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What makes life worthwhile for you?

I am curious to know how others found the thing they love. Because I'm trying to figure out my thing. I thought I had one, a few times now, but... somehow it slipped away.

What do you do that makes you happy? That you make beautiful, or that makes you beautiful? That gives you a sense of accomplishment, of victory? That makes you feel like getting up in the morning, that gets you out of bed every day.

Work? Family? God? Potato chips?

Anything goes. Don't forget to tell us how you found what you love, too.
whatever it is that is your passion is quite easy to work out. It's something that you will always go back and do, you never get sick of it and if you do its only temporarily and you end up going back to it..
for me its fishing Very Happy
Dude, that's like asking for the meaning of life. A pretty tough question.

Anyway, I thought alot about this subject; what makes my life worth living. Ever since I was like 14-15 I've been haunted by the feeling that I'm so alone. Like, I don't really fit in anywhere. Now that I look back at myself and look at forums and communities on the internet I realize that people around this age generally don't know what they want to do. They write about how they are so confused in a really crazy world.

Ever since I was little I've been fed with the talk that teenagers don't know what they want to do, that they are lost, and that they are looking for an identity. But it's not until now that I really grasp the essence of those words. You're supposed to be confused around this age, it's absolutely normal. It'll pass as you grow up. I wonder how I didn't realize that back then, because it's really obvious now. Atleast to me.

So here I am today. The reason that I clicked the thread was because tonight was a night of insight. I had a really nice conversation with my girlfriend and a big piece of the jigsaw puzzle fell down. To me, a great part of being happy can be found in living the normal life, like, with a house, a car, some kids and a nice neighbourhood. Ok, it might seem boring but it really isn't. It's more like safety. Knowing that you have a safe future. Kind of hard to explain. But it's something that I value and feel alot of love for.

I could write another bible of what I have found out in my life, because it's really much. But i think this kind of sums it up. There's more of course but this is the base atleast. Hope it'll help you a bit!
I think that I like Computer and Internet more than my self. Secne i bought Computer (about 6-7 years ago) im sitting for all day. There was over hundred cases when i was late for school because i can't left my computer. I dont play games a lot byt when i by or take from someone some nice game, i'm sitting for two or three days in front of my Computer, without sleep, foor, going to WC. I only dtink wather. It is same when i find some intresting on Internet. There are some other things that I love, but this is my biggest passhion.
I like computers and I think I can't stay without them. I began using computers since 2 years old. I consider them more important than my life itself! Wink
I'd have to say my best friend. She's always around to cheer me up, make me smile, laugh, etc. As far as I'm concerned, as long as you have good friends, what more do you need?
well, a wonderful life would be a life where i can fulfill all my goals and dreams. And able to travel to all corners of the world. Finally one day, I hope I can wake up and tell myself "I don't want anything more." Cheers!
Hope all of you guys have a great fulfilling life. Wink
Good food, strong drink, fine women.

And frihost of course! Cool
I believe life can be best defined by achievement. If you feel that you've gone through your life and gave it everything you had, whether you pass or fail, you at least achieved something. I'd rather go down dying, swinging, in a blaze of glory!

Food for thought. Too much salt?
LordWorm, thanks for your excellent and personal response. I think that's a very good and important point: we're supposed to be confused. I'm not that young, but I'm not that old, either, and fresh out of college these decisons I make now affect the rest of my life... if I let them. But staying confused and trying things out means I can keep looking for the right answer. I guess I knew that, but... it's nice to be reminded that sometimes confusion is appropriate.

I still don't know what my answer is, but I think also that even after the confusion part is done (if it ever is) that we have to look to a lot of things to sustain us. You can't make any one thing your everything, because everything is fleeting, transitory, and if it goes away you can't afford to break apart. So for now it's good friends, good food, and as much mental exploration as I can find time for.
Haposai wrote:
I believe life can be best defined by achievement. If you feel that you've gone through your life and gave it everything you had, whether you pass or fail, you at least achieved something. I'd rather go down dying, swinging, in a blaze of glory!

Food for thought. Too much salt?

I don't think "achieving" something is the answer... or, to be honest, really relevant here. It's important to be taking chances and being active instead of passive in your life, sure, but what gives you the strength to keep taking those chances? To be able to say you went in a blaze of glory?

Sometimes you can convince yourself that it's worth it just because you win often enough, and winning feels so damn good, when you do it defying all odds. Sometimes you say to yourself that you're doing it for someone, whether they are in your life now, long gone, or yet to come.

I think the most important thing is that you need to feel good about who you are to enjoy life. And for me, that feeling comes and goes, more on than off. But I still wish I could have a little more control over it, or know exactly how slumps sneak up on you and drain your lifeforce out.
SunburnedCactus wrote:
Good food, strong drink, fine women.

Couldn't have said it bette.
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