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IE 6 problem (bugs me off)

I work on a windows XP computer with Internet Explorer 6. My computer currently has 256 MB RAM.

Whenever I click on a link to start any audio or video streaming, the internet explorer freezes. I have to use the task manager to end it. What must be causing the problem? Thats why I can't watch or listen to any live audio or video. I want to watch some sports commentary and IE freezes.

Also, why do javascripts act funny? If I click on a javascript link without letting the page load fully, the link doesnt work. Then I have to refresh the page and start all over again.

Please advice me on what to do.
When you click the link what exactly happens?. Is media player or something else opens?
when coming to javascript,
Please don't interrupt the downloading process while the page is loading. So javacsript functions will be downloaded and you can use them.
The problem is not with your RAM or anything, make sure that you are using the default javascript settings in IE and the most important thing that you need to consider is getting yourself updated with the latest Internet Explorer 6 SP1 at the Windows Update website
The link is
This will perform a routine scan on your PC and will tell you the updates you need. Make sure you do all of them.

Hope this solves your problem.
S3nd K3ys
It's not 'freezing' per se. It's holding you still while the attacker "takes control of your computer"
Hah! Very subtle! Very Happy
Have you tried cleaning out your Internet cache ? As you should every so often, because your computer will start acting really slow when it has a lot in it.

- Mike.
Yes clean your cache frequently, in fact l wrote something very small that will clean it for you on start up. just add it to the folder called "Start Up", and it will clean your temp. files. l've found this to speed up my browsing by alot, possibly even double (l had alot of stuff in there Neutral big hard drive, so l got carried away with its limit one day, bad idea Neutral). hmm, l suppose l could put it on a temp. page...alright, heres the url if you want to download it And also try this website Greatness.
When you click a link of audia or video file, ur browser start to download the material to play it. If you are using Dial-up for connecting the internet then it will take time to download. The other possible reason is that u have not proper player installed on your PC. Install Real media player, Windows Media Player 10, Quick time Player, Winamp etc.
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