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Im probably going to feel like an idiot, but here goes...

I want a forum on my site, so i went searching around for how to do it, and found this:, which explained how to install it using directadmin.. I did exactly as was described there, but i encountered problems. I went searching, to see if anyone else was having my problem, and found this : , But he figured it out himself.. (hence, why i'm going to feel like an idiot.) Anyone have any ideas on whats causing my problem.. and how i solve it?
Could you explain what problem you have and/or give us the URL of the forum location otherwise its going to be impossible to help you out?
I go to open the install.php page, and it just shows me a page full of php code instead of the form im supposed to fill out. (The second link on the first post here has a screen shot of what it looks like.. He had the same problem, so i thought i'd just link to that post, instead of typing it out myself.. Confused )
I've had this problem before but that was a long time ago... are all the file permissions set in the correct way?

Check also that no files are missing and that you haven't changed any file names, apart from the main one (like from "phpbb2" to "forum"?
I downloaded the files right from the PHPBB site, unzipped, and uploaded the whole thing back up to my site, so i doubt its that, and i didn't even change the name..

I have an idea.. I think i might not have uploaded the files correctly.. I might've uploaded them all binary.. and some have to be ascii.. or.. something. Yeah. Im going to check that..
Good thinking, use a FTP client to upload them. this is much easier and uploads the files automatically in the correct format.
Im using SmartFTP.. but its been so long since i needed to upload anything, i might've set the settings and forgotten about it. I set it from Binary Mode to auto-Mode and am re-uploading the forum.. I'll post again if i have the same problem.
It was a good thought that maybe this would work, and i could solve my own problem... But alas, I was mistaken. Same problem.. Maybe PHP isn't installed.. i think i might've seen that as a solution somewhere, but i don't know how to fix that. I probably can't can i?

I like cPanel much better.. easier. Oh well.
Are you hosted by FriHost? Here we have PHP enabled and every other service like this should have it too. What about setting up a network? That is what I have done
Yeah, hosted by frihost. ( ) But that URL doesn't work, something about it not being resolved yet.

What do you mean by networking?
What computer do you have? I have always used a Windows so i don't know wether this works on other platforms like Macs, Apples, etc. but here goes.
People go on about using FTP programmes but all I do is make a network connection between my Laptop &/or PC and to my site. Its like a connection to 2 or more computers just over the internet.
After I've made a connection, which literally takes seconds, I "copy" a folder or file then "paste" it where I want it to go.

To make a network connection I;

Go to "My Network Places"

Click "Add a Network Place"

Click "Next"

Click "Choose Another Network Connection - Specify the Address of a
Web site, Network Location, or FTP Site"

Click "Next"

Type in the "Internet or Network address" - ie. a shared folder or FTP site

Click "Next"

Then unselect "log on anonymously" and type in the username of your

Click "Next"

Type in a Name for the connection ie. Website connection, FriHost
connection, etc.

Click "Next"

Click "Finish"
My problem is still unsolved.. if anyone can help me..
You're viewing the file through DirectAdmin, which doesn't pass it through PHP. You need to wait for your site URL to work, and then access it through there.
lykaios wrote:
Yeah, hosted by frihost. ( ) But that URL doesn't work, something about it not being resolved yet.

What do you mean by networking?

Lykaios, if your account was created today or yesterday, then please have some patience. There is still a problem with the server not properly configuring new accounts. It should be fixed soon, I hope.
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