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Windows stylizing

I have seen many people getting new themes, styles,icons,pics and all kinds of stuff to modify/tune up their computer to look unic. Well I tried for this (wincustomize) site for trying it. I looked up a cool looking game theme used it for 1hour and came to opinion I like the basic xp look the most What do you guys think about this ? Do you like to tune up it as unic?
I got the same opinion when I installed WindowsBlinds. It looks nice for a short time only and makes Windows very slow. Evil or Very Mad
yeah mods like windowblinds are nice but one does have to change them every once in awhile, download a new theme now and then. and yeah they are only useful when you have more CPU and/or RAM than you know what to do with. Rolling Eyes
i used windows blinds for a while and i liked the look, but i hated the pop up telling me to buy the full version like every 5 minutes so i got rid of it
Start using StyleXP program Wink
Many options and configurations, easy to use, the same windows speed...
I like the original windows XP configuration with the silver color. That's just beatiful. But the thing is the folder the left panel in 'My Computer' looks ugly. I saw the nwe Vista theme and its super cool - a smooth graphite look.
i also use style xp and i must say that it is very good
i have had the same theme for atleat 6months now and ive had no problems and now i have got used to it.
Yeah styleXP is a great tool but if you want to have a completly uniqe
desktop replace your desktop shell then with SharpE, Black Box Lean or LiteStep. i my self use BBLean. Cool
I used astonshell for a long time, it really is great. You can customize about everything you see. Just create menu's where you want them on your screen, want one in the center, just place it. The only problem is it slowed down after a long time of use. So i switched back to normal windows shell because i got tired of aston. It slowed my pc down to much. But it makes your desktop look the way you want it to.
I use this program called "Styler" and its pritty cool, you can choose to register, or not register. I think there's a 30 day limit. Im a minimalist, so I dont like the big gumby start menu button, and rightnow its justa silver box. The only slowdown i have ever had on my laptop was when I installed a anti-virius program (Nod i think it was called) and i experienced some Major Slowdown. Decided that i dont need an anti-virius. I get an urge to change my background quite a bit, but besides that, no big changes.
well I am the windowblinds user, but it only could change the style, if you wanna change the icon, you have to download IconPackager, they are all products of
I had tried WindowBlinds on my windows98 3 or 4 years ago Very Happy

I was making my w98 theme to XP Blue theme and it wasn't very good Sad for example, you can move your start menu, you can move log off button...
and my friend told me to use StyleXP he said that it's super but I haven't tried yet Smile
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