about comps gota be the ... emmmm.... porn Shocked
Internet, I'm searching the most times for information and I like the multifacette knowledge it provides...
The best thing is that the computer can do a lot of things.
Playing games, watching movies, surfing on internet, listening radios, watching pictures....I can spend whole day just sitting in front of the PC and enoy very much!!! that's the most wonderful thing@!!!
of course it's the internet, which provides much entertainment, and let me make many friends~~~ around the world, which i have never imagined before.
With a Computer, you can basically do anything, that the best thing about it Very Happy
Inside installs has: Video on demand, Network movie, Network game, Also has very makes the chart and watches the picture the tool.
im gonna have to go with games. although it is a tough choice - seeing as the internet has nearly limitless capapbilities. i also enjoy watching movies on my dvd drive. but yeah, must go with games. rise of nations all the time.
programming is fun
falconfx wrote:
I love programming but also the Internet. I'm so Internet-dependant that I can't simply live without it.

lol,thats truth Smile
raver wrote:

Don`t be is also a woman`s new best friend Smile))
altough i haven`t met many that could use it properly Smile))

Lol!.. I didn't mean like that though.. and yeah! me too. I haven't met many either Wink
cant live wifout it, especially with the internet connection, hmmm i wonder how was life b4 the internet & computer. . . i dun rmb !!!
The porn you can see on it

dont you just all agree

and the hacking you can do
Kyle Katarn
My favorite thing about a computer...Well, it's a close race, but I'm gonna say because you can yell at it and (most of the time) it doesn't yell back.
The best things about computers are how they are supposedly supposed to help us make doing our job easier but in most cases make things worse or heighten people's expectations when simpler methods would have sufficed. Very Happy

Best thing is being able to buy stuff online.
the best thing about a computer is that it does not ditch us like human beings
The thing that I think helps out a lot is that it can do a lot of things easier than by hand. For instance, with typing an essay or a letter on a typewriter, you don't have the spellcheck tool. You either have to go back and dab a little white-out on the letter you mistyped and go on, or you can retype the entire thing. That's mostly all gone and forgotten now that we have computers where you can correct your mistakes. I also like the Internet, you are connecting to a lot of people all across the world that you could not without a computer. You can use the internet to gain a lot of different information instead of just using an old set of encyclopedias.

- Mike.
best thing about a comp... let me think.... well if i didnt have one i would literally go insane.
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